Beauty Fame Money and Cheating

couple bed boredSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful couple than this pair.

But two people who have beauty and fame and money don’t necessarily make for a happy marriage!

Neither one of these celebrities had a particularly good track record going into the relationship when it came to fidelity, but things definitely got worse after they moved in together. Now the love match is completely over.

The public story is that the relationship just ran it’s course and that one party was tired of the lack of commitment of the other party.

But we’re going to tell you the private reason behind the split: cheating!  Yes, that’s the real reason they are breaking up. The last few years have just been a series of fights over infidelity.

Our inside mole told us that they are both guilty. He tended to favor models. She favored professional athletes. There are several big names involved as third parties, including a well-known supermodel and a mega-rich athlete.

They have already separated, but their will be no official announcement until late this year/early next year, as they are still untangling all of their shared property and chattel.

Don’t be too shocked, though, if you see one of them out on a date before the announcement. They are just itching to move on to their next relationship with another celebrity, and they may be seen with them just to spite the other.



Female Model:

Male Athlete:


It’s Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova! Source:

OK, that announcement happened a lot faster than we thought it would!

We hear that the announcement happened so fast because someone is threatening to publish photos of one of them with another person.

If that does happen, we believe that it will be a photo of him with a model or her with an athlete, just as we discussed in the original blind. There could always be others in the mix, too, but those are the principal people they’ve been involved with lately.

Iglesias and Kournikova had been dating for twelve years. Twelve freakin’ years! No engagement. No marriage.

From OK Magazine via Radar Online:

Earlier this month Page Six reported that Kournikova and Iglesias were “on the rocks” with a source claiming, “Anna is getting tired of waiting for him to decide if he wants to marry her or not. They’ve been together for so long, she feels like it’s never going to happen. She is ready to move on.”

“This issue has come up before, and they have managed to smooth things over and get back together,” the source added. “Time will tell.”

To find out more about why OK! reports it’s over between the two, pick up the newest issue on newsstands Thursday.

enrique iglesias moleWe happen to know that things started falling apart years ago. Both of them sort of wondered off with other people and then came back together. It hasn’t been a smooth twelve years with the sudden discovery of infidelity. It’s been more gradual, and then constant, until they both just threw in the towel.

There will be no public battle – and likely no public accusations of cheating – because there is no divorce. They were dating. They will  just split up their property (which they are already doing) and move on.

Our friends at Crushable were all over this one as soon as the announcement was made today. Those little Nancy Drews picked up on a couple of very specific clues that we provided. Did you?

“Love match”: Anna is a professional tennis player

“Mole”: Enrique used to have a very distinct facial mole

Congratulations to Sabrina325 for being first with the correct answer. And kudos to Jennafish1 for being the first Blinder to pick up on the “love match” and “mole” clues! Well done, all!

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    • Alison says

      Awesome guess! I think this is it: “love match”, “mole”, and I’m sure other clues point to them.

      • Hennessey Williams says

        The clue just says “But two people who have beauty and fame and money don’t necessarily make for a happy marriage!” hinting to the fact that having all of these qualities did not result in an actual marriage for them.

        Consider me a +1 on this guess too.

    • lepidoteran says

      It’s got to be them. Check out today’s NYPost:
      “A source tells us, “Anna is getting tired of waiting for him to decide if he wants to marry her or not. They’ve been together for so long, she feels like it’s never going to happen. She is ready to move on.””
      The article says they’re on the rocks and chalks it up to Enrique’s lack of interest in marriage after 12 years, but Ace tells us the real scoop behind the split 😉

    • ShennanigansOHoolihan says

      Perfect guess! Other clues:

      His song Hero was in the movie “Tangled”
      Erique Iglesias has covered “Imagine”

      No idea on the model or athlete.

      • lepidoteran says

        It doesn’t say they were married. The BI refers to marriage (“But two people who have beauty and fame and money don’t necessarily make for a happy marriage!”) but then also refers to a “lack of commitment”, implying that they’re not married yet.

  1. guessingbg says

    This makes me think of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen (sp?) but I hope not. They are probably the best looking couple I can think of. And it would make sense since she’s a model and he’s a famous athlete.

    • Tasia says

      Lots of sports references (“track record”, “love match,” “series of fights”), they are a beautiful wealthy couple, and there were cheating allegations around the messy termination of Brady’s previous relationship, which he ended for Gisele. There was at least one tabloid scandal about Gisele kissing another guy during their marriage.

  2. jacksonian says

    Angelina/Brad -although I personally don’t think either are beautiful
    Tom/Giselle-although I personally don’t think she is beautiful

    • PrettyInPink84 says

      I don’t think it’s either of them either, but I do agree. Angie looks like an anorexic drug head, Brad lost all of his appeal when he started to age. Tom is pretty hot, but his wife (why is she a supermodel, I have no idea) has the ugliest face shape.

  3. Dont Know For Sure says

    At first I had no idea, but then it dawned on me that this might be

    He: Enrique Iglesias

    She: Anna Kournika

    Female Model: Kate Upton (?)

    Male Athlete: no clue

    clues being “love match” she played tennis.

  4. TVespy says

    Anna K
    Enrique I
    clue Love Match she’s a tennis player, can’t guess who they are with though. Been together forever and still not married, lack of commitment.

  5. hobbes says

    The most beautiful couple I can think of is Giselle and Tom Brady, but think it might be Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr? If it didn’t say “happy marriage” my guess would be Rosie Huntington Whitely and Jason Statham. No clue on the model and athlete.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Giselle beautiful?I don’t think so.I’ve seen some photos of her without makeup,she’s ugly as hell.And what you’ve seen to say she’s beautiful,is pure makeup,tons of it.
      And Tom isn’t cute either…

      • What Had Happened Was ... says

        I know, right? She looks downright rough without her makeup to me, too.

  6. Jennafish1 says

    Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias. “Love match”- tennis, “mole” – the mole he had removed. Her penchant for other athletes is notable in gossip.

  7. EastCoaster says

    I would have guessed Brad and Angelina except they aren’t married (as far as we know). The woman in the photo strongly reminds me of Jennifer Garner, only blond of course. If it is Ben and Jen G., I have no guess who their next Significant Others might be.?

  8. Runningdude1 says

    He: Ryan Reynolds

    She: Blake Lively

    Super Model: Rosie Huntington-Whitely

    Athlete: Ryan Lochte (3MM? thats super rich to me)

  9. glitteringirl says

    don’t know the names of the accomplices but i’m going to guess Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson, who is a fashion designer with easy access to models

  10. Franciss says

    Ana Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias. “Match” = tennis match.
    No idea about the model or athlete.

  11. PoniTayl says

    He: Enrique Iglesias

    She: Anna Kournikova

    Female Model: Tyra Banks? (He’s been w/sooo many!)

    Male Athlete: She likes Hockey players, she cheated on her boyfriend Sergei w/his team mate Pavel Bule

  12. EastCoaster says

    Additional guesses on the couple in question:
    Faith & Tim McG?
    Kelly Ripa & Mark C. (although I don’t know if he’d be considered famous and wealthy in his own right)

  13. ravenglass says

    Apparently Kris & Bruce have just split. Could it be them? After all they have beauty…OH. Well, they have fame & money.

  14. carriebradshaw says

    No clue, but the girl from this pic looks like Kate Bosworth, so I say Kate & Michael Polish.

  15. The Mooch says

    He : Enrique Iglesias

    She: Anna Kournikova

    Not sure about the other too.. Love the site Ace !

  16. caligrlth25 says

    Brooklyn Decker & Andy Roddick…only because of the tennis & model references.

    I got nothing as to the others involved…lol

  17. minx says

    I always think of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom when I read these kinds of blinds, because they’re both so gorgeous.

  18. jmol says

    Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias. I don’t think they’re married but he did once call her his wife. Don’t know the model and athlete.

  19. katt388 says

    I am thinking Chris Martin and Gweneth but the picture reminds me of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

  20. stacat1 says

    Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr.
    No idea on third parties identities..but there have been rumors for awhile.

  21. babysalma122 says

    he : enrique iglesias
    she : anna kournikova
    female model : all of them
    male atlete : whatever

  22. sunshinestar says

    Enrique iglesias and Anna Kournikova – after 11 or 12 years still not married. “love match” as a clue for her tennis career

  23. thunderthighs says

    Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, they are both gorgeous and their 10-year relationship is coming to an end.

  24. EastCoaster says

    From what I’ve read online, Anna and Enrique aren’t married and the blind’s wording seems to be clear that the couple IS currently married.

  25. kittypryde777 says

    Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova. Hints:
    – “love match” (Anna’s a tennis player)
    – “mole” (Enrique’s famous facial mole)

  26. Brooke says

    read it once more… it says that they’ve moved in together and that one party is tired of the lack of commitment of the other… this actually suits them to a T

      • Biglet says

        Actually, it DOESNT say they’re married
        “But two people who have beauty and fame and money don’t necessarily make for a happy marriage”

        I read that its implying that if they WERE to get married, just beauty and fame wont make for a happy marriage.

  27. KatarinaJ says

    There is an article in the Huffington Post dated yesterday that the relationship of Anna and Enrique is in trouble because he won’t propose. This clearly jives with the one not wanting to commit in the blind but it CLEARLY states married at the beginning. These two are NOT married. Orland and Miranda might sound more like it?

  28. mugofmead111 says

    I’m not sure who the *married* couple (and Anna K. and Enrique I are not one) would be, but I am thinking that the couple is childless because the BI does not specify kids whose custody has to be arranged. (Kids don’t count as “property” or “chattel”, right?)

  29. Biglet says

    Actually, it DOESNT say they’re married
    “But two people who have beauty and fame and money don’t necessarily make for a happy marriage”

    I read that its implying that if they WERE to get married, just beauty and fame wont make for a happy marriage.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Maybe, but why worry about splitting up property and chattel? “What’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine”; no communal property issues if they’re not actually married? no?

    • EastCoaster says

      I just realized the same thing, Biglet! With all of the clues people have noted, it seems to me that this blind has GOT to be about Anna & Enrique. And the photo matches their hair colors.

  30. Whatzmyname says

    I also think Enrique Iglesias (had his famous face mole removed) and Anna Kournikova (played tennis thus reference to match).They never confirmed their marriage but she was always wearing that large yellow diamond on her marriage finger calling it a ‘promise’ ring. Enrique did slip up a few time and refererd to Anna as his wife in overseas interviews and tried to cover it up as well.

    • mugofmead111 says

      I wonder whether this line is a clue: “Our inside mole told us that they are both guilty.”

      To whom were Enrique and Anna linked before they got together? They’ve been together for *years* at this point.

  31. Regina Phalange says

    I was thinking Khloe and Lamar but I dont know who would consider them a beautiful couple… so my second guess is Miranda and Orlando.

  32. I Am PunkA says

    Sad truth. For every gorgeous woman out there, there is a dude tired of having sex with her. Or the opposite. Perfect example right here.