Drama-Packed Outing of an NFL Player

nfl rainbow[Blind Gossip] Remember how one or more NFL players were rumored to be thisclose to coming out of the closet earlier this year? Well, the situation for one of them just turned ugly!

This player, who is one of the sport’s biggest stars, was sure – and then unsure – that he wanted to come out. A lot of the pressure for him to come out was being put on him by his boyfriend. Long story short: Lots of hinting on social media, lots of fighting, the athlete backed out, the couple broke up, and the boyfriend moved out.

But it didn’t end there! And we have lots of new information about what is going on behind the scenes!

The athlete is now panicking because the ex-boyfriend refuses to go quietly! The ex not only wants back into the relationship…. he still wants the athlete to come out! There is an entire team of lawyers and publicists all over this one, but the usual measures to keep an ex quiet aren’t working with this one. A law suit would make it all public, and a huge payout (we’re talking seven figures) was rejected.

Why is the player balking about coming out? There are actually five major reasons:

  1. He does not want the notoriety of being the first NFL player to come out. (Although he has privately said that he would be OK coming out if a bunch of other guys did it first)
  2. He plays for a team that is not located on one of the coasts, so his team’s fans are much more traditional (read: conservative). He fears being booed both on and off the field.
  3. He is concerned that some teammates would not support him off the field and that some might even do something detrimental to him on the field (e.g. not throw a block when they should) that could result in a career-ending injury.
  4. He does not want to lose his current endorsement deals.
  5. He is a devout Christian, and he fears being ostracized by some members of his family and other members of his faith.

Yes, that sure is a lot of drama packed into one outing! Maybe he could lighten the mood by getting Justin Bieber to photobomb the announcement? Of course, a little victory dance after the announcement would also be awesome!



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161 comments to Drama-Packed Outing of an NFL Player

  • emandelman

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers
    Team: Packers

    • prleonard2

      I think you’re correct. But all of us non-coasters got lumped together on this one. I live in Illinois near Chicago, and we (FOR THE MOST PART) are gay friendly.

      • LooLoo

        Right? I thought that was a rude stereotype. Some of the most close-minded people I know live on the West Coast.

      • FairyMay9

        Me, too. I immediately thought Aaron Rogers, and honestly, it’s not like he’s on the Panthers. I mean, there are plenty of gay-friendly folks in the South, but Wisconsin? Yes, very conservative in parts, but overall, this area is pretty gay friendly.

        As a Bear fan, I’m happy anytime the Packers are suffering. That said … not this time. I really hope that Aaron (or whomever this is) can come out safely, willingly, and without losing what he deservedly has achieved. I support you, Aaron — whomever you are — I support you. I still hope you lose! But that’s only cuz you’re on Green Bay!

      • redstilettos

        Looloo, if you’re not in Hwood or NYC, you’re automatically a toothless redneck. :/

    • GossipProblem

      LooLoo you are SOOO right. I remember hearing that a midwestern state was the first to accept gay marriage. I think it was Iowa. Regardless, I was a Mid-West state. And Hollywood is the most misogynistic and racist place in America. Hands down.

    • classybgyrl


  • Franciss

    It’s gotta be someone who plays for Green Bay, right? I know exactly nothing about the NFL or players, but “Packed” is used multiple times. Quick Google search would indicate Aaron Rogers is the QB, who would require said blocks, yes?

    Plus, Aaron Rodgers has a photobomb of his own, hence the Bieber clue? Google, you teach me much. There’s a whole tumblr devoted to Rodger photobombs: http://rodgersbomb.tumblr.com/ And he has his own signature TD dance, the “Championship Belt,” as the “victory dance” clue would imply.

    Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers. Final answer. Hope everything works out for him. It’s horrible that he cannot feel comfortable in his professional or personal life.

    • auntmidgee

      Love me some Aaron Rodgers. As a wife of a ginormous Packers fan and former Wisconsinite, AR should know that Packers fans LOVE their football team. The love will pour out for him, you betcha.

  • Loves the Latin Boys

    Is Tim Tebow still playing ball? lol. My first thought, but then, I know little of football :)

    • Loves the Latin Boys

      Update – This is definitely Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. Apparently his former boyfriend had a hissy fit and threatened to out Aaron to the world after they broke up….this supposedly started after Aaron refused to come out of the closet.

      I’m gay, but I’m not out, and I believe that everyone should respect someone’s decision to come out, or not to come out. It’s a serious, often difficult private decision to make.

      • GossipProblem

        I’m totally on board with you. Reading this made me REALLY dislike his ex-boyfriend as he should understand better than anyone how wrong it is to push someone out of the closet when they are not ready. It’s hard enough on it’s own without adding the fact that he works for an organization that prides itself on being manly.

      • Booboo1068

        Well said. I’m not gay but have met some really great people who are. One waited until his mid thirties to come out and even though his friends and family were very supportive – and all knew BTW – it was a tough process. I’ve met others who say they were suicidal when younger and wished they could just be ‘normal’ (whatever THAT is). When Ricky Martin came out he asked that others be allowed to come out when and if they were ready. I agree. While I very much respect those public figures who do come out I also respect all the reasons this NFL player gives for NOT coming out – yet. Maybe when he’s much older and retired like some other athletes it will be easier.

        BTW I can understand those in full contact so called ‘macho’ sports like football and hockey being reluctant but I still don’t get why those like golfers still aren’t out – other than the well protected and sold PGA brand of all members being good Christian, gun toten’, faithful family men (ditto for LPGA). I’d love to see Ellen DeGeneres WITH Portia playing in a big PGA event and or being interviewed. Nick Faldo would be OK but those like Johnny Miller would probably boycott it…or hyperventilate. Looks like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will be status quo for a while yet.

      • Revisionist

        oh PLEASE…. coming out is not hard. Its not a process. Its not a journey. Its who you are.

        Being closeted is unacceptable.

        I am for outing everyone. Especially celebrities whose only motivation is money.

        By being closeted you hurt all of us and perpetuate the notion its some dark secret you need to hide.

        Closeted people should get our derision not our understanding or support.

        Again, its simply unacceptable. And you are a liar and deceitful to boot while hiding who you really are.

      • redstilettos

        Agree with you guys about the BF needing to take a chill pill. No one should be forced out and should be up to the individual when they do.

      • Deusex

        Interesting commentary all around. Gay, out.

        Sounds like a Rodgers is basically str8 for pay as they say. He’ll keep all his endorsements if he doesn’t tell. Based on some Australian comparisons you’d have to say he might make a lot of money but he’ll spend his life being bitter and wound-up, and shunned by the one community that he might genuinely fit into. It’ll cost him mentally in the end.

        Oh and just a tip … if this forces him out the ex will get nothing. No relationship, no friendship and no money. He will have lost that which he loved most. Sad all around.

      • Layale

        @Revisionist, I disagree. Coming out should be a personal choice for everyone: when, and how, and to whom. I have tattoos, but I never told my father, because it would have broken his heart. And yes, I cared about breaking my father’s heart. He was old and in ill health. He didn’t need to know; so he went to his grave never knowing I had tattoos. I’m not comparing tattoos to sexuality, but I am trying to make a point that it should be personal, and for whatever individual personal reasons someone has. NO ONE should ever force their hand. Ever. People don’t know what reasons are preventing a person from coming-out. It might not be money, even for celebrities. It could be. But we shouldn’t assume.

      • Booboo1068

        If coming out was easy then we wouldn’t still be hearing about kids found dead after hanging themselves or ODing and find out its because they DID come out and were relentlessly bullied. As I said I’ve met a few amazing gay men who ALL will tell you how hard it was coming out.

        @Layale…I’m sorry you couldn’t be honest with your dad but it sounds like you did what you felt was right. I lost my dad as well and while I’m not gay there are things I chose not to tell him because as you said he didn’t need to know…or maybe he did. Best wishes xx

      • Layale

        @Booboo1068, thank you very kindly. I agree with all you’ve said, regarding the suicides, ODing, etc. I also send my condolences for the loss of your dad. I hope the new year brings happier times your way. xx

  • lobsterbabe

    Aaron Rodgers

    Green Bay Packers

  • breezyfastcoaster

    Aaron Rogers!!!

  • torypm

    Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

  • schadel.pinks

    Aaron Rodgers
    Green Bay

  • Willow24

    Aaron Rodgers

  • hushhush

    Could it be.. Aaron Rodgers?
    The photobomb reference threw up a red flag for me, cause he is known to photobomb his teammates gameday pictures.
    So I checked his Wikipedia page, and it says he is a devout Christian, not married, and Green Bay is not on a coast.
    And I know he has a twitter.
    Lastly, on a forum board about AR, people are speculating that his ‘assistant’, Kevin Lanflisi, got fired recently and they think it’s a cover for their relationship ending.

    • newsjunkie

      “All that time spent on ‘us’ is now spent on “me.” Which means I have more time to exercise, read, write, dream and save .So I probably look better, smell better, speak better and have extra money in my pocket. Damn, I’d probably fall back in love with me too.”
      A tweet from Kevin Lanflisi.

  • boyjack4

    Tim Tebow

  • chimes123

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers

    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • ShockingDayGlo

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers

    Team: Green Bay Packers

    The photobomb comment is what has me beliebing this is him, he’s known as “The King of Photobombing”, he always photobombs the coin toss.

    …although I’d LOVE for this to be Hasselbeck LOL

  • kellygotfunked

    Aaron Rodgers. “packing” “packed”

  • robman7789

    Aaron Rodgers

    Green Bay Packers

    One of the sports biggest starts – “Packed” = Green Bay Packers

  • smartchick43

    Aaron Rodgers

  • chailatte

    Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, Kevin Lanflisi. Personally, I don’t give a flip – the man is an amazingly talented athlete. As for his boyfriend – total dirtbag. He accepted the fact that Aaron wasn’t out when he entered the relationship, and now he’s resorting to terrorist tactics because he hasn’t gotten his way. If he had any love and respect for his partner, he’d keep his fat mouth shut, accept things as they are, or hit the road and be an adult about it.

    • GossipProblem

      EXACTLY. And obviously this has nothing to do with love as the ex has pretty much solidified that they are DUNZO by bringing this attention to Rodgers. If he truly loved him he would respect Rodgers’ decision and his reasons for his decisions. This is the NFL. These guys most DEFINITELY juice. If Rodgers’ teammates stop blocking for him or if opposing players start gunning for him, he can get SERIOUSLY injured. These guys are huge, insanely strong, and messed up emotionally and mentally due to steroid use and multiple concussions. The NFL is a total mess behind the scenes. They need to start focusing on more important issues than whether a player can do a touchdown dance in the end zone. People are coming out of there completely messed up for SO MANY different reasons all attributable to the culture of this sport.

    • Loves the Latin Boys

      I totally agree. People have committed suicide for being outed without their consent. The fact that this guy won’t accept a seven-figure deal – or even needs to be offered one in the first place – tells me everything I need to know about him.

    • meemo506

      Agreed! Obviously his ex is just trying to hurt him. How petty and cruel. :( Coming out or living closeted for fear of family/friend backlash must be terrible to begin with, but to be a huge name in a “manly” sport would make it so much worse! The only thing that would make me stop cheering for the Packers (unless they go up against my 49ers) would be if the team treated Rodgers poorly for being gay. THAT would make me burn a cheese hat.

    • IJelly

      I’m a little more sympathetic to the BF. He’s clearly not after money and he clearly wants to get back with Rodgers. It takes a toll, sitting by while the person you love denies that you exist – not just in the media, but to friends & family. Separating over the holidays, not sharing birthdays – it’s a hard life. What probably pushed the BF over the edge was Rodgers agreeing to come out and then backing away at the last minute.

      Rodgers bears some responsibility in all this too. You can say that the boyfriend knew what he was getting into, but on the flip side, you can also say that Rodgers knew the risks when he decided to have a boyfriend while staying in the closet. Shit happens in all relationships, especially when you put them under a lot of stress. The easiest way to keep a boyfriend quiet is to not have one in the first place.

  • Nalani

    Green Bay Packers Quarterback

  • gloriaq123

    Aaron Rodgers – Packers

  • ssommarstrom

    Aaron Rodgers
    Green Bay Packers

    It’s a personal decision but would be great if he’d make the leap. May even get this Minnesotan to cheer for Green Bay for the first time.

  • PrincessTiff

    Aaron Rogers/Packers

  • scumby

    Aaron Rogers

  • dnyce11

    Aaron Rodgers and the Packers

  • Vagabondage

    Aaron Rogers
    Green Bay Packers

  • peachesNOLA

    Aaron Rodgers. He should be proud and come out.

  • nessa_ness

    Aaron Rodgers !! Green Bay

  • bgred

    I know I’m probably late to the party buy it’s Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers!

  • dawnee

    Aaron Rogers allll the way!!!

  • CapnZebbie

    Aaron Rodgers
    Green Bay Packers

  • stinkerbell

    Aaron Thomas

    Green Bay Packers

  • Runningdude1

    Aaron Rogers
    Green Bay

  • ikewad

    athlete: Aaron Rodgers
    team: Green Bay Packers

  • ad233

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers

    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • Fan

    I’m not well versed on this one, the the word “packed” made me think of the Packers, which is obviously a midwest team.

  • ashanean

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers

    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • jak

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers
    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • witchmagpie

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers

    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • DesertGhost

    Donald Driver with the Green Bay Packers. “a little victory dance …”

  • jwangsta

    Aaron Rogers!

  • ironeagle

    aaron rodgers

    sorry but you cant force an outing if someone is not ready….

  • floopeygurl

    Victory dance? … yeah it’s Aaron Rodgers.

  • alius8878

    Aaron Rodgers. It’s on perezhilton. He dated his “assistant, roommate”. He should come out!

  • WinnieMae

    Easy…Aaron Rodgers/Green Bay Packers star quarterback. The roommate/assistant is Kevin Lanflisi.

  • stolidog

    Tony Romo! Boyfriend is his wife’s brother from Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford (making this “drama packed”. As the quarterback, he needs his line to “throw a block…”

    For the Cowboys

    • MissNormaDesmond

      If only 😉 Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers (“drama-packed” – Green Bay Packers) is having a very public falling out with his former roommate, Kevin Lanflisi.

  • mistyk

    drama-packed…someone on the Packers? A Christian Packer who is known for victory dances?

  • hideyourfires

    Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

    Hints: He’s a devout Christian (though not as vocal as Tebow), “drama packed into one outing” = Packers, photobomb= Rodgers is known for photobombing team pictures (there’s even a site dedicated to it), victory dance = his weird Championship belt dance.

  • mariespm

    Athlete: Aaron Rogers

    Team: GB Packers

  • LenaLovich

    Aaron Rogers.

  • judkinsRobinson

    is this Aaron Rodgers?

  • kerriedub

    Athlete: Aaron Rogers
    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • peaches

    Aaron Rodgers

    Green Bay Packers

  • iknowit

    Aaron Rodgers

  • ccattwood

    Aaron Rodgers

    Green Bay Packers

    alleged ex-boyfriend Kevin Lanflisi

  • MikeInSanJose

    Packers FTW!

    Aaron Rodgers…

  • stretch

    Aaron Rodgers , packers

  • aeduko

    I feel bad for Aaron Rodgers.

    • SayItAintSo

      I agree. Everyone should be able to live their life without fear of rejection. Our daughter came out and we totally support her. Who are we to judge?

  • MissNormaDesmond

    Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers.

  • lakelady

    Aaron Rogers
    Green Bay Packers

  • kidsmom123

    Aaron Rogers
    Green Bay Packers

  • MUgirl

    I wonder if this is Aaron Rodgers, who is known as a photo bomber. As a die hard Packer fan, come on out Aaron! We will still love and support you!!

  • cowboy2981

    Aaron Rodgers

  • bbc

    Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers
    Hints – Clue #3 indicates he’s a QB, Clue #4 – he does a ton of commercials, Clue #5 – He is a devout Christian and he is a notorious photobomber on the sidelines.

  • lindy555

    Aaron Rodgers / Green Bay Packers. He’s known for his victory dance and discount double check insurance commercials.

  • gcsgirl1

    First time poster…this sounds an awful lot like Aaron Rodgers! I was watching him play this weekend and wondered his relationship status; he’s a cutie!

  • Katie

    Aaron Rogers
    Green Bay Packers

  • michellev27

    Aaron Rodgers!

  • michellev27

    Green Bay Packers

  • newsjunkie

    How pathetic. The NFL had no problem giving a $33 million dollar contract to an animal torturer and killer(Michael Vick) yet god forbid someone who loves another human being would be deemed a monster. Just sick.

    • PandoraWolf

      Obviously the ‘dollar-loss value’ of anyone boycotting a team for re-signing Michael Vick is pennies compared to the people who might stop supporting a team for “allowing” a gay person to play.

      Too bad every gay player (I would bet there HAS HAS HAS to be at least one per team) and any “I don’t give a rat’s ass about my teammate being gay; he’s still my teammate” should just all come forward on the same day to either come out or support wholeheartedly those who are. That way the attention is spread out so wide, any one player wouldn’t be forced to take the brunt of it.

      I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope the world gets over it’s condemnation of gays. It just makes no friggin’ sense to me. Let them love whom they love.

  • stephie

    Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay

  • gottafly19

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers
    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • jenmaybe

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers

    Team: Green Bay Packers

    His team is in a very small market. His “personal assistant”/longtime suspected boyfriend has been spouting off about a breakup for the past few months. And he is well known for his photobombing.

  • joanna1803

    Athlete: Aaron Rogers

    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • buttersmom

    Drama-Packed Outing of an NFL Player ~~~ He plays for a team that is not located on one of the coasts, so his team’s fans are much more traditional (read: conservative). He fears being booed both on and off the field ~~~~drama packed ~~~ Most Likely a packer…

  • busted

    Aaron Rodgers. Packers.

  • LouLou33

    Team: Green Bay Packers
    Football Player: Aaron Rodgers

  • CatBallou

    Aaron Rodgers
    – endorsement concerns – State Farm
    – victory dance – well known now especially with the “discount double check” commercials
    – known for photobombing (see his wikiedia page – and the team photog is Biever)
    – plays for a midwest / conservative / traditional team
    – devout Christian

  • zephyr66

    Can’t be Tebow, since he isn’t signed to a team. I know Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari are together and have a kid, and she is pregnant again, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything in this day and age. Plus I have always gotten kind of a gay vibe from him, so I’m going to guess Jay Cutler.

    • zephyr66

      I think I am the only person to guess this, so on the off chance it isn’t Aaron Rodgers (like almost everyone else has picked) I want Ace to give me credit:

      athlete: Jay Cutler
      team: Chicago Bears

  • NoseyNana2008

    Aaron Rodgers “Apart from his touchdown celebration, he is also “The King of Photobombing” as he is known to photobomb captain’s pictures before the coin toss.”

  • pannelll

    Aaron Rodgers from the Packers. Drama “packed” into one outing.

  • GossipProblem

    Aaron Rodgers
    Green Bay Packers

  • Emme3

    Aaron Rodgers
    Wisconsin is extremely conservative

    He’s a QB for Green Bay so his Offensive line could easily let a defender get to him and end his career

    He went to UC Berkeley and has photobombed team captains after the coin toss as an alum attending games every chance he gets. It’s his “thing”.

    Once said he’d like to photobomb Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on the red carpet

    The dance would be the “Discount Daable Check” dance in his commercials

  • mrsbanjo

    Aaron Rogers
    Green Bay Packers

  • annasophie

    aaron rodgers

  • JC45

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers
    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • sourpatchdoll

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers
    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • Gingi1976

    Player: Aaron Rodgers
    Team: Green Bay Packers

  • modelle18

    Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers

    his ex bf being Kevin Lanflisi

    secrets will always come out to haunt you, in defence of AR, coming out on such a public forum must be insanely scary I dont blame him for wanting to keep his personal life private. at the end of the day why the heck do we care what anyone does in their personal life??

    • Angeltweets4u

      Well, we don’t – that is I don’t and you don’t but there are plenty of very conservative, up tight, so-called Christian’s out there who do. But more importantly his BF didn’t want to keep it on the DL and is the one exposing it. It takes 2 to keep it quiet.

  • ravenglass

    Cam Newton

    Carolina Panthers

  • alex the great

    Aaron Rodgers!

    “Packed” = Packers
    “Photobomb” = Rodgers hilariously has been photobombing sideline pictures for a few seasons.

    Great guy! I just wish he could actually be able to be his true self, not having to compensate for what the league, his fans and teams expect him to be.

  • vjamalama

    Of course this is Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. I hate it when exes are so vindictive and bitter!

  • Angeltweets4u

    Aaron Rodgers
    Green Bay Packers

    BF: Kevin Finlisi (spelling may not be correct) He was Rodgers personal assistant.

  • rose15

    Aaron Rodgers
    Plays for the Green Bay Packers (the team is not located on one of the coast)
    He is a devout Christian

  • dween2000

    Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Lanflisi

  • f. flintstone

    Football Player: Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
    Ex-boyfriend/Personal Assistant: Kevin Lanflisi

    There are pictures of Kevin wearing Aaron’s Super Bowl ring on Twitter.

  • emmyk

    Aaron Rodgers for the Packers? Green Bay’s in the midwest and I think he said he was a christian in an interview, but didn’t want to be in your face about it, which explains why he doesn’t want to be the first openly gay NFL player. Plus the title is “Drama-Packed,” so it sounds like whoever this is plays for the Packers.

  • go4hockey

    Athlete: Aaron Rodgers
    Team: Packers

  • hmw0250

    It’s obviously Aaron Rodgers. So sad that he doesn’t feel he would be supported by coming out! When will this country quit being so close-minded? I’m a Christian and I still support the gay community 100%!

  • Mtlmeee

    Kerry Rhodes

    and he’s an unsigned free agent