Married British Rock Star Has A Secret Love Child

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[Daily Mail] A secret lover has warned a mystery British rock star to cough up or she will reveal all about their love child. Here is a brief summary:

  • Mystery rock star has fathered a daughter by a writer in New York
  • She demanded £2million but he flatly refused the request
  • Friends say that he is willing to do anything to keep it a secret
  • Woman has stated that she will tell his wife if he does not acknowledge her

A married British rock star is facing demands from a the mother of a US love child that he has tried to keep secret.

The mother demanded £2million and child support but friends say that he refused the request.

The singer cannot be named for legal reasons and is thought to be desperate to keep the news a secret.

The star fathered the little girl after a one night stand that he has described as a mistake.

One friend told The Sun: ‘He has a duty not just morally but in law. The mother is holding all the cards and if he doesn’t accept his responsibility she has said she will call his wife.’

The woman is said be completely certain that he is the father as there is no possibility that she is anyone else’s daughter.

She has said that she is prepared to tell his wife if he refuses to acknowledge his daughter.

The Sun describes the singer as part of an internationally successful rock band that has had a string of hits played on the radio.

Instantly recognisable, he is known as a responsible husband and father.

The star is willing to negotiate with the mother to keep his wife in the dark.

The child’s mother is a successful freelance writer in her 30s, and has refused to speak out before the matter is resolved.

She is considering DNA testing, and yesterday a mobile DNA testing van was parked outside her New York City home.

A friend told The Sun: ‘He knows his wife will go ballistic and throw him out. He’ll be picking his clothes up off the street.’

Neighbours say the woman adores her little girl, but always stays silent on the subject of her father.

After a brief meeting in New York last year, she fell pregnant and contacted the father.

But he refused to acknowledge his daughter and hired lawyers.

Her friend said: She knows she will be entitled to a big sum. She was successful before they met, but now she’s set for life.’

The singer’s agent refused to comment.



Wife (may or may not be famous):

Writer (may or may not be famous):

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It’s Liam Gallagher! Source: New York Post and Daily Mail

Singer: Liam Gallagher

Band: Oasis and Beady Eye

Wife: All Saints singer Nicole Appleton

Writer: Liza Ghorbani of The New York Times

Here is the article from The Daily Mail, which quotes The New York Post in parts:

Liam Gallagher

‘is sued for millions by a woman who accuses him of fathering a secret love child with her’

  • New York paper says woman claims she had daughter less than a year ago
  • Alleged she’d consider DNA tests and wants Gallagher to pay paternity costs
  • Gallagher, 40, married Nicole Appleton in 2008 and has three children
  • ‘We are not going to comment on gossip,’ singer’s spokesman said

Rock star Liam Gallagher is being sued for millions in New York after a woman accused him of fathering a secret love child, it was alleged in a US newspaper today.

The unnamed woman, who is said to be in her thirties, reportedly claims she gave birth to the former Oasis singer’s daughter less than a year ago after a one night stand.

Millionaire Gallagher, 40, married All Saints singer Nicole Appleton in 2008 and already has three children. He was previously married to actress Patsy Kensit.

The New York Post has said that the mystery woman is suing him in the Manhattan Family Court for $3million (£2million), which was listed as ‘Anonymous vs Anonymous’.

It is alleged she is willing to take DNA tests to prove her case and that she wants Mr Gallagher to pay paternity costs.

It has been reported that Magistrate Matthew Troy adjourned the case’s first hearing last Friday until later this month.

Today Liam Gallagher’s spokesman told MailOnline: ‘Lawyers are taking action against the New York Post. We are not going to comment on gossip.’

The New York Post has alleged that the Beady Eye frontman was the rock star embroiled in a desperate battle to prevent his wife learning that he has secretly fathered a daughter during a one-night stand.

Congratulations to Ruby Slipper, who was the first to guess this one correctly!

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We now know the identity of the writer/babymomma!

It’s Liza Ghorbani, who is a writer for The New York Times. From The New York Daily News (yes, The NYDN ran the story before the NYT did):

Liam Gallagher is the father of my love child:

New York Times reporter

New York Times reporter Liza Ghorbani claims the former Oasis front man is the father of her love child. They first met in May 2010 for a story.

A night out with Liam Gallagher allegedly turned into a lifetime of motherhood for rock and roll journalist Liza Ghorbani.

After reports broke that an unidentified woman was suing the former Oasis front man for $3 million in Manhattan Family Court, sources close to the 39-year-old scribe confirm to Confidenti@l that Ghorbani has told friends she is the mother of Gallagher’s seven-month-old love child.

Ghorbani’s attorney did not return request for comment, and it is unclear if she’s the plaintiff in the family court lawsuit, filed as Anonymous v. Anonymous.

According to sources close to the new mum, Ghorbani and the rocker met while she was hanging out with the 40-year-old “Wonderwall” singer in May 2010 while on assignment with the New York Times for their reoccurring “A Night Out With…” column in which reporters follow celebs to bars and clubs for an evening to see how they live.

Nearly three years later that fling allegedly resulted in Ghorbani giving birth to a daughter named Emma in January 2013 that she claims is Gallagher’s. Now, according to sources, the singer won’t speak to her.

“He started an affair with her that night, they took a few months off, then started again,” our insider says Ghorbani has told friends. In the Times’ article, Ghorbani and Gallagher sidle up to the Ritz-Carlton bar and Chelsea’s private Norwood club.

“It went on until she told her she was pregnant. He cut it off. He was so paranoid his wife would find out.”

Gallagher, who has three kids already, has been married to actress Nicole Appleton since 2008.

Insiders tell us Ghorbani, who’s also written for Rolling Stone magazine, has been vocal about her relationship with Gallagher and other rockers too, though she had been rather quiet about the pregnancy until recently.

According to our source, before meeting Gallagher, Ghorbani had been dating another prominent British singer from a band whose greatest successes came in the mid-80s and that relationship ended badly.

“She’s looking for money and she’s obsessed with rock stars,” claims our insider.

A smattering of British tabloid reporters showed up at Ghorbani’s East Village apartment Wednesday hoping to get more details, but sources say she’d already skipped town to stay at her parents’ Washington, D.C., home where she also hid out after having the baby earlier this year.

Reps for Gallagher did not return request for comment.

Here is a picture of Liza Ghorbani with some guy who is not Liam Gallagher:

liza ghorbani




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