Her Husband Broke Her Nose During A Fight

couple fighting 6[Media Take Out] MediaTakeOut.com just spoke with a top L.A. celeb who told us that it is common knowledge that [Female Celebrity] gets beat up routinely by her [Sorta-Celebrity Husband].

The couple, who have a reality show together try and make it seem like they are they work so well together . . . but it’s all a show.

Our insider tells us that He is very self conscious about his looks, and the MORE FAMOUS his celebrity wife gets – the more ABUSIVE he becomes.

We’re also told that there was speculation that THE WIFE recently had surgery on her nose. Well it’s because her husband BROKE HER NOSE during a fight. And the doctors had to have it surgically repaired.

We really feel sorry for her. We hope and pray that she gets the strength to get out of the relationship, it’s unhealthy for her and her new family.



Reality Show:

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