We Believe This Band Is Desperate For Money

twisted sister[Blind Gossip] For those of you who believe that you are supporting your favorite band by playing their music… you might want to stop before you get sued!

There is a classic band that peaked a couple of decades ago. No matter what your age, you know their songs, as they are continuously featured in current films and TV shows.

The band is really getting litigious with some of their most loyal fans: those who sing their songs. If the band gets wind of someone doing this without their permission, they immediately have their lawyer fire off a letter to the singer and the venue, threatening them both with lawsuits!

Now we’re not talking about an artist doing a commercial remake of one of their songs. We’re talking about individual singers and tribute bands that play their songs live in small venues (like your local bar). These singers aren’t selling any actual CDs or downloadable music, or even using the band’s trademarks (name, logo, etc.). The band demands that the singers stop singing their songs AND turn over money for everything from appearance fees to t-shirt sales. They have even tried to get the singers to shut down their websites.

We don’t know if what the band is doing is legal. But it sure seems heavy-handed. And it sure seems like they are desperate for money. Just ask one of the band members, who thinks that his personal life is also something that you should pay to view!

No, it’s not Twisted Sister. We just like the photo.


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  1. lorir21 says

    Ugh. Journey. Pay-per-view wedding with whatshisname and the Real Housewife whose show tanked before it ever got started.

  2. Sarah_hates_bullshit says

    I’m gonna go with Journey! Could also be KISS, although I feel like Gene and Paul like their tribute bands.

  3. Bromance1979 says


    “Something that you should pay to view” = Neal Schon & Michaele Salahi’s Pay-Per-View wedding

  4. LeahLynn28 says

    Kiss?An 80’s heavy-metal band?I don’t know…
    I’ll wait for more comments to have an idea.
    Legal or not,what this band is doing is ridiculous.They will lose money and contracts,and if the continue threatening people,they will lose the respect of the fans too.

  5. gb5539 says

    I’m thinking The Darkness?
    The main clue being the word ‘believe’ in the title as it’s in the title of their most widely known song ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’. Also ‘If the band gets wind of someone doing this without their permission’, maybe ‘permission’ was a hint as one of their albums is called Permission to Land. Then again, I rarely hear their songs anymore so I’m not too sure about this one.

  6. michelex23 says

    Journey. Clue being “We Believe” aka Don’t Stop Believing. Everyone knows that song.

    • PandoraWolf says

      I saw something about this, how some commercial or whatever made a parody of their song. But I don’t think they peaked ‘decades’ ago, and haven’t heard if they are complaining about SINGERS singing their songs. And they rap, more than sing, so I don’t know who would be covering them? I HOPE NOT THEM!!!!!

  7. sunshinestar says

    Journey!!! What’s his name is marrying the white house crasher girl and is having the wedding on pay per view

  8. Dont Know For Sure says

    How disappointing they either need to “go their separate ways” or stay “faithfully” to the band.

    Maybe if they get their former lead singer (who has one of the best voices of all time, IMO) back they wouldn’t be having all these issues or maybe since the members are like that it’s the reason why he left. BTW, my guess is Journey :)

  9. AuntieM says

    Gene Simmons, KISS- The most ridiculous band in the world! The should release a “greatest hits” package (again) and call it ‘Jumped The Shark in 1979″.

  10. Shaliza says

    This is Journey.

    Neal Schon – guitarist for the band – is marrying the White House wedding crasher. They want a Pay-Per-View wedding.

    Plus, their songs are featured heavily on TV shows – especially Glee.

  11. ravenglass says


    Neal Schon is having a pay-per-view wedding.

    They’re only famous anymore because of ‘Glee’.

  12. perpetualkarma says

    Neil schon and White House crasher Michaele Salahi are getting married on a Very Special Pay-Per-View!!!!

  13. lilspinchick says

    – Commercial Success from 1978-1987, approximately
    – “Believe” from their famous song “Don’t Stop Believin'”
    – “You may want to stop….” same reference as listed above
    – Their music, especially the above song, has been the “hit” song on Glee and the final episode of The Sopranos as well as being sung in Rock of Ages
    – Former Real Housewife of NY member, Michaele Salahi, is getting married to Journey Member Neal Schon – on PAY PER VIEW!

  14. Peta says

    The Eagles were famous for doing this kind of thing, for years. However given the hint about the band member who’s life is up for pay-per-view, I’ll say Journey.

  15. waysouthofheaven says

    Journey – Neil Schon’s wedding to that white house crasher nut case is going to be on pay per view and they are trying to make out like steve perry may show up i guess to buy more viewers.
    Their songs have been all over Glee and other stuff. that’s all I got!

  16. CanaryCry says

    Then again, the “pay to view” line reminds me of Tommy Lee during his marriage to Pam Anderson. Don’t make me get the popcorn … LOL!

  17. grahamcrackercutie says

    This is soooooo Journey!! They can get another singer who sounds like Steve Perry all they want but they still seem money hungry and clinging to fame of days past. No way am I paying to watch the bass player and a DC housewife hag get hitched..

  18. grahamcrackercutie says

    SN: I saw Steve Perry at an SF Giants game as he led the crowd in singing “Don’t stop Believing”…..PRICELESS!!!

  19. stonn says

    METALLICA?!? Wouldn’t put it past them because they’re assholes like that. They, particularly Lars Ulrich, have a history of litigious behavior when it comes to their music.

  20. Cinzia says

    Sounds like Journey and the ridiculous Neal Schon who thinks that people give a flying bleep about seeing him get married. As if! There was just a fabulous Make-a-Wish for this little boy in SF couple of weeks ago. He wanted to be Batkid, At one point, the FlashMob did a mime to Don’t Stop Believing and pointed up to where Batkid was so he could save the day. (I was one of the flashmobbers!) Really Neal? You have just revealed yourself to be weirder than you look.

  21. iknowiknow says

    This is Journey! Clues: “Those who believe” is a hint at “Don’t Stop Believing”. Their songs were featured on Glee prominently in the first season. “Don’t Stop Believing” was the White Sox unofficial playoff song during their 2005 season when they won the World Series. Steve Perry even came out to sing it at their parade. The clue that sealed it for me was “Just ask one of the band members, who thinks that his personal life is also something you should pay to view!” That’s Neal Schon! He’s marrying Michaele Salahi in a Pay Per View special this month.

  22. MikeInSanJose says

    Ugh! Journey? Really?

    Neal Schon and that Michalealalala person are getting (trying to get) a reality show….

    That almost threw me off. BI was talking about a “personal life is also something that you should pay to view!” and I started thinking of all the rockers with sex tapes… Which was taking me directly to Motley Crue…

  23. TeacherKat says

    Journey? The use of “believe” makes me think of “don’t stop believing.” And wasn’t there talk of the one member putting his wedding to that white house crasher chick on pay per view?

  24. lakelady says

    I think it is Journey and it makes me so sad. I went and saw them live in the day and was a huge fan!!

  25. FlaminHotCheetos says

    Journey. One of the members has got an upcoming wedding with that white house crashing gold digger on pay per view.

  26. sg0821 says

    Seems like it’s Motley Crew. Heavy handed, and pay to view would be the infamous Tommy Lee and Pam video. It’s my first post- so maybe I am missing something…

  27. jewels says

    Too easy, and too bad, Journey, because I am a small town girl, but I wouldn’t pay to live in your lonely world, Neal Schon. And I suspect that not all of them are that desperate for money.

  28. 3snaps says

    I’m gonna go with KISS because Gene Simmons had/has a reality show about his personal life. And he’s gross.

  29. noinin says

    Journey… and their guitarist who is gonna get married on pay per view to that disgusting botoxed reality tv housewife?

  30. goldieb says

    Fame-ho = Neal Schon, who wants to televise-for-pay his wedding to Fame-ho Michaele Salahi on Thursday, December fifteen.

  31. christinem says

    ITS JOURNEY!!! that one guy is getting married and putting it on pay per view. DONT STOP BELIEVINNNNNGGGG! guess im gettingsued!

  32. Anilas says

    I want to say Poison, but do they have their songs continuously featured in current films and TV..? The band member who thinks his personal life is something you should pay to view makes think of Brett Michaels.

  33. kjbxt says

    This sounds like something Metallica would do, although I suspect in this case it isn’t them…

  34. bananas says

    This is Journey. The schmuck guitarist is having a pay per view wedding with that crab louse from DC house wives.

  35. deannimal25 says

    Journey. The capper was the “pay per view” comment. Neill Schon just has his wedding (is having?) available on pay per view. First time post, long time fan!

  36. suzcol2 says

    Band- Journey
    Neil Schon of Journey and Michele Salahi are putting their wedding on pay per view.