The Worst Boyfriend – Part 3

girl alone 2[Blind Gossip] Poppy the Singer is really trying to live a clean life.

But, as anyone who has ever been through a 12-step program knows, you need to surround yourself with sober people in order to stay sober.

Well, Poppy’s boyfriend, Slimy the Actor, is definitely not sober. Neither is Slimy’s best friend, Lucky. They party constantly with dr*gs and alcohol. Lucky and his girlfriend Junkie are also serious her*in add*cts. Would anyone recommend that Poppy date or hang out with these kinds of people? Anyone?

Hanging around with them is obviously not a smart move for Poppy. This leads us to the third reason that Slimy is The Worst Boyfriend: Every time that Poppy gets clean, Slimy is the one who reintroduces her to dr*gs and alcohol!

If you ask Slimy, though, it’s not his fault. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of his kitchen! He isn’t the one forcing her to drink or do dr*gs. It’s just that his life is one long party, and if she isn’t down to party with him, he will find someone who is.

So here’s what happens: Poppy gets committed to her sobriety. Slimy goes off to party without her. When he does this, he punishes her by ignoring her for days at a time. She gets anxious and nervous about losing him. He tells her that if she wants to be with him then she has to join him. She eventually caves in and joins him and relapses. He blames her for relapsing, telling her that she is weak and a loser. And every time he tells her that, she believes it a little bit more. It’s a sick and vicious cycle.





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72 comments to The Worst Boyfriend – Part 3

  • wildchildbrightchild

    Poppy – demi
    slimy – wilmer
    lucky – joe
    junkie – blanda

    poor demi, just get out of there girl

  • Katska

    Poppy: Demi
    Slimy: Wilmer
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Junkie: Blanda

    What a terrible situation.

  • slantrhyme

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Fuglaraama
    Lucky: JJ
    Junkie: JJ’s nobody gf with a name I couldn’t be bothered to spell correctly

    I just want to adopt Demi. Poor girl!! I never have seen the appeal of Wilmer. He is so…slimy.

    • LooLoo

      She’s an adult and has no real reason for staying with him for this crap. They have no kids together, she’s not poor and without employment. It’s not like she can’t leave because she can’t afford to move out or is afraid that he’ll abuse the kids. She is staying because she loves the drama, and no one can stop the drama but her.

      • la.dolce.vita

        That is so insensitive.
        People who are in abusive relationships, even if they don’t have any kids tying them down to the relationship, have a hard time getting out of it because of low self esteem issues, which is a bigger deal than you would think it is. It’s not because she “loves the drama”. I don’t think anyone in the world would love being treated like this.

        Learn to have a little sympathy, jesus.

      • degele

        Stop with the victim blaming. Look up the “cycle of abuse”. These blind items follow the EXACT pattern of the cycle of abuse. Everything seems fine, then the abuser acts (whether it be emotionally/physically), the abuser comes back and attempts to rectify the situation by apologizing and seemingly appearing “bettered”, and then the cycle repeats itself. Classic case.

        Wilmer is a known scumbag who loves targeting and hooking up with young girls with issues (Lindsay Lohan, Demi Lovato, etc). He’s very familiar with this whole game. He loves it (clearly). HE is the one at fault here, not Demi. She’s obviously ill and has gone through a lot of shit in her life, she’s not the one in this situation who can process everything as objectively and clearly as Wilmer and/or Joe. They both know what they’re doing to her, condemn them instead.

      • Roxyhdz

        i agree > LooLoo

        she can end that relationship when she wants.

        Demi Lovato fans are obsessed with see her as a victim, and that’s stupid because she is an adult, not a girl.

        she could say NO to the wilmer and the bad influence.

        no woman is dying without a boyfriend

  • Warrior1461

    DEMI…DUMP HIS ASS and you can throw him and Joe under the same bus.

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    I really don’t get why Demi would date such a man. Is no one around to tell her to dump him? He’s obviously a jerk and pretty much ruining her life by jeopardizing her sobriety. She doesn’t need his money, it’s not like she’s literally dependent on him. This makes her sound so emotionally damaged that she doesn’t know how to protect herself in even the most basic way.

    • vixsta33

      You’d think so, wouldn’t you? That’s what you and I would do…dump his useless ass! But having a best friend who got engaged to an idiot like this, I know from experience that they don’t always listen. He was abusive on all levels and even helped himself to her money. In the end, I told her that I couldn’t stand by and watch anymore. And if she finally dumped him for good! And I meant good! To call me and I’d be there. It took her only two weeks to figure out that this guy was going to make her very miserable in the end, people were all walking away and he was all she’d have. It was tough love, but worth it! Hope Demi’s friends can make her realise that this Wilmer, is a low life too…and SOON!!

  • Vee427

    Wilmer and Joe Jonas are buddies, so I’m calling this:

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwieler.

  • LeahLynn28

    I wasn’t sure,but now i know who they are…

    Poppy:Demi Lovato
    Slimy:Wilmer Something?Or whatever his name is?
    Lucky:Joe Jonas and his lies.
    Junkie:Joe’s dealer girlfriend,Blanda Egghamandbreakfast?
    Demi has a weak mind and a very low self-esteem…she seems to be in love to Wilmer and forgot to care about herself.Sad…if she continues with him,her future will be bad.

  • TeacherKat

    Poppy – Demi Lovato
    Slimy -Wilmer
    Lucky – Joe Jonas
    Junkie – Blanda Whatever-her-name-is.

    I did a quick Google search and found out Wilmer and Joe have been hanging out. This is such a f*ucked up situation. I only hope Demi can find some confidence and self worth and get healthy. She needs to find real friends and ditch the douche.

  • cupcakes

    Demi Lovato
    Wilmer Valderrama
    Joe Jonas
    Blanda Eggenschwiler

  • terry123

    Demi, Wilmer, JoJo, Blanda

  • Holly

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Van der whatever

    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Junkie: Blanda Eggenwhatever

  • Booboo1068

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Whatshisname
    Lucky: Joe Jonas?
    Junkie: Jonas girlfriend

    Ace don’t you have a contact on the industry who can befriend and help her?

    I’ll just repeat my earlier comment…have self respect FIRST, LAST and No MATTER WHAT. Many of us have allowed another person to treat us like crap…don’t feel bad. Everyday play the Aretha Franklin song R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and Madonna’s Respect Yourself!….LOUD and find a really supportive gay male friend and straight male friend who is string like Ox to help protect you. Trust Me.

    I had a father, a brother and male friend who could/ would put the fear of god into certain guys in my past. I hated them at the time but later thanked them!

    • Booboo1068

      Poppy, Ace says your reading these comments. Take what’s positive and ignore the rest. Trust me we’re not defined by our past or mistakes or others opinion of us. I’ve made so many stupid mistakes and the most successful and respected people have as well. Now at 45 I’m owner of a very successful business, partner of almost 20 yrs to a man who treats me with love and respect and I have good friends. With work and help I learned I deserved no less (ALL of me). You teach people how to treat you. It’s a healing process my love. One day you will believe the same when you look in the mirror and not allow others to dump their garbage on you.

      “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
      ― Maya Angelou

    • Katska

      I think Ace may be doing the best he can by posting these obvious BIs which can only have been leaked to him by a good friend of Demi’s but who doesn’t want his/her name associated with the situation. Let’s just hope that Demi and/or those who care about her are reading these posts.

  • xoxojillianxo

    Demi wilmer joe blanda or whatever her name is

  • kins

    Poppy: Lovato
    Slimy: Valderrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Junkie: Blanda Eggenschweiler

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwiler

  • Fan

    Demi Lovato
    Wilmer Valderama
    Joe Jonas??
    Egga BlankenLOSER???

  • waysouthofheaven

    Poppy – Demi Lavato
    Slimy – Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky – Joe Jonas
    Junkie- Blanda E. (whatevs.)

  • sabrina325

    Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderama, Joe Jonas, Blanda

  • ally13

    Poppy: demi lovato

    Slimy: wilmer

    Lucky: joe jonas

    Junkie: blanda

    demi just needs to get away from wilmer and fast

  • whipofdole

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama (ew)
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Junkie: Blanda whatever her name is

  • silence1534



    Joe Jonas


  • MattinSF


  • daisy12

    finally– i think it’s: Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderrama. but i don’t know the other two…

  • janemare

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwiler

  • carriebradshaw

    Poppy:Demi Lovato

    Slimy:Wilmer Valderrama

    Lucky:Joe Jonas

    Junkie:Blanda Eggenschwiler

  • dawnee

    Demi … Wilmer, joe Jonas and that Blanca girl … what a mess

  • melly123

    Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderama, Joe Jonas and Blanca Eggenschwiler

  • Christyd

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky: Ashton Kutcher
    Junkie: Mila Kunis

  • Best Man

    Well then Poppy needs to take some responsibility for herself and dump this douchebag. Am I supposed to feel sorry for her? I don’t.

    If she can get help for addictions, she can get help for abandonment issues too.

    Slimey is right, he isn’t forcing her. She needs to buck up and get out. He isn’t going to change and he doesn’t have to.

    It’s on her to be around healthy people.

    • missmissy

      This isnt unusual behavior in abusive relationships though. He is manipulating her and actively undermining her recovery. It is abuse. Slimy may not be “forcing” her but he is manipulating her into a lose/lose situation. If you dont come with me, then it is your fault I cheat. When you do come with me, if you are no fun and I will leave.

      Of course she should put an end to it, but manipulators of this ilk have narratives for that too. If you leave me then you will be nothing; if you leave me then I will kill myself, If you leave me I will kill anyone that comes near you…

      If he is abusive enough to make her “want” to use in order to “keep” him, he is manipulative enough to really hurt her or keep her scared.

      • HermioneG

        I used to be with someone who often talked about hating life and such, and threatened to commit suicide if I left. I eventually did. It took me months to gather the strength and take the risk of living my life with potential, unbearable guilt. But it was that or I would have ended up being so miserable that I would hurt myself. I was 25 when I said stop. Luckily nothing tragic happened. And years later I’m happily married and I have learned not to make the same mistakes nor letting manipulative leeches and soul eaters get the best of me.

        Hopefully Ms Poppy will soon learn too. I really, really hope she will get back on her feet for good and be happy.

    • degele

      You’re siding with a guy who takes pride in manipulating young girls with serious issues? He’s done this before (Lindsay Lohan), he’s disgusting. She has issues of her own that cloud her judgement, he is a grown man and should know better.

  • rodieb123

    Demi Lovato
    Wilmer Valderama
    Joe Jonas
    Blanda Eggenschwiler

  • ashanean

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Junkie: Bianca Eggenschwiler

  • Syd Wishes

    Poppy, you in danger, girl. Get out while you still can!

  • jersey6332

    OH MY GOD! The two of those blinds already disgusted me. Now reading the third one is just making me mad!! Is there anyone who doesn’t do drugs? ANYONE? For goodness sakes, this is ridiculous. What is so great about doing drugs anyways? People know the bad effects. Is the temporary “high and happiness” worth the irreversible damage that people are doing to their bodies?

    Poppy: Demi
    Slimy: Wilmer
    Lucky: Joe
    Junkie: Blanda

  • redstilettos

    Demi, get away from Wilmer. I dunno about Lucky and Junkie.

  • ccattwood

    WILMER VALDERAMA MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • silver_girl81

    This is extremely sad. Poppy deserves so much better.

    Poppy : Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Junkie: Blanda E

  • channel orange

    I’m sorry, but The Worst Boyfriend pt 2 and 3 made me lose the bit of sympathy for “Poppy” that I had to begin with. Grow a pair. I feel that if you let someone do this sh*t to you, you deserve everything that happens. /rant.

    My guesses are Jo bro/Bland Egg person for Lucky/Junkie, except I didn’t think Lucky and Poppy were best friends, so maybe my guess is off.

  • LawLady

    Poppy: Demi Lavato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwiler

  • lovefifteen

    Demi, Wilmer, Joe Jonas and Blanda E.

  • HopeFaith

    Poppy: Demi
    Slimy: Wilmer
    Lucky: Joe
    Junkie: Joe’s Girlfriend.

    I’m feeling sick only for reading this, Wilmer is such a ass, she deserves better

  • haley1020

    Demi lovato
    Wilmer valderrama
    Joe Jonas
    Blanda eggenschwiler

  • Visha

    Demi and Wilma but surely the best friend is Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (This is a bit of a stretch) but you never know in Hollywood.

  • hyork


    Lucky: Ashton Kutcher (often called Wilmer’s BF in the press)
    Junkie: Mila Junis
    Lucky: Danny Masterson
    Junkie: Bijou Philips (although she is his wife)

  • MikeInSanJose

    Lucky and Junky = Joe Jonas and Blanda Egg-whatsis
    Slimy = Wilmer Valderammmma
    Poppy = Demi Lovato

  • twinklefairy12

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: WIlmer Valderamma
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Junkie: Blanda Eggenschwiler

  • PandoraWolf

    Why not just dye the chick in the picture’s hair blue?

    Dammit, Demi, I wish I liked chicks. I’d take sweet, sweet care of you. ; )

  • bjd44

    Poor ol’ Demi Lovato.
    Nasty slimeball Wilmer V.
    Disgustingly fake Joe Jonas.
    And his (also) slimeball girlfriend — “Whats-her-name”

    Uck to all……

  • wakemeddl

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama
    Lucky: I don’t know
    Junkie: I don’t know

  • Gen82

    Poppy:Demi Lovato

    Slimy:Wilmer Valderrama

    Lucky:Joe Jonas

    Junkie:Blanda Eggenschwiler

  • Lindasu

    Well, we know Poppy is Demi and Slimy is Wilmer (by the way Demi – see how he turned out Lindsay?).

    So, I’m guessing Lucky is equally slumbag Joe Jonas (not taking his lessons seriously), and Junkie is Joe’s equally horrible GF Blanda.

    Wow, those three are vampires themselves.

  • MonyHoney

    Joe Jonas

  • latte4me

    Poppy: Demi
    Slimy: Wilmer
    Lucky: Joe Jonas
    Junkie: Blanda, Joe’s girlfriend

    Demi – if you read this, run far, run fast, and FIRE YOUR MANAGER. You can do MUCH better, regardless of the poison you’re being fed by these leeches.

  • AubieLover

    This makes me wanna find Wilmer’s mother & kick her a$$ for raising a son like this.

  • Delilah

    Demi sweetheart. I’m a 43 year old woman married with 2 children. You need a women to guild you thru these difficult years and help you find your self worth. These people and their behavior is repulsive and you truly seem like you want to be healthy. Mentally, spiritually and physically. These are very very abusive people in your life. Please reach out to your rocks or lean on a stranger..I’m just a mommy but have love for girl power. Save yourself girl, you have way too much ahead of you to waste on all these people going down down down.

  • sue


    If it is really true that you actually DO read this site, then know that you are supported and admired by multiple people who have taken some time to offer you words of love and encouragement, here. You’re worth it, to us. And we don’t even have the privilege of knowing you personally.

    At the very least, your boyfriend should value you even more than that. You are a beautiful girl, both inside and out, not to mention extremely talented.

    I am aching for you, Demi, because I’ve walked in your shoes. I was with an abusive man for three years, including one year of marriage.

    Here’s what that experience taught me: Love shouldn’t hurt. Love shouldn’t be work. Loving the right person requires

  • sue

    Loving the right person and having the right person return that love requires no forced effort and does not come at an emotional cost to you.

    Somebody who loves you helps you to see and realize the best version of yourself, and he gives this unconditionally, without reservation or qualifiers.

    Leaving him was hard to do, but it was freeing.

    Listen to Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland sing “Why Don’t You Stay.” Listen to it ten times a day, if you need to, until you’ve adopted it as your personal anthem.

    Have courage to stand up and walk away. You deserve to be happy.

    Will be thinking about you and sending you love. You can do it.

  • degele

    When will Wilmer die? Seriously. He won’t be missed. He’s disgusting, he’s been doing this for years. He gets all of these starlets drugged up and then tries to humiliate them by talking about how they are in bed (Lindsay Lohan in 2004, Ashlee Simpson in 2005, etc). He is vile and needs to be stopped.

    I hope Demi will find the strength to get rid of all of these toxic people from her life. I’m not even a fan, but she certainly deserves better.

  • Roxyhdz

    Demi and Joe Jonas are adults, not kids.

    both can end this relationship when wants.

    Blanda and Wilmer stay because Demi and Joe not wants be single.

    are afraid of loneliness wing. have a self-esteem problem the two.

  • UKGoss

    I find it very intriguing that Tom Hanks, Hollywood’s Mr Nice Guy – and by all accounts, genuinely so – is following only 24 people on Twitter (well, last time I looked)… and one of them is Wilmer Valderrama.

  • Blazing_Pudding

    Poppy: Demi Lovato
    Slimy: Wilmer Voldemort…? (They both have the same personality traits…Evil, Controlling, Bossy, Unsympathetic)
    Lucky: Joe “Moustache Man” Jonas
    Junkie Blanda Egghead (Don’t even bother to spell her name correctly)

  • OhSoLittleMouse

    Are we all guessing incorrectly? More and more hints are being given, more and more guesses are the same…

  • ClosetOrganizer

    Poppy: Demi Lovato

    Slimy: Wilmer Valderrama

    Lucky: Joe Jonas

    Junkie: Blanda Eggelsworth

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