Her Expanding Midsection

woman pregnant beer[Blind Gossip] This young, multi-talented female star has never been fat. However, like many people, she has gained and lost weight before, so there is definitely a familiar pattern as to where her weight gains and losses show.

She’s gained about 10 pounds in the past couple of months. Not a big deal. But instead of it showing up in her face and neck or her upper abdomen – like it usually does – the weight gain is entirely in her lower abdomen.

No one will question why she is only drinking water. But questions about a woman’s body are a little more personal and frequently go unanswered. We think she’ll be able to keep her pregnancy a secret for another four weeks. After that point, she’ll have to make an announcement… or the bump will be gone altogether, with the loss chalked up to a healthy diet and exercise. We don’t know what she’s going to do, and, actually, neither does she!

Who was she dating – or sleeping with – approximately three months ago? Was it a musician?

Female Star:

Male Musician:


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95 comments to Her Expanding Midsection

  • Katie

    Katy Perry
    John Mayer

  • samson


    Not sure about the musciain could it really be Bieber? if nor then idk dont know about her dating life

  • hyork

    Kelly Clarkson (singer, songwriter, and actress, if you count that cheesy tween movie) and music manager Brandon Blackstock?

  • Doogy Howzer

    Katy Perry with JOhn Mayer being the Dad

  • DeFrechGurl

    katy perry?

  • SayItAintSo

    Katey Perry and John Mayer :)

  • ShhDontTell

    Katy Perry?

  • PatioPrincess

    I was going to Aniston, but, she’s not young, so I have no clue. Maybe Rhiana

  • GoGoHead

    Selena Gomez and Justin Sheber?

  • JaneDawson

    Gonna guess Katy Perry and John Mayer.

    They broke up and got back together 3 months ago. She recently did interviews, said she quit drinking and partying first to get on Vogue and then changed her answer to ‘health reasons’.

  • slantrhyme

    No disrespect intended, but Lea Michele? No one would question why she is drinking only water. And her weight has fluctuated a bit.

    Or Lady Gaga? She is all over the place with weight and health issues.

    • slantrhyme

      Oh no please not Amanda Bynes…I just had a flash that it might be her.

    • Maggie

      if it was lea the blind would definitely mention that the father of the baby recently passed away. she’s (understandably) been looking pretty thin lately anyways. her weight fluctuated earlier this year, but i believe she cleared up pregnancy rumors pretty quickly.

    • irishmarty

      I also thought of Lea Michelle.

  • Molls

    Female Star: Selena Gomez
    Male Musician: Justin Bieber

  • sparkle.burnout

    Dang, I hope it’s not LiLo this is all she needs. Wasn’t she dating Avi Snow a while back? I’m not sure the math is right for that though.

  • shelaur22

    No one will question that she’s only drinking water: could mean that she’s (a) sober, (b) underage, (c) one of those publicly healthy people, or (d) Mormon or Muslim.

  • jeannie

    Because of the clue about no one questioning why she’s drinking only water, I think it has to be someone who is sober and/or someone under 21. I’ll guess Demi lovato.

  • gossipaddict318

    Female star: Jen Anniston
    Male Musician: John Mayer

  • Kerzep

    Katy Perry and John Mayer

  • Virginia

    Demi Lovato and John Mayer. Oh Demi, you’re such a trainwreck.

  • Tasia

    Female Star: Katy Perry
    “Multi-talented,” in addition to music, she has her perfume lines, has collaborated with some cosmetics companies, did a documentary on tour, is crossing over into movies etc

    Male Musician: John Mayer

  • packerpoke

    Jennifer Aniston.

  • WhoDatGirl

    Female Star: Katy Perry

    Musician: John Mayer

  • next please

    Lindsay Lohan-major horror if true.

  • mrsjaymack

    this is making me think of katy perry & john mayer. i hope not. i don’t think either of them would make great parents right now.

  • next please

    Oh, and Lindsay Lohan was dating Max from The Wanted.

    • PandoraWolf

      I just read in the Daily Mail that LL hooked up with a guy in rehab right off the bat (like last time) and it was so disruptive they asked the guy to leave. The blind suggests a musician but maybe it’s just some random guy. Or there’s a guy musician that’s AWOL and it just happens to be because he’s in rehab.

  • Kinkee Pinkee

    Female Star: Lindsay Lohan

    Male Musician: Max George (The Wanted)

  • PandoraWolf

    Lohan. Saw pics of her in New York with what looked like a bump, but usually it’s her face I see getting puffy, or at least an allover ‘thickening’. And no one will question why someone just out of rehab isn’t drinking. Also, the cig in the shot.

    Not a Lohan fan, BUT if she she is serious about her sobriety, good for her. I kinda hope it’s someone else, since I don’t think either an a*ortion OR a pregnancy right now are good for her.

    • LeahLynn28

      She isn’t a multi-talented female star and never will be.She’s not even talented.And sorry to disappoint you,but she’s not serious with the “sobriety”.I heard she already relapsed,after only 3 days.Remember she went to rehab to avoid jail time,not to get help…and she never admitted to be a drug addict,nor alcoholic.I don’t hate her,but i don’t believe in her anymore.She lied so much during all these years,that i just can’t believe in her.Maybe one day i’ll believe in her again,but only if she proves she’s really sober and clean,without lies,for at least one year.People gave her hundreds of chances,but she always got back to alcohol and drugs.

      • PandoraWolf

        Not disappointed at all! I don’t think she’s serious, either, and I don’t find her particularly talented. Just saw the pic where she was looking a little knocked up and then read the blind.

        I’m pretty sure any fetus in her womb would carve itself out and flee, anyway…Anything to avoid being born into that family!

      • What Had Happened Was ...

        Um, you actually do sound like you hate her. I really hope she gets her act together this time. It’s a shame when hateful people only speak and write negatively about someone who’s struggling.

    • Syd Wishes

      I second this.

  • JayAeKay

    Juicy! The weightloss/gain thing makes me think of Demi Lovato, no idea who she was with back then.

    • JayAeKay

      Scrap that, just saw a photo of Lindsey Lohan moving stuff into her new apartment and she’s got a sizeable bump going on without appearing to have put on weight anywhere else. Poor Lilo, she just goes from one traincrash after another.

  • justhad2

    Katy perry, John Mayer

  • Andromeda

    I’m looking for a clue withing the clue but am coming up with nada. Female star, could be an actress? Jennifer Lawrence?

  • curlyandclever

    Even though I don’t think she’s talented, let alone multi-talented. I think this is Lindsay Lohan. She usually has coke bloat (face, neck etc) No one will question her drinking water because she’s straight outta rehab.
    Musician: Harry Styles?

  • msmiscreant

    Lindsay Lohan? Didn’t she have a song or album called A Little More Personal?

    • chandler02

      OMG you are right!!!

    • MaryRead

      Good catch! I think this is the best read of the possible clues here, but the only other thing I can fit is “Not a big deal”– makes me think of her plea deal in court. The only thing that doesn’t fit: “But instead of it showing up in her face and neck or her upper abdomen – like it usually does – the weight gain is entirely in her lower abdomen.” She still looks bloated in her face and neck now.

      Wondering about fit of other possible clues. The things that stand out to me are “the pattern of gains and losses” or possibly “Chalked”–?

  • raslebol

    Selena gomez and justin bibeer

  • YogaGirl

    Katy Perry and John Mayer

  • boyjack4

    Demi Levato

  • CountessLurkula

    Lindsay Lohan
    Avi Snow

  • ioannes

    Gonna be really outrageous and suggest Abigail Breslin.

    1. She acts and writes music, so multi-talented.

    2. No one would question why she only drinks water because she has a reputation of never being in trouble, and she’s too young to drink.

    3. She was at Variety’s Power of Youth gala a couple of weekends back and a number of people on different articles commented that she looked like she was hiding a baby bump, because her dress was really long and non-clingy. But she’s been dressing like that (like a country singer) in public since January, so it could just be her new style.

    4. Around three months ago she was filming a movie in Baton Rouge, and I don’t know if any well-known musicians live near there. Maybe a boy bander type when she was in New York?

  • tularosa

    Jennifer Aniston

  • ioannes

    Also, just before she started filming that movie, she was photographed with her friends backstage at an All Time Low concert in New York. Maybe one of them?

  • tdubs

    Lohan FTW. No one will question why she’s drinking water- refers to her just getting out of rehab.

    first time poster!

  • LeahLynn28

    Katy and John?They broke up and started dating again few months ago.
    Lindsay isn’t multi-talented.She can’t act,can’t write,can’t dance,can’t sing,etc…and she gained weight in her face too.

  • Fergus

    Taylor Swift

  • stolidog

    Demi Lovato.
    The only weight changes Katy Perry has had in the last 6 years is in her chest.

  • Lisa

    Katy Perry and John Mayor

  • bun

    I agree Lohan.

  • GreenT13

    Star: Jennifer Carpenter
    Male Musician: Seth Avett

    Clues being: Multi-talented from doing tv and movies both comedies and dramas, Naming a bunch of body parts reminds me of Dexter, She is a health nut, there is constant talk about her weight, and they said “or will be GONE altogether” Gone being the name of a movie she recently did.

  • ljessie

    I’m gonna go with Lindsay Lohan. The picture reminds me of the poster/cover for her movie “Labour Pains.” Same thoughts as other posters, re: no one is questioning her water consumption, since she’s recently out of rehab.
    According to this site, she was dating Avi Snow, a New York City musician in March 2013…and apparently they broke up in April some time…that’s about three months…

  • PinkSlip

    I didn’t think it was Lindsay Lohan at first, but the alcohol and cigarette in the image seems right, and then I saw this image in London’s Daily Mail, which shows a considerably prominent lower abdomen….


  • leseid2152

    Ugh. You’re right on. It’s LiLo. She was screwing around with Max back in April/May…he was still saying she was his “celebrity crush” in June while she was in rehab. It’s definitely them. Yikes. Maybe she’ll keep it and get her sh*t together finally.

  • catriona.popdirt

    This is my first time posting but long time fan of the site. This HAS to be Lindsay Lohan for the following reasons:
    1, In this article of her settling in after rehab she is carrying weight around her middle (especially in the first image) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2385691/Lindsay-Lohan-settles-sober-life-ditching-trip-Europe—sister-Aliana-moves-luggage-apartment.html
    2, She’s had a song called: A Little More Personal

  • littleanne

    Young & talented, defiantly not Linsay Lohan or Jenifer Aniston (she’s not young in Hollywood) Katy Perry’ & Selena G. weight doesn’t fluctuate. My guess Demi Lovato not sure musician

  • littleanne

    My second guess Mylie Cryus and Liam Hemsworth

  • xdeveny

    Star: Lindsay Lohan
    Musician: The guy from The Wanted, Max?

    Not sure about the Musician, seeing as that Max guy is just in a boy band

  • whateverme

    Hi! First time poster.
    I think its Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama. Eewwww I hope I’m wrong. Its def not lohan, she hasn’t done anythibg but porn lately…unless that counts as multi talented.

  • UKGoss

    The only young, multi-talented stars I can think of are: Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson – but neither seem to fit.

    Emma has acted in films and, I think, theatre too, and has modelled. She’s 23. ‘Multi-talented’ also makes me think of multi-franchise movies.

    Scarlett has acted in films, theatre, and done modelling and singing. She’s been subject to much comment about her weight over the years. But at 28, is she – by Hollywood standards, sadly – young enough to be specifically flagged up as ‘young’?

    They’ve both been linked to various different men during their career, but have either dated musicians lately?

  • annasophie

    i like the demi lovato guesses. lilo’s weight fluctuations were all alcohol related. besides, no one ever believes there’s only water in those bottles anyway.

    lovato acts and sings, which qualifies for multi-talent. her weight is also an issue and she has had substance abuse issues.

  • Fergus

    Ugh. I hope Scarlett didn’t get Penned again. I nearly threw up when she did it the first time. That was so wrong.

    Funny the number of creepsters people are bringing up.

  • ohhvalerie

    I like the Demi guess and I bet she’ll make it all go away.

  • heyy

    Ok after seeing these pictures, def Lindsay Lohan and the guy who got kicked out of rehab that she was hooking up with.

  • MissMafiosi

    I’m pretty sure it’s not Demi since it states the young star has never been fat, and she was fat back in her barney days. So i’m gonna go with Selena Gomez since she’s just reached the drinking age and Justin Bieber for the male musician.

  • amyinkamloops

    I am going to go with Lindsay Lohan as this photo looks like the photo from her movie “Labour Pains.”

    The father would most likely be Max George from “The Wanted.”

    She will probably keep the baby. She will announce it on Oprah.

    I think it will be her motivation to stay sober and change her image.

  • SmartyPants

    No one has mentioned that Jennifer Aniston is a spokesperson for Smart Water.

  • nolabelle

    I immediately thought of Renee Zellweger who is famously so skinny she looks anorexic or she looks bloated and blubbery. Her weight fluctuations for the Bridget Jones movies were well documented.. Her weight is often carried in her neck,face and upper abdomen, as seen in those movies. She has been dating musician, Doyle Bramhall III.

  • nolabelle

    And her multi-talents are model,actress,singer and dancer, starred in musical Chicago, and stage theatre too.

  • cheshirebadboi

    oh my god katy perry and john mayer lmaoooo

  • MLBfan

    Ashley Tisdale and creepy-looking dude Christopher French.

  • idhavetosay

    gwen stefani ?
    gavin rossdale ?

  • PaulaStylinson

    I think it’s not Katy.
    Sounds like LiLo, Katy and her boyfriend have a serious relationship, so why ”-or sleeping with-”, i don’t think she gained any weight and Katy yeah she’s young, but it sounds more like LiLo to me.
    And the musician is Max George from The Wanted.