Breakfast Mirror

coc 8[Hollywood Street King] Having Diddy and Co. as her neighbors could be detrimental to our 20-year-old pop culture phenomenon’s well being.

Know why? Because we’re told with the Combs’ residence being right next door, the bar is now raised … when it comes to her dr*g enablers.

You’ll recall her mother openly supported our mystery lady’s dr*g use. Now, Kim Porter is said to be not only partaking in dr*g binges with her… she’s also reported to be showing our blind item subject the ropes.

“Kim’s teaching her how to roll a blunt and eat breakfast off a mirror. They’re always at each others’ places, getting high out of their minds.”

The person I am talking about today single handily pushed twerkin’ into the mainstream.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

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