They Will Never Be Really Married

engagement ring 18[Blind Gossip] It’s always happy news when a man and a woman get engaged, right?

Not in this case! There is actually someone very close to the couple who is definitely NOT happy with the news!

It’s the future groom’s boyfriend!

Yes, he has a boyfriend. Yes, his fiancé knows about the boyfriend. Yes, the boyfriend knew that the engagement was coming. That doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it!

In fact, the boyfriend is actually annoyed that his beau has taken the relationship this far. He is telling friends,  that although the couple may be engaged, “They will never be REALLY married.”

What do you think he means by that?



Groom’s Boyfriend:

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  1. brobdingnagian says

    Bride: Kim Kardashian

    Groom: Kanye West

    Groom’s Boyfriend: Ricardo Tisci

    Wow, I he means that this is just another publicity stunt!! They will break up before the wedding ever happens!

  2. hmswolfstar says

    Bride: Perrie Edwards
    Groom: Zayn Malik
    Boyfriend: Liam Payne

    ’cause we all know that Liam looks grumpy as hell in all of the interviews about it

    • NYCMEL says

      I thought this too – I know the sexy pick is Kim Kardashian and Kanye, but he has a baby with her, why would it be so far-fetched for them to get married?

      • guessingbg says

        I’m back to guessing Zayn. Because, let’s face it, Ricardo should be more pissed about a baby (unless Kim was some kind of surrogate) than an engagement. And if Zerrie is PR, then it would be known among the group, though videos suggest it was a surprise to the One Direction boys, so I don’t know. THIS is one blind I want solved.

  3. Dizzy says

    Bride: Kim K
    Groom; Kanye
    Grooms Boyfriend : Riccardo

    That ring is exactly like the one Kris H gave to Kim when they got engaged.

  4. payneheart says

    Bride: Perrie Edwards
    Groom: Zayn Malik
    Groom’s Boyfriend: Liam Payne

    Really hoping this one is true!!

  5. memommamo says

    Haha. Kim, Kanye, and whoever the dude was that put Kim in that awful floral getup when she was pregnant.

  6. letztenbrief says

    Bride: Eleanor Calder

    Groom: Louis Tomlinson

    Groom’s Boyfriend: Harry Styles

    Please, no… I want to be wrong.

  7. jocar says

    I cannot fathom how women who have multiple revenue streams and are rich, rich, rich (Kim K.) feel the need to be married. Besides, she already had one gay best friend (Cheban). There is no stigma these days to having a child without being married. I also cannot understand the need to stay in the closet (Kanye and the designer). I think a huge part of his anger comes from being deathly afraid of being outed. Kanye just looks like an a-z-z now. He will suffer worse when the K. family starts dreaming up stories as to why there wasn’t any wedding!

  8. LarryShipper22 says

    Bride:Eleanor Calder

    Groom:Louis Tomlinson

    Groom’s Boyfriend:Harry Styles
    Only my suggestions

  9. LarryIsMyLife789456 says

    OMG I hope it’s not but what if it’s:

    Bride: Eleanor Calder
    Groom:Louis Tomlinson
    Groom’s Boyfriend: Harry Styles

  10. blackmahn says

    This is most likely Kim and Kanye with the boyfriend being Riccardo Tisci. But it could also be Kaley Cuoco who got engaged to Ryan Sweeting. Have no idea who his boyfriend could be. But it was just a minute ago that Kaley was set up with Henry Cavill who thoroughly botched that fake setup. So, one can only imagine her hurried engagement is also a bit suspect. But perhaps we’ll get another blind on this one later if, indeed, KimYe is the object of this one.

    • ToadKisser says

      My mind went to Kaley & her new dude as well. If this isn’t them, there’s bound to be some other dirt coming soon about them. I think the only reason it hasn’t popped up yet is because he’s not famous enough for anyone to care.

  11. idkNicki says

    Bride:Eleanor Calder

    Groom:Louis Tomlinson

    I thought it was just rumours that they will be engaged. I feel really bad for Harry.

    • idkNicki says

      Bride:Eleanor Calder

      Groom:Louis Tomlinson

      Groom’s Boyfriend:Harry Styles

      I thought it was just rumours that they will be engaged. I feel really bad for Harry. **

  12. modelle18 says

    Bride: Kim K

    Groom: Kanye West

    Groom’s Boyfriend: Ricardo Tisi (sp?) from Givenchy

    they’e getting married for the publicity and public image

    hint the ring looks identical to Kims new ring, which is aplay of her old ring from Chris Humphries

    you must have no standards in life to be a beard and life your entire life as if its one big production, sucks to be them. i wouldnt trade in my honest life for any amount of money in the world

    • ToadKisser says

      Somewhere I heard she idolizes Elizabeth Taylor and plans to be married at least 8 times, while accumulating a huge collection of diamonds. Somewhere poor Liz is somersaulting in her grave, screaming, “FAKE MARRIAGES TO GAY GUYS AND MORONS DONT COUNT, YOU GIANT @SS WITH FAKE EYELASHES!!”

  13. wendy hood says

    Kim and Kanye. Ring pic looks just like her ring from Kris Humphries.

    Alternate: Kaley Cuoco and whomever she is pretending to be in a relationship with this month.

  14. alulubug says

    Kimye and the designer bf.

    They won’t be married in the true sense because no sex will be involved (except between Kanye and bf). But then again she won’t care. She’s got the huge ring to keep her company. I guess that was the payoff to keep her skanky ass satisfied.

  15. sunshinenseabreeze says

    Bride: Kim Kardashian
    Groom: Kanye West
    Groom’s Boyfriend: Riccardo Tisci? (althought I heard they broke up…)

    Clues: the ring picture looks similar to the one Kim received from Kris Humphries, which was recently auctioned.

  16. LeahLynn28 says

    Kim Kartrashian.
    Kanye West
    I already knew Kanye had a boyfriend,but why the hell would he get engaged to a woman if he’s already in a relationship with a man?I agree that they will never be really married,Kanye has a boyfriend,and Kim is what i suspected she was:a beard.She will never be his wife,since he’s gay and doesn’t love her,not forgetting to mention that she knows he has a boyfriend,the marriage will be fake anyway.This blind explains Kim’s lack of happiness and the dead eyes in the photos from that ridiculous circus engagement.He rented a whole stadium to get engaged to a beard?That’s pathetic and a complete farce…poor boyfriend.

    • PandoraWolf says

      My 10 Chuck E. Cheese ticket purple plastic “wedding ring” means more than that big-ass diamond.

      At least I know my BF doesn’t have his OWN boyfriend.

  17. austinmocean says

    Kanye and Kim, and then the fashion designer, Riccardo Tisci, is the boyfriend. Anyway, I knew this was set up. Kris did this all, and it proves she’s just brainwashing Kanye more and more. Riccardo is saying that they either won’t ever actually get married, or they’ll just do a wedding and what not but nothing legally (not unlike Demi + Ashton). Or Tisci could be talking that they will never be married in the sense of loving each other as a husband + wife are assumed to, as Kanye will REALLY only love Riccardo.

    • mugofmead111 says

      I think Khloe’s to Lamar wasn’t legally binding either (although that got worked out later obviously). WHy can’t Kim do the same?

      (Then again, if Kim were smart, she would have had a faux [i.e. non-legally binding] wedding to Kris Humphries. That way when it was time to dump him, it could have been done without having to do all that legal paperwork.)

  18. ccattwood says

    kanye and designer bf ricardo tisci…i wondered about him when kanye’s engagement was

  19. mianaxp says

    i really didn´t want to be so obsessive about it but i would say it´s either:

    Bride: Perry
    Groom: Zayn
    Groom´s Boyfriend: Liam


    Bride: Eleanor
    Groom: Louis
    Groom´s Boyfrien: Harry

    (but that i know of Louis isn´t engaged so..)

  20. PinkCrayon says

    I was waiting for this Ace!

    Bride: Kim Kadashian
    Groom: Kanye West
    Groom’s BF: Riccardo Tisci

    I was wondering how Riccardo felt about all of this. Hopefully he gets to designs the wedding dress. 😉

    • PinkCrayon says

      To add ” What do you think he means by that?”

      He means it will be all fake as usual and non-legal. Just for show or for tv in this case, which I’m sure it will be a E! special again. Dump him Riccardo!

  21. CaliDreaming says

    Bride: Kim K
    Groom: Kanye West
    Boyfriend: Riccardo Tisci (sp?)

    Interesting question about what he means about being “really” married? It could mean that a wedding will never take place or it could mean that even if it happens, it will all just be a charade and that he doesn’t love her like he loves him.

  22. Loves the Latin Boys says

    Bride:Kim Kar-TRASH-ian
    Groom: Kanye is a gay-fish
    Groom’s Boyfriend: Riccardo Tisci

  23. sammyslamma10 says

    Kim kardashian
    Kanye west
    Ricardo tisci

    There most likely going to “have” a wedding for their crappy show to bring up ratings. But they won’t be filing the legal paperwork.

  24. littleOP says

    Just a wild guess.

    Bride Kim K
    Groom Kanye West
    Groom’s boyfriend ‘no clue’

    Guessing the reason they will never be married is the Groom and the Boyfriend already took vows but haven’t made it public.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Is it legally bigamy if the man is already married to another man?

      It’s a serious question.

      • littleOP says

        Yes, it is an interesting, complex, and serious question.
        Option a) First a same sex marriage in a community that does recognize same sex union. Then get married to the opposite sex in community that does not recognize same sex unions. Is the person who married twice a bigamist in both communities or just the one that acknowledges same sex unions?

        Option b) First Same sex union in a community that does officially recognize same sex unions. Then get married to the opposite sex in a community that recognizes both types of unions. Is the person not a bigamist because the first community does not consider it a legal union and therefore both communities will not register it.

        FYI France only officially sanctioned same sex union in May 2013. Question then is if the nuptials were prior to this would the be valid.

    • ToadKisser says

      If your marriage is valid where it happens, it’s valid everywhere. So yes it’s bigamy in both instances. I had a friend who got drunk and married a guy in the Navy down in Tijuana one night, only to get a call years later from him, asking for a divorce so he could marry somebody else. They had thought it wouldn’t count in the US for some reason. LOL

  25. teambritbrit says

    Bride: Kim Kardashian
    Groom: Kanye West
    Groom’s Boyfriend: Riccardo Tisci

    The ring in the picture is Kim’s ring from Kris Humphries