The First Big Reason For This Actor’s Divorce

divorce 16[Blind Gossip] This actor is getting a divorce. The couple will say that it is due to “irreconcilable differences.” Want to know the real reasons? Of course you do!

There are actually two big reasons for this divorce. We will give you the first: dr*gs! He has become a total c*kehead. He refuses to go to reh*b, and she just can’t deal with him anymore. He may be incredibly handsome on the outside, but he is super messed-up on the inside!


Wife (may or may not be famous):

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  1. KD_Dugue says

    Actor: Tom Welling

    Wife: Jamie White Welling

    (he’s the one that got Zac Efron on Coke….my guess)

    • Lil Debbull says

      Think you got it! I didn’t know who he was until I googled him, but I thought it must be someone associated with some super hero project- “big” and “super.”

  2. dontpanik says

    For no other reason than I have no idea and I think I’m way off but you used “Big” twice:

    Actor:Tom Hanks

    Wife: Rita Wilson

    • sugarbread says

      clint eastwood .. duh.. screams cokehead.. that”emptychair”
      had to be on drugs…
      dina eastwood ftw

      • Cinzia says

        I just find it difficult to believe an 80++ year old is a cokehead! But DE did just file for divorce…

  3. sabrina325 says

    Actor: Tom Welling?
    Wife: Jamie White-Welling?

    I really hope that this guess is wrong though.

    • samsayssix says

      From TMZ: “Jamie White Welling filed the docs on October 16, and in the papers she cites “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their break-up.” So it’s probably them.

      • PandoraWolf says

        If filed in Cali, they don’t give you many options besides this. I think when I filed, the second option was that your spouse was certifiably insane or something like that. I’m sure a lot of divorcing people might CLAIM this, but proving it is different.

        But what’s reason #2? It’s Hollywood, so cheating, ego, your career is doing better than mine…

  4. guessingbg says

    I just read an article about Tom Welling’s wife filing for divorce and citing ‘irreconcilable differences.’ I hope it’s not him. He will always be ‘superman’ to me. :(

  5. FairyMay9 says

    Fascinelli is a possibilitiy, but I think that based on how many blinds are about these people and a recent photo of them both in black & white outfits, that it’s the OVEREXPOSED EVERYWHERE INCLUDING HERE Jenners.

  6. Runningdude1 says

    The picture looks like the MadMen cut outs and thus I think its Jon Hamm…however, he isnt married…but has been with his gf for 15 years…so maybe in CA which is a community property state…they would have to divorce…

  7. mugofmead111 says

    Please tell me Robert Downey, Jr. is not having drug problems for the umpteenth time. :(

    His current is named Susan.

  8. PrettyInPink84 says

    Tom Welling
    Jamie White
    Clues: Super. He played Clark Kent I’m Smallville. And he is gorgeous!

  9. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Not sure. The clues seem to point to Tom Hanks (First “Big” Reason), but he’s certainly not incredibly handsome on the outside. The B&W images make me think of Mad Men but Jon Hamm is not married to his partner. So, no clue really.

  10. GossipProblem says

    Actor: Tom Welling
    Wife: Jamie White Welling

    Seeing this now makes me think Tom is a choice for another blind involving him and a younger actor and coke

  11. lindy555 says

    Tom Welling and Jamie White Welling. Clues: “super” referring to his role on Smallville and a news report about their divorce also said irreconcilable differences.

  12. amyliz730 says

    Tom Welling from smallville and his wife Jamie?
    I’m thinking maybe because of the use of the word “super” it could be hinting at smallville

  13. Selene81 says

    Tom Welling….and this fits in with the previous blind about the “older actor” that “younger actor” Zac Efron is furious with.

  14. leseid2152 says

    Tom Welling wife Jamie White, clue is “super” bc he was Superman on Smallville, and there was a blind a bit ago about Zac Efron being mad at a co-star for giving up his drug issues and the co-star was Tom Welling.

  15. marinara1 says

    Tom Welling and Jamie White Welling? They’ve been out of the news for a while but it was surprising to hear their divorce…
    Plus, Tom acted in Smallville, any relation to the “big” in the title?

  16. mrsjaymack says

    “incredibly” and “super” are making me think of someone who played the incredible hulk. so:
    mark ruffalo and sunrise coigney; or
    ed norton and shauna robertson (although, they just got married); or
    eric bana and rebecca gleeson.

  17. Nic81 says

    Tom Welling
    Jamie White Welling

    Filed for divorce on October 16th citing irreconcilable differences

  18. Christian says

    Actor: Tom Welling
    Wife: Jamie White

    Clues: He is SUPER messed-up
    The heart in the image looks a bit like Superman’s “S” shield

  19. bjd44 says

    There are not enough details in this blind item to remotely know who this is related to….could be pretty much anyone in Hollyweird!

  20. NYCMEL says

    Tom Welling
    Jamie White Welling

    Clue: “Super” messed-up – he played a young Superman on TV in “Smallville”

    I feel like he was in another blind, maybe with Zac Efron – two stars getting smashed together on drugs?

  21. lobsterbabe says

    Tom Welling
    Jamie White-Welling

    They just announced she filed for divorce, and the word super used in the blind could be for his role as Superman in Smallville.

  22. sammyslamma10 says

    Tom Welling and Jamie white.

    On a side note…. Maybe this is adding fuel to the blind about the younger actor blaming his coke addiction on a older “good looking” actor that he worked with. Here’s the link:

  23. scarlettone says

    Tom Welling. His wife just filed for divorce. Big coke problem. Partied nonstop with Zac Efron in Austin while filming and while Zac was doing promo for another movie. Zac had to go into rehab to recover. Welling is gorgeous for sure but he needs rehab.

  24. LeahLynn28 says

    Tom Welling and his wife?
    “Super” is a big clue…he was the younger Superman on Smallville.
    He’s so cute,i admit..too bad he’s on drugs.Drugs are like plagues…oh my.That’s sad.

  25. mugofmead111 says

    The BI says there are *two* big reasons for the divorce; I’d like to know what #2 is. Or is that another clue?

  26. bjd44 says

    “Super messed up” is referring to Tom Welling and his wife, who just filed for divorce after 10 years together….

  27. Whatzmyname says

    Tom Welling is gorgeous! I hope he gets help for his addictions whenever he realizes he has them. He was married 11 years which is extremely long for hollywood standards.

  28. Nofwgiven says

    It does look like it could be Tom Welling, non-famous wife just filed for divorce (irreconcilable differences) and it matches the previous blind item.

  29. hmw0250 says

    Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr…although, I reallly hope not….he seems too smart to get on coke…but it IS hollywood! :( they announced their split today.

  30. beantowngal says

    tom welling and jamie white 100%

    tom welling for zac effron on c*ke during the filming of ‘parkland’

  31. allie27 says

    New to the Blind and LOVE – I think this is Tom Welling and Jamie White-Welling. In rare citing back in the fall, he has lost weight and he look like he could be using. He was a top model back in the day he may know the drug scene. He was in Parkland with Zac and his behavior was just crazy after the filming wrapped.

    He is so thin now he may have a hidden problem