Faithful and Devoted Countertops

k black white[Blind Gossip] There’s been lots of chatter about the divorce of this famous news guy, and speculation as to his involvement with a prominent female reporter.

Well, we have the inside story!

He is getting divorced, but his wife’s legal documents declare that he was faithful.

She is still married and pretends to be a devoted wife and mother.

The two of them are definitely having an affair. And it has been going on for years!

They have even – very quietly and very secretly – taken their relationship to the next level.

The two newsy lovers have actually rented a Manhattan love nest together! Since he was living in Connecticut, and she commuted from Westchester, having this place together is practically a professional obligation, right? It makes it so much easier for them to rise early and commute to work together.

They just had the place fully redecorated by a professional decorator. It’s really nice. And they were both there to pick out fabrics and select the countertops together.
Aww! How sweet. How faithful. How devoted.
Male Newsy:
Female Newsy:
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