The Secret Reason Behind This Singer’s Breakup

[Blind Gossip] This very famous Singer broke up with this Business Guy over a year ago. He was really hired (Yes, hired) as more of a guardian than a mate. The public was surprised when they broke up, though, because they saw him as such a stable influence in her life. Not really! We’ll get to that.

Business Guy has since moved on to dating Young Actress, who is much, much younger than him. We’re not terribly surprised that she would date someone so much older, because she was rumored to have dated a Rocker who was also much too old for her.

Does Young Actress knows the real reason that Singer broke up with Business Guy?

Well, we do! And we wanted to give Young Actress a heads up!

It turns out that Business Guy has a serious add*ction to a certain prescription dr*g! Singer and her team flipped out when they found out. They had been working so hard to remove everyone from Singer’s life with any substance ab*se issues… and it turns out that the very person they hired to help do this was a dr*g add*ct himself! He was fired immediately.


Business Guy:

Young Actress:

Old Rocker:

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