1. travoltasbeard says

    The People is an English site…

    Loo Guy: David Moyes

    Squeaky Friend: Mr. Squaeky Bum Time Himself – Sir Alex Ferguson

    • rosiedoes says

      People on here say that every time a UK publication is mentioned, as if we’ve never heard of half of Hollywood.

      • travoltasbeard says

        I know, I love it. It has only been said around 78 times on BG. I thought I would make it 79. Sorry, I am off to watch me Corrie now!

        BTW, 23rd time Poster. Love the Site. Ace you Rock!


        CliCHE GUEVARA

    • PinkSlip says

      oooooo….good pickup! i like it….although i admit i still don’t get what this blind is about…!!

  2. sherlock says

    I would believe if David Beckham was the squeaky clean friend because he doesn’t do drugs.but so many celebs partake the white powder.

  3. BritishPound says

    Beckham for squeaky
    Mr Ramsay for Loo Guy.

    Haven’t they fallen out over some business deal recently? Maybe Becks is distancing himself…

  4. PinkPetals says

    Louis and Harry. Louis’ Mum posted on Twitter on September 11 (same day as this post) re ‘best friends’. Sad if true.

  5. No Kidding says

    The rubber duck makes me think of Hugh Laurie, so Stephen Fry as the loo guy and Hugh Laurie as the squeaky clean guy.

  6. UKGoss says

    Oh I hope this is not Ant and Dec. The only recent UK awards that I can think of are the TV Choice Awards, and the only ‘best friends’ partnership that was reported to be present is Ant and Dec, who won a few that night.

    They’re massively popular, boyish-looking/ behaving pair of presenters who win awards every year; kids, families and grandmas love them; and they have a squeaky clean image, as far as I know.

    Loo Guy: Ant

    Squeaky Friend: Dec

  7. UKGoss says

    Re my previous comment: I mentioned the awards because I’m assuming this happened at an awards after-party.