The Religious Couch

sofa yellow 2[Blind Gossip] These celebrities are usually very professional when they are working on separate projects. However, all that professionalism recently fell by the wayside when they started working together!

He is a well-known director. She is a well-known actress. He is older than she. They have each been involved in some huge films. And they both have significant others.

She is not the type to put out for roles, and she certainly did not get this part on a casting couch… but the two seem to be spending a lot of time together on a couch since they’ve started working together!

She summons him to her trailer to “work out a scene”… and then he emerges some time later looking flushed and disheveled.

Are one or both unhappy in their relationships? Is she trying to secure a role in one of his future films? Or are they both just getting a little afternoon delight?

We don’t have the answers to those questions, but we do have the answer to this question: Is the trailer soundproof?

Nope! Many of the cast and crew listen in on their hijinks on a regular basis: “Oh god! Oh god! Oh GOD!!!”. Yes, it’s practically a religious experience listening to these two go at it!



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    • jasper says

      Saldana’s wrapping up Guardians of the Galaxy with James Gunn this week. He’s been living in a house in England with his traveling menagerie.

  1. darcycrawley05 says

    This not something i wouldn’t exactly think of her but it was the first person that came to my mind.I read this blind just after i saw that she was confirmed in his new movie.

    Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russel.She’s been in all his movies lately.

    First time posting btw.

    • CatGrant says

      Sounds like this is fairly recent, and JL and DOR worked together for the first time a year ago. (Also, I don’t know if anyone would tag DOR as “professional.” He’s notorious for fighting with actors.)

    • riZZas24 says

      Same here! Jennifer Lawrence instantly came to my mind. And you’re so right about the David O. Russell connection. I don’t know if we read the same piece but the “Casting Couch” column is where I read they’d be working together again. They seem to be the only ones (at least online) talking about it, so… nice Ace!

      If it’s her, which I think it is, I doubt she’s doing it for the roles. She’s highly in demand regardless. I think it’s simply a case of smart people doing dumb shit.

      • Ebakez says

        But who is she dating that would be the significant other? I really don’t know much about her but I was under the impression she was single… I could google it but I’m lazy

      • riZZas24 says

        She’s supposed to be back on with her on/off boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. It’s not confirmed of course, but the pictures seem to say yes.

    • raslebol says

      it’s the second time they work together and Emma Thomas(Nolan’s wife) is on set (she’s producer of his movies)

      • sugarbread says

        Jessica likes the ladies.. that’s why she is in so many of Ellison girls movies
        different kind of casting couch w/ Meghan Ellison but game is still the same

  2. raslebol says

    ridley scott / sigorney weaver /EXODUS film (actually in filming)? (because of all “god”)
    chris nolan/jessica chastain/INTERSTELLAR?(just because it’s a fun idea)

  3. darcy14 says

    I really have no clue but the yellow couch reminds me of Friends. I hope it’s not Jennifer Aniston…

  4. ravenglass says

    Oh god!! Please don’t tell me this is Natalie Portman & Terrence Malick! These are the two I thought of right away. They have a film called ‘Knight of Cups’ & another one I think they’re still working on. I thought maybe “professional” was a clue pertaining to Natalie. I really hope I’m wrong about this one. This pairing would be more disturbing than Hough & Dobrev.

    • ravenglass says

      Nick Cassavetes directed a film called ‘Yellow’. Maybe the yellow couch is a clue. He’s currently working with Cameron Diaz. I don’t know if anyone would accuse her of being all that professional or if she has a boyfriend right now.

  5. callmedave says

    Bit of a random guess, but how about:
    Director: Mel Gibson
    Actress: Milla Jovovich
    Film: Expendables 3

    I know Mel isn’t directing that movie, but we all know he’s a religious nut and directed the Passion of the Christ, which would explain all the religious references in the clues…

  6. LeahLynn28 says

    I have no idea,but this is pathetic,and so are they.Both are dating other people and are cheating on them.What they are doing is wrong…i guess fidelity is rare in Hollyweird nowadays.What’s going on?

    • La Llorona says

      It’s gross, but maybe one or both of them are in an open relationship. In Hollyweird, it’s actually a common and sensible arrangement, since people are seemingly incapable of fidelity.

    • lovefifteen says

      You’re delusional if you think fidelity has been common anywhere since the beginning of humanity. You sound like a religious conservative, and your own Bible is full of men with dozens of wives.

    • mugofmead111 says

      I thought Cameron Crowe had already split from his wife Nancy Wilson (from the band Heart)…unless there is a new(ish) girlfriend.

  7. Kit1973 says

    For some reason I thought of Cate Blanchett.
    She & Kenneth Branagh are currently filming Cinderella. Could be totally wrong. There is no religous tie in…

    • NeedNoStinkinBadges says

      This would be interesting. And with the photos of Tim Burton lately, I kind of wonder if maybe he and HBC have an open relationship. If so, this duo wouldn’t be that unlikely.

  8. css1014 says

    Director: Tim Burton
    Actress: Amy Adams

    Amy wasa nun in Doubt. Both have SAs and not married

  9. mrsrocknroll says

    well this is pretty hard to me…
    darren aranofsky/emma watson/noah?

    director could be p.t anderson too (the master?religious?)

  10. Peta says

    Some guesses, recently filmed movies:

    Amy Adams/Tim Burton – Bright Eyes. Both have “significant others” and are unmarried. Both have done large films, both professional, he’s older.

    Kate Mara or Rebecca Hall/Wally Pfister – Transcendence. Religious title, both Mara and Hall have bfs (Hall dates Sam Mendes); Pfister’s done cinematography for all the recent Nolan films.

    Rosamund Pike/David Fincher – Gone Girl. Currently filming.

    It sounds though like something currently filming, right now. Exodus is the only project at the moment with a religious theme, with an older director whose done huge films (Ridley Scott).

  11. MartiniTime says

    With the mention of “afternoon delight,” could it be someone associated with the Anchorman films?

  12. shelaur22 says

    Nolan and Chastain. Yeah, his wife produces his films and is sometimes on set. However, Interstellar is being filmed all over the world and they have 4 very young (school-age) kids. Emma can’t be there all the time.

  13. Whatzmyname says

    Actress: Meryl Streep
    Director: John Wells
    Movie: Osage County

    Julia Roberts threw very not so subtle hints about this already so its kind of known already.

    • lovefifteen says

      The Blind Item says that he is older. John Wells is younger than Meryl Streep. Sorry.

    • stacat1 says

      But Streep is older than wells. Seems like a far shot…but not shocking is Julia “hinted” as such…as if she is one to talk about on-set shenanigans. ha!!

    • Peta says

      Meryl is older than Wells, blind says the director is older than the actress. Interesting guess though.

  14. raslebol says

    Luc besson and ScarJo actually in filming in Paris ? Because he directed The Professional and Joan Of Arc

  15. sugarbread says

    gary ross
    jenn Lawrence
    hunger games- something new. just announced “they love working together”
    ftw..let me be first for 1nce

    • sugarbread says

      also EAST OF EDEN and the new BURIAL RITES.
      SHE likes to “stay faithfull to her directors ” is how her people are spinning

  16. WhoDatGirl says

    Well, I have no idea who this could be (and it looks like no one else does either), but I hope it gets solved because I am intrigued for sure!

  17. luv the beach says

    I hope she is smart enough to keep this quiet, whomever she is. Learn from others mistakes, don’t hook up in your car!

  18. lonz says

    Absolutely no clue but if it is Jennifer Lawrence, I agree with riZZas24 ^^ who said that it probably isn’t for a role, because that just doesn’t seem like her at all, especially considering EVERYONE wants her in films especially after the Oscar win last year. Not even sure if it’s her though.

  19. dontpanik says

    Director:Alan Taylor

    Actress:Natalie Portman

    Film:Thor: The Dark World.

    **Hints:Multiple references to God, Professionals and she was in a movie called “The Professional”