His House Secret

house los angeles[Blind Gossip] We almost fell off our chairs when we heard this one, because the guy it involves is pretty much the last person you would expect to be involved in something like this.

He is a rarity in Hollywood for several reasons. He moves among various roles (actor/director/producer) with ease and has worked in both television and film. In fact, he is associated with some of the best-known TV shows and films ever. He has been with the same woman for a long time. He is an affable, happy guy, and is both well-liked and well-respected in the industry.

His house is located in a prestigious Los Angeles neighborhood that is a favorite of many celebrities. The house looks normal from the outside… but there is a secret in the basement.

It’s a sex dungeon.

Whips, harnesses, chains, video cameras, the works. We don’t know how long it’s been there – or how recently he has used it – but if he likes you, he will show it to you.

BONUS CLUE! He is not the only famous member of his family in the business.

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    • Mia444 says

      Yep. At first I thought Hanks, but “Bosom Buddies” is really the only TV he’s known for & that wasn’t exactly a huge hit. Whereas Ron is known for “Happy Days” and “Andy Griffith”, both popular, long-running series. Also, there was a blind before about a couple having a kinky sex life that nobody would ever expect (anyone have a link?), and although Tom Hanks seems like a regular ole dude, nobody is more “wholesome” seeming than good ole Opie. lol

    • Lindasu says

      This and the bonus clue almost guarantee it’s Ron. “because the guy it involves is pretty much the last person you would expect to be involved in something like this” – this statement knocks out Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Cranston, Hanks, insertnamehere, because it calls for someone who flies under the radar and isn’t in the limelight much. Ron Howard, unless he’s promoting a movie, show – hardly e-v-e-r does interviews, rare to get a photo of him, his wife or kids and he rarely does award shows.

    • MLeah53 says

      Opie Cunningham is a freak?! Oooo my, my, my…..spank me hard ‘sugar man’!!!!

    • Syd Wishes says

      Also, didn’t Fonzie pull a chair out from under Richie in the episode where Richie’s dr@nk? “Fell off our chairs.”

    • Allebezej says

      I agree. He also has a daughter that is an actress. A sex dungeon isn’t that bad… compared to what the rest of Hollywood is up to. It reminds me of the saying, it is the innocent ones you have to watch out for.

    • ShennanigansOHoolihan says

      And “Dallas” is allegedly Bryce’s middle name based on where she was conceived…anyone that names their kid after a f*ck place has to have some kink in them. Nothing wrong with a healthy sexual appetite a bit of freakiness. Good for him.

    • Booboo1068 says

      LOL! I agree! There was a Blind not long ago with similar clues saying the husband had a teacher image and the wife could pass for a nurse – in other words anHollywood couple nobody would suspect of having such a kinky, swinging sex life and Tom Hanks / Rita Wilson were a top guess.

      Maybe this is why Tom Hanks SMILES a lot! If it’s between consenting adults and nobody’s getting hurt (well…y’know), then to each they’re own!

      • Booboo1068 says

        After reading other comments about ‘happy’ being a clue I’m changing to Ron Howard.

        Ditto…Go Opie! (Iff it’s consensual and adults…no kids)

  1. blackmahn says

    I’m gonna go out on a limb (without the bonus clue, yet) and predict Tom Hanks.

    • mc0107 says

      Has to be Rob Reiner. I like the chair reference: on “All in the Family,” Archie’s chair was sacred and if Mike stat in it, Archie told him “Get outta my chair!” For all the folks citing the happy references, Rob co-wrote the first episode of “Happy Days.”

      Now, with the bonus clue, it seems obvious. Rob’s father Carl is a legend in Tinseltown.

    • DonnaStarla says

      It could also be Rob Reiner, but I see “happy guy” as a clue (Happy Days) so my first guess is still Ron Howard.

    • scumby says

      Marshall has lived in Toluca Lake a long time. That fits the neighborhood clue. His sister Penny is noted for sleeping around.

      • Katmandu says

        Penny is OLD OLD OLD and very sickly. Any ‘sleeping around” was decades ago.

    • LeelooDallas1 says

      I think you are right! The bonus clue says he’s not the only famous member of the family. His sister Penny is famous as well, He is the creator of Happy Days as well!

  2. JennUx says

    sounds like brad pitt… the fact it doesn’t say he’s married seems to hint so. plus he’s been on friends which fits the tv part i guess.

    • MzDBDB says

      He had a lot of tv work when he first started out. One soap opera and a few guest starring roles on tv shows.

      • KatarinaJ says

        Brad Pitt is with Angelina Jolie. WHAT about a sex dungeon would come as a surprise with these two?

  3. 2BEAUCOUP says


  4. ravenglass says

    Ron Howard

    Kinky Opie!!!

    If this is what Ron, has in his basement, can you imagine what’s in Clint’s.

  5. NotNow says

    I want to say Mark Wahlberg who has been one of the producers on both Entourage and Boardwalk Empire, is obviously a movie star and has directed.
    Another part of me wants to say Steve Buscemi because i would DEFINITELY not expect him to lmao but I think he’s in the north east.

  6. Okayeah says

    Sounds a lot like Brad Pitt (guested on Friends, etc.), and this would be right up Angie’s alley too but I don’t believe he has any directing credits.

    • KatarinaJ says

      Would ANYONE be surprised that he and Angie have a private dungeon? Brad might be considered more wholesome than she but no shock here.

  7. chynaeyezz287 says

    David E. Kelley? He’s been with Michelle Pfeiffer for 21 years…But they are married soooo…

  8. jjonesy says

    Clooney. There have been rumors regarding his penchant for “rough-housing” and associated arm/shoulder injuries.

  9. pandorasjoke says

    I’m going with Mel Brooks for now – Twelve Chairs, the Nutt House, the Producers. That said, I think there are other clues I don’t have time to chase down. “Rarity”?

    • Katmandu says

      Eww. Does ancient Mel Brooks’ home health aide get him up on his feet and walk him down into the ‘dungeon’, too? Rather sad!

  10. austinmocean says

    Well if he just has a sex dungeon, I mean, it might be shocking due to his “normal” persona, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having kinks such as this one. I mean, as long as his wife’s cool with it (it being him getting with others, which I assume he does) then I don’t see anything really wrong with it. Maybe that’s how he and his wife and been together so long: there’s communication between the two that most couples don’t have. Anyway, no idea who it is, just wanted to give my two cents.

    • KatarinaJ says

      I didn’t get a judgmental vibe from the blind. I agee wit what you’re saying but if someone has an UBER wholesome image people just get surprised by the dichotomy of kink (as opposed to this squeaky clean ness) but IMHO the SURPRISING deviants are the best! LOL

  11. dancortese says

    Long time reader, first time poster! Don’t even know if he lives in LA, but my first thought was Ron Howard.

  12. mariaj says

    Ok, i try this before or after the bonus clu?
    Before, and then i see:)

    So, actor/director/producer.

    Some names that come in mind: Clooney, but no longtime wife.

    Damon: hum, not really in some of the best known tv shows ever, i think? But if so, then i think it might be him, i can picture him in a kinky way

    Eastwood? Not longtime wife, so not him, but i CAN picture him ,too, at least time ago:)

    My favourite guess: Ron Howard, but i CAN’T really picture him, on the other hand, the blind implies that it is kinda of unexpected, so, who knows?

    Now, let’s see the bonus clue , that,of course, will make my guesses useless:)

    • mugofmead111 says

      Clint Eastwood had been married to Dina Eastwood for 17 years…but they’re now going through a divorce. I don’t think it’s him. However, the bonus clue *can* fit as his son Scott is getting into the business.

      The bonus clue would eliminate Matt Damon, but would not eliminate Ron Howard. (His daughter is an actress.)

      • KatarinaJ says

        It doesn’t eliminate Tom Hanks either whose son is in the business. Or the Reiners and Marshalls who’ve been involved in iconic TV and film and have multiple famous folks in the family.

  13. loremi says

    Clint Eastwood ticks all the boxes except that he and his wife split recently. Hmmmmm.

  14. minx says

    Why did I think of Bryan Cranston for this one? Maybe because I read today is his birthday?

  15. showtimeEI6 says

    Ron Howard, clue “happy” – he starred in Happy Days as a child. He is now an actor, producer, director. Has been married to wife Cheryl Howard nearly 40 years.

  16. sopojofo says

    Opie, you dog!!! First thought of Tom Hanks, but settled on Ron Howard. Happy=Happy Days. He does it all–and then some!

  17. LeelooDallas1 says

    I don’t know why Jon Favreau came to mind.

    He’s pretty successful as an Actor/Director/Producer. His Wiki says he credits Dungeons and Dragons for giving him a great imagination

    Best TV shows ever? He played Monica’s BF on Friends which one of the best shows on TV at the time, He’s also been in films like Swingers, Daredevil, the Breakup, Couples retreat. He’s got Iron Man under his belt as director, and producer for Avengers films as well as the NBC show Revolution and you don’t hear much drama coming from him.

  18. katt388 says

    I guess Tom Hanks. Sorry to say but he fits the description. You never know about those nice guy types

  19. guessingnotknowing says

    I have no idea, but… Henry Winkler?
    Just wonder if the blind would mention writer also if it was him.
    But, on the other hand… if they are consenting adults… good luck to them.

  20. forwantof says

    I’m not sure if he has a house in Los Angeles, but I’m gonna go with Steve Buscemi.

  21. yourPRisajoke says

    My first instinct on this one is Ron Howard. He’s been with his wife since high school, I think.