Real Estate Rekindling Romance

house for sale 3[Blind Gossip] When celebrities buy real estate in a city in which their ex lives, it’s easy to speculate whether or not they are trying to rekindle their romance.

Well, this very famous musical celebrity is not buying a house in a major city because her celebrity ex lives there. In fact, she is buying a house despite the fact that he lives there! The house is strictly for business reasons.

So fans on both sides should stop stirring up trouble! She doesn’t love him and she doesn’t hate him. He doesn’t love her and he doesn’t hate her. The relationship wasn’t even a real love story to begin with! It was just for publicity.

In fact, they both love publicity so much that neither of the two of them is genuinely upset about the speculation swirling about them reuniting as a “couple”.  In fact, they both love publicity so much that you should not be at all surprised to see a staged casual date in the future.




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