She Has Her Big Fish On The Hook

fish 2[Blind Gossip] These two celebrities are dating. He is the more famous of the two. The relationship was originally fabricated in a publicist’s office (no formal contract), but the two actually like each other, and are now really dating.

The most interesting thing about this relationship is that they have never had sex! She tells him that she will only sleep with a guy after they’ve been dating X number of months, are seeing only each other, that fidelity is so important to her, etc. While at first he found this annoying and a bit provincial, he is now buying into it. He really likes this about her and he tells all his friends how impressed he is with her moral values. It makes him want her more.

What he doesn’t know is that she is actually casually sleeping with another guy. The girl just loves a hookup. All that talk about fidelity is just to keep her big fish on the hook. It’s working, too.

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