Famous Actor Gave Nothing To His Own Kids

alec baldwin 3[Blind Gossip] In a recent edition of Alec Baldwin’s podcast, “Here’s The Thing”, he interviewed actor Stacy Keach.

They were discussing Keach’s failed marriages when Baldwin dropped some blind dish on a famous actor:

Alec Baldwin: The longest of the other three [marriages] – okay. Let’s really round it off here and be fair. It was two and a half years. You think you’re tough to be married to?

Stacy Keach: I do.

Alec Baldwin: You do?

Stacy Keach: I know I am.

Alec Baldwin: ‘Cause… do you think it’s your work though?

Stacy Keach: Yeah. That’s our business.

Alec Baldwin: Do you think that your dedication [to acting was the reason]? I had a woman say to me once – a very famous woman – that her husband was a famous actor and he did a television series. This was many years ago and she said to me, “He’d go to work and he was a father on the show… and he gave everything he had [to the] camera.” She said, “When he came home he had nothing left for his own children.”

Stacy Keach: Oh, that’s too bad.

Alec Baldwin: He came home, locked himself in his room, had a drink in his hand, had the TV on. He was just –  like we said – he was just emptied out.

Stacy Keach: Right. Right, right, right. That’s sad.

Famous Woman:

Her Famous Actor Husband:

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