Questionable California Coastal Cuddling

Bixby Bridge Big Sur[Blind Gossip] This very talented actress is the lead on a popular TV show. She got in a bit of rest and relaxation recently at a $5000+/night luxury resort on the California coast.

She wasn’t alone.

She was with a dark-haired man who looked to be approximately ten years her senior. It wasn’t her father. Or her manager. Or her agent. They shared their accommodations – which included a tub with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean – so it probably wasn’t a business meeting.

The two mostly stayed in the entire weekend, but did emerge for at least one meal, sitting closely in the restaurant and whispering and giggling and feeding each other.

She’s young and pretty and sing le, so what’s the problem with a romantic coastal getaway?

Well, she is supposed to be in mourning for her lost love. So, she has either moved on incredibly quickly… or her well-publicized former relationship was just a PR stunt to improve ratings for her show. We’ll let you decide which one is true.


TV Show:

Lost Love:

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