She Is Bowing Out of The Spotlight

spotlight 5This is a EXCLUSIVE. In keeping with our Terms of Service, we ask media outlets and bloggers and social media users to clearly and properly credit and link to when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

[Blind Gossip] This performer has been under the white-hot glare of the celebrity spotlight for many years, and is currently involved in some big projects.

It will probably shock her fans to learn that she is getting out of the business. That’s right! We have exclusively learned that she will fulfill her next two major professional commitments, sock away all the money she is making… and then bow out of the spotlight! She isĀ done with the whole celebrity life!

Do we know what she will be doing during her “retirement”? You bet! We have learned that there are three things that she is going to do:

First, she is going to travel. Overseas, and away from the paparazzi. She is planning to spend a considerable amount of time in London and in The Middle East (especially Egypt).

Secondly, she is also going to be building a house. She was going to build one in London and move there “permanently”, but concerns about the UK paparazzi halted her plans. So, she is going to be building a a spectacular home in the U.S. instead. Surprisingly, she is really getting involved in the whole design and building process. We know the location, but giving it would make it too easy to identify her, so we will just tell you that it is not on one of the coasts and not in a major city.

Finally, she is planning to officially commit to her Significant Other, and pop out two babies.. Yes, two. She would like to have twins, but if that doesn’t happen, she wants to have two babies in two years. Then she will consider her family complete.

Yes, she’ll still be busy. But it is still shocking to think of someone so famous walking away from it all at such a young age.


This is a EXCLUSIVE. In keeping with our Terms of Service, we ask media outlets and bloggers and social media users to clearly and properly credit and link to when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

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  1. suzy132 says

    omg is it TAYLOR SWIFT??? omg i hope not becoz i heard she was planning to buy a house in London… i really hope i’m wrong.. i love her music

    • Angeltweets4u says

      I thought of Swifty at first but the blind states “with her significant other” and I don’t know that she currently has one? Also what’s the Middle East/Egypt connection? That’s intriguing. I also thought of Aniston but her boyfriend really likes New York.

    • MimiKnosBest says

      “Finally, she is planning to officially commit to her Significant Other, and pop out two babies.” I don’t think it’s Taylor Swift since the article talks about her wanting kids with her “significant other” and last time I checked Taylor is actually single.

    • LA says

      Defintely NOT Taylor Swift. She is far from having a significant other or even thinking about babies.

      • KatarinaJ says

        Plus a big clue is identifying the city would give the girl away. What city would give Taylor away? Cape Cod given her Kennedy connection. I think given it is on a coast…. do we think of young stars identified with Boston/Miami/something west coast….Atlanta? THERE is the way to solve it.

    • la.dolce.vita says

      This is 100% Britney Spears for sure. She said she was taking a long break after her album and Vegas residency (the 2 major projects mentioned in the blind) but I always had a feeling that meant she was going to quit. Plus she has mentioned in several recent interviews that she wants twins and she’s currently dating some guy named David Lucado. Not to mention she loves London

    • Ahem says

      Lady Gaga! She spoke very candidly about her life with Taylor and how he wants to have kids. She spends a lot of time in the UK, so I’m not surprised that she would have wanted to build a house there. I’m trying to recall if she ever spoke about one particular region of the States recently, but nothing comes to mind… Anyhow, my vote is for Lady Gaga.

  2. silence1534 says

    I want to say Britney Spears, but I don’t know how shocking that would be. She’s been worked to death and just wants to relax and be a mom.

    • LC_Says says

      I think this is Britney too…. “sock” reference may be due to her tendency to go barefoot in public.

      Poor girl definitely needs to get away from it all, there have been other blinds seemingly about her and the issues she’s had with mental health due to the fame.

      • Katmandu says

        ??? Why would Brit Brit be going to the Middle East, or Egypt? She couldn’t find it on a map, y’all.

      • Ati2d9 says

        Plus, I am pretty sure I remember her saying years ago that she wanted to retire when she turned 30.

    • QubbuQ says

      I think you’re right! She seems to fit. She’s got a baby on the way- maybe she’s having twins, who knows? I’ll bet tis her. Kelly Clarkson.

      • moth says

        Definitely Britney.

        Also, how is this an exclusive or a blind item if she has said in interviews that a) she is retiring and b) she would like more children? Isn’t this just a news story written up as a blind? And yes I think 32 is young!

  3. jarfly says

    It’s Britney B****! I’m so glad she is getting out. Her heart hasn’t been in it for a long time. Let her live her life. Good for her!

    • Fan says

      Am I the only one who knows that Britney is going to be performing in Vegas for the next two years??? It’s been in the news for 6 months.

      • fishfish123 says

        It doesn’t say that she’ll be retiring immediately. It says she’ll be doing it once her commitments are fulfilled….so probably in 2 years.

    • KatarinaJ says

      New Orleans is a coast in the GULF coast reference so maybe identifying that city is the one that would give her away.

      • Layale says

        New Orleans isn’t actually on the coast of the Gulf. However, I agree it would give it away. Still, I don’t think this is Angelina. I think it’s someone younger.

    • Katmandu says

      I could see this. She’s hinted at ‘retirement’ from show biz, if not humanitarian ventures. I could see her in an awesome palace in Egypt. She could afford it, she could live there like Cleopatra, all drugged up away from prying eyes, and every so often come out to present a medal or something.

      • Katmandu says

        But would she really be all fired up for popping out a pair of twins, at this point? Really, Angie?

      • gaelgirl says

        I believe Angelina had a hysterectomy to prevent ovarian cancer, so I am not sure she’s going to be popping out twins. Or maybe she hasn’t had it yet because she still wants to have more kids. However, if she’s willing to take the step of removing organs to prevent cancer, I’d be surprised she’d be willing to wait on it for the three or four years it would take to fulfill her next two commitments and have two kids.

        However, I could otherwise see this being her.

  4. doodadoo says

    Jennifer Lawrence. She just did an interview with USA Today talking about how she craves normalcy.

    • woodwn says

      Only problem with that is JLaw has like 7 upcoming movies over the next few years, and the blind said “two projects”

      • gaelgirl says

        Well, she has a bunch of upcoming projects, but most are being filmed now or are in post-production. She only has two confirmed film commitments after that, according to IMDB.

        So, this totally fits. She’s got a significant other with ties to England, she is young and successful and seems like someone who would just want to have kids and enjoy life. Sad to see her go, though…

    • PinkSlip says

      I think you’re right because the mention that it would shock people that she is walking away at this point in her career is totally JL…if it were Angelina, no one would be shocked; she’s nearly 40, she has a family and huge commitments to humanitarian work, and it would be understood. But JL would shock

  5. GWC says

    At first, I thought of Emma Watson, but she’s from the UK. Jenny Ani? Oh, I know! Demi L!
    Because hanging with the cartoonish disney cast and Wilmer Val(whythefcukdoeshegetlaid)Rama is played out!

  6. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Taylor Swift was the person I thought of but then though that she doesn’t have a significant other (or at least one that we know about).

  7. kittymeow says

    I thought about Taylor Swift but she doesn’t have a significant other (that we know about). Then I thought maybe Miley since she’s been in the biz so long but her career is really just taking off and she also doesn’t have a significant other that we know of. Carrie Underwood comes to mind but I don’t see her having ever considered moving to London. I’m trying to think of all the young stars who have been around a while but none of them feel like they perfectly match up :( Can’t wait for this one to be solved!

  8. lightinaugust says

    Jennifer Lawrence? She has another Hunger Games Installment to finish, and she has said in a few interviews that she is not a huge fan of the whole fame/paparazzi thing.

  9. cocobeannns says

    I REALLY HOPE this is Britney Spears. She has been saying for a long time that all she really wants to do is be a momma to her boys, and be normal. She deserves to take a step back and take care of herself. She’s made more than enough to live comfortably for the rest of her life. Good for her, if it is!

    Two projects:

    New album, Britney Jean.
    Her Vegas gig.

  10. Dizzy says

    I think this Britney Spears. I did hear that she wants a some more children. I wish her all the best x

  11. NOTellebee says

    The “bowing out” made me think of “Take a Bow” aka Rihanna
    London calls Taylor Swift to mind, but she already has multiple US residences that she’s decorated (Nashville townhouse/Rhode Island beach house) so I don’t necessarily think it’s her.
    “sock away all the money” rings my clue-dar, but I can’t connect it to anything.

    I got nothin’. Someone else solve please!

  12. vbw81188 says

    This is Britney Spears. She has a song called “three,” an upcoming two-year residency at viva las vegas, and recently talked about the possibility of retiring and her desire to have more kids and a bigger family. She has also been pretty vocal about her love for the UK. After 15+ years in the business, makes sense that girlfriend wants to leave it all behind.

  13. jdubble07 says

    I read an article yesterday in which Britney Spears said she plans to retire in 2 years…she’s done that stupid English accent in other interviews over the years. Could be building the house in BFE Louisiana.

  14. yourOLLG says

    I don’t know why i’m thinking this one is about Taylor swift. I don’t know…. Make the red in the picture and sonera word in the test but i really don’t know her neither her song… So i’m going to guess this is about her. I don’t like very much her music but for her fans will be really hard

  15. says

    Britney Spears, she has recently said she would like to retire after her Vegas stint. Also mentioned two babies. Good on her though, she’s had quite a few struggles with her fame.

  16. LeahLynn28 says

    This performer doesn’t have kids,or her plans would include spending time with kids.There says she wants to have two kids,not that she already has kids.
    Lady Gaga?I see her retiring and having kids with her actor boyfriend.
    Taylor Swift?Although she doesn’t seem to be dating anyone now…
    Can’t be Britney because her relationship with that unknown guy is fake and she already has two kids.I doubt her handlers would allow her to travel alone to London or to the Middle East.I don’t see her with her mental illness by herself in Egypt,without her handlers,her babbysitter and her money.And this performer has control of her own money,which Britney lost control of years ago.
    Rihanna?Although i don’t imagine her being a mom…
    I’m not sure…but i’ll still guess Lady Gaga.

    • missmissy says

      It says that after she has two kids her “family” will be complete. To me that suggests that she does already have kids but wants more.

      I think Brittany is a good guess here. If the blind would have said she was moving home to the south, then everyone would know it was her.

  17. srw27 says

    I doubt it’s TS b/c she doesn’t have a “significant other” right now…I’d say it’s someone like Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato

  18. PinkFlamingo says

    My first guess would be Britney. And for her sake, I hope this is true. One reason I think that it could be her is the fact that knowing the location of her house would make it too easy to identify her. Her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana is not on either coast, nor is it a major city, by any stretch of the imagination.

    My second guess would be Jennifer Lawrence. The two upcoming professional commitments being Mockingjay 1 & 2, and I could see her doing this. Also, isn’t she from Kentucky? Also, I can totally see her doing something like this. However, does she have a significant other>

  19. pennypenny says

    This is definitely Britney Spears – she’s already made the comment about wanting twins to complete her family.

  20. GG says

    Britney, building a house in Louisiana? Sure I’ve read a quote in which she talks about a woman’s role being that of ‘homemaker’ so this would make sense if she wants to settle down with a large family.

  21. pp23 says

    Demi Lovato ? Rumor about two grammy nom and NeonLightTour might be world tour. There was a rumor that she work hard some years and then took time off. And she have talk about traveling before and that her dream is to have kids soon . And its not shocking,she dont like spotlight and paparazzi.

    • magali says

      yeah I think so too, she keeps saying she wants to work behind the scenes and that she hates paparazzi

  22. aceticle says

    I vote Britney Spears. Her big project = her Vegas show. Location = rural Louisiana. Not sure why she needs 2 more babies, but…whatever. I hope her management lets her retire and stops milking the cash cow.

  23. malkatz says

    I think “bow” is a hint, so…
    Rihanna- “Take a Bow” is one of her songs (the house is in Barbados)
    Gaga- formerly known for her hair bows

    • LaPerla says

      I was thinking Rihanna for the 2-bow mentions. The significant other thing doesn’t seem to fit. Was just in Barbados this past weekend – she recently brought a sea-front condo for about 22m US$…. Apparently it was a big deal: both our boat captain and taxi driver mentioned it as we passed it on land and water….

      • LaPerla says

        Another, maybe Rihanna: the Egypt mention. She does have the goddess Isis tattoo … And the illuminati uses a lot of ancient Egyptian signs.

      • gossipzilla says

        I doubt it’s her, it just doesn’t fit.
        First of all, Barbados is a country of its own and NOT part of the US, while the blind says she’s building the house in the Unites States.
        Secondly, who is her significant other, right now? Still Chris Brown? I sure hope not.
        And finally, what would these two projects be? As far as I know, she’s still just a singer, which means project = album. I’d understand if she would wanna finish the album she’s working on, but why finishing one more she hasn’t started already?

    • Jen says

      I can get on board with this guess. She and her fiance announced yesterday that they will be buying a house in Nashville. I just wish I could find some connection between them and Egypt to be sure!

      • jasper says

        Cairo, Illinois is kinda close to Nashville, even if it’s pronounced differently than the Egyptian city. (Kay-ro vs Ki-ro))

        I thought it was Jessica Lange until the babies part, so it has to be someone younger.
        From these guesses, I’d say Hayden with an outside chance of Brangie.

      • keyakxx says

        Yeah I agree this seems to be one of the better guesses. And she was on Ellen Degeneres’ show taking about kids. And she’s so young!

  24. amandapanda says

    I think this could be Diane Kruger. I think a hint is the picture, the colors of the German flag. And “committing to her Significant other” – Joshua Jackson

  25. DesertGhost says

    Taylor Swift seems like a good guess but based on some recent comments it is also not Demi Lovato but rather Lady Gaga.

  26. buttercup says

    Whoever this is, GOOD FOR HER! I’ve never understood why more performers don’t do this. If they truly hate the glare and the paparazzi as much as they say, it is possible to avoid it.

    Hmm…potential ladies…

    Taylor Swift
    Selena Gomez
    Britney Spears? Still considered young?
    Katie Holmes? Young?
    Miley Cyrus? Is she really getting back with Liam?
    Demi Lovato? Can’t be with that SO of hers…

    Are there any clues in here?

    • buttercup says

      The word “performer” makes me think this isn’t an actor/actress, at least not primarily one.

      I’m liking the Gaga guesses.

      I think it would be awesome if this was Jennifer Lawrence.

  27. Me Talk Pretty says


    Been around a while but relatively young
    “Performer”, so implies an actor or singer (no models)
    Very successful, and currently involved in some high profile projects
    Partnered but by the wording implied not yet married
    No kids
    Can imagine she’d settle in London or Egypt in she could.
    Associated with a location not on the coasts and not a major city (or her SO is?)

    Okay, the possibilities:
    Katy Perry
    Mila Kunis
    Emma Stone
    Lady Gaga
    Scarlett Johanson
    Other people I am surely forgetting.

    I vote Scarlett? I’m stumped.

    • Me Talk Pretty says

      Oh, I forgot to add the person must have worldwide fame and be paparrazi bait even in the UK. That seems to favor Katy or Gaga a bit, but it could work for all of them really.

    • missmissy says

      I think she does have kids – thus the “family will be complete” line. The fact that it is not a singer or actress also makes me believe it is Brittany Spears. With her penchant for lip synching I think it is probably a better label than singer. The “many years in the spotlight” also suggests that this gal has been around a really long time. Mila Kunis, ScarJo and Brittany would all fit this. I dont think Jennifer Lawrence does. She has not been around and hounded by the paps for many years (more like a few).

      My vote is still Brittany.

  28. I Am PunkA says

    Katy Perry.

    She already said she is going to change her career focus. Would not shock me. Marry John Mayer, have 2 kids, build a massive house in a small Connecticut town.

  29. Kelsea says

    Jennifer Lawrence. She’s already won an Oscar. And, she’s from Kentucky, she’s back with her boyfriend (who’s English), and publicly said she wants to be a mother primarily, and be normal.

    • Katmandu says

      Jennifer Lawrence has just STARTED her career, well, it wasn’t that long agao. So she won an Oscar and is saying, OK, that’s it, I’m done, I’m out of here? Suppose it’s possible, but…

      Whoever it is, they aren’t going to stay there in their awesome castle with their twins for long. Show biz types very very seldom ‘retire’ unless there is something deeply wrong with them, they can’t resist the spotlight.

  30. lvsoxfan says

    It can’t be TS loves being famous too much, she doesn’t have a significant other and I highly doubt she’s decided at her age to chuck it all to become… a mom.

  31. Holly says

    Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, or Kelly Clarkson.
    I don’t know why those all sound like it?
    Taylor is my top guess

  32. PiscesTwice says

    Is it Britney Spears?

    I think I saw an interview where she hinted at retiring. One of her major commitments could be her Las Vegas stint. Not sure what the second would be, but she is slated to be in Vegas for two years, right? She could be building a house in Louisiana and I think two more kids making her family complete would round out the two she already has. Plus I know she’s dating someone now. They say it’s all PR, but maybe it’s for real this time? She is still young too, only 32.

  33. shelaur22 says

    Maybe Jennifer Lawrence? The house could be in Louisville, with London being the scrapped plan. The SO is Nick Hoult. That would certainly be shocking.

  34. kcphilly says

    Britney. She is so obviously not interested in performing anymore. I don’t even see her Vegas deal lasting two years if they’re not even selling that good right now.

    I think it’s the right thing for her to do. I don’t know exactly the issues she’s having with the bipolar and meds and whatever else..but she is just so different now. She seems uncomfortable and unhappy all the time when she has to do press. Hopefully living a “normal” and much more private life will help her.

    • kcphilly says

      Wow I am really surprised there are not more Britney responses.

      Lots of the other performers mentioned seem to love and feed off the attention they get.

      And saying “Surprisingly, she is really getting involved in the whole design and building process.” is a big clue to me because of Britney’s…well…mental state the last 6 or so years. It’s surprising if she’s taking an interest in anything complex to be honest. I don’t mean to come of rude, but just take a listen to some of the interviews she’s done for her new album, she has trouble strings sentences together most of the time.

      Hopefully her manager will actually let her retire. Maybe that was a compromise…she agrees to do the Vegas show and the album and then be done.

    • raslebol says

      the person involved in the blind looks a few immature with her ” i want twins or 2 kids in 2 years” and goofy so she may be Jennifer Lawrence,Britney or Taylor Swift but i DON’T understand the reference to the Egypt

  35. niamhh says

    Britney Spears.
    The location will be Louisiana, it’s where she’s from. It’s not on either coast and not a major city.
    She said this week that she wanted more children.

      • knickers says

        On board with this for same reasons. And of course if they said a Louisiana location we’d get it; how many other stars are associated so closely with their home state?

        Egypt also seemed like clue but I could only gather that it might be relating to her Boys Egyptian remix song??

  36. MikeInSanJose says

    I’ve been hearing rumor lately that Brit-Brit is talking retiring after her Vegas obligation…

  37. serasera says

    Rihanna? I’m trying to look for clues and all I find is the word “Bow” like “Take A Bow” Rihanna’s hit song. For her mental health she really does need to step away from the business. Aww, I was hoping she would hook up T.O.P first. Shipping dreams dashed. But good for her. This is the right choice. Her environment seems so toxic sometimes. Who is the Significant Other, though, Drake or ASAP?

    Or it could be Taylor Swift, who apparently has a British boyfriend. There were stories that she was house-hunting in London. Maybe she is building a home in Nashville (not the coasts)? Wonder what her connection is with Egypt and the Middle East though.

  38. graysonsmama says

    Britney Spears- probably building a home in or near Kentwood. She deserves it! That girl has been a work horse for most of her life, and you can tell she’s miserable in the spotlight these days.

    • annieoakley says

      egypt- perhaps due to the ties to kabbalah
      Middle East-due to her faith again (judaism)
      Bow out- Black Swan reference
      Design process of the house- her father is a mechanical engineer (stretch, I know)
      London home- she and Ashton are friends with Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark.
      She and Ashton are going to make a home somewhere in the midwest where his family is from.
      Colors-she was born in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic whose flag has red, yellow, and blue (no black)

  39. Booboo1068 says

    Please let this be Britney Spears. Building a house in Kentucky maybe and she has recently talked about wanting more kids (plural). I just think she needs and deserves to have a real life.

    • Booboo1068 says

      My other guess is Angelina because she I read in the past she had been planning on building a house there and her work with UNICEF would take her to the Middle East for sure. She may not be a kid but since many performers work as long as they can retiring within a couple of years would be considered ‘young’ for the industry. Not my first guess though.

      • Angeltweets4u says

        I think Angie is over popping out kids and likes France way more than Egypt but ???? It’s the Middle East thing that is confusing me. Not exactly peaceful there right now.

      • Booboo1068 says


        Agreed. I’m not sure where she stands on kids but I can see her going to the Middle East.

  40. aephidano69 says

    Jennifer Lawrence! Shame to see her go. She was probably looking at London cause of her BF Nicholas Hoult

  41. JoshuaTree says

    Jennifer Lawrence? Still has the two Hunger Games sequels to shoot then a couple of other previously announced projects. And “bowing out” in the title…like the “bow and arrow” that Katniss uses?

    The London thing…maybe she’s going to move there to live with S/O Nicholas Hoult?

    House away from the coasts and cities…Jennifer has always been pretty proud about growing up in Kentucky so maybe she’s building something there?

  42. MiddleGirl81 says

    I am feeling Lady Gaga on this one for some reason. But her man is an actor so would that work?