She Demands Perfection Without Airbrushing

makeup airbrush[Pop Bitch] Which young actress, highly paid to front a cosmetics firm, has been costing them a fortune in re-touching and re-shoots as “she doesn’t want to look as if she has been airbrushed”?


Cosmetics Company:

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      • phoenix says

        reading this comment while on mute during a conference call… and thank God! I just burst out laughing uncontrollably!

    • PinkSlip says

      Mike, I’m shocked: what on earth would make you think Joan has been under the knife? I find your criticisms insensitive and rude. She’s a natural, or my name’s not Pinkslip….


      • sherlock says

        Under the knife,surely you mean attacked with a knife.Her face is like a pair of tights stuffed full of walnuts.

  1. gb5539 says

    Very vague, but maybe:
    Actress: Emma Stone
    Cosmetics Company: Revlon.
    She always looks quite natural in the promo pictures for Revlon.

    • Katmandu says

      Can’t possibly be Katie Holmes. 1) she isn’t young. 2) she is no doubt grateful for ANY paying gig and won’t be rocking the boat making stupid demands re: airbrushing. She is nothing to look at w/o makeup. Once she has some plastered on, that’s as good as it will get, only airbrushing would make it any better.

  2. redstilettos says

    This could be soooo many: Emma W, Emma S, H Berry, Olivia W, Katie H, JLo, Eva Fangoria… Are Lea and Blake in cosmetic contracts?

  3. DollyWallbanger says

    My money is on KATE WINSLET for LANCOME.

    She’s been a huge advocate for embracing real bodies (remember when a mag photoshopped a few pounds off her years ago and she freaked?) and never going under the knife. She can’t look overly air brushed or all that talk is going to come back and bite her (in her very real) butt.

    First time poster – XOXO Ace!

  4. UKGoss says

    Since Popbitch is British (though it does cover international celebrities, obviously), my money is on:

    Keira Knightly


  5. JustGuessing says

    Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence
    Revlon or Dior

    I wouldn’t say taylor swift bc they refer to her as an “actress”.

  6. Lefemmenikita says

    Since it refers to YOUNG actress, the possibilities I can think of are: Lea Michele for L’Oreal; Emma Stone for Revlon or Blake Lively for L’Oreal.

    Out of all of these, I would probably say Lea Michele seems to be the most high maintenance

  7. lolamart says

    Actress: Reese Witherspoon

    Cosmetics Company: Avon

    is obvious! “RE-touching and RE-shoots”