Freaking Out Over Pregnancy

woman body baby[Blind Gossip] This female celebrity is pregnant. You may already know that by now.

However, what you don’t know is that she is not very happy about it!

Allow us to clarify. She is happy about being pregnant. After all, she went through fertility treatments to ensure a pregnancy. But what she is NOT happy about is being pregnant with twins! That’s right. There is not just one bun in her oven. There are two!

You see, our celeb prides herself on having a great body. She works really hard at it, and she was fully prepared to do the work associated with getting back into shape after giving birth. But as soon as she saw pics of what other women looked like post-multiple-birth, she freaked out! So much skin! So many stretch marks! She is convinced that her body will NEVER recover after giving birth to twins. She is now talking – very quietly – about doing a selective reduction.


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      • Stackhouse says

        This is not about intelligence, this is about rational thinking – and not all intelligent people are rational. Thus, whether Gwen Stefani is intelligent or not, this could very well be be her. To me, this sounds like someone with a serious disorder; either with an ED or with a PD – perhaps both, which is not unusual.

        With that said, I’m all for ab*rtion (your body, your choice – this is not the 50s); but aborting a planned pregnancy (emphasis on “planned”) solely based on superficial reasons, is very disturbing to me. If you don’t want don’t want the baby itself, for whatever reason, that’s fine. But, when you purposely got pregnant, but then plan on terminating it, just because you don’t want to get fat; then that’s a sign of some seriously disturbed thinking. Hence my thinking it might be a much deeper issue we’re dealing with here.

    • PandoraWolf says

      I don’t imagine that anyone who miscarried a baby would selectively reduce twins. She likely kept her pregnancy quiet in the fear that once it got out, she could lose the baby again, which would be devastating.

      I just hope that, if this is true and the she does do this, that the “acceptable” twin NEVER NEVER NEVER finds out.

      • sugarbread says

        gwen is known for having serious body dismorphia isues. she is obsessed w/ being thin. and red lipstick and bleach blonde, and looking like her husband’s first boyfriend Marilyn.. it’s a weird obsession she’s trying to compete w/ a guy for her man.. not gonna happen. but she has issues!!
        I hope she has 2 girls though.. that would be awesome.

    • ThinkerBelle says

      Oh yeah, that makes much more sense than Gwen Stefani.
      Zoe has many body issues so this would make total sense.

      • lovefifteen says

        Yeah, maybe I am naive, but my impression of Gwen Stefani is that she’s a good-hearted person. I just cannot imagine her aborting a wanted baby because of stretch marks. Rachel, on the other hand ….

  1. mugofmead111 says

    Whomever this is should have talked with J. Lo, Mariah, and Angelina. Their bodies don’t look worse for the wear. J. Lo has some bikini pics out. (They might have spent good money on doctors to ensure that as well.)

    My guess would be Gwen Stefani? She’s 43.

    • wendy hood says

      Agreed. I don’t see the reason to freak out unless she has an intense fear of plastic surgery.

    • raslebol says

      I don’t believe she’s Gwen stefani because Stephani is not pro-choice ( in 90s,she refused to sing a pro-choice fest) and i believe she had some problem to have another babies

    • Lelaina Pierce says

      I also don’t think it is Gwen. I’m intrigued by her…always have been, since I am around her age and was “coming of age” when No Doubt was on a very small stage at a very large venue in my town.

      Anyway, I read a quote from her, after her son was born, where she said she is very vain and she hopes that her son could help her to not be so vain. Because she has two children now, and also a rockin body and more than her share of confidence, I just don’t see that she would be that insecure.

      My money would be on Rachel Zoe due to her obvious body image issues.

  2. gadgetgal says

    Gwen Stefani is my only guess here.

    She’s 43, so the fertility treatment make sense. She took forever to announce her pregnancy, and when she did, she did it with a photo and not any kind of formal statement. Even though she’s already had two kids, I am going with the prospect of twins freaking her out about her body.

    Sad that anyone, whoever this is, would do something like this just to keep their body. I am most definitely pro-choice, but this is just awful.

    • itismeme says

      Agree! Most of these guesses are women that can afford to get their bodies back either with hard work and help ( trainer, nutritionist, etc) or just help (snip, lift).

  3. suzq says

    that is horrible – I think this is the first blind that I have thought “I don’t want to know”

  4. SouthJerseyGirl says

    I have no clue but whoever it is, I hope they reconsider. The vanity here is just too much to take in.

    • Loves the Latin Boys says


      Many families would consider this a blessing, especially following IVF treatment.

      • PandoraWolf says

        My BF has FOUR kids and if I got pregnant with twins, I would still be stoked!

        Broke and frazzled, of course, and praying for twin girls to even out the numbers count, but there is no way I could look into the eyes of the one I gave birth to and NOT think of the one I didn’t keep.

  5. MissNormaDesmond says

    The only names that come to mind are Gwen Stefani and Kerry Washington. I hope it’s neither, but if I had to hazard a guess, I’d go with Gwen. Her body is definitely a huge part of her image.

    • wendy hood says

      Kerrys body has become a huge part of hers in her short career. First interview I saw of her, she was talking about advice from an actor to keep her curves. Whered those go? Now shes a lollipop head like the rest.

      • mugofmead111 says

        Yes, Kerry’s career only recently started to get hot, but it hasn’t been that short. She’s been in other stuff (like Save the Last Dance with Julia Stiles years ago).

        There was speculation she was the subject of another BI here (the pregnancy of a TV show actress being the reason behind a quickie wedding). If that is Kerry, then I’m inclined to think Kerry got pregnant naturally (if she *is* pregnant of course). :)

  6. memommamo says

    I am guessing Rachel Zoe or Gwen Stefani. I hope not – how could you ever choose between children? Sad if this is true.

  7. tarbaby says

    Rachel Zoe – wouldn’t surprise me in the least. This is so WRONG on every level. How pathetic to be so consumed about personal looks to even consider this as a “choice”. Selfish.

  8. LC_Says says

    Kendra Wilkinson! Her son is just about the cutest kid I’ve ever seen, why wouldn’t she want to have 2 more with that gene pool! :)

  9. tarbaby says

    And another thing to go with the above comment – children are NOT accessories, like a purse or a huge diamond ring. Too many, these days, seem to be having children for the wrong reasons.

    • YoGo8c says

      Ew, didn’t realise what a ‘selective reduction’ actually was until I looked it up.

      Retracting the Beyonce guess because I don’t wanna speculate on who would have an abortion just to slim down.

  10. snerlybird says

    Oh HELLZ NAW! This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on this site, and there have been some fracked up things on here. I hope this is just a sick fantasy someone made up about Gwen Stefani. Lord have mercy!

      • mugofmead111 says

        Speaking of despicable, it sounds like the subject of this BI (if true) should hook up with the Married to Jonas crew. Supposedly they’re desperately looking for an infant. They can pay this woman to have plastic surgery to get her body back.

        Ugh…that whole thing sounds so wrong.

    • happybee says

      ^This! There have been other blinds that have suggested her “surprise” pregnancy was not a surprise at all because she was doing fertility treatments.

      • missmissy says

        I think she has lost that down to earthiness she used to have. I thought there were rumors of her having more issues with her weight than she lets on…wasnt she on a mag cover lately talking about being in shape??

        That said I like the Rachel Zoe guesses.

    • creeping_thistle says

      Probably not Kate Winslet, she’s already at a very late stage of her pregnancy (and looks wonderful), and she never was the kind who worked hard for a tight body.

  11. danni111972 says

    Whoever this is doesn’t deserve to be a mother. Obviously she wants a child because eits “all the rage” now.

  12. Bromance1979 says

    Halle Berry?

    Whoever this is, what a horrible person! Who cares that your body may not be PERFECT? Who would abort one of their children, but keep the other, just to save their body?

  13. KitKat73 says

    Im guessing Rachel Zoe because she is over 40 and she said she planned to have another baby, likely used fertility treatments given her age and she is extremely vain and very very skinny.

    My other guess would be Gwen Stefanni who is also over 40 and known for her fit figure especially her abs, but the use of the word celebrity over singer makes me think its more likely to be Zoe.

  14. I Am PunkA says

    You can always recover surgically. Always. Not need to off a twin when a Hollywood doc can make you good as new.

  15. mostlylurker says

    i gotta say ace, where and how do you get this very very tailored and very professional pics to go with the story. and so quickly too?

  16. BilltownBetty says

    I guess Rachel Zoe. She is 41, might have had trouble getting pregnant and definitely would freak out over her potential post pregnancy body….

  17. Lizzard1012 says

    I’m going to guess Kendra Wilkenson Baskett. She is known for her body and Playboy and prides herself on looking hot.

  18. FairyMay9 says

    That is really pathetic, whomever it is. Selective reduction is for ensuring viability, not for preserving one’s figure. I hope your intel is wrong, here, I really do.

    My guess is Megan Fox, who is extremely body-conscious and depends on that, rather than her talent.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Megan already gave birth to her second child not too long ago.

      Megan is still also relatively young (definitely under 30) so she is not a likely candidate for fertility treatments (unless she has some other underlying condition).

  19. MaybeImRight says

    You know going into fertility treatments that there is a chance of multiples. It’s unfortunate that someone would consider a selective reduction after having to use help to get pregnant in the first place, especially just out of vanity. There are plenty of ways to get rid of the stretch marks and sagging skin, etc. Shame on whomever this is.

  20. Sequoia says

    At first I thought Jennifer Aniston — but that’s only coke-bloat. “A selective reduction”? This shallow, vain, self-absorbed celebrity should never be a mother!

  21. mommagoosed says

    Is this Jen A.? Is so, she should take comfort in the fact that Angelina regained her pre-twin body. 😮

    • Sequoia says

      …after incessant starvation and purging, until the veins pop out on her forehead. Yes, AngieJ looks out of this world…

  22. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Because it says female celebrity and not actress or singer I am going to go with Kendra. Her body is what made her famous and since she talked a lot about the struggle of getting in shape after the birth of her first son I could see her being upset about this. Its crazy some women would kill for this, but alas Hollyweird strikes again.

    If not Kendra then possibly Gwen but that seems wrong…

    • FairyMay9 says

      I sort of dismissed anyone who’s been pregnant before, cuz unless you let your personal assistants spoon feed you, and wipe your butt for you, too, if you’re pregnant you’re going to end up learning alot about the facts of pregnancy, and this should come as no shock, even if you had only a singleton the first time. I mean, seriously, if this is someone who’s birthed their own baby before, then they may be too stupid to have been allowed to reproduce in the first place.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Gwen supposedly really wanted to have a girl. (She has two boys.)

      If it’s her, how would one select which twin to “reduce”? Get rid of the boy (assuming the twins are fraternal)?

      The Rachel Zoe guess makes sense though.

    • mugofmead111 says

      I somehow don’t think Jennifer Love Hewitt fits. It seems she’s been looking to settle down and have a family for years. Being preggo with two would be a bonus.

  23. FairyMay9 says

    What’s with all the Jennifer Aniston guesses? Has it even been announced anywhere that she’s pregnant? Have I missed something? Or is Jennifer Aniston an obligatorily required guess in all female blinds?

    • GossipProblem says

      US reported she was pregnant. She denied it. But BG ran a blind a while back about someone who is pregnant but will not announce until her 6th month. The concensus was that it was Aniston.

  24. ohlily says

    Awful. I am strongly pro-choice but this is exactly the kind of behavior that causes the Right to pounce. Seriously, like she doesn’t have the money for a tummy tuck and some lipo?

    • wfreshie says

      yeah, and there is a new laser treatment for stretch marks, so it just seems so ridiculous.

  25. AndreiM says

    Gwen Stefani.
    “talking – very quietly” seems a hint on her/her band biggest hit song “Don’t Speak”.

  26. nonsequiturchica says

    This sounds like someone that hasn’t had a child before and is newly pregnant. I hope this celebrity reconsiders. There are many women out there that would LOVE to be in her shoes.

  27. mamacita3 says

    Selective reduction??? Strictly for vanity? This is just disgusting and I too hope this is incorrect information.

    • mugofmead111 says

      If the subject were so vain, why not elect to have a surrogate carry the baby in the first place? Someone else gets the stretch marks. Problem solved. :)

  28. inquisitivemind says

    This is awful! I don’t have a clue who it could be, it would make more sense if it was someone who had never had a child before. I know Kerry Washington is newly pregnant but I doubt she would be the type of person to do anything like this, she has an amazing body but she doesn’t seem to fixate on it (could be wrong, but she just seems naturally thin, and way too down to earth / genuine). And I’m not sure who else is newly pregnant, extremely upsetting whoever this is and I hope they reconsider.

  29. GossipProblem says

    I feel like it must be someone who hasn’t had a kid yet. But then again you can argue that it must be someone with several children as they would have no problem getting rid of one of them. Idk on this one. I really hope it’s not Gwen Stefani. While she has a lot of pride in her appearance, I don’t see her being so cavalier with a baby. BUT she did admit to the fact that Gavin never sees her without makeup (bc she won’t allow it) and that she carries a Q-tip and hair bleach to do constant touch-ups on her roots. I’m back to 0.