Breakfast Mirror

coc 8[Hollywood Street King] Having Diddy and Co. as her neighbors could be detrimental to our 20-year-old pop culture phenomenon’s well being.

Know why? Because we’re told with the Combs’ residence being right next door, the bar is now raised … when it comes to her dr*g enablers.

You’ll recall her mother openly supported our mystery lady’s dr*g use. Now, Kim Porter is said to be not only partaking in dr*g binges with her… she’s also reported to be showing our blind item subject the ropes.

“Kim’s teaching her how to roll a blunt and eat breakfast off a mirror. They’re always at each others’ places, getting high out of their minds.”

The person I am talking about today single handily pushed twerkin’ into the mainstream.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

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      • TeacherKat says

        And a quick Google search shows that Kim Porter has been alleged to have used cocaine and weed in front of her kids. Of course, those alleging it are two ex-nannies, so who knows whether it’s the truth or disgruntled ex-employees. However, it does seem to fit with this blind (oh, and Kim Porter was given a house in Toluca Lake by Diddy).

    • Katmandu says

      There seem to be a dozen youngish ‘celebrities’ who are just as bad, and none of them will crash and burn because they have handlers who will enable and shield them. They may drop out of a sight for a short time and then are right back making TV, bad movies, or deathless music after a short stay at some spa rehab. They manage to go on and on, and are richly rewarded no matter what they do. Everyone says, oh, they will hit bottom – with them, there IS no bottom.

  1. kittymeow says

    miley cyrus. so sad! i just youtubed her backyard sessions that were uploaded a YEAR ago and she looks like a completely different person :(

  2. DesertGhost says

    Gee this is such a blind item…who could it be?…hmmmmm…I will go out on a limb and guess Miley Cyrus.

  3. WhoDatGirl says

    Miley Cyrus…can I just say I can’t stand this child? And yes, by her behavior she is nothing more than a bratty entitled child. She had more maturity at 16 than she does now. Sad.

  4. mugofmead111 says

    Ha, ha, ha. A few years ago who would have guessed that Miley Cyrus would be hanging out with Kim Porter?

    Experimenting with a new image doesn’t have to involve snorting off a mirror. No wonder Liam wanted call it quits.

  5. modelle18 says

    Miley Cyrus

    she even said in Rolling Stone mag that Diddys Baby Mama lives right by her

    her whole ‘i dont care’ attitude isnt because she doesnt care its because shes stoned/high and cant stop for minute to care on how much she will end up regretting everything

  6. katerofl says

    I just read an article about Miley living next to Diddy’s baby mama. Google says she’s 20. So I’m gonna guess Miley Cyrus.

  7. hereiam says

    Miley Cyrus? I would think that she already knew all there was to know about drugs but i can’t think of who else it’d be considering the clues were”20 year old” and “twerkin'”

  8. prleonard2 says

    Miley. I didn’t know that Diddy had anything to do with LA.

    If Kelly Osborne is sober, how can she not be tempted by hanging out with Miley?

    • kspeedian says

      I’ve thought about that several times myself. Though I know she drinks sometimes, she admits that… so who knows if she also smokes pot or does anything else… But even w/ just the drinking occasionally, that’s not “sober.” Just bc you’re sober from your drug of choice (which in her case I think is opiate Rx pills) doesn’t mean you’re “sober”… I hate when people try to pull that shit lol.

  9. LeahLynn28 says

    Oh,Miley…no wonder Liam and his family wanted to run away from her.
    Where are her parents?Spending the money she pays them to leave her alone doing drugs,embarassing herself in public for attention?That’s sad,i honestly can’t stand Miley and her ugly horse face,but drugs are destructive and deadly,no wonder she’s destroying her image and her career.She’s self-destructive,is lost and needs help before she gets hurt or before something worse happens.
    I’m not rich like her,but at least i had parents who raised me well…i never drank alcohol and never did drugs.Miley was abandoned by her parents,they are too busy spending her money.Sad but true.

  10. TVespy says

    Twerkin makes me think Miley she smokes pot a lot, but I’ve never heard of her doing hard stuff. She just said in an interview her neighbor is Steve Carrell, I wouldn’t put it past her to give diddy a shout out too. Blurred Lines it is, I guess.

  11. JaneDawson says

    Signs SCREAM Miley…but Diddy and Kim are nowhere near to being close to her.
    Kate Upton is my runner up. She was twerking before We Cant Stop happened.

  12. Warrior1461 says

    Drugs explains everything. Selena’s parents were more hands on with her. That’s why she is not twerking and making a fool out of herself.

  13. serasera says

    Now Miley is getting into the hard drugs? Before, she just seemed to be acting out (being young and dumb), so I wasn’t too concerned. But hard drugs are the beginning of the end. The spiral down to bottom, that we’ve seen so many times before.

  14. missmissy says

    So we’re supposed to believe that Kim taught to roll a blunt? I have a feeling that has been on her acquired skill list for a while. These arent substances that she has not encountered before. She might be young, but she has not been sheltered.

  15. BoredPerson123 says

    Miley Cyrus. The mention of twerking gives a lot away. Man, I feel so sad for Miley… :,(

  16. ticktorboom says

    Miley Cyrus, she stated in her Marie Claire interview in 2012 that Diddy was her neighbor and babygirl is getting scary thin.