We Believe This Band Is Desperate For Money

twisted sister[Blind Gossip] For those of you who believe that you are supporting your favorite band by playing their music… you might want to stop before you get sued!

There is a classic band that peaked a couple of decades ago. No matter what your age, you know their songs, as they are continuously featured in current films and TV shows.

The band is really getting litigious with some of their most loyal fans: those who sing their songs. If the band gets wind of someone doing this without their permission, they immediately have their lawyer fire off a letter to the singer and the venue, threatening them both with lawsuits!

Now we’re not talking about an artist doing a commercial remake of one of their songs. We’re talking about individual singers and tribute bands that play their songs live in small venues (like your local bar). These singers aren’t selling any actual CDs or downloadable music, or even using the band’s trademarks (name, logo, etc.). The band demands that the singers stop singing their songs AND turn over money for everything from appearance fees to t-shirt sales. They have even tried to get the singers to shut down their websites.

We don’t know if what the band is doing is legal. But it sure seems heavy-handed. And it sure seems like they are desperate for money. Just ask one of the band members, who thinks that his personal life is also something that you should pay to view!

No, it’s not Twisted Sister. We just like the photo.


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