The Unfriendly Skies

woman airplane[Blind Gossip] This very famous 30-ish actress flew into JFK a month or so ago on a commercial airline. It was not a pleasant trip for those around her.

Prior to the flight, she sat in the boarding area far away from everyone, with her head down so that no one could look at her.

When the gate agent and the flight attendants said “Good morning!” and “Welcome aboard!” on her way into the aircraft, she simply glared at them and turned her head away. She sat in Row 1, Seat 1A with a female companion (who may have been her assistant) beside her.

The First Class flight attendants started service. When the FA asked the award nominated/winning actress if she wanted something to drink, the actress ignored her and just stared out the window.  The FA assumed that the celeb could not hear her, so she asked again, “Would you care for something to drink?”

The actress whipped her head around, glared at the FA, looked her up and down with disgust, and then turned her head away again. Her assistant addressed the FA. “That means ‘No’.”

The only time the actress spoke during the entire flight was to her assistant… and it was to make fun of the way way that other people on the plane looked! An FA reports that, “She looked very unhealthy herself, so it was especially odd to hear her criticize other people so loudly. [The actress’] face was completely broken out with acne, and she was so thin that they could see her ribs in her back through her shirt.”

Upon deplaning, she did not get off with the rest of the passengers, but instead sat with her head covered until everyone was gone, and then deplaned with her companion carrying all of her bags.

Despite the actress’ rude and unprofessional behavior, the FAs and the other passengers kept their cool throughout the flight… but they do hope that she will choose to fly privately from now on.

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    • everythingthatshines says

      i’m surprised there aren’t more guesses for her, but i think you’re right!

    • 3dogday says

      I 3rd this! I read recently that shes a nightmare on her new film, and her true colors are starting to show (along with Reese’s) I always take these “American Sweethearts” with a tablespoon on salt.

    • Kdiddlediddle says

      I think this is right. Clue: “unprofessional behavior” — Natalie Portman was in The Professional.

    • annasophie says

      i think this is right. natalie portman has a snotty air about her. i can see the reese guess, but i’ve seen her and she has nice skin. natalie has a nightmare reputation and perhaps she returned to her “black swan” weight. kristen stewart seems too grungy and disembodied to even have an assistant.

    • Vampa15 says

      Agreed. I figure Katie might not be such an angel as she likes to portray herself

    • annasophie says

      yeah, but her kid is attached to her hip and i can’t see her traveling solo. moreover, i can’t see her flying commercial.

      • lily is my puppy says

        She was nominated for an Academy Award for one of her early films where she played a music groupie.

      • surfcity says

        Nominated for an Oscar, BAFTA, SAG, and tons of other awards for Almost Famous

        Won Golden Globe, People’s Choice, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, etc. etc.

      • KatarinaJ says

        Almost Famous. Had no clue she was nominated for that. Wow, has she fallen. She was GREAT in that and has been ugh in all else since.

    • terry123 says

      I think it is Kate Hudson too. It says famous actress and wasn’t she nominated for an Oscar in that movie “Almost Famous”?

  1. thefrozenqueen says

    Cameron Diaz – starred in Vanilla Sky, is known to have acne … although I’d like it to be someone else. :/

  2. mrtiktok says

    Gwyneth? The photo reminds me of the film poster of Sky captain and the world of Tomorrow which she was starred and also she played as FA af View From The Top but the blind says the 30 sometimes and she’s 40.

  3. rosiedoes says

    First throughts were Keira Knightley and Catherine Heigl respectively, but I don’t know if 28 and 24 are “30-ish.”

    • Luzhin says

      I agree. Clues would be 1) “First Class flight attendants” = X-Men: First Class, “kept their cool” = Emma Frost, her character in X-Men, also she has been nominated/won Golden Globe for her role on Mad Men.

  4. savvy_geek says

    I am getting an Angelina Jolie vibe, but I don’t think I have heard any stories about her acting like that before…..

  5. raslebol says

    AnnE hathaway? No,she’s no assistant
    Angelina Jolie? Skinny and she has some assistant
    Reese Witherspoon? Not skinny

    • PinkSlip says

      No it doesn’t: Ang isn’t so small and insecure that she has to behave like this to people….and she DOES fly privately.

      • YoGo8c says

        Angelina? She seems so placid with ordinary people. Whoever this is, man, I thought the days of ‘how dare you look at me’ were over. So corny and done to death. Why don’t these people grow up?

        KStew is not in her 30s. And has Reese ever had spots? I’m wondering about Kirsten Dunst as she was in that flight film, Elizabethtown and she spends time in New York. Probably has a home there. She is thin and sometimes has a female assistant out and about with her. She’s had drink/’depression’ problems in the past and you’re never sure if she’s over them. In her defence (and because I can’t think of anyone else right now) I hope it’s not her because she’s one who comes across as quite decent and she’s been on many flights with no apparent problems.

        I guess we’ll see!

    • KatarinaJ says

      She isn’t a nominee or award winning actress!? Is she? I am sorry but all the Heigl, Hudson etc guesses aren’t reading the blind about the award aspect. I assume they’re meaning a big award like GG or Oscar in the reference. I don’t think Cameron Diaz was ever a nominee either, was she?

  6. slimfast10 says

    though I do think she is very talented, apparently so does she, Anne Hathaway is my guess.

  7. torypm says

    This pic makes me think of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I’m guessing Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie? Weird they didn’t have kids or nannies though.

    • jmk says

      She was nominated for an Oscar for Almost Famous. Although I’m not sure I buy that this is her.

  8. tmixinc says

    She’s in good shape but Reese Witherspoon? Only going based on the word “elected.”

  9. tmixinc says

    Amy Adams would be a good guess to. Picture looks like Amelia Earhart who she played in Night of the Museum.

    • RedScience says

      If not her then Kate Hudson because of the photo that looks like her and the words ‘very famous’ which sounds like her film ‘almost famous. Though she is not very skinny, but I suppose she could qualify. Is she nominated? I shudder to think…

  10. ktbell05 says

    This could be anyone-what a rude beoytch!! Love how she was making fun of people yet her perfect actress face was broken out hahaha

  11. KatarinaJ says

    So I went through the past Golden Globes and Oscars for nominees and winners that would fit the description… Anne Hathaway (she HAS been looking skinny) Michelle Williams (doubt it)

    Reese is closer to 40 and with all her bad press I can’t believe she’d bash in flight too. Ditto for Kate Winslet being more 40 than 30.
    Marion Cotillard, Jessica Chastain, Natalie Portman?

      • kittyconfidential says

        oooh, I think you have something here. The phrase “30-ish” struck me as odd. And Jessica Chastain has been dogmatic about not revealing her age, which would explain the “ish”. I’ve also heard somewhere (here maybe?) that she is a huge diva and b*tch.

  12. DonnaStarla says

    I’m going to guess Natalie Portman.
    “Unfriendly Skies” = “Star Wars.”

  13. PHLJason says

    Sounds like Reese Witherspoon to me. Could “not a pleasant trip” be a reference to Pleasantville?

  14. my3sonsagn says

    At a glance I’d guess Ashley Judd; she’s had several rude incidents on flights lately, though I wouldn’t call her very famous at the moment, so that’s probably wrong.

    • KatarinaJ says

      She is well over 40 now. The blind says 30 something and no award nominations or wins as far as I can see.

  15. bjd44 says

    How about…..

    Claire Danes? (she’s 34)
    Elisabeth Moss? (she’s 30)
    Kristen Wiig? (she’s 39)
    Drew Barrymore? (she’s 38)
    Jaime Pressly? (she’s 35)
    Jenna Fischer? (she’s 39)
    Katherine Heigl? (she’s 34)
    Anna Paquin? (she’s 31)
    Kate Winslet? (she’s 37)
    Christina Ricci? (she’s 33)

    It’s got to be one of the above…..

    • dittydoo says

      Kate W is known for her airplane secrecy and mini-tantrums. Remember the story of a woman who wanted her daughter to get an autograph and Kate made a big deal about it?

  16. leesa30 says

    I hope this is not her, but the description makes me think of Jennifer Garner (Ben Afflecks’s wife). I like her, so I hope I’m wrong.

  17. Missylovessun503 says

    First time poster!
    30ish…. super skinny and award nominated/winning actress…
    Gwyneth Paltrow?

    • stacat1 says

      this fits what is rumored about her often so perfectly…though i think she is 40.
      The portman guesses fit well too.

  18. Revisionist says

    We can argue about whether she is 30-ish (and pretty heavy on the ish) but I don’t think this is Reece simply because when this would have been happening she was dealing with her drunk arrest. Seems to me it would have come out then since she was doing her “I’m nice, ya’ll” routine.

  19. mbrown104 says

    I don’t know why, but this immediately struck me as Jessica Chaistain. She’s notoriously shady about her age and I’ve heard her smily, sweet red carpet shtick is very put on.

  20. harperlee119 says

    Cameron Diaz. Not in her 30’s, but I’m 90% sure this is her. Based on personal experience in the last 2 weeks.

  21. LeahLynn28 says

    Katie Holmes?Reese Witherspoon?Kate Hudson?
    Probably Katie Hudson or Reese “Do you know who i am” Witherspoon…
    Katie is very thin and without makeup looks ill,but i don’t consider her “very famous”.Not even her marriage to Tom made her become famous or get better roles.Without Suri(her meal-ticket),she doesn’t attract paps,nor attention to herself…

  22. Tasia says

    Anne Hathaway for the win? She’s turning 31, so “30ish” award winning actress who is filming in NYC for the summer. She was in a movie called “Passengers” and she’s cast for “Interstellar” (“Skies” reference?? Ok maybe stretching…)

  23. empirean says

    You guys! Angelina doesn’t fly commercial. Reese is working hard on her PR campaign, so this certainly isn’t her. Cameron Diaz hasn’t won any major awards. I think Natalie Portman, whose husband is moving his family to France to direct the ballet there.

  24. FairyMay9 says

    Has Cameron Diaz won any awards?

    I’m going with Anne Hathaway. Admittedly, Reese is the first person I thought of, but Anne fits the bill alot better.

  25. carlita says

    I dunno. This doesn’t sound so scandalous. Maybe the flight attendants and other passengers were annoying!

    • CanaryCry says

      Unless the actress in question is hiding a drug &/or mental health problem, that is …

    • dee123 says

      Really? Not even saying a simple “yes” or “no” to a drink isn’t annoying?

    • stacat1 says

      It is not “scandalous” but very telling of character (or in this case, lack thereof) if someone can’t even respond when someone speaks to them and is rude and disrespectful to those around them.

      Unless this “actress” is curing cancer–she needs to get off her high horse. She ain’t all that.

  26. enelso32 says

    reese witherspoon, the only clue i can think of is the use of pleasant and her movie pleasantville

  27. AuntieMama says

    I’d eliminate any actress who travel with their children regularly. This is someone who I feel doesn’t have children yet. The blind mentions an assistant only, no children or nannies. I would say Anne Hathaway.

  28. lovelula87 says

    i think it’s a sad story actually. the woman/actress sounds deeply unhappy.

    • lovelula87 says

      and im thinking it could be goopy. wasn’t she in that awful plane movie, a view from the top?

  29. SpinnerLA says

    I am guessing Anne Hathaway – Row One and 1A – those are very specific I think that relates to her in Song One and One Day. Also the movie reference to Passengers. Also the flight attendants were referred to as FA – could be a reference to FAntine , her character from Les Miserables.

  30. UKGoss says

    Charlize Theron? She’s 37, was nominated/ won for ‘Monster’ (though more would have been made of her ‘monstrous’ behaviour in the blind write-up), and you can see ribs in her back in that Dior perfume advert. She’s had health problems too, though admittedly she doesn’t look unhealthy.

  31. scumby says

    Angelina could have flown commercial She was been photographed at JFK airport last month

  32. The Truth Fairy says

    The part about her being an *award nominated/winning actress* invalidates a lot of the guesses on here.

    My first thought was Rooney Mara.

  33. CDV1029 says

    This is my first time posting, but I’m surprised no one has suggested Anna Paquin. She is a 30ish Award Winner (for the Piano), was in Almost FAMOUS, FLY Away Home and Castle in the SKY…

  34. marykatez says

    Since the picture looks like her covered-up character in “Zero Dark Thirty”, I’m going with Jessica Chastain.

  35. novadancer says

    this is so NOT Reese Witherspoon people!!!!!

    “she was so thin that they could see her ribs in her back through her shirt”

  36. kikistar says

    Hmm, trying to weed out these guesses-
    Goop & Cam Diaz- both 40+, not them.
    Reese, ScarJo, Jenn Garner- none are stick thin, not them.
    Angelina- hasn’t flown commercial flight in years, not her.
    Kate Hudson- out of the country (so no JFK) for months shooting film in London & traveling Europe with Muse, not her.

    Someone upthread wisely said it’s someone w/ no kids…
    30’s, thin, no kids? Keira Knightly or Anne Hathaway, w/ all signs pointing to AnnE.

  37. lovetwist says

    No way is this Anne Hathaway. I’ve seen her up close in person. Her skin is flawless like porcelain.

  38. scumby says

    Angelina- hasn’t flown commercial flight in years, not her. PROVE IT
    She flew into JFK late June,

  39. BitterBlondin says

    How about Christina Ricci? She’s super thin and uses Proactiv and seems a bit touchy. And she’s won a ton of awards for her roles in Mermaids and Opposite of Sex.

  40. tracking says

    She flies commercial for UN trips, for instance. I read this as someone who normally flies private. Jolie is often photo’d with her asst. fits the thin part. Could be her.

  41. GarbageInGarbageOut says

    How come no one guesses Amanda Bynes? She left New York recently for L.A., the scene of her latest shenanigans. At 27, she is closer to 30 than 20, so she could be described as 30-ish. She’s been nominated for and won a surprising amount of awards as a young star. She was almost A list. We all know her name. She thinks everyone is ugly, hence she would make fun of the people on the plane. And she is mentally ill.

  42. Alison says

    I guess Reese Witherspoon. The mention of “Seat A” reminds me of her company Type A…

  43. Herkeda says

    Kerry Washington? She’s an award-winning/nominated actress, she’s in her 30s, she has acne, she has lately gotten scary thin, and she’s often in New York City.

  44. dontpanik says

    I’m going to guess January Jones. I realize while she’s in her 30s, I don’t think that would be 30-ish but something about they way they capitalized First Class ala X-man first class and the photo looking very mid-century (her work on Mad Men) makes me think it’s her.Also, she’s won a SAG and been nominated for an Emmy. I can see her pulling this shit, too.