Beaucoup de Drame a Paris

eiffel tower 2[Blind Gossip] This story is surprising, mainly because we would have never put these two celebrities together as a real couple!

While they have worked together, there is a significant age difference between the two of them.

They are both actors. She spent several years on a TV series, but is now a film star. He is a triple threat, but is best known for his current role on a popular TV show.

The two of them were in Paris a couple of weeks ago. They were there for several days. They caused a bit of a commotion in their hotel for three reasons:

First, because she was repeatedly going to his room in the middle of the night, knocking loudly and calling out his first name repeatedly until he would answer the door.

Second, because they would then proceed to have sex that was so loud and crazy that several hotel guests asked to change rooms.

And third, because they had a loud fight after the last sexual encounter, with their fight spilling out into the hallway and her crying and yelling, “I thought this relationship meant something to you! I thought that I meant something to you!”

Beaucoup de drame!



Do you follow on Twitter? You should, because we’re going to drop not one, but two extra hints about this story on Twitter this afternoon!


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  1. cupcakes says

    Dianna Agron
    And I’m gonna say Dominic Chianese for the actor because of the age difference, they’re both in The Family which they shot in France and his IMDB says he’s a multi-talented performer

  2. allison_b says

    I feel like the actor could be Tony Goldwyn? He’s currently starring in ABC’s Scandal & has done broadway in the past. He’s also older which would explain an age difference. Still trying to place the actress…

  3. PatioPrincess says

    This is a tough one…so many possibilities. Who I’d love for it to be (however unlikely) is: Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin from “Chuck.” He’s older and hot and she’s younger and doing movies now. However I seriously doubt this would ever happen as he’s an upstanding married dude and she’s in a relationship. Who it actually is, I have no clue?

  4. Raito says

    Actor: Darren Criss

    Actress: Kristen Wiig

    And I would actually believe this, if he wasn’t so obviously gay and so far in the closet he’s in narnia.

  5. happybee says

    Darren Criss possibly? He is a triple threat but is best known for Glee, he was in Paris in June (depending on what a couple weeks ago is to you), and of course he was at the teen choice awards. Not sure on the actress…

  6. enoughisenough says

    first time poster
    I may be waayy off but Kristin Wiig and Darren Criss??
    worked together on “girl most likely”
    she was on SNL, now in movies
    he’s a “triple threat”—which is debatable— on Glee.
    they were both in France in June for a screening.

  7. JenJenJen says

    Ashton Kutcher (triple threat in that he produces TV, acts and…something else). He was in Paris recently for the Jobs film.

    • jajarose says

      Plus they were in Paris together for the premiere of Girl Most Likely in June. And the hints match as she was in SNL and he is in Glee. Plus Darren is a Triple threat can sing, act and dance.

  8. MizGrandma says

    Gosh, I was in Paris 2 weeks ago & didn’t see anything like this–maybe my hotel wasn’t posh enough.

  9. bumblebea63 says

    Actress: Kristin Wiig (SNL, is now in films)
    Actor: Darren Criss (Glee).
    I think their film ‘Girl Most Likely’ had a Paris premiere this summer…anyway, just a guess! :)

  10. qchisme says

    i know they were in Paris in June promoting a movie and it’s all I can come up with so…

    Darren Criss
    Kristen Wiig

  11. absolutezero says

    I want to say Matthew Morrison because he can sing, dance, act and he was at the TCAs, but I have no idea who the lady could be.

  12. natnana says

    Darren Criss (popular tv show being Glee) and Kristen Wiig ( she was on SNL for many years and after Bridesmaids she became a movie star)

  13. kaitlinrose says

    Wow. Darren Criss and Kristen Wiig. They were in Paris in June promoting their movie.

    • slantrhyme says

      “Triple threat” makes me think movies, TV, Broadway, and the only person I can think of is NPH, but it isn’t him. Ashton is known for movies, current hit show, and…hosting? Not sure. But I think it’s him anyway. I just imdb’d him to come up with Anne Heche because she’s known to be off the rails.

  14. VoiceofReason says

    From the extra hints on Twitter it’s obvious this is supposed to be Darren & Kristen but they were there more than a couple of weeks ago and less than a week after he “confirmed” he was dating Mia during his “I’m 100% straight” tour. There are so many rumours that he’s not circulating that I guess something to scotch them had to be put out.

  15. LeahLynn28 says

    I have no idea.Who was in Paris few weeks ago?Btw,i watched a documentary about Paris’s past yesterday…it was very interesting and surprised me.I didn’t know Paris had a long,very long wall surrounding it hundreds years ago.I know it ust be off topic,but made me change the way i see Paris now,made me want to go there.:)

  16. Rozeanea says

    Darren and Kristen works, but I’m pretty sure that Darren’s gay… maybe he’s bi?

  17. bg888 says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    Actress: Kristen Wiig

    Kristen is 13 years older than Darren. She was on SNL and has made the jump to become a film star (Bridesmaids, more to come). Darren is a triple threat (great actor, singer, dancer) and hosted the Teen Choice Awards. Her and Darren were in Paris late June (20th?) and about a month later, Wiig and her boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti broke up after an 18-month relationship. Kristen and Darren also went to see Annie together in New York City (this was I believe a few days before Cory Monteith’s death).

    It’s an odd pairing, but I love Darren … and Kristen is great, too!

    • wendy hood says

      If he was closeted/still finding himself or whatever, having arguments or a rough time keeping an actual straight relationship would make sense. I think Criss fits perfectly.

  18. SupremeBeingofLeisure says

    If this is Darren and Kristen, this sounds like Kristen’s refreshing an old SNL skit character for publicity.