Let’s Buy A Baby

baby money 3[Blind Gossip] Do they sell babies at Babies R Us? Because this family is trying to buy one! Adoption agencies up and down the West coast are buzzing about the “rush order” for a white baby placed by a celebrity couple that is faking the wife’s pregnancy!

“I work for [redacted] in [a West Coast city] and we received a “rush order” for a Caucasian baby for [redacted]… It is ridiculously hard to find a women in her third trimester who is willing to negotiate!”

Yes, we did ask what they meant by the word “negotiate.” Our source quickly clarified that although it is definitely illegal to buy or sell children, that certain large monetary incentives make it much easier to procure an adopted child… and to keep all the transaction participants quiet! They wouldn’t tell us the amount (although they hinted it was in the $1 million range), and they didn’t want to say whether the money was going to the attorneys, the adoption agency, the expectant mother, the hospital, the doctors, or a combination of the above. Yes, there are a lot of people to pay off! The only people that don’t have to be paid off are the family members of the adoptive couple, who all know about the deception but are playing along.

As of right now, it looks like they have found an expectant mother in the San Diego area and that the deal is closing just in time for the adoptive mom to avoid that fake miscarriage. However, the birth dates don’t match up exactly, so we don’t know what they are going to do about that. Since they have already faked the sonogram and the belly and the photo shoots and a video, they will likely lie about this, too.

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  1. elliedee says

    The obviously deranged Kevin and Danielle Jonas. Last week they “revealed” that the baby is now due February 6 instead of the first week in January.

  2. luv-to-guess says

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas.

    If they faked all this and then a miscarriage, fine. It’s sick, even by Hollywood standards, but now they want to drag an innocent baby into the nightmare. Really people??? Poor baby.

    • bonou2 says

      Agreed luv-to guess if this is true someone needs to call them out and save this poor child, if they are willing to go this far for publicity what does it mean for this child in the future?love or resentment? because they are not going to find the fame they hope with this scheme……
      so so wrong :-(

    • blossipguesser says

      I really hope the adoption is stopped. They sound like terrible people and would be terrible parents.

      They also have no common sense. Why fake a pregnancy? Faking a pregnancy is so hard to pull off. I heard Kevin is gay, but don’t these two dimwits know about turkey basters?

      Regardless of how they try, I hope they never become parents.

    • Angelwings says

      I take ALL gossip with a grain of salt, however, if this is true, it is ADOPTION FRAUD. Ace, please forward this post to the District Attorney of Los Angeles (if TRUE). Adoption Fraud, carries a hefty fine AND imprisonment if found GUILTY.

      The ENTIRE Jonas family are low life “skank”. They will meet their fate, as will the Kardasians.

  3. kspeedian says

    Danielle and Kevin Jonas. Of course. Shouldn’t the baby already be here? Lol good thing no one cares about them, or they’d be busted, big time!

    • Visha says

      Thank you I have been wondering the same thing. What would they possibly gain from this added financial burden a few photo shoots with Who/People etc? Oh maybe they will launch a baby line

    • tonisl says

      I would guess that their thinking is that fathering a baby would dispel the rumors of Kevin Jonas being gay. A sham marriage is bad enough. Now a sham family? Sham(e) on them! (And God help that baby who was purchased purely for public perception!!!)

  4. Bromance1979 says

    Dani and Kevin Jonas

    They already pushed back the due date from early January to early February. Let’s see how they spin this…

    • Bromance1979 says

      Oh, and I have to add how disgusting this baby buying crap is. There are SOOO many couples out there desperate for a baby who would love to have that child – a child who deserves to have parents who are actually a happy, loving couple and not just fame whores who want attention. So sad.

  5. VexTheVixen says

    The Jonas clan at it’s worst! Kevin and Danielle – no legitimate adoption agency in their right mind would help you with this travesty.

  6. stolidog says

    Kevin Jonas and his wife, obviously. I’m sure they’ll give this baby lots of love (hahahahahahaha)

  7. mugofmead111 says

    Oh, the 11th hour save for the Kevin7 Danielle Jonas baby!

    I wonder why the powers that be couldn’t have lined something up *before* things got this far (like before the pregnancy was even announced)?

    • IAmSage says

      I’ll also have to assume that the real expectant mother is having a GIRL as the Jonases claim they are having…or else they will need to explain that away as well.

      • PandoraWolf says

        This is a good point. They can swear up and down it’s a girl, but then if everyone was wrong and it’s a boy, then what? Or, GOD FORBID, if they finalize arrangements and the baby comes out with something wrong? Will they then backtrack and try to cancel the deal, or will they just parade their “heartache” over the baby’s medical condition and exploit the poor child from day one?

      • CatBallou says

        The more common mistake on ultrasound is to mistake a boy for a girl. They can just say the ultrasonographer missed something. You can go the other way too but that is far more unusual.

  8. DesertGhost says

    Jonas brother and the fake pregnancy. This is disgusting. Please treat this one as solved and let everyone know the truth.

  9. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    This has to be Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle. Her fake pregnancy is as well known as Beyonce’s. At least Jay Z and Bey were smart enough to have a surrogate due at the appropriate time.
    I used to think Kevin and Danielle were slimy. Now I realise they’re slimy and stupid.

  10. mogs says

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas. This elaborate trainwreck is just he most incredible thing to behold. That poor baby, though. It’s a shame to use a small child as a pawn like that. :(

  11. TVMama says

    We all know who this is. Jonas idiots. PLEASE solve this and expose them for the frauds that they are. Not even famous enough to pull this off. As someone who has had multiple miscarriages and struggled to have children, I think it is disgusting that they are about to get away with this lie. SOLVE IT!!!

    • FairyMay9 says

      +1 on the beg to SOLVE. Does the mainstream media not have any interest in outing these people? They must know. Is there no one at Fit Pregnancy (like one of your readers) who is willing to do anything about this?

    • PomegranatePam says

      Would a “solve” do anything? Blind items aren’t taken seriously. I only believe the ones that are fun to believe…. Not that faking a miscarriage is funny, but the idea of everyone involved with this show squirming kinda is.

    • LucyC says

      I agree with TVMama, I have also had many miscarriages and lost one at 17 weeks and have struggled to get pregnant again since that one, the fact that they make such a mockery of SO many people out there who have truly gone through the pain of losing a baby or the pain of trying to conceive without luck. Like many people said there is no real career advantage to either of them for having a baby other than the need for them to be in the news, I would rather be irrelevant than make up terrible lies like this. I just can’t get over how despicable this is…

  12. KWDragon says

    Poor little Pillow Jonas. Monetarily, the kid will have a good life, but being born into a web of lies will have its consequences.

  13. Buttery says

    Good Lord. Do they realize they’re going to have to actually raise the kid once the reality show is over?

  14. Lefemmenikita says

    Danielle and Kevin Jonas. Her ‘due date’ is nearing soon and all the other blinds talk about her faking a miscarriage

  15. CosmoMan says

    Could someone please out them before some poor baby has to become a part of the Jonas family!!!

  16. lakelady says

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas, this is so hard to believe and the truth will come out, too many people in the know.

  17. says

    Nick and Danielle Jonas. They faked everything for this pregnancy and you can tell from photo shoots that Danielle’s bump was fake. And the baby was expected to be due at any day, so it makes sense that this is them. They should have just came clean about the whole thing.

  18. melissaelle says

    Kevin Jonas and Danielle? It’s such a sad situation for everyone involved! Wonder if the ‘rush order’ stipulated that it had to be a caucasian female baby, seeing as they’ve already claimed she’s having a girl! Or if they’d just claim the sonogram was mistaken :(

  19. ladyluck27 says

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas! I’m going to laugh when the kid grows up looking nothing like them!

  20. ladyk707 says

    Obviously Kevin and Danielle Jonas. There is a huge part of me that really hopes this series of blinds isn’t true because it’s truly despicable. However, until I see a full body pic of her with her pregnant belly exposed, I’ll believe these rumors. And no, that video Kevin posted of the baby “dancing” doesn’t count because it could be anybody.

  21. zjzj101 says

    As soon as I saw the title, I knew it was Danielle Jonas. No need to even read the article on this one :)

  22. FairyMay9 says

    *sigh* Jonases. Who are completely repugnant.

    Here’s a questions?
    * Why not have your own baby?
    * If you have fertility issues, why not be above board about other methods being undertaken?
    * If you are very private, which is your right, why fake a pregnancy and just simply not discuss your new child?

    I don’t get this. I DO NOT get this. WHY? Am I old? Am I just insensitive to something I just miss over and over again? Why the ruse here? Why?

    • Jennie says

      There was a previous blind that said that kevin jonas and his beard werent sleeping in the same bed .they also didint share the same bedroom so if he doesnt want to sleep in the same bed with daniele let alone he is goibg to have sex with her .he doesnt want to have sex with daniele he prefer to adopt.
      They just act for the reality show which Danielle blackmail him for her and her brother and her sisters husband which is also a singer or she will tell all of his secrets

    • Jennie says

      I bet Kevin’s livid that he’s stuck with that bitch of a wife who forces him to have a Reality TV show with her (or else she outs him as gay and the marriage being a sham).

  23. NoseyNana2008 says

    If this is true, it’s just the saddest, most demented thing I’ve ever heard of happening. So, I’m going with Danielle and Kevin Jonas. They’ve had a baby shower, photo spread, and she should be due soon. Easy to fake when the baby’s born; just say it’s being induced or it’s early. Babies make their own schedule as to when they’re born. Dr’s aren’t always right about the due date, it’s just an estimate.

    • NoseyNana2008 says

      I found what I think is their easy out in the article w/Fitpregnancy – “I am still taking antianxiety medication, but at a really low dose. They say if your body is stressed out, that’s not good for the baby, so I figured this was the best thing for me.” If things go awry with the adoption they can say her anxiety, or the medication, caused the baby harm and she didn’t make it. I just hope none of this is true b/c it is so sickening.

  24. Knee says

    This is why it is never good to LIE, people!! Aside from it being morally wrong and deeming you untrustworthy, small lies eventually become big lies. I guess they heard that we are onto them. In what world is it OK to bring a child into life under such false pretenses?? And the possibility of faking a stillbirth?!! Highly, highly offensive….. I hope this all falls through at the last minute. If not, I can’t wait for the baby to look completely different than their parents. The sad part is that this baby will wind up being treated like a prop by two manipulative, selfish parents who are driven by fame and deception….. and will someday figure out what really happened. This baby was most likely supposed to go to a family that really, really wanted her. This is all so disgusting. Welcome to Hollywood. Congratulate the nannies for me.

  25. gail says

    Danielle Jonas

    I don’t understand why they just didn’t come out and say they were adopting a child instead of faking a pregnancy.

    She seems very emotionally fragile. I’ll bet she was afraid to go off her meds for nine months so she decided to adopt. But that doesn’t explain why she is faking the pregnancy….publicity? Unless the whole marriage is a sham.

    • PandoraWolf says

      I’d actually have a lot of respect for someone who admitted, “hey I’m on meds, and so I worried for my condition if I didn’t take them, but didn’t want to expose my child to them. So I have decided to adopt/surrogate/whatever, in the best interest of the child.”


    • PomegranatePam says

      There should probably be a recap on Pillow Baby’s history. They’re not trying to cover up that Danielle would rather adopt than give birth. They’re trying to cover up a plan they had to fake a pregnancy and a miscarriage.

  26. TeacherKat says

    Well, I hope the Jonas Bro and his wife get the child if only to avoid the miscarriage thing (which is disgusting).

    • me123 says

      Really? You’d rather an innocent child be dragged into this, for life, and raised by two people that didn’t even want it in the first place? And just using it to cover their asses after their plans for a faked miscarriage were revealed? I think I’d rather see them exposed for all to see. When they fake the miscarriage, everyone will know it was set up. There will be no doubts left at that point. If they get the baby, they just might get away with this disgusting stunt. I don’t think that should happen at all.

  27. OoLaLana says

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas.

    I feel sad for the poor baby… getting stuck with parents with no scruples, no integrity. :(

  28. yoooooo says

    omg haha kevin and dani jonas, such a joke who goes to all this effort for publicity. they seriously must be delusional