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[Blind Gossip] He is a television star who tried long and hard to have a baby with his S.O.

Now that the baby is here, though, he is being a real jerk about it! He doesn’t go home after work, and he has little interaction with either the baby or the mother. What’s going on here?

Well, we’ve gotten to the root of the problem. He is privately telling friends that he doesn’t really consider the baby “ours”! The couple had so many fertility problems that they eventually used donor eggs and a surrogate to carry the baby. Now he says that his S.O. isn’t the baby’s “real mother” and that they aren’t the baby’s “real parents.” He likes to make that dig directly at the mother rather meanly and rather frequently, too. No, he’s not kidding. And his behavior certainly isn’t funny.


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BONUS HINT: The first sentence of the third paragraph contains a significant clue.

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