A Shocking Story About A Singer

girl sad 4[Blind Gossip] This story is going to shock a lot of fans of this singer. It will shock those who thought that he might be gay, and it will shock those who thought he was a nice guy.

He did something really awful to a girl. It wasn’t a one-night fan hookup. It was a girl he has known for a long time and who has always treated him well.

His band mates and his management team all know about it, and they are all keeping quiet about it. After all, given how out of control some members of this group are behind closed doors, it could have happened to any one of them. Well, except for the gay one/s.

More soon.

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219 comments to A Shocking Story About A Singer

  • Iva

    Oh, One Direction. What did one of them do now?

  • MCroxxie16

    Liam Payne and recent gf Sophia?

  • Angeltweets4u

    I don’t know why but this screams One Direction. I don’t know maybe Harry Styles?

  • callmedave

    The word “one” is used three times, so I’m going to guess this is another 1D story. Zayn Malik?

  • loud_as_lions

    Liam Pane and Danielle Peazer…
    I wonder what happened between those two..

  • martameani

    o_O I really don’t know…. Oh my God!O_O

  • thalie938

    Has to be Liam Payne!
    As much I hope it isn’t!
    Alliteration with all the ‘S’s could link to Sophia,
    She’s sat on a train track. Train / Payne maybe?
    ‘The Nice Guy’ – ‘Boy banders’ reference?
    ‘The Gay Ones’ – Another ‘Boy banders’ Reference?

  • MonyHoney

    Ace loves his Harry Blinds, so I have to say this is Harry Styles.

    • jaryak

      If you think this is about Harry Styles, you’ve obviously not paid very close attention to any of these Harry blinds that you reference lol. Harry’s definitely gay.

  • spo3131

    One Direction: Zayn and Perrie

  • srw27

    If this is Payzer (Liam Payne from 1D & Danielle) then it’s a bunch of BS b/c Liam did not cheat on her & she’s just jealous & throwing major shade at Liam’s new “girlfriend” b/c they went to a premiere yesterday. She needs to quit.

    • LeahLynn28

      Cheating isn’t even shocking anymore.99% of celebrities cheat…but the word “awful” is awful.I didn’t like this blind.And i don’t believe the awful situation is cheating,it HAS to be something even worse,mainly under the influence of booze or drugs.

      • LarryAndTheBeard

        That’s my thought too.. I’m scared of this one. I hope it isn’t the boys, but it probably is.

  • francis

    Liam Payne form One Direction… (you are late to the party Ace.)

  • grellpanda

    Singer: Liam Payne

    Girl: Danielle Peazer

  • kitteekat

    obvs one direction – i’m going to go with Zayn

  • martameani

    Raped a girl?? Pregnant? O_O Really tragic…

  • up-in-the-air

    It’s Niall Horan. So sad, I thought he was one of the good guys.

  • whitesox23

    Really??? Man this sounds awful, I hope it’s not about 1D. That’s all I can say.

  • sugarspice

    Hope your posting more tonight because I’m busy having a meltdown about who this is and what they did…

  • kaysterhipster

    Harry in One Direction.

    • kaysterhipster

      I misread it, I think it’s about Liam since Danielle was close to him and now she’s really angry at him. Maybe she got pregnant then had an abortion. Their was a blind similar to this about Justin Bieber was it was never solved. And this states a band and management. Also it says that it can’t happen to the gay ones, so it’s not Harry or Louis. Niall is single and Zayn is dating Perrie for PR stunt.

  • scumby

    Biebs and someone? Gomez?

  • Jen3

    Wtf!!! Niall Horan???????

  • Christyd

    Someone from One Direction

  • audreyyy

    Niall Horan and his friend who is a girl from mullingar i cant remember her name

  • sneaky

    It’s probably Liam Payne from One Direction.

  • Shawny2222

    Is it someone from One Direction?

  • ckarla

    This could easily be about Liam Payne and his ex Danielle, something happend lately that made her quite angry. And there were a few gay rumors surrounding him and Zayn Malik. So yes, one direstion. And the gays are obviously my otp (larry)

  • Ana

    It’s either Liam or Niall. Niall’s been really cocky lately but if Liam was the blind, I would be shocked.

  • MJ

    Liam Payne who cheated on his ex Danielle Peazer with Sophia Smith.

  • slowmoons

    “It will shock those who thought that he might be gay”

    I’m going to say Louis Tomlinson on this one. Lots of people think he’s gay, which he isn’t. And lots of people think he’s a nice guy (including me) despite his argumentative nature.

    The other one it could be is Harry because people would be really shocked because he’s readily known as a nice guy, and lots of people think he’s gay too.

    The other three aren’t thought as gay by the majority of fandom. (they are a minority)

  • sweetangelz77

    Someone from One Direction or The Wanted.

  • sdenzel

    Hmmm… as most of the articles about a singer with band mates, I assume it’s about One Direction. Mainly because there are always gay rumours around this band. When I first read it I felt like it was about Harry Styles. Mostly bc of the ‘nice guy’ and all the S’s in the title. But I’m like 99,9% convinced Harry Styles is gay. And I don’t believe this is about Louis. And well we all know that Niall is most certain straight. So that leaves Liam and Zayn. I guess Liam because they consider him as a nice guy? I don’t know what he did, maybe it has something to do with Danielle?

    More soon? I hope so, because you told us MORE SOON about the winterbreak going downhill but I haven’t heard anymore of it???

  • I can’t for this one to unravel. My little fandom has already begun to lose its mind.

  • LeahLynn28

    Oh,one of 1D’s few allegedly straight members?I hope it isn’t r*pe,or worse,that if there’s something worse than r*pe.Looks like that what he did,he was drunk or high…oh.

  • pinki

    someone from one direction obviously… who are the gay ones again??

    • FantasyOverture

      people think they’re all gay ‘cept for Niall

    • jaryak

      Logically thinking adults tend to realize that Harry and Lou and definitely gay and that the odds of Liam and Zayn being so are pretty high.

      • Kyiaj

        Liam is NOT gay. Zayn got engaged to Perrie after he mended a cheating (with women) situation on the road. Niall has been dating a few girls back home in the UK and on the road, ad as well he is known for trying to constantly pick up on women, kind of in a pestering way. Harry dates Grimmy, and Louis dates uni student Eleanor Calder who he is rarely seen with. It’s Louis or Harry only, re-read the blinder. Harry is known as the “nice one” and Louis is known as “the comedian.”

  • LC_Says

    Harry Styles… this should be interesting.

  • luv the beach

    Are you saying he raped a girl?

  • lyrelove

    With all of the ‘S’ words, I’m going to guess Harry Styles. But Liam is probably more likely.

    Can’t wait for more details!

  • jeeves

    Someone from 1D again (yawn)

  • rreilly1012

    Oh Niall Horan… Could this be related to the blind about the guy trying to hook-up after the AMA’s?

  • sarahj103

    joe Jonas, obv. Maybe Demi?

  • thelasthigh

    Liam Payne to Danielle Peazer. But what could he have done…

  • letztenbrief

    I know this is about one direction. I think it is about Liam Payne. Also, I hope that Hazz and Lou are okay.

  • letztenbrief

    Also, the girl I think is Danielle. She’ve posted some shit on instagram and twitter recently.

  • sugarspice

    Liam Payne got Danielle Payzer pregnant then unceremoniously dumped her, using the cover that management were trying to pressure them into an engagement so they decided to end the relationship….

  • TruthBeTold

    Is this about 1d again? Come on we need to know the rest.What have they done this time?
    (or one of them)

  • xoxojillianxo

    One of the Jonas Brothers

  • Ana-nj

    This is sick, I can’t believe it. It makes me think of one of the Jonas Brothers because they didn’t want Joe to go to rehab. Also the fake pregnancy with Kevin. So I could see this is about one of them. But there are many bands out there.

  • MsOverstreet

    Liam Payne of One Direction and Danielle Peazer, his ex girlfriend of over 2 years whom he broke up with earlier this year.

    Liam has a super nice guy image and they all have gay rumors due to being in a boyband. But yesterday, following pictures being released of Liam and his current girlfriend, Danielle went on an Instagram rampage posting and liking things about being cheated on. Liam is currently dating Sophia Smith since around August and their relationship is clouded in complete mystery. Maybe this is why! I seriously questioned what happened recently that made Danielle speak out months after their breakup but I can’t imagine what this horrible thing is because cheating isn’t that shocking anymore (unfortunately).

  • SayItAintSo

    One of the Jonas Brothers

  • Kyiaj

    Harry Styles. Handing around Grimshaw has helped make him out of control.

  • Brittttt

    Somebody from One Direction? I hope it’s not Niall.

  • tallzeez

    Niall Horan from One Direction

  • Joel_

    Liam Payne from 1D for sure… He is the one who supposed to be the nice one. But he is really not. And i think the girl is his new girlfriend/oldpal Sophie…

  • Sophie Claire

    I feel like this could be about Louis from 1D and the girl is Eleanor Calder. even though their relationship is reportedly “fake” they’re still good friends and she keeps up appearances for him and they certainly don’t hate each other. I’d be crushed if it was actually these two because I really love Louis and I’d hate for anything bad to happen to Eleanor.

  • Elfe_345


  • Elfe_345

    If this article is about Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer.. Hahahahaha.

  • Elfe_345

    Ace, I begin to think you like writing not nice things about One Direction now..

  • chloesavedlatin

    got to be someone from 1d surely?

  • RuHa

    About time for a One Direction blind, isn’t it? Let’s see…what classifies as “really awful?” All I can think of is the R word. Implies that the guy is not really gay? Not sure who the girl can be. The pic of the girl on the train tracks baffles me if it is a clue. Someone else can toss in their guesses.

  • Jennifer

    Nick Jonas? Not sure who the girl might be though.

  • LarryStylinsonx

    This better not be about one direction. Seriously man you can’t mess around with this shit

  • stephiib

    you cant just leave us hanging what the heck

  • sam41

    This one’s about Liam Payne, I’m guessing. The girl might be Danielle Peazer or his current GF Sophia Smith, considering he’s known both of them for a long time. So sad to hear about this, I’ve always thought Liam was a sweetheart!

  • blainecass

    presumably 1d because bandmates and ‘gay ones’ and ‘out of control behind closed doors’.

    I’d presume Niall or Liam knocked up a girl. Both are reputed as being ‘nice guys’, as opposed to Zayn who gets slapped with the ‘bad boy’ rep, and Harry and Louis who are presumably the ‘gay one/s’.

    Also, ‘could have happened to any one of them except’ seems to make it pretty concrete a pregnancy thing.

  • luvprue1

    So this blind is about One Direction.

  • popart1010

    I’m going to go with either Liam, Zayn or Niall from 1D. It’s pretty obvious that Harry and Louis are gay, so gotta be one of those three.

  • JennUx

    I reckon this is zayn from 1d with rebecca ferguson, his ex who he met while on x factor… she’s recently been talking about her relationship with him and i expected it most from him.
    plus if you watch gotta be you at this (http://youtu.be/nvfejaHz-o0?t=41s) bit you see him running along the train tracks like the picture.

    • FantasyOverture

      Zayn’s known as the “moody, mysterious one” of the band or the “Bradford Bad Boy” so it can’t be him.

      • JennUx

        Back in the days when I was in the fandom, he was perceived to be the shy one… he didn’t dance at bootcamp, generally kept more quite and to himself?
        Plus Liam’s publicly not exactly the nice friendly chap he was at the start and Niall’s always appeared a bit out of control to say the least.
        I’m guessing the general public’s going to perceive Zayn to be the nice guy since he’s engaged and doesn’t talk much to the media.

  • Aubergine Skye

    Louis Tomlinson – there are rumours he’s bisexual, and he hasn’t been seen out with Eleanor Calder for a while.

  • heyitsariane

    I’m gonna say Liam from 1D

  • in.wonderland

    Gonna go with Liam Payne or Zayn Malik of one direction.

  • tita

    Liam Payne is “the nice one” in One Direction.

    His girlfriend is Sophia Smith and it’s probably about her, with all the S alliteration in the title.

    Also, they’ve known each other for a long long time (school, he said).

    Some people believe he is in a gay relationship with Zayn (who is supposedly engaged and has his fiancée tattooed on his arm)

    Something to do with hetero sex, so probably a pregnancy?

    Not too long ago, the past 3 weeks, I’d say, people thought they had broken up because she was nowhere to be seen.

    Maybe she was away “fixing” some problem?

    • mm14

      Yes i agree with you! Also, the picture of the girl and the train tracks is another clue that it is about Liam Payne. On 1D day Liam wore a suit that said Payne Train. I think the picture of the girl on the train tracks represents the trouble that Liam and her got into/ will get into when this surfaces ( the Payne Train is coming and she is on the tracks) lol?! Please tell us more we are still waiting!

  • saywhat17

    This is like really hard to tell but I’m going to go with Liam and Danielle. Only because he is considered the nice one and Danielle has been really pissed off right now. I don’t think it’s Harry or Louis because I’m like almost positive they are both gay. It could be Niall but they recently did an article on Niall and mentioned nothing of this. Plus niall has been single and isn’t considered the nice one. Then there is Zayn who had Perrie so it’s not him.

  • Le_Me

    My guess is Liam Payne/Danielle Payzer.
    Liam got her preggers and then she did an abortion.
    “He did something really awful to a girl.” leads me to the assumption she wasn’t necessarily in agreement with the abortion?

    I could be massively wrong though.

    Lookin’ forward for this Blind to be solved!

  • ElleSP

    Is Liam Payne.
    He’s always known as the good one, and the hint “gay one” is because so many people believe in Ziam. I think the girl is not Dani, cause she doesn’t know him that long, but Sophie does.

  • FantasyOverture

    Liam Payne of One Direction? he’s got a “nice guy” rep (Daddy Direction), gay rumours surrounding him (Ziam) & he’s known Sophia since high school.

    if not Liam, then i’m leaning towards Harry Styles (is also considered a nice guy, “Larry” & the “gay one/s” could be Ziam).

    i’m honestly scared to find out what the person in question did. :(

  • sherlock

    So what can’t happen to the gay one/s behind closed doors?

  • emzigirl57

    My guess is Liam Payne? Ugh I love him and can’t even think of him as a bad guy, but he DID know Dani since they were on X factor. Modest! Management is always mentioned when One Direction is brought up, and it also says “band members” as well as “management” so I’m guessing this is about 1D. Also, “Ziam” is a big thing, so that could be the “shock for those who thought he was gay.” And at the end, they said that this could’ve happened to any of them, except for the gay one/s…LARRY!!! I’m not 100% sure if this is Liam or not, but it’s definitely not Harry or Louis…

  • xrupii

    Probably Liam Payne. He cheated on Danielle with Sophia possibly. Also horrible because Sophia and Danielle were friends? Idk. Even if this could be a possibility I feel like this story is possibly about something worse but I can’t think of anything? Anyways this one rules out both Harry and Louis, so. But also this one says that he is speculated to be gay so it can’t be Niall because even if he has been speculated to be gay a few times it is nothing like how Zayn and Liam are and also Louis and Harry? Idk. Hard to guess. Also, this could be another boyband, even if I don’t think it is.

  • rednik

    My guess is Liam Payne from 1D, the “nice” one. Danielle was pregnant by him and he made her get an abortion. Rumours are he’s gay and having a secret relationship with Zayn. Also I think his relationship with Sophia is fake and is just there to raise his profile.

    The 1D boys are not as pulled together as we think. Harry Styles will be heading to rehab next year if he can’t control his coke habit and its obvious that they are not all as close and chummy as they make out to believe. Interesting to see how it all pans out in 2014.

    • cadaver11

      Spill that tea, sis!

      Honestly I do believe Harry is a cokehead but there’s been word that he’s an Adderall user.

      • YoGo8c

        IF the substance rumours are true, I mean their schedule is punishing and a lot of performers are on drugs to just stay propped up.

        Re: Harry. Nick says he falls asleep (narcolepsy) all the time. He also seems to be a little slow at times with questions or spatial awareness so anything to keep him focused and ‘together’ wouldn’t be unusual and might account for his shot-out pupils all the time (though didn’t he wear contact lenses too?).

        People take coke for pressure reasons, mental and physial, though that wouldn’t be prescribed. I just feel there is so much being covered up in this group, people being forced down routes they wouldn’t take outside of fame and crowds of fans all expecting them to be ‘superhuman’ that it wouldn’t surprise if they’re in a gilded cage.

        The counter to all this is I just find it bizarre that you’d sign on for 3 more years of potential pyschological abuse. Rather than step back and start taking care of yourself. Look how the Jonases learnt the hard way.

      • YoGo8c

        Sorry, shouldn’t say he HAS narcolepsy, but it could be interpreted as that.

    • NoStalkersAllowed

      the way how you wrote it seems like you know a lot of what going on care to tell us some more?

      • rednik

        Oh god no, I’m not an insider. I just write with a lot of conviction lol. As an older fan of 1D I just see more than the put out image and what I see is them unraveling with all their group and individual issues.

    • halo

      I think that their punishing schedule is taking a toll on them physically. Zayn and Louis have lost a lot of weight. If this is also being compounded by drug use, then it’ll just make things worse for them.

      I don’t think they’re all gay. I think Harry is bi and Louis is gay (the rest are straight)

      Re: Harry and Louis: I think that they were together, or at the very least experimented with each other, but things have since died down (due to the intense focus on their relationship)
      I believe Nick Grimshaw isn’t above taking advantage of Harry, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something going on between them.

      As for why they would sign up for three more years, my response is “Why not?”

      They are setting themselves up for life here, and they have probably been told to strike while the iron’s hot, because God knows this whole fame thing won’t last forever. They won’t make it big as solo performers, no matter how much we like them. Once band folds, it doesn’t automatically mean instant solo success)

      And I think that despite the crazy schedule, crush of fans, lack of freedom… they actually like what they do. They think about the alternative and realise that maybe they should hold on to what they have- because it won’t last forever.

      Just my opinion :)

      As for this blind, I think it’s Liam

  • sherlock

    Sounds like he made her do something disgusting and she has talked about it to someone.but he would not have done it if he was a gay?

  • LarryAndTheBeard

    Larry are the gay ones so it can’t be them. I think it might be Liam with Danielle.
    She has recently liked pictures on instagram that all talk about cheating and a guy hurting her really badly. We all know Danielle treated him good. A LOT of people think Liam/Zayn are gay together, so it might be Liam since he is the one they think is gay. It can’t be Niall because no one believes him to be gay. There are never rumors of him (and from past blinds we know he is 100% straight.) Zayn is engaged and something about this blind is leading me to think that they (the boy and girl) are no longer together anymore so I’m not sure. It CAN be Zayn, but I’m leaning more towards Liam on this one. Especially since people think he is very nice for having gone through bullying and he seems like a sweetheart. I hope I’m wrong and I hope this isn’t One Direction because I really love the boys but I’m not sure.

  • pratty4ever

    mmmm..i hope it’s not 1D..i mean he usually used the term ‘boybander’ for 1D or ‘direction’…aka the direction of this relationship, boybanders are hiding a secret…

  • mrose

    Its Liam’s turn now

  • srslyokay

    Okay, lately this has been annoying me. It’s not Ziam, it’s not ever going to be, so you guys should quit commenting about that, and focus on other things.

    I would expect this could be either Liam or Niall. Niall recently has rumors being spread about him being with Barbara Palvin, and we really don’t know how long they’ve known each other. Liam is known as the nice guy, and I also would suspect he’s gay, but I wouldn’t suspect he’s gay for Zayn, come on people. Zayn has Perrie tattooed on his arm, I wouldn’t think management would make him put permanent ink on his skin, for Perrie to be a “beard.” Also, just like Larry, they confirm it as a joke, but actually mean it. Three times Liam has confirmed Niam. I think all the boys in One Direction are quite nice, but if we focus more into it, it may have been any one of them. But someone thought of as /gay/ is always Harry, even though he’s the one who attracts most females. I really wish there was more information on this, because I really am stumped about thinking of who it is.

    • FantasyOverture

      Ziam pretty much outed themselves on 1D Day with all their slip ups tho

      • srslyokay

        I’m going to have to not agree with you on that, if you go on Tumblr you notice people were really disappointed with their hour, and didn’t enjoy it. I also won’t say Ziam is real, because why would he ink himself with a picture of a girl, if he’s gay? Even if you’re straight, you can’t be that stupid to tattoo a girls name, nor a picture of her on you, unless you’re really in love. I don’t think that the ship of ‘ziam’ is anything more than just a bromance. If anything, i’d say they rarely have any moments together, lately than the other ships. Though I must say the ship was rather big in the past, I think it just died down. If you think really hard about it, you’d realize that. I myself look into things highly. If anything, the only member of One Direction that’s straight is Zayn. I also believe if anything were real with Zayn, it’d have to be Ziall, reason being is because Zayn practically glows with a smile when seeing Niall. I really wouldn’t say Ziam is a thing at all. It’s not as popular as the other ships, if you google all of them the ones that come up for the first three, are Larry, Zarry, and then Niam. Now put this together, it’s quite funny that none of them had an hour on 1D day, Larry, Zarry, Ziall, or Niam. You’d suspect right away of course they wouldn’t have a Larry hour, because that’d have the shippers freaking out, and management doesn’t want that. Zarry also is a popular ship, and management didn’t want the more popular ships to have an hour, it’d form more rumors. So putting the least popular ships, would make you think more highly of them, so it’d distract you away from thinking ‘Well, Zarry is real.’ and it’d probably make you focus more on the fact that Zayn and Liam were being more touchy. If anything Niall and Harry were being super touchy, and they’d have outed themselves. But I really can’t agree with you on that.

  • cadaver11

    Ace, I hope you realize that gay isn’t the only sexuality besides straight.

    No, I personally never believed that Liam was gay but I did/do believe he’s bisexual.

  • Michelle18

    I think this is about Liam Payne and his ex Danielle Peazer. He probably got her prrgnant, made her get an abortion and then eventually cheated on her.

  • lykke94

    This has to be Liam Payne from One Direction.

    He has always been seen as the nicest one in 1D.

    The girl he must have done something awful to has to be Danielle Peazer. She has also been posting a lot of pictures saying how she didn’t knew “a person” could treat her like that.

    (It has also been known that Liam’s new gf Sophia Smith was one of Danielle’s friends)

    But I’m not sure how shocked people will be, after all there is a storm coming in the One Direction fandom.

  • Hunkhunk

    Liam Payne and his ex girlfriend.
    “It will shock those who thought that he might be gay” ok then…
    This is Liam Payne with some guy in a club. Liam touches his face and the other one has his arm around Liams waist.>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBAY_OTdasMhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nwDju_gSRQ<
    Liam said, that he isn't bisexual.

  • LarryShipper06

    I don’t like this blind. I hope it’s not about the boys, but it’s pretty obvious that it is. Since it can’t be the gay ones, then it’s something a gay relationship can’t do. Get a girl pregnant. I don’t think it’s Zayn, since him and Perrie are engaged and if he did something ‘awful’ then they wouldn’t be. It’s not Harry or Louis, since they’re the gay ones. So it’s either Niall or Liam. I’m going with Liam, judging by the whole Danielle/Sophia fiasco. Jeez

  • harry_tomlinson

    Harry and Louis are the gay ones and Zayn is engaged. So it’s either Niall or Liam

  • Pretty wrird that you’re publishing a story about Liam being awful to one of his girlfriends when not long ago he was the victim that was beig pressured to get engaged. I don’t see him asking a girl to get an abortion tbh, like, I doubt he physically drugged to the place, so…I hope you know what you’re doing ace.

  • mrsstylinson

    Maybe Liam and Danielle? Bc https://twitter.com/DaniellePeazer/status/407242390773465089 ‘-’
    I mean, I thought it was Harry but I’m pretty sure he’s the gay one (maybe with Louis), so… ughm I couldn’t get this one, I need moooore! hahah

  • TracyJacks

    For the people guessing r*pe, I don’t think that’s what Ace is implying. The fact that he says it could have happened to any of them except for the gay one/s makes me think of an unplanned pregnancy. Also, I don’t think this is about Zayn concidering he’s always portrayed as the “bad boy.” If this is about Liam it could explain Dani’s behavior yesterday, I’d be pissed off too if my boyfriend would pressured me to get an abortion, dumped me and then took his new GF to the red carpet.

  • OG LOC

    I think it’s Niall Horan out of all of them he seems the nicest. I never hear much about him. Also I don’t know much about 1D so I am just taking a wild guess.

  • ajrod32

    Pretty sure this is about Liam Payne cheating on Danielle Peazer with Sophia Smith. It’s even worse because the two girls were former friends and so Danielle has bitter feelings towards both of them. Hence, why she liked those pictures on instagram.

  • JustTheFacts

    I’ve got a really bad feeling about the image of the train tracks, which connotes a ‘train’, which would indeed be something really awful to do to a girl. :(

    I’m guessing it involves someone in One Direction. If it’s someone who people assume is gay AND someone who people assume is nice, that points to Harry Styles. People think he’s gay and think he’s nice. I think a lot of people assume that Louis Tomlinson is gay, but I don’t think many people assume that he’s nice. And I doubt that many people think either Liam, Zayn or Niall are gay.

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