Revisionist Vacation

woman yoga 2[Blind Gossip]  Look, if you want to pretend that you are on some amazing spiritual journey, meeting with counselors to heal from the overwhelming grief of losing your fake boyfriend, that’s on you. You are an actor, after all, so we know that you are capable of emoting and bringing attention to yourself.

But we both know who you were really canoodling with during your “spiritual retreat”. He’s a little old for you, don’t you think? He wasn’t your chauffeur. And he’s definitely not gay.

Oh, and having your publicist try to spin the story a couple of weeks later so you can garner more sympathy for yourself is lame. It does a great disservice to people everywhere who suffer tragedy and loss. You’re just lucky we didn’t see that BS story on September 11th until now, or we would have ripped you a new one.

Bring on the hate mail!


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    • Okayeah says

      Whether she and Cory were for real or not, I’m sure she’s grieving the loss of her friend. I really have no issue with any of this.

      • Naija_girl says

        Geoff is definitely gay. Before dating Quinto he was with saucy Broadway star Gavin Creel. So, I’m confused, are they trying to say the guy she was with was Groff? Therefore no hakny panky was going on?

  1. goodvortex says

    Lea: that was incredibly tacky of you to try to co-opt September 11th for your own egotistical PR. Shame on you and shame on your publicists (ID PR)!!!

  2. Aprilshowers says

    her publicists should be shot! as someone who lost several close friends on Sept 11 it’s disgusting that her pr people think of it as an opportunity to promote their client!

    • 2centz says

      Yes the timing of this pr move is all VERRRRY VERRRRY suspicious.

      Two weeks ago it was called a “vacation” then as soon as Ace exposes the guy she was with a couple of days ago, it suddenly becomes a “healing from grief” trip to get her some sympathy. Whaaa?

      It’s like her pr team is not just covering it up, they are also exploiting 9/11 with “Look at Lea! Shes grieving over her drug addict fake boyfriend just like you people whose loved ones were killed by terrorists!”

      The whole thing stinks to high heaven and Lea is not innocent party in this! Pr does not do things like this without a clients full consent!

      That is all.

      • What Had Happened Was ... says

        I totally agree, prleonard2! I thought I was the only one greatly annoyed by her. She’s not nearly as hot or talented as she would like us to believe. I watched Glee for like three episodes, and she got on my nerves!

  3. lovefifteen says

    Don’t be so hard on Lea. Many “relationships” in Hollywood are fake publicity stunts. She didn’t do anything wrong. What is she supposed to do? Come forward and say she’s okay because her relationship with Cory was a PR stunt?

  4. Amie says

    Leah Michelle.

    But then what was all that fuss about Leah making the funeral arrangements, Leah being close with Corey’s family throughout the immediate aftermath, Leah choosing how and when to incorporate the death into the plotlines of “Glee,” the brave Leah stories, etc.? Also 100% pure bull, or was the ruse really played that extensively?

    The extent of modern Hollywood’s con artistry and duplicity is really, really disturbing. Pathological, actually.

    • HermioneG says

      After reading this BI again I wonder if the guy could be John Lloyd Young (born in 1975, dark haired). He’s a Broadway dude she dated in 2008 (she also got him a small part on Glee, he was the teacher who chopped his thumbs off in season 1). He fits the clues. I have no idea if they’ve been spotted publicly together recently though.

  5. Mama Bear says

    WTF IS WRONG WITH HER PUBLICITY TEAM? Trying to make 9/11 about their actress client and her dead junkie friend is reprehensible. A new low.

  6. tita says

    We are talking about Lea Michele. Fine. But I am confused. is the guy Johnatan Groff? if yes, wasn’t it in a steady relationship with Zachary Quinto? I am even more confused cause I was, long ago, watching a tv show about Spring Awakening on Broadway and I remember seeing that Groff had given lea a ring. They didn’t mention an engagement, but they sure made it seem like they were dating at that time, while both were the leads in that show. At least that’s what was said.
    So let’s say that Lea and Cory were together to make Cory look like he was better, balanced, whatever and because a romance is good for ratings. Then Groff would be a beard for Quinto (some people say that it’s easier to be accepeted as gay in the business if they are in a committed relationship).
    Hollywood PR is so complex.

    • deed says

      from what I can gather from the post, they apparently used Groff as a cover up to who she’s really with during the retreat.. Jon Groff is definitely gay I tell you!

    • misslibrarianlady says

      Lea and Jon Groff were/are best friends. The ring back then was just a friend thing. They never dated but did things like platonic snuggling. Groff is openly gay, recently broke up with Quinto. This guy Lea was with was older (from the descriptions, significantly) and Jon is slightly younger than Lea, I believe, so Jon was likely being used as a cover up in this context.

    • tita says

      thanks for the replies.
      So Ace, can we now move on from lea to whoever the heck was the guy with her, please?

  7. cupcakes says

    Lea Michele. Sigh, why didn’t you out Monchele as fake when Cory was actually alive instead of throwing so much shade over him within two months of his death

      • cupcakes says

        There were enough moments of the two of them at airports, Coachella, vacations, etc when Cory was alive that Ace could’ve used to out them as PR like he did with Kaley Cuoco who isn’t that much in the news either and others. Yet he’s been dragging Cory through the mud after not even 2 days after his death and he’s still doing it. I don’t care what Lea is doing or how fake Monchele is, it’s just very disrepsectful to Cory.

  8. arlp96 says

    This is really sad and disapointing….I really hope It’s not about who I think it is…

    Actress: Lea Michele

  9. slimfast10 says

    Oh Ace I ADORE you..Lea Michelle should be ashamed of herself on so many hate mail from me.

  10. TVespy says

    Why aren’t we commenting on the uncomfortable, awkward, and unfortunate situation she has been left with. She still has to help carry a show, where no doubt, the higher ups are pushing like crazy the tribute episode for ratings, and every cast member continues to comment on it and how beautiful it is. Some even have used her to garner attention and bring her up without prompt to mention how strong she is. It’s a shitty situation either way, if PR or not. I don’t understand the need to crucify her like she’s the first to do PR, I don’t believe 90% of the stuff Hollywood tries to sell me! I do believe they were close and friendly and it sucks for her to have extra to deal with plus the fan pressure, there are some cray crays in that fandom!
    -first time posting love the site….p.s I’m sure Fox has a big hand in it but she needs to stop with the necklace if this is true!

    • La Llorona says

      Yeah I’m willing to agree with this point. These blinds tend to give you only a small sample of the picture. Hollywood is full of actors constantly putting on a show 24/7, but that’s nothing new. Still, if Michelle tried using 9/11 for PR, I still have to say she could have stood her moral ground, unless she wasn’t aware of what she was getting into.

  11. lakelady says

    Lea Michelle? this is interesting but I agree that people mourn for their lost loved ones and if Lea is acting then I have lost respect even if she is a great talent, your fans will not like it if you are playing on our sympathy.

  12. theveronicas says

    Lea michele. Knew her being nice was all an act. To think I felt sorry for her. This has to go viral if it’s true. The amount of sympathy people have for her is insane. Someone died and she’s milking it

  13. Fergus says

    It was publicized as being Jonathan Groff, but he is 28 to her 27, and Cory was 31. She even posted pictures of the two. So, what is the ‘age’ reference, and was it someone else?

  14. ILoveDlisted says

    Actress:Lea Michele
    Not sure who this dude is, but she is pretty pathetic using Cory’s death for sympathy

  15. MikeInSanJose says

    Awww, not Lea Michelle, is it?

    Sad, but I won’t completely blame her for it. If the relationship between her and Cory was a set-up publicity stunt, the folks doing all that shit behind the scenes, under the guise of furthering these young peoples’ careers, are the ones that need to be tarred and feathered… and horse-whipped… and drawn and quartered…

  16. PiscesTwice says

    Damn! No love for Lea. I guess it’s true what they say that she really is like a real life Rachel Berry. Although, I don’t even think Rachel would be this low.

  17. Zap The Sheep says

    Forward any hatemail to me. I would love to tell Lea Michelle what a twat she is. I have friends that watched that awards show where she was very emotional talking about her junkie fake boyfriend. I tried to tell them what a fake she was and how she was ‘acting’ to garner more attention for her and Glee. But, I was the supposed @$$hole for saying what most sane people thought.

  18. rorythedragon says

    This is obviously Lea Michelle, but the question is…who is the older man she’s canoodling with???

  19. Mardy Bum says

    Ohhhhh Hoooooooo! ‘dem’s fightin words. Love it when you call out the fakers!

    I knew I never liked her, now I have a good reason! Thanks BG. :-)

    • stolidog says

      Am I reading this blind incorrectly, or is it implying that Cory Monteith was gay (no big surprise if he was…)

  20. 192Aug says

    “It does a great disservice to people everywhere who suffer tragedy and loss.”
    I don’t think that people everywhere who suffer tragedy and loss would care about what a tv actress does and with who. And I don’t think that people everywhere who suffer tragedy and loss would thank you because you’re calling out a tv actress about her personal life. This site makes money publishing gossip (that can be true or false) on other people’s PERSONAL lives and this kind of behaviour could destroy lives, relationships and careers. And now you act as if you’re the guardian of morality. I was slightly pissed, but I thought about it and I realized that I feel sorry for you. Regards.

    • karaduff says

      192Aug, if you don’t like what is posted here, why are you here??? Go hang out with like-minded people.