Beauty and The Priest

woman in confession[Blind Gossip]  We didn’t even know that this beautiful actress was particularly religious. But it seems that she has been spending an awful lot of time repenting for something lately!

For the past couple of weeks, she has been going to church regularly. Nearly every day, in fact. And she’s not just going and praying. She is going into the confessional box… and staying there for long periods of time.

While most confessions take only a couple of minutes, our girl has been practically camping out in the box! On one recent occasion, according to witnesses, she spent almost thirty minutes inside the box, and emerged visibly distraught and teary-eyed, clutching a fistful of tissues.

There are so many sins that she could be repenting for, we can’t even begin to guess which one she is talking about! But, if we had to bet on one, we would go with her weakness for married men.


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  1. lily is my puppy says

    Well, based on that last line, I’m guessing January Jones. Also, the retro illustration could be a clue, in that it has a 50’s-60’s Mad Men vibe.

    • NeedNoStinkinBadges says

      That’s my guess too. Who knew her face could register emotion?

      • lululauren says

        I could be reaching, but last week on Mad Men, Betty (and Don) went to visit Bobby at camp, and it featured prominently in the episode. “Camping out” in the confession box… ?

    • GiveMeGossip says

      I agree with you on the clues but is she really beautiful? I don’t think so but that’s just me.

    • phlyfiremama says

      I cosign this guess! Plus the picture is in comic book style, which is where the X-Men got their start.

  2. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Because the word “something” is in italics and the woman’s hair is blond in the drawing, I’ll guess Cameron Diaz, but truly, just a guess. Really have no idea who this is.

  3. momof3 says

    The “Something” makes me think Cameron Diaz “Something about Mary”.

    But I think this is more likely January Jones.

  4. petunya says

    Sounds like Kristen Stewart. “beautiful actress” she’s hardly beautiful but Bella means beautiful. And Kristen already proved to have an affair with a married man.

    • ktbell05 says

      If this is her-She needs to confess. Woman does not even know who her baby daddy is….enough said.

      • niesey2927 says

        Ktbell05, January Jones stated she does know who fathered her child but choose not to disclose it because it is no one’s business. She is correct. Is not the purpose of confession with a contrite heart is to be in consecration with the Holy Spirit for forgiveness of all sins? The many visits in the church with tears means the person was in the presence of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit). A child does not have the stigma of being born out of wedlock as he did decades ago. Many born out of wedlock have contributed greatly to advancement in medical, political and business societies. If it is Ms. Jones just maybe she spent the confessional visits praying for her child to live a life free of judgement and ridicule and giving praise for deliverance. If it is Angelina then she possibly prayed for deliverance from a life of suffering and pain with cancer as her mother and aunt suffered.

  5. robert3242 says

    Wouldn’t even hazard a guess as to who this might be, but whoever she is, she’s wasting her time.

    • istillhavesarcasm says

      I hear that. Its almost like confessional boxes were made for gossip hounds like us lol

  6. ioannes says

    Can’t really see any obvious clues. Maybe Kristin Kreuk? She’s on the CW series “Beauty and the Beast.”

    Emma Watson? She’s supposed to portray Belle in the live-action film of the same title.

  7. parry says

    Angelina Jolie
    Her mother was devout Catholic, maybe she is trying to get married to Brad in the Church.

  8. LeahLynn28 says

    Kristen Stewart?At least that means she feels bad and sad for losing a good friend for not respecting him(in public) and their fake relationship contract.It’s too late for her,but at least now she had her wake up call.Her irresponsible actions destroyed their friendship.
    Oh my,i’m starting to feel bad for her…this blind is a little depressing,at least for me.

  9. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    January Jones? She’s a serial homewrecker and the pic shown looks retro, like it came from a 1960’s catechism book.

  10. Vagabondage says

    KStew. Box is a clue, whether it be the Mini Cooper box or out of the box. Didn’t think she was raised religious at all. Also her next movie is Camp X-Ray. “Camping out “. And isn’t “in the box ” sorta alluding to “in the closet”. Married men might be Sanders? IDK.

    • Lou12 says

      Doubt it’s Stewart. The paps have been trailing her everywhere recently, if she was visiting churches daily there’d be photos of it.

      • suzabelle1 says

        I dunno….according to rumors, the paps are only there when she calls them.

  11. KatarinaJ says

    Angelina Jolie? I am trying to think of who you would NOT expect to see in church and who has somewhat of a ‘reputation’ for the married man thing and who the nod to having so many supposed sins could include. She is always considered a homewrecker after Pitt, has had additional drug problems etc.

  12. downtowncheri says

    Amanda Peet…clues being something for Something’s Gotta Give and the word long for The Longest Yard.

  13. cindyl says

    Angelina? esp after her mastectomy and probably looking at life in a diff way

  14. royal eduardo says

    I’m gonna go with January Jones because isn’t it rumored that a married man fathered her baby?

  15. geewhiz says

    Anne Hathaway…she gets around and she doesn’t seem to care about the sanctity of marriage just the sanctity of self promotion.

  16. butterflycatcher says

    amanda seyfried. she was one of the beauty and the beast movies, hence the title.

  17. Heathersmist says

    Sorry if this guess is “sacrilege” since she has gone through so much lately, but Angelina Jolie. She deserves the right to pray…God bless the women and men who have to go through cancer, and the things fear makes them do.

  18. slantrhyme says

    I don’t know who this is — Angelina came to mind, because of the mastectomy— but for some reason I find this whole scenario funny. Something, long and box are clues, I think…I’ll be thinking about this for a while!

  19. real313 says

    Hmmm January or Angelina but I’m going with January. She admitting that she don’t know her baby daddy because she slept with so many married men.

    • Red Velvet says

      Where exactly did she “admit” this? She’s said it’s nobody’s business but her son’s who his father is. That’s a long way from her not knowing.

  20. GingerNaps says

    Clues seem to include ‘fistful’ (weird word choice), ‘box’ (used twice), ‘camping’ (strange context), and ‘something’ and ‘long’ in italics. My google research says that January Jones was in a Jack in the Box commercial, is a spokesperson for, and that Don Draper and Megan wanted to see Eastwood’s ‘A Fistful of Dollars.’ Can’t figure out ‘long’ or ‘camping.’

    • GingerNaps says

      She is quoted as hating camping and was in a Mad Men episode called ‘Long Weekend,’ but I think that’s pushing it….

  21. mrsrocknroll says

    first i thought kristen stewart than the box and something references makes me think about cameron diaz

  22. BigRed says

    This is the most intriguing blind item in quite awhile. I hope someday this gets solved.

    My first thought was Julia Roberts, but I don’t think she has the humility to make a truthful confession. Angelina is too high profile, and could probably get a priest to take her confession at home if she really needed to. Other posters have some compelling evidence for January Jones.

  23. TedTheodoreLogan says

    My vote is Jolie. She’s admitted to lighting candles in memory of her mother.

  24. hannahjones says

    First thought was Selena Gomez, ‘Beauty and the priest’, like Biebers ‘beauty and a beat’, but I dont think she’d be there to confess anything or have a fetish for married men.
    K-stew is a good guess for the ‘married men’ bit, but since the robsten split, she’s never left alone by the press and someone would have said something.
    I don’t really get why people are guessing Angelina Jolie, she hasnt declared a religion, nor has she declared she’s an atheist (even though she declares her son a buddhist, and has buddhist sanskrit tattooed on her), but I doubt after her operations she’d find the time to go to church everyday and camp out in a box. Plus she seems like a pretty moral person, I can’t think of anything she would confess.
    Maybe someone who was in an adaption of beauty and the beast, like linda hamilton or Emilie de Ravin.

    • nolabelle says

      Anything? How about stealing away a married man, seducing him when he was vulnerable. Who? Brad Pitt, or how about stealing away an engaged man – her former beau Billy Bob?

  25. coco says

    With all the repeated “box” words, I was thinking of the movie, “Boxing Helena”. Sherilyn Fenn was the gorgeous actress in that and used to be in a lot of quirky movies. A friend of mine was best boy/grip on movies back then, and she was having an affair with his friend, Toulouse, and the gossip was that she was a bit wild and always was attached to married men.

  26. joanne71 says

    Angelina Jolie … “our girl” (Girl Interrupted), “so many sins” (Original Sin) both Jolie movies and could definitely be hints.

  27. sweetangelz77 says

    I’m probably not right, but I’ll just put it out there: Ginnifer Goodwin. “Something” is in italics and Goodwin starred in a movie called “Something Borrowed”. Now she’s in a show called Once Upon A Time and it’s about fairytales e.g. beauty and the beast, snow white, sleeping beauty, cinderella etc. That could be where the “beauty” in the blind title came from? Also, Goodwin started dating her co-star Josh Dallas in 2011, and in 2011 Dallas divorced (or separated) from his wife as well – maybe it was because Goodwin snagged him, a married man, leading to his divorce.
    Only problem is, Goodwin was born into a Jewish family, not Christian. However, she starred in a show called “Big Love”, which was a show about polygamy and the church was in it a lot. The show ran from 2006 to 2011. Maybe Goodwin developed a real love for the church while filming or something lol (unlikely but you never know haha).

    • sweetangelz77 says

      Also, “Long” is in italics and Goodwin was rumored to be dating Justin Long a few years ago.

  28. KatarinaJ says

    I think that January would be described as BEAUTIFUL first and foremost as opposed to talented, funny, etc, as a descriptive word. I think the dated period type pic also nods to MAD MEN.
    And of ‘actresses’ cited for countless sins they could in turn be confessing… well, Angelina had had relationship and drug issues, but January is noted as a straight up B*tch in most cases. Chilly on set, possibly pregnant by a married man, linked to ‘taken’ men. The key for this for me is finding someone who MIGHT have a lot to confess… wouldn’t you say? Few fit that bill.

  29. ohhaha says

    Kristen Stewart:
    “Beauty,” “Beautiful actress” – Bella means beautiful in a few different languages, plus Ace has revealed using these clues to reference to KStew in previous blinds
    Multiple uses of “box” – maybe referring to her alleged p*t smoking??
    Married men – Rupert Sanders

  30. missjewel22 says

    Nicole Kidman- the pic does look like Grace Kelly- who she is playing- and she went back to being Catholic after divorcing Tom.

  31. lalaland says

    this is cameron diaz. she was in the movie “the box” and the somthing are the hints.

  32. sherlock says

    She’s single and beautiful and has had affairs with more than one married man if you read the blind correctly.Must be famous as she’s been recognised by the church goers.Something has made her feel guilty all of a sudden for her to go to confessional.I’m stumped, but blindgossip knows she likes married men.Who’s well known for chasing married men?Must be someone the papps don’t follow.

  33. nbkxu4a says

    Kristen Stewart
    Hints. Beautiful =bella
    Camping- recently linked to camp x-ray

  34. Dragon says

    Nothing wrong with going to church lol

    That being said I thought of January Jones too.

  35. niesey2927 says

    Does God not forgive us all sins when we repent and in Him all things are new? Maybe the person prays for divine direction from the Redeemer as they face life’s difficult choices. Facing a cancer diagnosis or personal tragedy would make an human being seek help for our Lord and Saviour. We can’t always carry a burden alone plus this is invasion of privacy.

    • sherlock says

      I was thinking someone diagnosed with cancer as well or an extreme family loss and possibly feeling guilty about her lifestyle.