Tell Me About Your Sister

teen girl 16[Blind Gossip] Love or hate this young pop star, you have to give her props for consistently treating her fans well.

A few nights ago, she went out to the theater in Los Angeles. There were the usual crowds of people swarming about, many yelling her name and trying to get her attention, and she was surrounded by huge bodyguards.

One teen boy called out to her, “My little sister loves you!”

For some reason, that remark caught the singer’s attention, and she turned around and walked back to the the young man, motioning to her bodyguards to let him through. “Well, where is she?” asked the star.

“She’s not allowed out this late,” said the teen.

“What’s her name? How old is she?” asked the star.

“Her name is Erin and she’s eleven and she is your biggest fan!”

“Well, how about if we get a photo together so you can show your little sister that we met?”

The singer posed with the teen boy for a photo and they chatted for a few more minutes about his little sister.

“Will you tell Erin that I said ‘Hi’ and that I wish I could have met her in person?”

“Absolutely!” replied the teen boy.

The boy went home and showed the photo to his little sister, and told her about how the star wanted to know everything about her. Erin promptly burst into tears. She was upset that didn’t meet the celeb herself… but thrilled beyond belief that the celeb had asked about her!

Other celebs: take note. THAT is how you build a loyal fan base!


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    • PandoraWolf says

      If my 11 year old was a huge Miley fan, I’d introduce her to EVERY AND ANYTHING ELSE til she came to her senses.

      • AntB says

        rude. she may be acting a bit out of control lately with her music/image/etc but she’s super sweet. most people have nothing but nice things to say about her and shes been known to be very kind to her fans.

  1. lovefifteen says

    Taylor Swift. She has been in LA for the past few days, and she treats her fans really well.

  2. NOTellebee says

    I think it’s T. Swift. Love her or hate her (admittedly, I LOVE HER NO SHAME), she’s always had a reputation for being sweet and generous with fans. Plus, she’s been in LA recently.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      There says “young”,and Britney is not young anymore.She’s over 30.
      Britney isn’t exactly nice and kind to her fans…i’ve read she doesn’t even touch them or let them touch her,and always has that awkward face near fans.
      I guess the blind is talking about a twenty-something girl,or a little younger.

      • royal eduardo says

        I’ve met Britney in person and I can tell you that she is very sweet to her fans, she talks to them and treats them exceptionally well.

        Though I do agree that this blind isn’t about her. It sounds like Taylor Swift but it could also be Miley.

      • thelasthigh says

        I’ll tell you one celeb most people don’t realize is amazing to her fans is Rihanna. She treats them like they’re all her actual friends, not just fans. Seeing her photos with fans from meet and greets is hilarious!

    • thelasthigh says

      oops didn’t mean to post that as a reply to anything. Weird.

      Britney is also very nice to fans, though.

  3. monsterlarry says

    Well the first person I thought of was Miley Cyrus. The “love her or hate her” comment first made me think of her, and I have also seen videos of her with fans and she is very kind to them.

  4. Ana-nj says

    It could be Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez as well. Clue being “love or hate”. Selena has a song called “I love you like a love song”. Also Selena has a little sister too maybe what the boy screamed at her made her though about her little sister too. But Demi is doing X-Factor in Los Angeles and she’s seen nice with the people and her fans.

  5. cupcakes says

    I’m going to say Demi Lovato because her management likes to plant fake stories about all their celebrities to make them look a certain way

  6. BitterBlondin says

    Sounds like Selena, and her team’s done a great job with the PR in terms of getting this “story” published as a Blind Gossip! :)

  7. babysalma122 says

    rihanna ? the “her” in italic at the end for me is like a hint about when she referred to her p*ssy as “she” lol

  8. PandoraWolf says

    Demi? I don’t know if anyone ‘hates’ her, unless it’s ‘hate that she lies about being sober when she’s not’.

    She seems like a really sweet kid. Don’t listen to her music, but I find myself rooting for her.

  9. robert3242 says

    I’ll guess Selena Gomez. It seems she’s been touring a lot, and she frequently tweets pictures of herself with swarms of her fans.

  10. hellywood says

    Taylor Swift. She’s been known to push her bodyguards aside to greet her fans.
    The picture shows a young girl w/book, probably textbook. A few weeks ago Taylor opened a new education center in Nashville funded by her $4million donation.

  11. LeahLynn28 says

    Could be any young “pop” star…but to be honest,she HAS to be nice to the fans,or she will lose all her fan base.There’s nothing worse than a nasty celebrity that doesn’t treat well the fans,the celebrity can lose everything,even popularity,money,and will be forgotten in few years.Fans grow up and move on fast…look what happened to the Jonas Brothers,the fans grew up,moved on and forgot them.
    Well,i’ll guess…Taylor Swift.”love or hate her” is a good clue.

  12. teacup says

    Very cute, refreshing story. I’m guessing Miley, because of the “love or hate her” comment.

    • ktbell05 says

      You should. She is a very talented, humble and a great role model. Sorry had to love on my Taylor:)

  13. Jennifer says

    I would have guessed Selena, but isn’t she on tour right now?

    But can we get some love for the wonderful brother in this item? Seriously, how many teenage boys would have done something like this for their little sisters? Made me smile.

  14. rudy says

    As much as I hate to admit, probably Taylor. She is very nice and friendly off stage. And my girl is singing one of Swiftie’s current hits so sweetly.

  15. Bradster says

    It was Taylor Swift at the premier for Enders Game at the Grauman Theater in LA. I know for a fact because I was there.

  16. GASP says

    I’m gonna go with Miley cause she said people either love or hate her plus she is super crazy about her fans! And doesn’t taylor still classify herself as a country artist?

  17. sweetangelz77 says

    Awesome brother! And this sounds like Selena, but what puts me off is the “love or hate this young pop star”…Selena isn’t really controversial like that. This is probably Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus. Or maybe one of the lesser famous pop stars…Ariana Grande or something.

  18. malkatz says

    Just saying… if this were a planted PR story, shouldn’t they have made it a little more transparent as to who it is, so their client’s competitors weren’t falsely identified as the subject?

  19. JaneDawson says

    Taylor Swift is 24 (not young enough to be called a young star) and not necessarily a pop act. Nobody hates Lovato or Gomez.

    Has to be Miley.

  20. mugofmead111 says

    This sounds like Taylor Swift.

    I’m going to rule out Miley for this reason: due to the change in Miley’s image, this young girl’s parent(s) might have dissuaded her from being a fan of Miley. :)

  21. ohgeez says

    i think Miley! she’s always been excellent to her fans, like literally since hannah montana

  22. romancestagram says

    I’d guess Miley Cyrus, she’s actually pretty good to her fans (or so i’ve seen from fan stories) or Taylor Swift.