Freaking Out Over Pregnancy

woman body baby[Blind Gossip] This female celebrity is pregnant. You may already know that by now.

However, what you don’t know is that she is not very happy about it!

Allow us to clarify. She is happy about being pregnant. After all, she went through fertility treatments to ensure a pregnancy. But what she is NOT happy about is being pregnant with twins! That’s right. There is not just one bun in her oven. There are two!

You see, our celeb prides herself on having a great body. She works really hard at it, and she was fully prepared to do the work associated with getting back into shape after giving birth. But as soon as she saw pics of what other women looked like post-multiple-birth, she freaked out! So much skin! So many stretch marks! She is convinced that her body will NEVER recover after giving birth to twins. She is now talking – very quietly – about doing a selective reduction.


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