Tell Me About Your Sister

teen girl 16[Blind Gossip] Love or hate this young pop star, you have to give her props for consistently treating her fans well.

A few nights ago, she went out to the theater in Los Angeles. There were the usual crowds of people swarming about, many yelling her name and trying to get her attention, and she was surrounded by huge bodyguards.

One teen boy called out to her, “My little sister loves you!”

For some reason, that remark caught the singer’s attention, and she turned around and walked back to the the young man, motioning to her bodyguards to let him through. “Well, where is she?” asked the star.

“She’s not allowed out this late,” said the teen.

“What’s her name? How old is she?” asked the star.

“Her name is Erin and she’s eleven and she is your biggest fan!”

“Well, how about if we get a photo together so you can show your little sister that we met?”

The singer posed with the teen boy for a photo and they chatted for a few more minutes about his little sister.

“Will you tell Erin that I said ‘Hi’ and that I wish I could have met her in person?”

“Absolutely!” replied the teen boy.

The boy went home and showed the photo to his little sister, and told her about how the star wanted to know everything about her. Erin promptly burst into tears. She was upset that didn’t meet the celeb herself… but thrilled beyond belief that the celeb had asked about her!

Other celebs: take note. THAT is how you build a loyal fan base!


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