Let Everyone Believe It’s His

pregnancy test[Blind Gossip] This female celebrity found in the past month or so that she is having a baby . Congratulations!

Sort of.

You see, she is certain that her celebrity significant other isn’t the father! Yes, she did travel to see her S.O. a few times while he was away on a project, but she knows that those dates don’t coincide with the pregnancy. She also knows that the dates do coincide with the time she hooked up with an old boyfriend.

She has been talking with friends about what she should do, but is leaning towards not saying anything to the S.O. and just letting everyone believe it is his baby.

Fortunately for her, her S.O. isn’t too good at math. Or calendars. Or anything else that requires thinking.

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    • Bromance1979 says

      I was thinking it couldn’t be her, as it says her SO was away working on a project. What project would Brian Austin Green be doing?!? (lol) However, IMDB shows he was in New Mexico filming a movie recently.

      • thefantasticspazzomatic says

        Nice guess Bromance. I had trouble placing him “working”, as his stupid ass TBS show got canceled instantaneously.

    • redstilettos says

      I have a feeling it’s someone who hasn’t announced a pregnancy yet. You usually don’t announce that sort of thing until 2-3 months in. Also thinking this is someone who doesn’t already have kids.

  1. thunderthighs says

    Megan Fox? But this is her second and they seem pretty happy together.

    Evan Rachel Wood? Both women are married and the blind says SO.. not sure. Can’t think of any other couples who announced recently and whose SOs are also celebrities.

      • Hennessey Williams says

        I agree, I don’t think it’s Megan Fox either. Going by gut instinct, I really don’t think so. It’s not Silverman though because she’s not a celebrity unless getting knocked up by Cowell makes you one. I say it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt. Her boyfriend is a celebrity and she’s so desperate to get married I can see her keeping this a secret so that her so will still marry her.

  2. amyinkamloops says

    Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell

    Everyone just assumed he was the father. I would ask for a DNA test regardless.

    • clx says

      I love this guess but I don’t think you could describe her so as dumb. He’s a writer, so even if you think he’s a loser, dumb doesn’t really fit.

      • carriebradshaw says

        this was only because of her picture and for lack of better ideas.

        I am pretty shure, that this numbers/calendar clue is important, but no clue who could match this one.

    • GirlPlease says

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Omg he is sooo dumb, jeah! I don’t think this blind is about him, but you got a laugh out of me!

    • nataliecook says

      I could totally see him being in a internet relationship with someone posing as a chick. “But dude she is a french model”

    • prleonard2 says

      This was my top guess. Isn’t her most recent ex Jamie Kennedy? Wasn’t he a ginger when he first became famous? Guess that’s one way SO might figure it out.

  3. Jester says

    Megan Fox with Shia LaBeouf being the true father? Brian Austin Green doesn’t strike me as being too intelligent.

  4. mizzavrid says

    Well, maybe Jennifer Aniston and SO being Justin Theroux? Maybe my guess is too obvious with today’s intro BI.

    • kellyinchains says

      I don’t think it’s Jen because if there’s one thing Justin Theroux ISN’T is STUPID. The guy is a genius. He’s written MANY screenplays (Tropic Thunder, for one), so it can’t be THEM.

  5. PandoraWolf says

    Miley and Liam come to mind…..as much as I don’t like thinking someone that smokin’ hot (LIAM!) has a brain of a baked potato.

    I think “SO” is used to avoid saying boyfriend, fiance, or husband, and there has been oodles of speculation as to their relationship being on or off.

  6. marchsloan says

    Megan fox and Brian Austin green… 90210 (the green is best known for) has numbers in the title, which is related to math…. Fox is pregnant again

    • What Had Happened Was ... says

      This is a really good guess!

      Even with Mason, there’s another guy demanding Kourtney take a DNA test, as he swears he is the biological father. I remember on the show she slept with some guy (don’t remember if it was the model, though) right before she found out she was pregnant.

  7. redstilettos says

    Since the wording is ‘significant other’ rather than husband, that rules out Megan Fox or Gwen Stefani. Is Angelina knocked up again?

  8. Kiersan says

    That is so a Disney girl ….. Either Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez …. Hell I’d even go for Vanessa Hudgens

  9. mary76lee says

    I heard a rumor that Kourtney Kardashian may be newly pregnant but, it could not be her because it said her S.O. was out of town on a project and I think the only “project” Scott has is keeping his gravy train Kourtney knocked up. So I am perplexed.

  10. allabouteva says

    Jennifer Aniston
    Besides the latest baby bump photos, gossip about wanting a baby before her 45th birthday next February and rumoured IVF treatments, the intro for today’s column with Jen and the coffee described her as being “swaddled up (a word primarily associated with babies) during this unusually chilly summer”. I’m assuming “chilly” refers to the recent cooling of wedding talk, as this summer has been anything but…

    • creeping_thistle says

      I agreee. The blind makes it a big point that the partner isn’t particularly bright. Justin Theroux is an actor, writer and writes screenplays, so he may have lots of shortcomings, but stupid, he is not. Let’s go back to square one and list some outstandlingly dumb actors, then we’ll reverse-engineering from that 😀

  11. mostlylurker says

    Brangelina fits this bill. But probably isnt them. I don’t see AJ fretting about this sort of thing, and i suspect she needed help to conceive before (hence the twins). NAughty substances and anorexia doesn’t help a body get pregnant you know.

    • QubbuQ says

      Re: “NAughty substances and anorexia doesn’t help a body get pregnant you know.”
      Neither does having one’s ovaries removed, which she has. She’s done having kids.

      • PandoraWolf says

        When did she get the ovaries removed? I thought it was just the dual mastectomy?

      • lily is my puppy says

        I don’t believe she’s had a hysterectomy yet. If you read that statement she published, she mentions that that was a next step and she’s figuring out when to do it.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      The blind says “an old boyfriend”,and after she divorced Brad,she didn’t date…so i don’t think she has an ex after Brad and before Justin.
      Huh,Megan Fox?

  12. tellmemore says

    I really think if Jen Aniston is pregnant, it was very deliberate and most likely done via IVF. At her age, it seems really unlikely she’ would suddenly get lax about birth control. Plus, my fertility dr. said that after age 42, if a woman is pregnant it is almost never her own egg. However, I do think Ace is hinting that she’s preggers with the intro.

    • FairyMay9 says

      I just have to correct this. Not sure who your fertility doctor is, but lots and lots of women over 42 are pregnant with their own eggs. I don’t think it’s “most” that have donor eggs.

  13. sugarbread says

    I think I remember years ago after brad dumped jen she froze her eggs out of fears she’d be alone..so it’s prob her eggs, but from a long time ago though..

  14. leseid2152 says

    Blake Lively
    Ryan Reynolds
    Ex- Penn Bagdly (spelling)…wasn’t she recently spotted with him???

  15. gsprs says

    First time commenting and my guess is Genevieve Cortese Padalecki.

    Absolutely not Megan Fox.She is the one with a project right now (was filming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and Brian was there (in NY) with their baby all the time.

  16. PatioPrincess says

    I really don’t think it’s Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. They seem to be into their own groove and she’s matured and calmed down a lot and is pretty normal now.

    My bet is Jennifer Aniston. Something is really wrong with her. Nobody wants her. There’s got to be a BIG reason for that.

    • CoCoJoe says

      She has been with her current guy for a long while and she was married for a good amount of time…”nobody wants her”?!? Who hasn’t had a relationship break up?

  17. stonn says

    Megan Fox. Brian Austin Greene doesn’t seem too bright or good at numbers…but Shia Lebouf is. Remember, he also does a bit of day trading, a little something he learned for his role in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. He made a $10,000 investment of his own money grow into a million or so. So he is certainly good with numbers. If this blind is about Megan Fox, then Shia could be the real baby daddy. They’ve fooled around before.

  18. Molls says

    Since it says “celebrity” for the girl, I don’t think it’s Megan Fox. Wouldn’t she be described as an actress? It also says her SO is a celebrity who was away on a project. That seems to rule out BAG, because what project has he done lately except follow Megan to set. The celebrity aspect seems to more closely fit Kourtney Kardashian who’s supposed to be pregnant, and Scott Disick except he doesn’t work either. Also might me Miley (if she’s pregnant) and she did go visit Liam while he was filming some movie in Canada. This blind could fit a lot of celebrity couples.

  19. ophelia85 says

    Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green on Friends… she could be the clue that it’s Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green?

  20. says

    Long time reader, first time poster. Wasn’t it confirmed Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant just recently? Or Megan Fox… I think both of their SOs aren’t too good with anything to do with thinking

  21. says

    I don’t think this one is about Simon Cowell, he’s a lot of things, but he’s very smart and not the womans actual partner as implied in the BI

  22. NYCMEL says

    I think judging from the venemous tone for the guy, this has to be Selena and Bieber. What other guy is thought of to be so stupid, can’t do math, can’t remember the calendar, etc. Brian A. Green has never been thought of this way (though he could be), Justin Theroux for sure not, not Liam Hemsworth or any of the other guys that have been named. Selena has visited Bieber on his tour at different times and the blind says S.O. because…who knows what they are anymore. Will be interesting how this plays out.

  23. canada47 says

    Jennifer Garner and S.O. being husband Ben Affleck. Clue being “isn’t too good at math” ; Good Will Hunting. The pregnancy hasn’t been announced yet, but just you wait! And there have been tons of blinds about them and their marriage being, if not a sham, then more of an obligation.

    • FairyMay9 says

      I just have to correct this. Not sure who your fertility doctor is, but lots and lots of women over 42 are pregnant with their own eggs. I don’t think it’s “most” that have donor eggs.

      Very clever, indeed. I kind of like it, only Ben Affleck is VERY smart.

      • FairyMay9 says

        I’m not sure what happened, there with this post, I had replied above with that first paragraph, and somehow it got into this reply, too. I only meant to say I like this choice except that I think Ben is not to stupid, so I’m not sure it really fits.

  24. gossipgirl93 says

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher? When I think of a total dimwit, he somehow comes to mind…

    • PandoraWolf says

      As much as I LOATHE Asston Kutcher, he’s savvy enough to have endorsements and a whole bunch of other crap. Although Michael Kelso and dimwit are synonymous…..

      Besides, I don’t see Mila as the cheating type, honestly. For some reason, I know it’s completely arbitrary.

  25. ladydee says

    I am going to go with Jennifer Garner. I think she is pregnant again. If its only a couple of months then there has not been an announcement about the pregnancy of the BI yet???!! yet. Just a wild guess.

    • What Had Happened Was ... says

      I hate how Hollywood tries to portray Jennifer Garner as a “good girl”, when the reality is that she has a history of getting involved with her co-stars regardless of his or her own marital status.

      Personally, I can’t stand her and it drives me crazy when I see the press portray her as some sort of “America’s Sweetheart”.

  26. justhad2 says

    Don’t think it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt. Her SO/fiancé studied history and economics at Cornell so he’s obviously no dummy, and she found out well over a month ago that she is expecting and it’s been public knowledge for well over a month also.

  27. Hedy says

    I’m going to guess Minka Kelly and Chris Evans. Minka has visited Chris on set for Captain America 2 a few times and most recently last month.

  28. kenzy459 says

    I don’t think it is Megan Fox or Simon Cowell’s baby mama since the wording suggests the celebrity just found out she is pregnant, not just announced it. My vote is Kourtney Kardashian since it says “celebrity” and not “actress”, although the same case could be made for Jennifer Aniston (lol). The “talking to friends” statement could be a clue to Jen, and she did just visit Justin on the set of some project he is working on.

  29. goodgirl says

    I don’t know…I think it may be Aniston too. In the the intro post, the comment says that they hope she’s keeping “swaddled” up. The only thing I’ve ever “swaddled” is a baby:p.

  30. gaelgorham says

    Mariah Carey recently announced she’s pregnant. Though I don’t think Nick Cannon is the dumb one in the relationship.

  31. insider1970 says

    I will go and guess Ellen Page and Alexander Skaarsgard.
    Just because of the (yet unconfirmed)pregnancy rumors http://en.mediamass.net/people/ellen-page/pregnancy-rumors.html
    And Skaarsgard doesn’t strike me as particularly clever. Other than this, I can’t see any “clues” that lead me to this guess, only a vague one about “calendars” aka “Juno” (her most famous part) that relates to month “June”? Oh, and by the way, “Juno” was about a teenage girl EXPECTING thus, the photo clue in this blind.

    Just sayin’.

  32. Solitaire2020 says

    Celebrity: Elsa Pataky
    Husband: Chris Hemsworth

    I sure hope this isn’t about him, but she seems the type who would be free with her body.

  33. tightlipped says

    That “Silverman” WHO woman? I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Cowell’s INFAMOUS PR machine – what’s her name the gold digger?

  34. tru leigh says

    Jennifer Garner’s pregant. It would serve cheating Afflect right if his wife is stepping out on him.