Multi Million Dollar Actress Gives Used Gifts

piggy bank 1[Forbes] A personal assistant talks about the really weird shopping and gifting habits of his boss, a multi-million dollar actress:

“She once had me buy some luggage for her makeup artist, two bags for $5000. Yet, for her best friend’s birthday, she told me to find a used bike on Craigslist for under $100,” he said of a multi-million dollar actress.

It’s the thought that counts, but this is your best friend, right?

He also said that the actress’ mom needed a new TV. Instead of buying a new one, she had him dust off an old TV that was missing a remote in her garage and drive it over to Mom’s house.

Now, maybe this actress didn’t care for her mom – it happens – and a makeup artist can be an actor’s real BFF, but this tendency seems to be a recurring theme.

“Yes money matters to her,” he went on. “She seems to want to flash it with inconsequential people, but with family and friends she is extremely frugal.”


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29 comments to Multi Million Dollar Actress Gives Used Gifts

  • malkatz

    Hilary Swank? “Million Dollar Actress” “Million Dollar Baby”

  • Marina

    Reese Witherspoon?

  • luvprue1

    Jennifer Aniston? I know she is not close to her mother.

  • raslebol

    i guess that the actress is afraid her family&friends love her for her money

    • MissNormaDesmond

      I agree. No one wants to feel like the ATM for friends and family. Plus, people who have a lot of money don’t hold on to it by spending it freely on gifts for everyone else. This actress might not be pulling multi-million dollar paydays for the entirety of her career. Lastly, stars get so much loot and swag, I have no doubt that it (smartly) gets regifted.

      Under the circumstances, better to air on the side of frugality.

      • Samie

        I agree, but it’s still a bit odd that she doesn’t seem to value her family more highly. (It’s “err” as in error, not “air” in this case. They do sound alike though!)

  • wammes49

    Hillary Swank

  • mollynyc

    Julia Roberts. Wasn’t she in Charlotte’s Web with babe the pig?

  • slantrhyme

    It says actress, no hyphenated career description, so that eliminates Oprah (my first guess) – although I think she’s pretty generous. Also eliminates JLo, who is known for more than acting.

    Julia Roberts? I hate her, so I hope it’s her.

  • Glitter

    Just for fun I will say Jennifer Anniston

  • jerzeygirl

    Jenn Aniston

  • newsjunkie


  • ConfusedHarpy

    Jennifer Aniston comes to mind.

  • lovefifteen

    Maybe this is Hilary Swank. She did grow up very poor, and she was in Million Dollar Baby which makes me think of million-dollar actress. Also swank rhymes with piggy bank?

  • toughluck

    Actress : Hillary Swank.
    Clue : “million dollar actress” —–> Hilary was in a film called “Million Dollar Baby”

  • atay1

    Jennifer Aniston. BoSs Reminds Me Of Horrible Bosses And Friends Is In There Quite A bit.

  • DonnaStarla

    Julia Roberts. “Best friend” “My Best friend’s Wedding”

  • love2shopmn

    Since multi-million is typed out a number of times, I’m going with Hillary Swank. It isn’t the thought that counts and she can do better. People will always remember her for this. If she’s worried that people only like her for her money then pick better friends.

  • jrgius

    It’s got to be Julia Roberts, clue being “best friend” -My Best Friends Wedding

  • whowassheilahgraham

    Jennifer Aniston. Her newest BFF is supposedly a makeup artist, and Aniston has a reputation for giving generous gifts.

  • mugofmead111

    Wasn’t Jennifer Aniston’s mom in the biz? (Her dad certainly was.) Wouldn’t she be able to tell whether her daughter was being…frugal with some gently used gifts? I would imagine Hilary Swank’s folks may not be able to tell…if they never went Hollywood.

  • sabrina325

    Julia Roberts?

  • YogiMama

    It’s Jennifer Aniston. She had a movie called “Friends With Money”. Her friends in the movie gave away millions of dollars to charity and other people, EXCEPT to Jennifer Aniston’s character (who portrayed the “poor” friend).

  • Fan

    I’ve heard Hillary Swank has a reputation for being cheap.

  • tarap

    Cameron Diaz?

  • lily is my puppy

    From what I understand about Hollywood, though, there is an insane amount of gifting within members of the industry and everyone tries to outdo everyone else. It’s silly and expensive and yet, that’s what they do. Especially in this season which, wouldn’t you know, leads up to the Oscars. So I get the crazy gifting to the hairdresser.

    The Craigslist bike, though? That’s time-consuming, isn’t it? Unless the LA bike listing is phenomenal, I suppose. Well, maybe whoever it is has a public persona that’s all about the recycling, reusing, etc. There *is* a tremendous amount of STUFF out there.

  • sugarbread

    an actress’ makeup artist is invaluable and the mother bff might be always nagging all the time, whereas the business relationship is more valuable$$$

  • NinaMelpomene

    Sarah Jessica Parker..?