Multi Million Dollar Actress Gives Used Gifts

piggy bank 1[Forbes] A personal assistant talks about the really weird shopping and gifting habits of his boss, a multi-million dollar actress:

“She once had me buy some luggage for her makeup artist, two bags for $5000. Yet, for her best friend’s birthday, she told me to find a used bike on Craigslist for under $100,” he said of a multi-million dollar actress.

It’s the thought that counts, but this is your best friend, right?

He also said that the actress’ mom needed a new TV. Instead of buying a new one, she had him dust off an old TV that was missing a remote in her garage and drive it over to Mom’s house.

Now, maybe this actress didn’t care for her mom – it happens – and a makeup artist can be an actor’s real BFF, but this tendency seems to be a recurring theme.

“Yes money matters to her,” he went on. “She seems to want to flash it with inconsequential people, but with family and friends she is extremely frugal.”


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