Jerk Dad

baby 18BONUS HINT!

[Blind Gossip] He is a television star who tried long and hard to have a baby with his S.O.

Now that the baby is here, though, he is being a real jerk about it! He doesn’t go home after work, and he has little interaction with either the baby or the mother. What’s going on here?

Well, we’ve gotten to the root of the problem. He is privately telling friends that he doesn’t really consider the baby “ours”! The couple had so many fertility problems that they eventually used donor eggs and a surrogate to carry the baby. Now he says that his S.O. isn’t the baby’s “real mother” and that they aren’t the baby’s “real parents.” He likes to make that dig directly at the mother rather meanly and rather frequently, too. No, he’s not kidding. And his behavior certainly isn’t funny.


TV Show:

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BONUS HINT: The first sentence of the third paragraph contains a significant clue.

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135 comments to Jerk Dad

  • carriebradshaw

    Jimmi Fallon & Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

    awful. he needs to get help otherwise he will lose his family.

    • Mia444

      Gotta be Jimmy. So now along with being terribly, horribly UNFUNNY, Jimmy is also an a-hole? Great, just great…

      • wendy hood

        I caught the end tail of his interview with M.I.A. and all he did was tell two separate stories about how awkward he was with girls. M.I.A. sat there looking like, hey, yeah, great…Im the one supposed to be getting interviewed, aren’t I? Terrible interviewer.

      • Whatzmyname

        Most comedians have a very dark side to their personalities….

    • Jen

      It’s sad but I think you may be right.

      The bonus clue re the third paragraph is re “the root”. The Roots is the house band for his show.

  • mugofmead111

    Jimmy, is that you?

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

    He and his wife had their baby via a surrogate. The baby is a girl, like the one pictured here.

  • kjc520

    Jimmy Fallon
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • goggles

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • kat411

    Jimmy Fallon
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon :-(

  • tania

    unfortunately this is Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • melly123

    Jimmy Fallon, from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, but I hope I’m wrong

  • moosecaboose

    this is so sad.
    Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
    Clues: “root” of the problem: The Roots on his show; “funny”

  • monichica

    Jimmy Fallon

  • jocar

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon
    Show: Late Night
    Biggest hint being “the root of the problem.” The house band on LNWJF is the Roots.
    This is a huge disappointment. Gee, isn’t there any nice guys in tv land?


    Oh god, Jimmy Fallon and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Poor Nancy Juvonen, he’s such a jerk.

  • blackduc

    jimmy fallon

  • minx

    I really hope this isn’t Jimmy Fallon.

  • momonthego

    ugh — Jimmy Fallon. I expected more from him.

  • dedhamguy

    Jimmy Fallon

    Late Night

  • NOTellebee

    Jimmy Fallon. So sad :(

  • Marina

    Jimmy Fallon – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • wfreshie

    that’s terrible…why would he go through with that if that was how he felt???

    jimmy falon??? that’s all I got off the top of my head

  • Zola

    My guess is…
    Dad: Jimmy Fallon
    Tv Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • xoxogg2

    jimmy fallon?

  • Susu

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • sle

    I am so worried that this is Jimmy Fallon.

  • MaybeImRight

    This bums me out…hard. My heart breaks for the baby. That being said, my guess is Jimmy Fallon (because I can’t think of anyone else).

    That picture is adorable, by the way!

  • ghostrider44

    dad – jimmy fallon. clue is “root” the roots are the band on his show, he has also been open about using a surrogate.

    show – late night with jimmy fallon

  • obladioblada

    Jimmy Fallon

    Why wouldn’t he consider the baby “his” though if she was conceived using his sperm?? What a prick. I can’t believe his wife puts up with his sh!t and his poor daughter is stuck with an as$hole for a father.

  • catheca

    Bill Rancic? Seems like a long shot…

  • Fan

    I hope it’s not Jimmy Fallon.

  • julexia

    Oh, please don’t be Jimmy Fallon…please don’t be Jimmy Fallon…

    It’s Jimmy Fallon, isn’t it?

  • gingersnappped

    Easy. Jimmy Fallon.

  • caligrlth25

    I’m thinking its Jimmy Fallon with his show being his late night talk show

  • tdubs

    Jimmy Fallon

  • bjd44

    Jimmy Fallon

  • sabrina325

    Jimmy Fallon?

  • jacksonian

    Jimmy Fallon.

  • maggie017

    Dad- Bill Rancic,
    Tv show- Guiliana and Bill

  • MrsGosling

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon
    TV Show: The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (also was on SNL)

    Clues: ‘the root of the problem’ alludes to The Roots, “kidding”/”funny” refer to Jimmy’s comedic background.

    Jimmy and his wife are the parents of a baby girl “Winnie” after many rounds of fertility treatments.

    Ace has written previously regarding Jimmy’s bad behavior:-(

  • missmarian

    It pains me to say it but:

    Jimmy Fallon
    His talk show

  • georgiegirl

    Gosh, I really hope it’s not Jimmy Fallon :[

  • fleur725

    Jimmy Fallon
    Late Night w Jimmy Fallon

    What a jerk.

  • rhchapin

    Nick Lachey??

  • suzq

    I hope this isn’t Jimmy Fallon

    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • GrannyGoose

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon
    TV Show: Late Night

    They recently had a baby via gestational carrier.

  • melissaelle

    Jimmy Fallon? Because of the hints at ‘funny?’ This is a horrible story and I feel bad pointing the finger at anyone!

  • lobsterbabe

    Jimmy Fallon

    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • quinner

    Jimmy fallon?

  • Jennafish1

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon :(
    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
    “Root” of the problem- his house bad, representing Philly, The Roots. Also, he had a little girl, Winnie, and the cutie in the pic is swaddled in pink. Please don’t this be Jimmy!

  • Daisy.DaisyAdair

    Wow, I hope this isn’t Jimmy Fallon (“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”). I really like his show. If this is true, he should seek counseling. Those feelings actually are not uncommon for people in his situation.

  • bloodking

    jimmy fallon. late night
    clue: “the root” is the band on his show

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

    How sad.

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

  • Weazle

    Hope it’s not Jimmy Fallon.

  • divawife

    As much as it hurts to write this because I <3 him, I say. Please tell me I am wrong :(

    Dad: Jimmy Kimmel

    TV Show: Jimmy Kimmel Live

  • luv the beach

    I don’t care who this is. This is really sad. Giving birth doesn’t make you a parent. raising a child makes you a parent (hope this isn’t Fallon )

  • MizGrandma

    Jimmy Fallon

    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    Jimmy Fallon, Late Night. He and his wife had a daughter through a surrogate. What a jerk.

  • Northstar

    Long-time fertility issues, “root of the problem” = Roots (band), funny = comedian.

    Jimmy Fallon.

    If this is true he is a MAJOR jerk, an idiot, and undeserving of fatherhood. And I won’t watch his show.

    My heart goes out to the mother and baby. Hopefully their love for one another can be strong enough to overcome the loser father.

  • marashin

    Jimmy Fallon. What a pig.
    Late night with Jimmy Fallon

  • Gigi Marie

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon
    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • hbb2699

    Jimmy fallon
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • Ivee

    Jimmy Fallon
    Late Night

  • stolidog

    Jimmy Fallon? that would truly suck.

  • Gingi1976

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon
    Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • FunnyFace

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon
    TV Show: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

  • Soni123

    Sad, but I think it’s Jimmy Fallon

  • shampagne

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • silence1534

    Jimmy Fallon

    Late Night

  • michelex23

    I really hope this isn’t him. I don’t believe it is, but can’t think of anyone else:

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon
    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

    Why I think it’s him: Baby in the pic has lots of pink – he had a girl, they talk about funny – he’s funny, he’s an actor (movies and SNL, root of the problem – The Roots are his band

    Why I don’t think it’s him: BG said SO instead of wife (I figured they just would’ve said wife/spouse), he seems so happy with the baby :(

  • babalouche

    Jimmy Fallon

  • Dad: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • ironeagle

    Jimmy Fallon? Late Night with Jimmy Fallon…. i hope not but i know from interviews they tried hard for a long time and ended up using a surragate….

  • kspeedian

    Jimmy Fallon is the only person I can think of who used a surrogate… He’s so nice though so I’m thinking it can’t be him

  • kspeedian

    Seems nice anyway*

  • luvprue1

    Jimmy Fallon .

  • PumpkinPie

    Jimmy Fallon! Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

  • whowassheilahgraham

    Jimmy Fallon. He’s admitted he and his wife had to go the surrogate route.



  • langleav23

    jimmy fallon?

    late night with jimmy fallon

  • bigapplechick

    I’ve heard he had a make out session with a cocktail waitress at a bar in the Flatiron district. Waitress was thrilled until she heard he was engaged to be married.

    • muuuuu

      He lives in Gramercy Park which is right by Flatiron, and I’ve heard stories like this before about him. This just makes it even sadder. Now I feel *really* bad for his wife.

  • muuuuu

    Dad: Jimmy Fallon

    TV Show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

    The more I hear about him and his issues (the cheating, the drinking, and now this), the more I wonder how I even liked the guy. This is terrible, I feel so bad for his wife and baby right now.

  • kellyinchains

    Oh, man, I know everyone’s right, saying it’s Jimmy Fallon, and it ALL is just WRONG, and HEARTBREAKING. I have NO WORDS.

  • greeneyze

    I think Jimmy Fallon is too easy of an answer.

    !! PLUS – the hint says S.O. -or- Significant Other. Jimmy has a wife, so the Blind would have said wife.

    I think it’s time to consider someone else. I watch Jimmy’s show every night and the way he talks about his daughter is very loving.

    • mugofmead111

      I agree that Jimmy would be too easy, but he *does* fit. He went public about using a surrogate and he “tries” to be funny for a living. :)

      I was about to guess Kanye and Kim K. but Kaye really isn’t a TV star; Kim is.

    • muuuuu

      I think sometimes BG uses S.O. as a hint just to make it seem not so obvious. Someone’s significant other can also be their wife or husband.

    • wfreshie

      it was obvious who this is about, maybe that’s why they said significant other, it would have made it WAY too easy to figure out who it is if they said wife

  • scumby

    Jimmy Fallon another pathetic Capital One spokesman

  • malkatz

    Unfortunately I think this is Neil Patrick Harris. “S.O” is gender neutral and NPH openly stated that he “didn’t love” his children until a certain point.

    Plus, two men obviously need outside help with the pregnancy process.

    • FairyMay9

      Except there is a specific mention of a wife, so I don’t think it’s NPH.

      I do think this is Jimmy. Breaks my heart, ugh!

    • Booboo1068

      The Blind refers to a baby (singular). When a BI is possibly about more than one child it refers to ‘child(ren)’ or similar. It also says now that the baby is here…NPH’s are just over three years old.

  • CookieRaider

    This is really sad.

  • Booboo1068

    Whoever this is needs more than counselling, he needs to be called on the mat for the abusive way he’s treating his wife (remember your vows) AND new baby daughter. BTW there are many studies showing babies can feel the negative energy around them and, yes, it DOES effect them. He only proves being a sperm donor doesn’t make you a real father – THAT title is EARNED. There are millions who adopt children and raise them the same as if they were biological. If his sperm was used than he is the BIOLOGICAL father. We have friends who adopted and they told their kids from early on their mother DID give birth to them – not through her belly but her heart with their daddy’s heart and that they were a special gift. So great huh??

    Grow up guy! Seriously one day you might lose your family ( you know your wife who loves you in spite of being a jerk and YOUR daughter) and then what?

    • wendy hood

      We are living in a world of adult babies. It is only going to get worse, so strap in and enjoy the ride!

    • Mauna Loa

      Actually, Boo, most adoptees don’t like the term “real parent,” especially when it is used by a non-adoptee who isn’t familiar with the adoption experience. We are the product of all our parents as DNA cannot be denied. To deny a part of ourselves is to, in essence, deny ourselves. There is a lot of ignorance on issues of adoption and many of the issues adoptees experience are also felt by children of assisted reproduction. There is no sense created any kind of mythology around adoption. We are well aware of our status from the get-go. Just as infants feel this negative energy, they are also well aware of the trauma and loss of their original parent.

      • Mauna Loa

        Oops! I meant to write to deny a parent – biological or adopted – is to deny a part of ourselves. Oh, and if you know children of donors, they consider these people parents, not donors and crave the same honesty about familial connections that we all do.

  • HuckleBerryFriend

    Nancy, take your real baby and get a real divorce.

  • glitteringirl

    Ugh–kick him to the curb! What a jerk, he doesn’t deserve to be a dad and that poor child deserves better.

    Gorgeous picture–what a sweetie!

  • slantrhyme

    Nancy, get rid of this f’ing loser.

    Jimmy Fallon, get counseling.

  • Sarabeth

    Noo. How do we know this is Jimmy Fallon? What is the story here? And isn’t Jimmy married? Why would it say SO? I’m torn.

  • sugarbread

    no wonder fallon and loser timberfake are such good friends
    it’s all about MMMEEEEEE

  • mugofmead111

    For those of you who like for it NOT to be Jimmy Fallon…who else do you think it could be?

    Who’s a TV star who recently had a baby…and has a wife who is not (that) famous? (If a surrogate was used, the wife wouldn’t have been showing…unless the wife wore pregnancy padding too!) If the person didn’t go public about using a surrogate, then how does one explain the sudden appearance of a baby?

  • seattlegirl

    I am so sad right now. Is it possible this is just partly true? This really sounds like something he might say in private, i.e. with no one around, so who would have been there to hear it and be a source? Is it possible he just feels a little disconnected from the baby? Or is he truly a total cheating drinking A-hole worst excuse for a husband? I just don’t want to believe it. I just bought two tickets to his comedy tour next month. :-( damnit Jimmy, why you gotta be like that?

  • Oh no please don’t be Jimmy Fallon. I love that guy but this blond is probably going to change that.

  • Kyiaj

    JImmy Fallon doesn’t go home in general.

  • Lisha

    Everyone here seems convinced that it’s Fallon, but the first name I thought of was Tom Arnold. Did he and his wife use a surrogate?

    • muuuuu

      Tom Arnold’s wife got pregnant after IVF. She carried and delivered their baby. Fallon’s really the only one who fits this blind.

  • IAmSage

    (New member …first time posting – *LOVE* this site!)
    I’m thinking maybe it’s Steve Martin who just became a 1st time dad to a baby girl back in April (2013), after 6 years of marriage. He’s 67-years old, so 6 years is a long time to wait, unless one is having fertility problems. Plus the title of the article “JERK Dad” – Steve Martin was the star of the movie “The Jerk”. Only thing throwing me off is “Tv Show”, unless you count his numerous scheduled as well as unscheduled appearances on “Saturday Night Live” ??

    • NinaMelpomene

      Steve Martin

      New member here, too! I had to finally register because I was reading through this all thinking “Oh, no, no, Fallon, don’t it be you, Fallon!”
      If it’s Jimmy, on account of Juvonen’s Finnish ancestry I’d kick Jimmy’s butt from NY to Finland.
      I’d also hate this jerk dad to be someone else but Steve Martin. He HAS done numerous TV gigs, yes, ever since The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in late sixties.
      I never ever would have thought of him while reading this, but definitely seeing the possibility now – I say WTG, IAmSage!

    • greeneyze

      Good catch on the Jerk reference. This is a good one, I think too many people jump on the bandwagon that everyone else has guessed.

    • mugofmead111

      I would consider Steve Martin more of a movie star (or a star period) than a TV star at this point. So, that part doesn’t quite fit.

  • NinaMelpomene

    (Sorry for the “typo fever” and “missing words madness” I got carried away, it seems…)

  • aemish

    I hope his wife lets him no that the baby really IS hers and if he doesn’t want to really be in a family, don’t let the doorknob hit you!

  • kermit1969

    Star: Chris Pratt he had a baby with Anna Faris

    Show: Parks and Recreation

    Jimmy Fallon is just too obvious -cannot be true.

  • essie r

    This guy needs a basic bio class whoever he is . This was written for Jimmy but I don’t believe it. I didn’t know Farris and Pratt used a surrogate I guess that fits too.

  • winona

    Obviously “root of the problem” confirms Jimmy, as his house band is The Roots.