Details Of One Of His Affairs

affair 7[Blind Gossip] This couple consists of one of the most famous actors in the world and his wife. While the rumblings about an impending divorce are new, the infidelity is definitely not.

In fact, he has been unfaithful every single year of their long-time marriage! His conquests are usually young and blonde, but frankly, any pretty girl will do.

His wife has always known about the cheating, and has always looked the other way… except for one affair that he had with a very famous pretty actress with whom he starred in one or more films! The wife almost went completely over the edge with that one because the actress was so infuriatingly duplicitous. The actress pretended to be close to the wife – and often praised the couple in public as an example of a great relationship – while carrying on an affair with the actor behind closed doors.

The wife absolutely hates that actress to this day. Although there are plenty of photos of the two women acting all friendly in public, behind closed doors the wife refers to the actress as “Fake Bitch”.




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