New Face For A New Job

facelift[Blind Gossip] Politicians have a reputation for being two-faced. Well, this famous politician has only one face… but it’s a new and improved one!

She had the works: blepheroplasty (eye lift), lower face and throat, mid-facelift, and some botox and collagen. It looks good, too! She doesn’t have the surprised eyebrows or overly puffy look that some celebs get when they get work done.

So this politician gets our vote for looking very natural and very fresh. Just the right look for that new job she’s planning on landing!

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    • ILoveLucy says

      Yea, it’s Hillary. All you hear is how beautiful and fresh faced she is now. Blech! Never was before! News to me. She can’t cover her lies with Botox!

    • sunstamp says

      ^this. there was a pic of her on Drudge saying “fresh faced Clinton glows at Lincoln Center”.

    • MyCatLovesTV says

      I hate to be a traitor to my sex and say Hillary needed it. None of us NEED it but ain’t nothin’ wrong with girlfriend tightening things up for whatever reasons. I am just SO glad that someone actually used a great plastic surgeon. For a change.

    • Bromance1979 says

      Definitely. Her face looks much “fresher” (AKA tighter). She looked awful recently, but who doesn’t after high-stress jobs like she had? The huge eye bags seem to have disappeared.

  1. Zander24 says

    Hillary Clinton.

    Could this be anyone other than Hillary? Haven’t seen much of her the past few weeks (obviously recuperating from the surgery). Also, if you google it, there are all kinds of stories about the “new look.” So, this is confirmation that she is running in 2016.

    • BadBadJan says

      As soon as I noticed the awful hair I told my husband to watch, because there was a face lift in the future. Bingo, cut the hair and everyone says you look so much better, not realizing Dr Plastic helped you out.

    • dragonflyb says

      Hillary travelled remarkably low key for someone in her position and status as Secretary of State. There is no pampering involved and the Sec of State’s plane is not like Air Force One or Two: if she can sleep, she must do so on a fold out couch, which, personally, I’ve never experienced a comfortable one.

      And, considering she was the face of diplomacy for our nation, she didn’t travel with a stylist, etc… so she was not only handling crucial and, often times tense situations, but she was doing all of her own make-up and hair at the same time. Hair and beauty often take a back seat when it comes to that kind of thing.

      I have not always been the biggest Hillary fan, but you have to give her props for being as low maintenance as possible. If that meant that her hair suffered while she served our nation honourably, and that she had a “refresher” after she was the most travelled Secretary of State in our nation’s history, simultaneously restoring diplomatic relations in many nations that literally hated us around the globe after President George W. Bush’s tumultuous dictatorial foreign policy style, then I saw more power to her.

    • joh says

      She had massive lipo a few months ago.
      And I never realized she stole Liberaces wink.

    • ILoveLucy says

      Bingo!! I say, what difference does it make what the liar looks like? Still can’t be elected president, not even dog catcher. Cannot be trusted. New image? Lol…won’t help her ugly that’s inside, and who says she was ever attractive? Yuck. The woman is a liar. So she will deny having work done too.

      • joh says

        Now Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, You said that about Barack Obama too……..You are going to be a very unhappy lucy in a couple of years.
        Did you know Lucy ended up ending her life as a very, very unhappy lucy…. She felt unloved…. She controlled so much but she could not make the people she drove away love her.
        Do you get the irony of love being in your ID?

      • Me Again says

        At least someone on this site has some sense and doesn’t just follow blindly like these other sheep.

  2. exnetworkpro says

    Hilary. Haven’t seen her much since she left her job as Sec’y of State…hmm. Can’t wait to see her ‘after’ pics!

  3. EastCoaster says

    Hillary Clinton? She was looking quite good at an event in NYC today (from the pictures I’ve seen).

  4. NOTellebee says

    Christine Quinn for Mayor? Michelle Bachman for some horrid hate-filled job, like a correspondent position with Fox News?

  5. suzy_scott says

    I’m thinking Hilary, the new position she’s planning is running for President in 2016. It’s shameful that a woman in power is criticized so harshly for her looks. But, if she was the one that wanted it…well, then…good for her?

  6. 2BEAUCOUP says


    • dee123 says

      “Ugly Soul” ??? The fact that you write all in caps tells me everything i need to know about you.

    • ILoveLucy says

      I agree. The work done now won’t exist in 2016! This is just an image overhaul. She’s an evil person, a liar and cannot be trusted to do a job entrusted to her. Didnt care that Americans were killed in Libya. Said, what difference does it make? I cannot wait till they grill her again on the hill. Her lies will bury her. It’s quite entertaining. She should be in jail.

      • tonysgirl69 says

        To bad she will run for President and win. Then you will have to wine for 4 more years. Lol!

  7. GrannyGoose says

    Could this be Hillary Clinton? Haven’t seen any pictures of her for a while, and she sort of dropped out of sight after leaving the Sec. of State post. Bill said, “she’s getting some rest”. Hmmmm….. Looking refreshed?

  8. FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

    It’s Hillary. I’m so disappointed. It was the only honest thing left of her that I liked.

  9. VodkaSoaked says

    I’m going Michelle Bachman. Didn’t she state recently that she would be not running in 2016 so she could focus on speaking engagements.

  10. I Am PunkA says


    She looked worn out and older than her age of late. Time away from the Obama mess will help her to appear more refreshed as well. In time for a 2016 run, too.

  11. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Has to be Hillary Clinton. She was looking so tired and old a few months ago. Nothing wrong with that but if she’s really planning on running for pres in 2016, she’ll do better with a fresher (younger) face that plays better on TV and in photos.

  12. Tanzania says

    Hey, Hillary Clinton has EARNED that facelift with the decades of work she put in. And it’s not like the media focus on her looks or hair or clothes or everything anyway.

    Clinton 2016!

  13. Fergus says

    That’s Hilaryous!

    Those chicky-babe interns are going to have them coming at them from both sides. So to speak.

  14. pitbull says

    Yup, Hilary got freshened up as seen at the CFDA awards.

    takes more than a fresh face for y vote, though.

  15. Terry says

    Hillary, this country’s next president?
    I’d vote for her even without a facelift!

  16. birdonce says

    Hilary? She would have her not-so-recent head injury as an excuse if she *had* looked a little puffy.

  17. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    Tough call. Michelle Bachman has had a lot of work done, but may need more for Fox News; I think Hillary needs it for a Presidential run, and I haven’t seen her in the news in the past few weeks. Hmm….

  18. minx says

    I’m going to say Hillary Clinton, in preparation for running for prez in 2016.

  19. meemo506 says

    Hillary Clinton? A lot of people want her to run for President, plus she had really high approval ratings on leaving office, so she isn’t considered “two-faced”. And she looks good for being 65, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she’d had work done.

  20. gmaven says

    I hope this isn’t Hilary, but I’m afraid it is. I always liked her “the hell with them” attitude about her appearance.

  21. hazelnut coffee says

    Old lady Clinton. She needs to look young while she runs for President. That job she’s swore she wasn’t running for. LOl

  22. rorythedragon says

    The last pic I saw of Sarah Palin looked like she’d had some work done, but I don’t know what new job she’s going after. Maybe Hillary? New job being President.

  23. beachchick218 says

    Can’t be Pelosi. She always looks so plastic and startled. Yikes.

    Better be Hillary. She needs all the help she can get.

  24. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    This has to be Hillary. She does look better and it’s very subtle. Now, if someone could convince her fame hungry daughter to make an appointment……

    • ILoveLucy says

      I doubt seriously she will be running for congress next year. And I hope she backs off the bid for president. She’s an awful human being. Lives were lost due to her negligence and she couldn’t care less. She’s a liar.

  25. stacat1 says

    Hilary was at CFDA last night and I really don’t see her having these procedures…she DEF did not have any work on her throat done and she doesn’t NOT look different from the way she looked awhile ago.

    She has happens to us all and she was Sec of State for 4 years (if you had to live through a SOS itinerary for’d def age 20 years–it’s grueling)That is why so few SOS historically don’t re-up–it’s physically impossible.

    Im going to say Palin..but what the new gig might be..who knows? Or rather who cares? LOL

  26. MizGrandma says

    If it is Hillary, it isn’t the 1st time she’s had work done. I think she’s had at least a lower face lift twice before + some eye work. That stuff has to be replenished every 7 years or so. I think most politicians have cosmetic work done periodically. Laura Bush has also had plastic surgery. It’s just one of those things you have to do as part of getting older. Heck, I’ve had my eyes done 3 times & that doesn’t count the cataract surgery. Medicare often pays for upper eyelid surgery, though I prefer Costa Rican surgeons–cheaper & more natural.

  27. tellmemore says

    The drawing around her eyes in the picture makes me think of Sarah Palin’s glasses, but I don’t know what job she wants. Unless she plans to run against Hilary…

  28. mamacita3 says

    Hilary. Just saw a post that she was looking, “fresh-faced” at some event at the Lincoln Center. No plastic surgery can fix her ice cold heart.

  29. Knee says

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the use of the word “right” in the blind…..?

    That being said, I’ll go with Michele Bachmann

  30. Nomad says

    Go, Hillary! And I hope you re-styled your hair, too. It looked unkempt at the Benghazi hearings. You look younger with shorter hair. No wonder you’ve been in hiding!