Behind The Diagnosis

doctor stethoscope[Blind Gossip] This girl has been a star for many years, but her wild behavior as of late indicated that her problems were not just the result of having worked too hard or partied too much.

Some originally speculated that her dr*g use had tripped off her irrational behavior. However, there may be a darker explanation.

While there are multiple issues contributing to her behavior, one of the diagnoses she received when seen by doctors was surprising to friends and family. They were told that she has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The public explanation is that she is angry about having to work so hard since she was young. However, PTSD is not caused by hard work. Something happened to her when she was still a minor that resulted in this diagnosis. She was seriously assaulted by someone that she trusted.

A police report was never filed, as it was thought at the time that such a scandal would irreparably harm her career. The whole incident was hushed up, and she resumed working, but she was deeply traumatized by the incident/s and angry that those around her didn’t do more to help her.

Those close to her are now talking among themselves trying to figure out how to get her help for this trauma while concurrently trying to figure out how to publicly explain the trauma in a way that doesn’t make everyone around her look bad. They are really hoping that the media doesn’t find out the details of the story, and that the girl can get well and start working again as if nothing ever happened.


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    • ninjaja says

      amanda bynes and the producer or director or exec or All That major rumors have circulated asbout her relationship with some guy 15+years older. her parents appeared to allow it… such a heart breaking story and i wish the best for everyone involved.

      • stanton says

        We all think that it is this one lady but the reality is that its “none of our business”. With that know being said I just hope that “whoever” did this trauma to the “Young Girl” I hope he does see the inside of a court room

    • Bromance1979 says

      The entire situation is so sad.

      Why do those around her need to publicly explain the trauma? Get her help, already, and spare the public an explanation. Her behaviour has gotten incredibly sad and scary. I just want to see her better and don’t care what happened. Some things can stay private. I’m glad to hear there’s been a diagnosis and, hopefully, that leads to successful treatment.

      • noinin says

        A lot of times victims need to be be publicly aknowledged as victims in order to heal. Amanda (and I believe it was her) was denied that from a young age. I think her parents knew and shut up, and that’s why she seemed to distrust them so much. It’s a good thing they are trying to fix their mistakes though.

    • ktbell05 says

      I like this guess. Amanda would be almost to obvious. This pertains to Lindsay as well….poor girl. PTSD is a very serious condition and I wish this girl the best and I hope she gets the help she needs.

    • PinkSlip says

      No, Lindsay’s problems have not been of this nature for a long time: what we’re seeing of her now is the *result* of some wild behavior, and even that was months and months ago. Amanda is currently on a major downward spiral…Lindsay’s on the up.

    • noinin says

      Not sure this blind is about Lindsay Lohan. I think her parents would have made it very public in order to cash in on it as much as possible.

  1. stolidog says

    That ugly girl, Amanda Baynes (just kidding if you’re reading Amanda!)

    she won’t work again.

  2. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Amanda Bynes and they are awful for doing that to her. She deserved to get retribution and justice if something happened. Awful, unfortunately this doesn’t happen just in Hollywood….

  3. robirob052 says

    Sounds like Miley Cyrus. Those Disney and Nickelodeon shows are notorious for being run by creeps who are into minors who sexually abuse the shows’ underage talents and even pimp them out to their underground pedophile-like network.

  4. mickamouse says

    Girl: Amanda Bynes………..This does seem to make sense because of all her erratic behavior.

  5. 3dogday says

    Amanda Bynes.

    I feel awful for her. I think TMZ and Perez and all these gossip sites should issue her a public apology for the relentless harassing they did to her this past year. I’m sure it didn’t help one bit. She has a serious disease that is so devastating and to be chased and poked at was hard to watch. I just don’t understand why her parents took SO long to step in, or someone just realized something was off and tried to get her help sooner. It seems like shes got a lot of bad people surrounding her. I’m glad she’s finally getting help.

    • PandoraWolf says

      From every account I have seen, her parents DID try to step in. Unfortunately, until you do something over the top (setting yourself on fire), there isn’t anything that can be done. She is over 18: legally, what can her parents do? Not a whole lot, when every time they reached out Amanda turned them away.

      When you’re shoving your face into the public spotlight every day by sending perverted tweets, half naked pictures, etc., then OF COURSE everyone will be commenting and talking about it. Once she got the 5150 and an underlying mental illness diagnosis was thrown out there, it seems like most sites are now being very supportive. You can’t blame a gossip site for doing what a gossip site is supposed to do. [I would blame the staff and whoever LEAKED all of her medical information, since that is against the law.]

      I also feel bad for her, since schizophrenia is a horrible diagnosis, but I feel worse for people without the financial wherewithall to get treatment. In that regard, Amanda is very lucky to have the resources that she does.

      • 3dogday says

        So having parties with random strangers, the whole “bong” incident, getting kicked out of her apt, the videos of her walking around NYC talking to herself aren’t enough for a friend or family member to be like “ok, enough, something is very wrong, this isn’t her normal behavior” & step in? I know her parents had previously tried to help, but I just felt like they could have applied for conservatorship much sooner. Or just kept trying. It’s their kid, and somethings obviously wrong. You dont just “give up” when you know there’s a serious underlying issue at hand. Maybe they did do more, I dont know. I’m just saying, if it was my kid (famous or not famous) I wouldn’t have let it even get to the point of doing something over the top, because not only could they harm themselves they could harm others.

        As far as gossip sites, I know a crap ton of them had thrown around the “mental illness” thoughts ions ago, and still harassed her. So pardon me while I don’t join in all the whole tear them down build them up & vice versa mentality of the media. We’re gonna follow you around everywhere, harass you, make fun of you but oh wait, its confirmed you have a mental illness? Woo girl, we got your back, you go Amanda! You’ll make it, Bffsies!….no. Gossip is one thing, but when people can obviously tell its not just her being crazy/perverted and just that weird girl, they should have laid off a bit. It’s just like Britney all over again. I just wish the media would learn when its time to step back a little in situations like this, but I’m fully aware that will never happen.

      • Cavanaugh5 says

        3dogday: Her family and friends were powerless to help her because until the driveway fire, she could not be classified as being a danger to herself or to others. That’s the key to having her involuntarily committed to the psychiatric ward. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the reason why so many homeless, mentally ill remain on the streets. Until they pose a threat to themselves or others, they are free to live as they wish, even if their behavior is grossly abnormal.

      • august says

        You can’t stop it, she’s apart of Media. Unless rules are formed for such, she and everyone like her have to deal with even this kind of exposure.
        Sadly she’s has to deal with her private matter of what happened to her and people who are just doing their jobs.
        This is why Pedophiles are in high places so they wont be touched the powers over them Only SEE $$$$$$$ signs.

    • everythingthatshines says

      To 3dogday’s second comment: her parents were trying but there’s not much they could do especially since she moved to New York. If this blind is true, she obviously doesn’t trust her parents or the people close to her enough to let them help her. She’s been reported to say that they’re out to get her and she doesn’t trust them. Also, apparently it is very difficult to get a conservatorship so her parents have been struggling until the fire incident. Also I don’t think they could do anything about a conservatorship while she was in New York, but I maybe wrong. The whole situation is sad, and I’m glad she’s finally getting the help she needs.

    • PinkCrayon says

      Maybe that’s why she tried to distance herself from her parents. Such a sad case she is.

  6. jessicarabbit says

    Demi Lovato? I think she did an interview a couple of weeks ago where she hinted that she’d been abused. How sad :( I hope whoever it is gets the help she needs.

  7. Anaishilator says

    Amanda Bynes?

    Wasnt there a rumor running around that there may be/have been a pedophile producer closely associated with all these tween shows? But I cant remember if its Nickelodeon or Disney.

    • PandoraWolf says

      It’d be the perfect gig: plenty of kids with stars in their eyes, and plenty of parents willing to w*ore their kids out for a quick buck. Terrible.

    • EBlindersOn says

      Nick, and it is the producer of all of Nick’s sitcoms… but if it is really him, then why does he still have a job? He has been working with them for almost 20 years, if Amanda was being molested and many other stars, where were the execs unless they were all getting a piece themselves?

    • Jennie says

      An assistant to a producer of Nickelodeon was arrested and sentenced to 6 years in prison for lewd acts to a child. Nickelodeon gave him access to child actors on and off the set, and allowed him to exchange email addresses and phone numbers with them.

      For years Marty Weiss managed dozens of young actors, getting them roles on shows like Nickelodeon’s iCarly and Disney’s Good Luck Charlie. But 10 months ago Weiss was arrested after a young actor accused Weiss of molesting him over 30 times – starting when he was just 11 years old.

      We are now hearing more and more about child molestation in Hollywood. Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Todd Bridges are just a few examples.

    • LALOVER says

      That guy needs to be outed! If this happen to multiple stars, they should ban together and come out. It def wouldn’t hurt their careers, and in fact, it would bring attn to the seriousness of this matter.

    • Masse says

      Oh god, ofcourse, Amanda Bynes!

      That sweet, sweet child! Hope she gets proper help and finds loving people in her life!

      I feel like throwing up..whoever this is about. :(

    • maylise says

      I heard some stories going round that she had been r*ped, became pregnant and had an abortion and it was someone behind the scenes of her show. (I think people know who I am referring to.)

  8. qchisme says

    Amanda Bynes

    I hope she’s able to fight her demons and get well. I don’t know why ppl keep egging on her behavior when she clearly has some underlying issues that are making her act this way.

  9. LeahLynn28 says

    Amanda Bynes?She started having her weird behavior one year ago or less,and now her parents are her temporary conservators.A PTSD caused by an old assault could explain Amanda’s recent behavior.If it’s true,that’s very sad,she was a minor and should have been protected.
    I could guess Blohan,but her behavior’s problems,the drugs use and the booze addiction are old,at least 10 years.And Lindsay’s career is already harmed,basically over.

  10. staaarshine says

    Amanda Bynes, though I definitely don’t think ‘working again’ is going to do her any good.

  11. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Miley Cyrus is the first one that comes to mind but it could be any of those Disney girls who are now in their 20’s. Whoever it is, it’s sad.

  12. brobdingnagian says

    Girl: Amanda Bynes.

    Really, the person who committed the assaults as well as those who covered it up both need to be held criminally liable!

  13. pockery says

    Amanda Bynes.
    I feel for the poor girl, and I really hope she can get passed this. Can’t be easy for her (especially since the media is soaking it up).

  14. Ursuhla says

    I knew it! I was telling my fiancé that something terrible (most likely abuse) happened to Amanda Bynes for her to be acting this way. This is so so terrible for her =(

    • meemo506 says

      Me too! Whenever stars come out acting like this all the sudden, my first thought is abuse or mental illness that hasn’t been treated. I think abuse like this is ridiculously common, and parents seem willing to pimp out their children for money. Disgusting.

  15. dizzie says

    Amanda Bynes. This is truly sad. I just thought she was crazy and acting out, but to know the truth makes me feel awful for her.

  16. niceright says

    Amanda Bynes. I hope her family stops trying to cover their asses and finally get some real help for this girl.

  17. Jennifer says

    Amanda Bynes

    There have been those rumors for years about a predatory producer or director who worked on a bunch of the biggest Nickelodeon shows.

  18. Halo26 says

    Amanda Bynes being molested by Dan Schneider… have you seen his eyes? That man is a pedophile until proven otherwise…

      • Halo26 says

        Only the creator of some of the most popular tween/teen shows that are/have been on tv:

        Zoey 101, All That, Victorious, iCarly, The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, What I Like About You, Keenan and Kel, Sam & Cat.

        Notice a theme? Three of those shows (1996-2006, ten frickin’ years) feature Amanda Bynes… poor girl.

  19. jmk says

    Gotta be Amanda Bynes. There were reports of her being hyper-sexual (coming onto married men, flashing, etc) on the set of the tv show ‘What I Like About You’ when she was maybe 17 that struck me instantly as acting out from sexual abuse.

  20. thebohemianlife says

    I know this sounds crazy, but I find conspiracy theories fascinating (read as: I don’t necessarily believe them) and when a story seems to corroborate with a common one, it just makes me squeal with interest. Anyone heard of the “we are poisoning some stars to get them to cover up the abuses they endure under their handlers as children?” lots of silly youtube videos about it.

    when I head PTSD was the case for her yesterday, I figured it was something like this. too sad.