• boyjack4 says

      I agree! Only pne I know who has had startling weight loss recently!
      Hope she dumps him if so!

    • aquamarine says

      This is the correct answer. There were articles about her recent weight loss in the media.

  1. catsanddogs says

    SAY IT AIN’T SO Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga! I noticed she had put on a few pounds (and looked totallyyyy hottttt!!!!) at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

  2. Rooster says

    The woman who won for the film Precious based on the book by Lee Daniels or was he the director? Monique?

  3. Grammaticator says

    J.Hud …being healthy is one thing, being thin is another. J.Hud is starting to cross that line.

  4. zeep says

    Oh, no, please don’t be JHud! She looks absolutely incredible, not just for her, not just by real-world standards, but even for Hollywood! She looked stunning at that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. If he can’t handle that, he’s not the loving husband he seemed and she can do better!

  5. torypm says

    Monique? But I saw the interview where she said it was her man that wanted her to get healthy…?

  6. isis00 says

    Two possibilities: Jennifer Hudson or Monique. Though, it’s public knowledge that J-Hud’s fiancĂ© isn’t thrilled with her new diet shilling.

  7. Samie says

    Jennifer Hudson. Sad. He should be happy she’s taking better care of her health. And how ironic that so often the loss of attraction is caused by weight gain, not loss.

  8. amarti2218 says

    Jennifer Hudson

    Hubby (don’t knot his name) said he misses her love handles

  9. sophiedg says

    Mo’Nique. Oscar for Precious. She recently lost a lot of weight and looks amazing. Maybe her husband is feeling threatened by that?

  10. stonn says

    Jennifer Hudson. Reports have been out for a while now that her on-the-DL hubby (David “Punk” Otega) isn’t happy with her weight loss and wants her to be fat again. She still has some weight to lose–and it’s HIM.