Superstar Fate

superstar 2[Blind Gossip] You know that this award-winning superstar seems to have it all. Good looks, some talent, a long-term marriage, beautiful child/ren and wealth and fame beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

But do you know how she has the energy to do it all? A single Class A dr*g that gets her up and keeps her up.

Her habit has gone from a once-in-a-while thing to an every day thing. We have to admit that we are a little surprised about the depth of her dr*g use. We know she smokes pot, but we never dreamed she would get into hard dr*gs. Then again, given that her family and husband have a long history with dr*gs, perhaps this is her fate.



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145 comments to Superstar Fate

  • caligrlth25


  • MattinSF

    Sounds like Beyonce and Jay Z

  • gossipzilla

    Sounds like Beyonce. She definitely is a superstar with good looks, a child, wealth and fame, and some talent because clearly she’s where she is more thanks to her look then to her singing abilities. Jay-Z has talked more than once about his past as a drug dealer, and her sister Solange once encouraged her fans to smoke pot.
    A clue could be “dreamed” as in her song Beautiful Nightmare. Sorry I can’t pick up more clues but I stop listening to her music long ago.
    I feel like “fate” should be a clue too, but can’t pin it on Beyonce so perhaps I’m wrong.

    • gossipalooza

      Could “fate” be a reference to destiney’s child?

      First time poster! Love the site x

    • CindyB

      I don’t know… they’ve only been married since ’08… is that considered long-term? I would think that long term would be 10 years or more?

    • Lil Debbull

      Yeah, of course, I thought Beyonce- but she has more than just “some talent”, wouldn’t you say?
      I also don’t think Beyonce would risk damaging her voice by smoking pot.

      • Fan

        Her voice isn’t that great to begin with…she sounds nasally and has little range. Alot of singers smoke weed.

      • CoCoJoe

        I think most people would say she’s talented, but I find her mediocre. Her singing is mannered and I dislike the tone. She does not dance well, although she is clearly trained to do it. She is a performer, but I don’t think she connects with her audience in an authentic manner. My two cents.

      • gossipzilla

        I stand by my opinion, she has “some talent”. Regarding her voice only, there are many stars who are better singers but for many reasons (worse look, worse agent, they just didn’t play their cards as smart as Bey did) didn’t achieve as much as she did.

      • ChiveOn

        You obviously don’t work in the music business. You would be SHOCKED by the number of “superstar” singers that smoke (both tobacco and weed), drink, and snort various substances. I am amazed that any of the them still have working vocal chords.

    • Chile_Pleeze

      dreamed = “Life is but a dream” … the latest pci of her with the giraffe hat.. her pupils were dilated to the max…she was hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.. “some talent” is being generous lol..

    • doodadoo

      Dreamed = Dream Girls? She was a lead in the film.

  • ravenglass

    Superstar: Beyoncé
    Husband: Jay Z

    Of course she uses hard drugs; how else would she have lost all that baby weight?(haha YEAH RIGHT!!!)

    When I see or hear the word “superstar”; I don’t think of Beyoncé; I think of Mary Katherine Gallagher.(Ahh, the good old days of SNL)

    • Booboo1068

      Blind says “…we never dreamed she’d get into hard drugs.” Angelina’s past heroine and cocaine use is well known so I don’t think it’s her.

  • bananas

    Could this be Sharon Osborne??

    • PinkSlip

      “some talent” …. yes, it could actually be her.

    • la.dolce.vita

      But that would hardly be a surprise as the blind seems to imply.
      Sharon has been around the drug scene since she was dating Ozzy.
      Plus at her age, I highly doubt “good looks” fit her and she’s getting divorced soon.

    • _stacysmom

      Her family and husband do have a long history of drugs (Ozzy and Jack!)
      The picture makes me think of a talent show and she is currently a judge on the X Factor UK.
      Is she award winning though?
      They put ‘superstar’ instead of performer – this doesn’t rule her out.

    • ktbell05

      this makes the most sense.

  • hellosunshine

    The first person that comes to mind is Faith Hill, but I really don’t want it to be her so I am going to say IDK.

  • dnyce11

    Victoria and David Beckham

    • PinkSlip

      Sounds EXACTLY like her, except for one thing; “her family and husband have a long history with dr*gs.” That’s not the Beckhams.

      • wendy hood

        Not a known history, anyway. Sorry, you cant be that thin and travelling all over the world working 24/7 without a chemical stimulant of some sort. David just looks like a partier.

  • cocobeannns

    Jay Z

  • Fan

    My first thought was Beyonce, but I have a hard time believing that.

    • akajenb

      Why is it so hard to believe? Celebrities always show one side to their fans, and behaved differently in their private lives. It’s called selling you an image.

      • Ati2d9

        EXACTLY! I can’t tell you how many arguments I have gotten into with people over this very true statement. People are too gullible.

  • Mtlmeee

    Catherine Zeta Jones

    Michael Douglas

  • Nic81

    Superstar: Faith Hill
    Husband: Tim Mcgraw

    Fate makes me think of the name Faith and Tim has had drug issues and I think she had a brother or something that had trouble with drugs

  • Lil Debbull

    Faith Hill & Tim McGraw?

  • Markray19

    Clearly Beyonce, with husband Jay-Z. The clues are the picture, so similar to the ads for “Dreamgirls” and a “single Class A dr*g”. (Single ladies.)

    • CountessLurkula


    • Booboo1068

      Agreed and thanks for the Dream Girls reminder. The fact that it’s hard to believe is part of Blind. There’s never been anything (that I’ve seen or heard) of her doing hard drugs so I think its a good guess.

      Faith Hill has had rumours around her for a while about cocaine so I don’t think it would as surprising as Beyoncé. Does this mean if her team reads/ hears about this Blind we can look forward to a good old PR move to counter it?

      • PinkSlip

        This isn’t a joke, but I don’t know who Faith Hill is: I’m not in the US, so “superstar” wouldn’t refer to someone who’s not HUGE outside the US: she might be, but I’m not kidding when I say I haven’t heard of her.

      • Booboo1068

        I believe you and I agree.

  • sabrina325

    Beyonce and Jay Z

  • Jennie


  • rudy

    Beyonece and JayZ?

  • QueenCeleste

    OK, “class A drug” makes it sound like this comes from the UK, and I’m tempted to answer Gwynnie Goopster, since she ticks all the boxes regarding family, wealth, fame, awards, etc. But since her hubby and family aren’t drug users, I don’t think that’s right.

    • bluebells

      She’s American though…

    • GossipProblem

      I don’t know how they do it in the UK, but in America the government has classified all drugs into different “classes.” A Class A drug is an American concept (or can be applied to America) so that’s not a defining characteristic.

  • memommamo


  • abarone1604

    Superstar: Beyonce
    Husband: Jay Z

  • swansurprise

    Superstar: Beyonce
    Husband: Jay Z

  • mahalaskater

    The one and only JLO.

    • lobsterbabe

      This can’t be JLO, it says long term marriage and she’s currently not married and was never in a marriage that was considered long term, even by Hollywood standards.

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    First guess is Julia Roberts as the superstar and Danny Moder as the husband. Her brother Eric Roberts is known for his drug abuse.

  • keyakxx

    Can’t be Beyonce, can it!?!?!?!

  • Virginia

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon?

  • charter31

    Jay z

  • bd101298

    Angelina Jolie
    Brad Pitt

  • Roxy979e


  • yourPRisajoke

    Superstar: Gwyneth Paltrow
    Husband: Chris Martin

  • LooLoo

    I’m thinking Goopy, but I’m not getting the Superstar clue. Maybe Nicole Kidman? Oh, wait, it said talented…

  • css1014

    Julia Roberts-Superstar-star reminds of Pretty Woman where the prostitutes hung out on the Hollywood stars

    Danny Moder-husband

    Brother-Eric Roberts-drug problem

  • katekatebobate

    I thinks it’s more likely someone like Brooke shields or Kelly preston. Bey has more than some talent. But I’m stumped.

  • LeahLynn28

    I don’t think Beyonce is a “superstar”,but Jay-Z was a drug dealer,but i tend to believe that’s her.She has a daughter,a husband with a long history with drugs,and i can imagine her doing drugs.I think her family had problems with drugs too…

    Okay…Beyonce & Jay-Z.Although i don’t think she’s talented or beautiful.She’s a liar like Jay-Z.

    • What Had Happened Was ...

      What are you talking about, her family had problems with drugs too?

      That is simply untrue.

    • LooLoo

      I don’t think she is either. I’ve only heard one song she’s done, and I wasn’t impressed with it. As far as looks, I’ve alway thought she looked kind of, um, special.

  • sunshinestar

    Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks – not sure why they pop in my head…

  • Alison

    Drew Barrymore

  • slantrhyme

    I think Beyonce is too healthy and gorgeous to be on dr*gs. The hard life would start taking its toll on her looks by now. Also, I don’t see the Knowles family as notorious for being addicts.

    Fate (destiny) seems like a clue, but I have a hard time believing it’s Bey, who is wildly talented.

    Class “A” is a clue, but I have no idea. I’ll come back when I have a guess. But I really don’t think it’s Beyonce.

    • slantrhyme

      Ok, I’m going with Faith Hill. Some talent. Brother had addiction. Class A could refer to baseball league and Tim McGraw’s father was the awesome (but hard-drinking) pitcher Tug McGraw. Faith and Tim have been married forever. There have been rumors of her being less than polite so she could’ve been under the influence. And she is looking a bit rough lately, but that could be age, as I well know…

      • GossipProblem

        Class A is the actual classification of the drug in America. Class A drugs are supposed to be the most dangerous and detrimental. This isn’t a clue, it’s just telling you how serious her drug abuse is.

    • wendy hood

      Rihanna always looks healthy and gorgeous to me. I know she probably smokes and snots all kinds of stuff.

    • Syd Wishes

      ~”High class. If you ain’t rollin, bypass. “~ Jay Z

  • YoGo8c

    Ack. Too many hard drugs everywhere. Wish we could wipe ’em all out for good.

    The only thing I will guess at is the star is blue and I wonder if that’s deliberate.

    • wendy hood

      Id keep the hard drugs and kindly ask the government to remove all that fluoride and chlorine from drinking water, along with halting production on GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, and requiring farms of all kinds to be organic rather than factory. The world has ALWAYS had “hard drugs”. The world hasn’t always been as consistently chemically poisoned by its own ruling class.

  • degele

    Not Beyonce:

    1. “Some talent”? Nah, I think we can all agree she’s incredibly talented.
    2. Family doesn’t have a drug history.
    3. She’s not doing a lot of things right now that makes anyone question “how she does it”. She hasn’t even come out with new material this year and she’s about to wrap up her tour. Nothing extraordinary.

    I agree with those who think it’s Faith Hill. It fits to me.

  • Thinking26

    pfff Beyonce on drugs? I hope she’s not going to end like Whitney Houston.

  • bibibrock

    Julia Roberts!



  • PinkSlip

    Can everyone PLEASE stop saying Beyonce?! It says “some talent,” a HUGE clue, and while she’s not my taste, she has more than just “some talent.” She’s a mega-talent, her performances are wildly professional and brilliantly designed. And the woman is HEALTHY. Her marriage is not “long term,” it’s a few years.

    • LeahLynn28

      Sorry,but she’s not multi-talented,she only dances and that’s all.We all know she lip-synches her songs…she doesn’t even writes “her” songs.And how do you know she’s healthy?A person can look healthy and do drugs at the same time.Faking a veganism while wearing fur and leather makes her look ignorant or very dumb.All for the media…she’s fake and a fraud.Even her “pregnancy” was fake.She lies,lies,lies,but never admits the truth and still lies about the lies again.She’s a farce.
      She might be this woman or not,but the truth is that she’s a liar,a fraud and dumb.And talentless.

    • KatarinaJ

      I don’t think she is as talented as she is manufactured. another Britney Spears. created, packaged, gotten behind by a good team.

    • wendy hood

      It says some talent but also says superstar.

      • KatarinaJ

        Exactly! A superstar with SOME talent. That is BRITT BRITT who doesn’t fit the blind…. Beyonce to a tee!

  • kcphilly

    Would agree with the Beyonce guess. She’s a good performer…but doesn’t actually write her own music there are so many rumors that she pays to get credited on them. Acting skills are up for debate.

    Jay Z used to be a drug dealer so that would fit that he has a long history with them.

    And they are both super wealthy even for celebs.

    • Leaf

      This comment is so flawed. Just because there’s rumors that she pays people for credits doesn’t mean it’s true. And even if it is you still can’t say she has some talent. She can dance, sing live (which only about a dozen artists do these days) and has acted in quite a few movies. Performers are people that hardly give you your money’s worth. Artists leave a lasting impression.

      • kcphilly

        Not flawed, google it, she does not write her own songs. She changes a few words and then gets credit for it. She can dance, so that is some talent, and has a decent voice. And just because she has been in films does not mean she’s a good actress.

        The point of mentioning these things is that everyone says it can’t be her because she is so “multi talented” when many of those things she can just be putting her name on and not actually have any creative influence on them.

      • GossipProblem

        Performers do it all and it’s not necessarily about the music, just the “experience.” Artists are actually musicians who focus only on the music and none of the “smoke and mirrors.” They both serve their purpose and I am a fan of many examples of both. But Beyonce would probably be put in the “performer” category rather than the “artist” category. And I think it’s not fair to say performers don’t give you your money’s worth. In fact, in terms of putting on a show, they are the only ones who will give you your money’s worth.

  • DesertGhost

    Julia Roberts

  • m0m0ntherun

    Beyonce -She was in Dreamgirls and her sister Solange Knowles apparently has dealt with drug issues in the past
    Jay Z

  • mandy

    It has to be Beyoncé. She has absolutely NO TALENT. Her husband pays off everyone so she looks like she has talent. Neither one of them have talent. They think they can buy class. Got news for them, they are black from the hoods.

  • 3snaps

    I don’t see this as being Beyonce. She hasn’t been married all that long, she has more than “some” talent”, and “beautiful child”? Sorry, that wasn’t nice, but seriously. Gwen Stefani fits some of this but I have no clue if she has won awards or if her husband/family does drugs and I am too lazy to google it.

  • shampagne

    Beyonce. I heard and read she takes performance enhancing steroids to gyrate so hard at her concerts and give her stamina. She is all smoke and mirrors. Beyonce does have little talent because she does not write her own music, she steals, lip syncs and of course she would give a hell of a performance because she has been doing the same routine for over 15 years. Jay Z was a drug dealer and her father Matthew Knowles does cocaine and Solange smokes weed.

  • Leaf

    Can’t be Beyonce. Even if you don’t like her you can’t say she has “some ” talent. Jay-Z did use to be a drug dealer but they’re marriage is NOT long term. This fits Faith more than anyone.

    • kcphilly

      Flawed comment tbh. Quoting your own words. Name the clues in the wording that point to Faith. Also please justify with proof that she’s a “superstar.”

  • lolamac

    Thought this was a solved item about Nigella Lawson!

  • GWC

    Damit, Janet? Susan Sarandon.

    • PinkSlip

      Thought of that too, she’s in the Brit press this morning as saying she’s been stoned at every public event “except the Oscars,” but she’s no longer married and her “family” doesn’t have any drug issues, so it’s not her. Besides, she has more than “some talent,” she totally rocks the screen.

  • ghostgirl74

    Hmm, isn’t Faith Hill from Star, Mississippi?

  • PinkSlip

    Catherine Zeta Jones
    Michael Douglas

    Son is in prison for drug dealing

  • PinkSlip

    DAMN! My comments DIDN’T go thru!! I had Catherine Zeta Jones up first, and the comment kept bouncing back, and it’s still not there but someone else’s is. POO!!

  • tm8

    Jenna Jameson

    Tito Ortiz

  • Joanhs

    Clue: “beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.”
    Wasn’t it beyonce who said “Above and Beyonce”?
    Oh, and her Sister Solange has spoken about drugs before, and used them..

  • asdf

    Can’t be this Faith girl because she is not a superstar. I had to google her because I had no idea who she was. She is not famous outside the States.

  • Noosh@London

    BEYONCE! Look at the clues people.

    ”fame beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.” = Dreamgirls movie.

    ”A single Class A dr*g” = Single Ladies song.

    ”we never dreamed she would get into hard dr*gs.” again, Dreamgirls movie.

    ”her family and husband have a long history with dr*gs” = Jay Z admits to dealing drugs in the past.

  • josette

    Okay I will go with Beyon’ce her parents were rumored to have drug parties all the way up to her stardom…that’s why they were wealthy before she was famous. .the only thing that don’t fit is the long term marriage.

  • “We know she smokes pot”
    Beyonce doesn’t smoke pot, right? At least, not that we know off.

    • wendy hood

      If we go by that logic, I also don’t technically *know* if Beyoncé ever goes to the bathroom.

      Celebs – they don’t tell us everything all the time.

  • DivaKarma

    Well with the new album release (Clever Ace how did you know?!) Its Beyonce! she does have more than “some talent” though but Jay was a petty drug dealer 100 yrs ago and her Dad had coke problems, Solange smokes weed.
    wildest dreams: Tina Tuner tour & her idol)
    single Class: Song Single ladies
    never dreamed: Dream girls
    her fate: Destiny’s Child
    FYI new song lyrics seems like she was high when she wrote them.. Ratchet

  • jennlynn

    Beyonce just released an album over night…

  • andrealopez

    Beyonce and Jay Z.

    She’s popping adderall. I highly doubt she’s doing cocaine. Adderall and coke are classified in the same category.

  • wmariah

    Queen Bee Beyonce

  • kermit1969

    Faith Hill

    Husband: Tim McGraw

  • goldieb

    Welcome to the Illuminati reality you sold your soul for, Bey. When you look into the mirror, Whitney will be looking back.

  • alblake

    Beyonce and Jay Z!!

  • commonsense

    This is definitely beyonce. She needs to stop posting pictures on her tumblr when she’s high. I saw one the other day with her half naked (jersey half shirt and bikini bottom) and her pupils were dilated bigger than the moon. She’s also a known alcoholic. In her video, “Drunk in Love” she looked like she was on something or had too much of something. This girl is a hot mess! She’s telling you the stuff she’s into, confirming these blind items about the drugs, alcohol, affairs, her bisexualness, etc.

  • ChiveOn

    I am going to go with Faith Hill, even though this is NO surprise to anyone who has worked in the industry in Nashville. Her cocaine use has been known for years. Also, her husband had a big weed and alcohol addiction.

  • Lisa

    Beyonce and JayZ

  • GayleStorm

    Forgive my ignorance, but I’m unclear on what a Class A drug would be for this person? I’m assuming it’s not cocaine, since a good percentage of the industry seems to be on it for various reasons. Also, within certain groups, I think its use is accepted as no big deal.

    I found a chart that lists Class A drugs as: Heroin, Morphine, Codeine, Ketamine (Special K.); Class B drugs as: Cocaine, Crack, Amphetamines, Methadone, LSD, PCP.

  • igotthisone

    @PinkG YES! Nice try, Team Kardashian.

  • Kevin

    There is no way this is Beyoncé. Anyone whose done blow can tell you, you look like hell after a night on it. Not to mention your nose is stuffed up. Beyoncé does usually look pretty good – at least fresh – not at all like someone who dips in the yayo. Truly I believe she keeps her nose clean, so to speak.

  • ClosetOrganizer

    I actually did a Google search and saw that, yes, this blind item could actually be referring to Faith Hill and hubby Tim McGraw. Her drug addict brother has apparently spilled in interviews (as of November 2013) about their alleged drug problems. It’s really sad; I actually liked her song “This Kiss”.

  • joannc

    Gwen Stefani
    Gavin Rossdale.

    Says their net work is 135 million… several kids,long standing marriage, husband back in the day was into drugs etc…..

  • lovefifteen

    Oh wow. Just noticed one of Beyonce’s songs on her surprise album is called Blow. LMAO!

  • Kevin

    I believe the song blow is referencing oral sex performed on a woman … Not blow as in the nickname for cocaine.