My Life Isn’t Supposed To Be This Difficult

scott neeson ccf[Blind Gossip] This story of a spoiled celeb comes to us from Reader’s Digest. The story is being told by a guy named Scott Neeson, who used to work with the biggest stars in Hollywood as a million-dollar-a-year executive at Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

Neeson left Hollywood behind to create a charity to save children who lived at the garbage dumps in Cambodia. This part of the story describes a significant turning point for him, when he was working in Hollywood and concurrently running a charity. From Reader’s Digest:

Within seven months, Neeson had rented a building in Phnom Penh that served as a live-in shelter, hired a small staff, and rescued 12 homeless children. He thought about moving permanently to Cambodia but was undecided. Then one day during a visit, his cell phone rang. It as a movie star and his agent, calling from a promotional tour Neeson was handling.

“Scott, we’ve got a problem,” the agent said.

Neeson, who just that morning had learned that five of the children in his new shelter had typhoid, answered, “What’s up?”

“The plane the studio chartered doesn’t have the right sort of bottled water or the food we require,” the agent said. “We’re not getting on until this is resolved.”

Then the star grabbed the phone and said, “Scott, my life is not supposed to be this difficult. Fix it.”

That was the turning point. Shortly thereafter, Neeson said goodby to Hollywood, as well as the Porsche, the yacht, the mansion, and the salary, and started the Cambodian Children’s Fund with his own money.

Today, CCF provides housing, food, clothing, health care, education, and vocational training to more than 1200 children and employs 445 staffers.

You can find out more about CCF here. You can read the entire story about Scott here. Just scroll down to Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Great Scott.  Just a warning: His story, while very inspirational, will probably make you cry.

Famous Actor:

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  1. ravenglass says

    He’s worked with a lot of big actors & sadly it could be any one of them but I’m guessing Tom Cruise.

    Scott Neeson is an incredible man & the world could use more people like him.
    I’m glad Reader’s Digest did a story about him & thank you Blind Gossip for including this blind & the link to Scott’s story & the CCF page. I probably never would have heard of this story or charity otherwise.

    I will never look at a birthday cake the same way again.

    • akajenb says

      Someone with a heart of gold, who decided to stop working for a stuck up celebrity and decide to make a major difference in this work. Kudos to him

    • jasper says

      sounds like they parodied this situation with Tropic Thunder, which co-starred Tom in heavy make-up, so I’d agree.

  2. gizmondo says

    You weren’t wrong about crying, but what a lovely story to read at Christmas. Scott is a remarkable person

  3. LA says

    All I can say is “wow…really?” All the best to Scott Neeson…what a wonderful thing he is doing. Good riddance to the spoiled people in the world that have NO appreciation that they are truly blessed and it could all be gone in an instant.

  4. raslebol says

    he dropped hollywood in 2003/2004 and he worked at this time for Sony Pictures:in 2003,Sony Pictures released Bad Boys II with Will Smith and X Men 2 so my guess is will Smith

  5. GayleStorm says

    Famous Actor: Tom Cruise

    I haven’t read the story yet, but I will…I, unfortunately, have been feeling a bit weepy lately. But, I did look up the Cambodian Children’s Fund on Charity, they receive an excellent rating. I will be making a donation to CCF today. Thanks, Ace…you done good! Merry Christmas! :)

    How very rare and very commendable of Mr. Neeson to give up all the $$$ and trappings of Hollywood to give his life to others, so selflessly.

    • ravenglass says

      I noticed you mentioned you were feeling a bit blue; so I just wanted to say Merry Christmas & I hope you’re doing okay.

      • GayleStorm says

        Thank you, ravenglass. Merry Christmas!

        How very sweet of you to take notice and inquire. You are a kind and thoughtful person.

        I’m feeling much better. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and went to Mass yesterday and spent the day with my family. Today I went on a five mile brisk walk. All good things to heal the mental state and physical body. :)

    • alderbuckthorn says

      I worked for an Irish production company that made quite a few films with Colin Farrell – and this does not sound like him at all. He was great to work with, all the crew and production staff loved him – couldn’t have been nicer or more humble.

  6. next please says

    Couldn’t care less about the spoiled actor, but wow and blessings on Scott Neeson. Merry Christmas……….

  7. CanaryCry says

    Sounds like the actor may be out of touch with humanity. So, I’ll go with Tom Cruise.

    Blessings & love to Scott. May he continue to make great differences.

  8. RuHa says

    Going by some of the films he was associated with: Braveheart, Titanic,Star Wars and X-men, it could be Mel Gibson, Leo, George Lucas or Hugh Jackman.

    • Lizzy Pea says

      Have you read any blinds involving Hugh Jackman, RuHa? This definitely wouldn’t be him. From all accounts he’s a very down to earth guy. Plus he wasn’t that big a star back then to make those kinds of demands.

      Amazing story though. It makes me happy to know there are people who don’t buy into all the Hollywood BS. Merry Christmas Scott Neeson (and Ace!).

      • Booboo1068 says

        Yes, Hugh is reportedly one of the truly nice guys in the business along with Matt Damon. If they are gay I hope unless they want it to their private life will stay that way.

    • TeacherKat says

      I thought I would add that in the article, it talked about the fact that some friends ran for the hills and some have really stepped up to help him, and Hugh and his wife Deb were actually named as people that have been supportive and involved with the charity. This was a wonderful story to read and it’s quite inspiring as well – bless this amazing man.

    • RuHa says

      Merry Christmas. It was not my intent to cause ire. I didn’t say any of them WERE the actor, I said they could be based on the movies Scott was involved with.

      • Booboo1068 says

        No worries no ire caused here. We all have a right to our opinions. It is a gossip site after all.

        Happy holidays!

  9. kathystr says

    Way to go Scott! Who cares about the celebrity? You are amazing and the focus should be on your work!!

  10. Fan says

    My first thought was Tom Cruise. Whoever it is, they need to get over themselves. Good for Scott for making such a drastic life change.

  11. bubbasbbq says

    All I can say is that Scott Neeson is a better man than I. I truly wish him the best. I will not dignify this actor’s name by saying it.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Good point about not giving the actor more PR then he deserves. Keep the focus on Scott and the kids he helps. I’d say for that you are a better man then you say.

      Happy holidays

  12. suki says

    First time poster here. Very simple if you read the article. He received the call in June of 2004. He was working on Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man 2 was released in June 2004.
    Toby Maguire or James Franco. My money is on Franco.

    • dee123 says

      A great catch! Though i think this is Maguire. In 2004 he was riding high as Spiderman and Franco was nowhere near the star he is today.

    • Deryn says

      Plus, as … er … unique as Franco is, I don’t see him getting bound up about which water is on his plane. “My life should not be this difficult” is spoken by someone who takes himself — or herself — very. VERY. Seriously. Franco guests on GH and makes spoof Kanye videos.

      If you’re right about the timing — why not Kirsten Dunst? “Actor” doesn’t always mean “he”, and she was probably at her fame peak in 2003-2004 — but stuck in two more movies with an ex-boyfriend, among other alleged problems.

      • suki says

        I agree with everything you wrote about Kisten Dunst. She was actually my first guess. For some reason when I was reading the orginal article I had a very strong impression he was refering to a male actor. She has a reputation for being difficult, going as far as banning the screenplay’s author from set of one of her films. She also went went through a long period where she was not working much. Too difficult? I’m adding her to my guess.

  13. Cranny says

    “Scott, my life is not supposed to be this difficult. Fix it.”

    OMG! Wrong type of bottle water?!

    Sound like Tom (full of himself) Cruise

    I have lost all interest in Tom Cruise’s movies since he lost his modesty and touch of reality. Also, losing my taste of Hollywood latest productions. My TV is mostly off now, I go to the theater at least once or twice a year now. Hollywood and their citizens are in their own world of perversion and overtly me-me-me, what about me tactics.

    • boyzmom says

      I totally agree. I’m completely losing interest in the dumb movies produced nowadays, and in the thoroughly self-centered, morally-deficient world of Hollyweird.

      I’ve switched to watching Korean dramas online. Lol. The actors/actresses are so much better than ours, and the dramas don’t push the limits of sexuality, violence, and crudity. They are so much more fun to watch than anything Hollywood produces.

  14. jackballjonez says

    I see the tom cruise guesses and i disagree, he doesnt need a chartered plane he has his own with a crew that knows exactly what his needs are. This is someone else as the star

  15. Booboo1068 says

    Thanks Ace. Great post. Yes it can be sad but the end result is some kids who truly need help are getting it and because of this have a better chance at becoming healthy, stable adults and paying it forward. Many of the rich and famous TALK about retiring and devoting their life to a higher calling but very few actually DO IT…especially without public notoriety and adulation for it. Those are ones who don’t open schools and name them after themselves…ahem.

    My husband is setting up a small bursary at his old university for kids who truly need it. It’s not a big bursary by any means (a few hundred dollars) but it’s his dream to do it – and no, he doesn’t want his name on it.

    Merry Christmas!

  16. slantrhyme says

    Ok I’m in tears. That little girl Eang who wants to be an English teacher got to me. I would be honored to have her as a colleague. And the birthday cake story…when I think of how much goes to waste on unappreciative brats, and all this girl wanted was a cake.

    Scott is a great person and an inspiration. I will share his story with my students after break. Thank you for this, Ace.

    As for the “star,” I don’t even want to think about him.

    Merry Christmas Ace.

  17. DesertGhost says

    Tom Cruise. I think there was a story like this making the rounds a few years ago. I think the celeb was also upset that the food wasn’t covered according to their demands too.

  18. seattlegirl says

    One of the commenters mentioned James Franco. I couldn’t remember who he was so I took to google. I typed ‘James Franco is a …’, and google auto filled ‘douche’ as one of the first suggestions. Lol, yep, gotta be him.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Wow, glad when I google my name it doesn’t auto fill with anything like that! Yet? Thx. That’s too funny.

  19. LaPerla says

    Hi BG/ACE: Merry Christmas. In keeping with the spirit of the day, I thought of sending the charity $$$.

  20. alm7891 says

    I’m surprised no one mentioned an actor from No Strings Attached. They’re always saying “Great Scott!” because of Ashton’s Kutcher’s father…

  21. Kelly says

    I wish Scott would’ve said something right there, maybe mentioned that compared to where he’s working right now, that comment is extremely insensitive.

  22. spikelb says

    My money is on Will Smith. It has nothing to do with the type of water or food, it is the celebrity ego and arrogance in being able to make studio execs. jump when they say jump, just because the can. Time to look up that charity and donate.

  23. annasophie says

    will smith for the win. sounds just like something he would say.

    tom cruise has his own jets and staff and probably has xenu water stashed everywhere.

  24. Winky Vitalic says

    Having worked with James Franco, I’d say it’s not him. My money is on Mel Gibson, since I have worked with him as well.

  25. tweety77 says

    Disgusting. Totally outrageous. Imagine having the wrong sort of water?! It’s just not on.

    (and as Lily Allen says, ‘If you can’t detect the sarcasm, you’ve misunderstood.’)

  26. taracu says

    First post!! I dug deep as this one really interested me.
    It’s a male , says above
    Scott worked for 20th century fox in June 2004, the only movie and actor that fits is
    Will Smith, promoting I, Robot in Europe in June 2004. It’s him.

  27. ClosetOrganizer says

    Okay, what male actors worked with Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox between 2000 and 2004? That’s the target parameters. Should narrow the list some.