Sharp and Dissolving

happy girlThis is a exclusive story. We ask media outlets and bloggers to clearly and properly credit and link to when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

[Blind Gossip] You are going to be shocked when you see this former superstar in the next couple of months!

Reports from the set of her latest project are that she is amazingly healthy… and fit… and mentally sharp! We can’t even remember the last year that she was all three of those thing at the same time.

She is so healthy and fit that the body double and the stunt person that were hired to sub in her for on certain shots have been sitting on the sidelines during the entire shoot! She is doing all her own work, and she is performing like she did during her peak.

She is totally in charge on this production. No, she’s not being a bitch. She just knows what she wants, and she has been ordering people around with a confident smile. The crew reports that she shows up prepared and energetic every single day, and that she is genuinely happy, creative, encouraging and quite funny. They are really loving working with her.

In fact, she is so sharp and mentally fit that we are pleased to exclusively report that a certain legal arrangement that was designed to protect her is being dissolved soon!

She is clearly ready for a professional comeback, and ready to take charge of her own life again.

This is a exclusive story. We ask media outlets and bloggers to clearly and properly credit and link to when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

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    • Okayeah says

      I believe this is supposed to be Britney too, but I’m not buying it. By all accounts she was functioning pretty poorly during X Factor or whatever show she did, and no one just wakes up one morning and snaps right out of mental illness!

      • Brooke says

        unless they manage to get out from under the cloud of a possibly forced dr-g regimen? i don’t find it hard to believe that her parents would keep her d0ped to retain control of her considerable purse strings.

      • chandler02 says

        I completely agree, Okayeah. They say that she is doing amazing everytime they are preparing her for another tour/tv show, etc.

      • Red Velvet says

        I won’t jump to the conclusion that her parents forced drugs on her to control her money. It may be the case of finding the _right_ drug regimen, and that really can take years, during which the person can be depressed, a zombie, out of it, etc., and then they really get their spirit and personality back when the right combination is finally found. I have a family member who went through that experience–everything had to be tried for 3-6 months to see if it worked, then one was added, 3-6 months, another taken away, 3-6 months, a new combination tried, and so on. They’re finally doing great, but it took years. I wish Britney the best.

      • ToadKisser says

        I addition to being on a better drug regimen and no longer “together with” her “fiancé,” her improvement is also probably due to no longer being on The X-Factor. It was obviously such a terrible fit for her, particularly the requirement that she was expected to think and speak extemporaneously. The girl is no Einstein, even when 100% lucid, and she often looked like she was in physical pain trying to act ‘natural.’ Early on, it was obvious they resorted to feeding her everything she was saying through an earpiece (with cringe-worthy results) and lying (pathetically) when called out on it. She was also clearly very uncomfortable with criticizing contestants in any way, so ‘way to go!’ to whoever thought she’d be a good reality competition show judge. It was pretty apparent that the whole last season was a failed plan to get ratings with the promise of an impending meltdown, between casting her and the other Disney trainwreck.

      • nolabelle says

        It was her parents that got her back into the real world and doing so well. Prior to that, her boyfriend/manager/fiancé was the bad guy who had her on various drugs to keep her loopy, and under his control. He was destroying her. When the parents finally figured out it was him doing abusive stuff to her, then they fought him in court to take away his control and kick him out of her life forever.

    • jmol says

      When you get on the correct medicine and dosage (this is very difficult to do) you can rehabilitate pretty quickly. Very happy for her, bi-polar is a difficult disorder.

      • val says

        She isn’t bipolar. She is suffering from dissociative identity disorder. You can see it very clearly in an interview she did with Diane Sawyer (you can find dozens of videos on YT) where she was talking about her breakup with Justin Timberlake.

        Doesn’t matter though – if this is true I’m very happy she’s doing better.

      • jmol says

        While no one has officially acknowledged either diagnosis, she’s had obvious manic episodes for years. Like the Vegas wedding to her friend. And there is such thing as co-morbid diagnoses. Whatever, getting on the right combo of meds is the key to rehabilitation.

    • wfreshie says

      what would she be doing, filming that she would need a stunt double??? the rest of the blind fits her though

      • Shawny2222 says

        It is! It really is. People who don’t suffer from a mental illness do not have a clue what it’s like. And just living or being around someone with a mental illness, still isn’t enough to give them an idea of what it’s like HAVING a mental illness.

  1. BooBearBanana says

    It’s Britney, “bitch”! I’m happy that she’s finally back. She’s too talented to let it just go to waste

  2. Awkward says


    My God! I’m so happy to read this blind. The new reigning era of Ms. Spears has finally come.

  3. OoLaLana says

    I first thought it was Lindsay Lohan… but as I finished reading the article and there was a reference to “a certain legal arrangement that was designed to protect her”…
    … it’s gotta be Britney Spears.

    • HermioneG says

      Same! I had LiLo in mind then I got to the end and realized it was about Britney.

      Good for her! I hope they all recover (LiLo, Bynes, Miley, Riri etc) from whatever makes them lose it. Be it drugs and/or mental illnesses, it’s just sad to see these young women let their talents go to waste and be miserable.

      • nolabelle says

        Or if not conspiracy, she.aged and then grew up.finally, maturing under a tighter lease by dad and mom, plus getting right docs w/right ombo of required meds for bipolar probl and she saw the light.

  4. Wrycast says

    BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBritney Spears all the way. E! had an interview with her traineer telling how good she’s been doing and also she posted this photo wearing a bikini looking pretty good 😉

  5. Billy Baloney says

    I don’t know what she’s up to lately (or ever, for that matter), but I’m getting a Mariah Carey vibe off of this one.

  6. mrsjaymack says

    Amanda Bynes “She just knows what she wants…” What a Girl Wants. If this is her, glad to hear she’s doing well.

  7. wfreshie says

    I first thought britney spears,but don’t see anything that she would be working on that matches this blind…congrats to whoever it is, though!

  8. arlp96 says

    This is obviously about Britney Spears…her new single “Work Bitch” come out this monday and she seems to be fully recovered. This are great news!!!

  9. prospero says

    Britney Spears

    No, she’s not being a bitch!

    This is probably the happiest gossip you’ve ever posted! So happy to hear that

  10. stolidog says

    Brit Brit? I don’t believe it. Let her swim with the sharks again and this time she’ll be devoured.

    • nolabelle says

      Wow so negative. She did great for yrs until she got caught up with the wrong Hollywood,west coast crowd that hurt her.

  11. HollySleuth says

    You go, Brit Brit! We’re all rooting for you!

    (Clue: “…she’s not being a bitch.” Her new single is “Work Bitch.”

  12. Dana5570 says

    Britney Spears and her upcoming shows in Las Vegas. The part about her not being a b**** is a clue since her new song is called Work B****! the arrangement being dissolved is the conservatorship with her parents.

  13. Oh merde! says

    BRITNEY SPEARS and her new song “WORK BITCH” (hence the chue “no she’s not being a bitch”).

    So happy for her :)

  14. chandler02 says

    This sounds like it is supposed to be Britney, but I am not buying it. They said she was doing so great and really with it when she started on X-Factor, but Simon Cowell later says that she could hardly talk. The always say, “she is taking charge” (that was repeated endlessly when her last album came out).

    • nolabelle says

      She was on heavy medications, either to get her to endure doing the X factor show, which she did not want to do,but mgmnt team pushed her, or she was still trying to have the right combo of meds for her bipolar disorder which can takes a year or more before hitting on the appropriate combination of meds that works for her. She later stated how much she hated doing that X factor show and did not want to be there. I think she was hoping to get out of her contract before the yr was up.

  15. mooseboy says

    Britney Spears! She just wrapped filming on her video for her new single “Work Bitch” and is getting ready for her Vegas Residency! So excited!!

    And it’s about time that Conservatorship is going! Great job, Brit!!

    P.S. Ace, it’s good to see some positive info on here :) Thanks!

  16. MaybeImRight says

    Ha! I knew this was about Britney before I even read the blind. Glad to hear it!!! Was always rooting for her.