The Real Story Behind This Public Feud

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[Blind Gossip] There is a public battle going on now between a very famous female performer and a male blogger. While both are telling their “versions” of the story, we have the real back story for you… the one that neither party is ever going to tell you!

The two used to be very good friends… until the blogger started privately telling the performer to get help for her substance abuse problem. Yes, the performer is an add*ct, and a serious one at that. But, like most add*cts, she was in compete denial about her problems, and she hated the blogger for telling her the truth! She warned him that if he didn’t shut up about her problems, that she would cut him out of her life.

The blogger stopped confronting the performer personally, but did go to a third party to discuss the performer’s issues and to ask for her help in encouraging the performer to go to reh*b and perhaps staging an intervention. The third party is a very famous female singer who is friendly with both the performer and the blogger.

The performer found out that the blogger and the third party were discussing her problems behind her back… and went ballistic! She not only cut the blogger out of her life, but she started making nasty comments about him to anyone would would listen. The blogger was very hurt and retaliated by critiquing the performer on his blog.

The performer eventually did go to rehab, but she did not admit it publicly, pretending instead that she was taking several months off due to an injury. Whatever. So, the blogger’s persistence did pay off in terms of her eventually getting the help that she desperately needed… but their friendship was lost in the process.

She is now out of rehab and working again. However, she still hasn’t forgiven the blogger for his confronting her about her add*ction, as well as for his private disclosure of her condition to the other singer. Meanwhile, he is trying to cope with the very public backlash from her rabid fans, who don’t know the back story and who blame him for the performer’s angst!




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Performer: Lady Gaga

Blogger: Perez Hilton

Singer: Katy Perry


The entire story is really contained in the original blind item. Lady Gaga is a dr*g addict, and Perez Hilton tried to convince her to go to rehab.

When Lady Gaga rebuffed him, he engaged Katy Perry to try to intervene. It didn’t help, and the friendship between Gaga and Hilton was lost in the process. Oddly enough, though, she is still friendly with Katy Perry, even though she was annoyed that “Roar” was released the same week that “Applause” was released. No, we can’t explain why Gaga is publicly feuding with Perez and not with Perry.

This article from Rolling Stone hints at the root cause of their problems, but Perez never actually gets specific about her drug addiction:

Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton are in the middle of a heated feud, as the former friends have been airing out grievances on Twitter. The root of their disagreements are murky, but Hilton has been gleefully tweeting about the disappointing chart performance of Gaga’s new single, “Applause” – particularly in comparison with Katy Perry’s new track, “Roar.” Gaga responded with a tweet saying Hilton sent her a picture of a wheelchair with the word “karma” written on it the day of her accident that led to surgery and canceled tour dates. The exchanges continued, and yesterday, Gaga posted a since-deleted tweet accusing Hilton of stalking her and claiming he was trying to move into her apartment building in New York.

Hilton responded with a statement to The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, noting he’s been receiving death threats from Gaga fans. “My heart hurts that my former very good friend Lady GaGa, a person I used to call my ‘wifey’ and traveled the world with, is making very public and very untrue allegations about me on Twitter,” he wrote. Though he declined to go into detail on the cause of their rift, he maintained his position as “a critic and not a stalker,” and said he isn’t a physical threat to the singer. “As the suggestion that I pose a danger to GaGa is preposterous, if fans want to send a message of support to her, they should buy her music,” Hilton wrote.

Gaga said fans tipped her off to Hilton’s real estate hunting, while a source told The Hollywood Reporter that the blogger was scheduled to visit an apartment in Gaga’s building without knowing she also lived there.

The blogger hasn’t dropped out of the fight yet: he responded early this morning with tweets that contained veiled references to drug use. “[They] don’t just ruin lives. They [ruin] friendships and careers too,” Hilton tweeted. “I know some people are sick, and addiction will make you act up, but people need to take accountability for their actions!!!!”

He continued, “I know it’s hard to see our idols/friends/people we looked up to as less than awesome. But sometimes those people are so hurtful!”

Perhaps Perez thinks that if he doesn’t straight-up call Lady Gag a “dr*g add*ct” that it somehow will make it easier for Lady Gaga to consider being friends again?

Some of you thought that the Singer was Lana Del Ray. Nope. Lana and Gaga’s history together goes way back to when they were both coming up in the New York music scene, but Lana was not involved in this intervention. In fact, the two of them can’t stand each other!

Carriebradshaw was first with the complete correct answer! Congratulations, Carrie!

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