Dramatic Series Dramatic Affair

hearts 1[Blind Gossip] The cast of a successful cable television drama series has a really dramatic love affair playing out on the set, and it’s about to get even more interesting! There are four cast members involved. Two actors, two actresses.

Actor A is married.

Actor B is single.

Actress C is married with child/ren.

Actress D is single.

Since Actor B and Actress D were both single, Actress C decided to set them up together. Cute, right? It wasn’t one of those big, showy dating situations, but the couple did do plenty of photo ops together. It was fun for the fans of the show to see the costars dating “in real life”.

Well, Actress D left the show. Nothing dramatic. It happens in big ensemble shows. She just moved on to another television show.

There was some speculation as to whether Actor B and Actress D would continue to date after she left the show. Nope, it was over. She moved on and he moved on. Only he moved on to someone else in the cast.

No, Actor B he didn’t start having an affair with Actress C. He started having an affair with Actor A!

It turns out that Actor A and Actor B are both gay. Actress D was just a bearding situation!

But, wait! Actor A is gay? What? That intense, uber-masculine guy who is married? Oh, yes!

Actor A and Actor B now spend all their time together. On set, in their trailers, charity events, etc. they are very attached to each other and very intense as a couple. The producer and everyone in the cast and crew all know what’s going on (but, of course, no one is about to tell Actor A’s wife!).

Now, here’s another reason why this is an interesting story: Actor B is planning to come out in 2014!

This presents two problems: Married Actor A would have to distance himself from Actor B if he did come out, as it would become very obvious that the two are spending an unusually large amount of time together. Secondly, having Actor B come out while the show is still on the air could hurt the show’s very masculine demographic appeal.

Will Actor B come out soon, or will he wait until the show is over before doing so? What will happen to the Actor A/Actor B couple? The cast and crew are all abuzz about this one!

TV Show:

Actor A:

Actor B:

Actress C:

Actress D:

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  1. minx says

    I don’t watch the show but this pinged The Walking a Dead to me. I know who Andrew Lincoln is–Actor A maybe?–but am unfamiliar with anyone else.

    • lovefifteen says

      Here’s why I doubt it could be The Walking Dead. First, the show has a lot more female fans than you’d expect. Second, no one on the cast has dated another cast member, and no unmarried woman that has left the show has gone on to another show. Third, there’s a ridiculous amount of fan slash actually wishing that Rick and Darryl (Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus) would get together. The Walking Dead has even toyed with it in some very “bromancy” promo pics of those two actors together. I doubt they’d agree to it if they and the whole cast knew they were in a gay relationship.

      • jasper says

        According to a friend, Reedus is very much into the ladies when she saw him at a recent con after-party. She thought he was cute at first, but after seeing him working the room for anything with boobs that night, forget it. She’s put him in the sleazy creeper zone.

      • lovefifteen says

        @ Jasper

        I would never, ever think Norman Reedus was gay. He definitely seems to love the ladies, I agree.

        As much as I wish the gorgeous Andrew Lincoln were gay, I don’t believe that he is either.

    • Bromance1979 says

      SOA definitely makes more sense.

      I thought Theo Rossi was gay and never knew he was “straight” and dating Sarah Jones.

      I don’t understand why a gay actor can’t play a straight person. He does a fantastic job on the show and I only got the impression he was gay from seeing him off the show. Hollywood needs to get over this, considering straight men play gay men all the time. Why can’t it be the other way around?

  2. gaelgorham says

    TV Show: Sons of Anarchy
    Actress C: Katy Sagal (Married with children)

    The rest, not sure as I’ve never seen the show. :/

  3. PC1 says

    TV Show: Mad Men
    Actor A: ??
    Actor B: Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell)
    Actress C: January Jones
    Actress D: Alexis Bledel (Beth Dawes)

  4. pRose says

    tv show: sons of anarchy
    actor a: kim coates
    actor b: theo rossi
    actress c: katey sagal (hints: she is both married with children and was an actress on “married… with children”)
    actress d: sarah jones

    • lobsterbabe says

      ^^^ this is it!!!

      I immediately thought SOA after seeing “married with children,” and after googling their names I am convinced this is the right answer!

    • casey14 says

      This was my guess. If you google Kim Coates and Theo Rossi together and look at the images, they seem pretty close. Another clue mentioned in the story was that the producer knows what has been going on. The producer is Kurt Sutter, who also played a character on the show. Katey Sagal is his wife. Sarah Jones has gone on several tv projects since leaving Sons of Anarchy. The blind asks, “Will Actor B come out soon, or will he wait until the show is over before doing so?” The show is in its sixth season and right now Kurt Sutter is planning on the seventh season being the final one.

    • Okayeah says

      I am *almost* sold on this! However, Sarah Jones didn’t go on to another series after SOA (except for guest spots). She left in 2009 and didn’t get another series until 2012. And Kim Coates has been married for almost 30 years now, and why would he need a beard-wife anyway? So, for those reasons I’m saying not them.

      • SRzwg says

        Maybe his marriage is real & he’s bisexual, not gay. It’s implied that the wife doesn’t know what’s going on so it’s not a bearding/open marriage situation.

      • diamondchurchst says

        Coates could be bisexual and legitimately married to his wife?

        The ‘moved onto another series’ thing is throwing me a little, but the rest of this blind is really obviously about them, to me.

        – “Married with children” clearly indicates Katey Sagal
        – It’s common knowledge within the SOA fandom that Katey set Theo and Sarah up
        – Theo and Sarah did a fair amount of photo ops (including a couple of charity things for animal shelters)
        – Cable TV show with a masculine demographic definitely indicates SOA
        – Check out Theo’s Twitter (TheoRossi) and Kim Coates’ (KimFCoates). They’re together ALL the time. Road trips, charity events, UFC matches, basketball games… Plus, if you can find it, check out their Q&A sessions for the show; they’re webcam chats where Theo and Kim answer fan questions together at Theo’s house. Kim is VERY handsy, and Theo’s very… gay. Honestly, I’m not sure how people believe he’s straight, even outside of this blind. I totally believe that he’ll come out after the show ends next year.
        – “Intense, uber-masculine”… sounds a lot like Kim Coates.

        I dunno. The bit about Sarah going onto a different show is off, but everything else fits SOA perfectly.

    • lovefifteen says

      It is totally this one, and as for Kim Coates’s 30 year marriage … it makes sense that a Hollywood marriage lasting this long would be a beardy marriage. Real marriages almost never last 30 years. LOL

  5. Vagabondage says

    Show: Sons of Anarchy

    Actress C: Katy Segal (formerly “Married with Children”

    Maybe this is why Charlie Hunnan left/cut from FSOG?

    That’s all I have.

  6. slimfast10 says

    have no idea about any of this, can’t even wager a guess but can’t wait to hear everyone else’s Ideas juicy Ace, real juicy.

  7. 20twenty says

    TV Show: Game of Thrones
    Actor A: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
    Actor B: Kit Harington
    Actress C: Lena Headey
    Actress D: Rose Leslie

    • CaptainVor says

      I wish! Wouldn’t they just be the most attractive couple ever! I like this guess for that reason, but realistically I’m thinking it’s Sons of Anarchy.

    • Syd Wishes says

      This was my initial thought, but it reads, “Producer,” not producers, of which GoT has two, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

      Also, since S1E2, The Kingsroad, where Jaime/Robert/Cersei/Ned head to King’s Landing and Jon Snow heads to The Wall, they share no scenes. Kit has been in Iceland filming North of The Wall scenes, and Nikolaj’s character was filmed in Northern Ireland along with Catelynn, Renly, and the female Ser Duncan The Tall.

    • studdabubba says

      Not logistically possible. Coster-Waldau films his storyline in Northern Ireland, and Harington has been in Iceland for the last 3 seasons. Kit and Rose Leslie certainly didn’t use their short-lived romance for publicity, if fact, they worked hard keep it under wraps. Those red, menacing hearts scream SoA to me – looks just like their gang logo.

  8. ivyleaguer says

    I am thinking this show is Games of Thrones. I don’t watch it so I have no clue. But I ran down the list of current cable shows and this is the only one I thought that could have an uber masculine actor. though I was also thinking Alcide from True Blood. But that entire show is based on fluid sexuality so no one would be shocked at anyone dating anyone on that show. Would they??? Is Joseph Michael Manganiello even married anyway?

  9. KatarinaJ says

    Uber masculine shows on cable… Mad Men? Sons Of Anarchy? What am I missing? hints are Big ensemble show….Justified?

  10. Deusex says

    Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello. I’m going to need a quiet moment to think about thatne…

      • sugarbread says

        neither are married but
        steven moyer is married and joe mangie- face seems SUPER AWKWARD all week long around females
        promoting his fitness book. it’s like he doesn’t know how to interact w/ them.
        Kelly ripa was flirtimg w/ him and trying to get him to get his coat off and he was like “no it needs to stay on” same today on the chew w/ c hall and oz’s girl. they tried to get his jacket off and he was so awkward..”no coat needs to stay on” he is only comfortable around DUDES, BROS”
        something there and everyone knows steven moyer is bi
        he had a fling this whole year w/ the british soap star who played she fairie/vamp who seduced sookie. worst kept secret on set

  11. TipToe74 says

    Show: Sons of Anarchy. The red logo and “masculine audience” are key.
    Actor A: Theo Rossi
    Actor B: Charlie Hunnam
    Actress C: Katey Sagal (‘Married with Children’)
    Actress D: Drea de Matto.

    • pRose says

      my guess is kim coates rather than charlie. he’s uber masculine and intense, and he and theo are really close. plus they did a bunch of charity things without the rest of the cast, and charity work is mentioned in the blind.

  12. Booboo1068 says

    Wow, Ace! My head is spinning and it’s not the spiked eggnog! I’m going to defer to much smarter readers on this one but I’m getting out the popcorn and waiting ’cause this sounds good!

  13. QueenCeleste says

    Just a shot in the dark, and probably wrong, but
    TV show Homeland
    Actor A is Mandy Patinkin
    Actor B is Rupert Friend
    Actress C is Claire Danes
    Actress D is Zuleikha Robinson

    • lily is my puppy says

      Rupert Friend and Claire Danes are married in real life.

      And ivyleaguer, Mandy may not be uber masculine, but he is definitely smokey pipe masculine. He has gravitas.

      But I don’t think the cast on Homeland fits.

  14. whowassheilahgraham says

    TV show:Sons of Anarchy
    Actor A: Kim Coates
    Actor B: Theo Rossi
    Actress C: Katy Sagal
    Actress D Sarah Jones
    Coates and Rossi have done

  15. whowassheilahgraham says

    To continue:
    Coates and Rossi do charity events together. There are pictures of them together all over the internet, and they look very happy.

  16. sam41 says

    Sons of Anarchy! This is fairly easy to guess by process of elimination. Ace said “hit CABLE series” which eliminates anything on HBO, which is premium. Ace furthers this with a show that has a “very masculine demographic.” I feel like some of the bigger hit cable series right now, American Horror Story, Mad Men, and Homeland also appeal to a LOT of women, me being one of them.

    Thinking of a “very masculine” TV show leaves me with Sons of Anarchy, and maybe The Walking Dead (though I’ve found an equal love for this show between men and women).

    I’m going with Sons of Anarchy mostly because I don’t know any romances happening between the cast of TWD, and no actress who’s left (Laurie Holden, Sarah Wayne Callies) has dated anybody on the show, so no one could be Actress D.


    Actor A: Kim Coates (married to Diana Coates)
    Actor B: Theo Rossi (dated Sarah Jones for a while, so I’m positive this blind is about the SOA cast)
    Actress C: Katey Sagal (from Married with Children)
    Actress D: Sarah Jones

  17. pinki says

    TV Show: Mad Men
    Actor A: Jon Hamm
    Actor B: Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell)
    Actress C: January Jones
    Actress D: Alexis Bledel (Beth Dawes)

    • Katmandu says

      Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel are supposedly currently engaged right now.

      Though if VK was tapping Jon Hamm on the side, maybe AL would be ok with that, LOL!

  18. Best Man says

    I agree with SOA guess

    Kim Coats is great on that show. I think he’s under used tho. He is so intense looking he almost doesn’t look real.

  19. VinylDestination says

    Thank goodness for you guessers, you guys are great detectives when it comes to blinds! I just refill my iced-tea, lay back, and sip while I read them.

  20. matthew netting says

    I maybe wrong,but I go for True Blood,Because Stephen Moyer is Bi,like Anna Paquin,and if the Robert Kazinsky thing is True,it would Make A LOT of Sense.

  21. anonym123 says

    Actor A: Kim Coates
    Actor B: Theo Rossi
    Actress C: Katey Sagal
    Actress D: Sarah Jones

    I thought that it was them, until i read that B & D are single. Theo and Sarah is not single anymore..

  22. trooth_saya says

    It’s definitely not Kim and Theo. I’d wager this was made up by some fan girl hoping to fuel their fantasy.

    Truth is, Theo was dating Sarah Jones until early 2013 which is pretty much when he moved straight on to Megan McDermott (rumor is he cheated as Megan was lurking around for several months before their split) and they now live together on the east coast while SOA isn’t filming. As for Kim, he’s about as straight as they come. He’s a big boob man and apparently has an eye for the curvy girls.