Twin Dilemma

twins 3[Blind Gossip] This married couple has a fascinating dilemma on their hands!

They tried to get pregnant. After a miscarriage, they went the surrogate route. The surrogate produced a happy, healthy baby.

The couple decided that they wanted another child. Logically, they decided to hire a surrogate again. The surrogate got pregnant… but so did the wife!

The couple is totally shocked! Both pregnancies are still very early on, and there is no guarantee that both women will carry to term, so there will no announcements for a while. But they are already talking about the possibilities.

If both women can successfully carry to term, will they keep both children? Admit to a surrogate? Pretend that the wife gave birth to twins? If only the surrogate carries successfully to term, will they admit to the surrogate? Pretend that the wife gave birth?

It certainly is an interesting dilemma!



What they will do:

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  1. pookiblu says

    Husband: Jay Z
    Wife: Beyonce

    What they will do: I reckon they’ll pretend to have had twins.

    • pnwpersonkim says

      I thought that too, but the more I think about it is she could just abort hers and continue with her fake pregnancy scripts. There was a reason she used another woman to have her baby… vanity. Besides bey could shake her butt hard with a pillow strapped on than a bun in her oven.

      • GiveMeGossip says

        Not only that but the solved item the other day specifically said she was too vain to get pregnant. The person in the blind had a miscarriage and was actively trying to be pregnant. It is written like it obviously sounds like them but from the solved the other day, I’m not so sure.

    • NeedNoStinkinBadges says

      The other blind, or rather reveal, about Bey said “The couple is ready for another child, although it is unclear who will be carrying the baby.” I think this supports your guess.

  2. Superstition says

    I’m guessing it’s JayZ and Beyonce. I would hope they would raise both children since they’re both theirs.

  3. caela94 says

    jay z
    They will never admit surrogacy
    It will be the twin story this time.

  4. Peaches319 says

    JayZ and Bey
    Keep the surrogate baby. Wasn’t the consensus queen Bey doesn’t want to ruin her body

  5. brobdingnagian says

    Husband: Jay Z

    Wife: Beyonce

    What they will do: Keep both, admit nothing about the surrogate and lie, lie, lie as usual!!

  6. rudy says

    Jay, Bey. Who knows what they will do. My guess is keep both kids. How could they not if the surrogate used Bey’s eggs and JayZ sperm. At this point I think Beyonce would get some sympathy if she came clean about the first birth, and admitted to what is happening now. I know of this very situation occurring but with an adoption. And the couple kept both kids.

    • Elisa says

      She could totally milk this for sympathy. All she has to do is play up that she was heartbroken after the miscarriage, terrified to go through it again, and didn’t tell about the surrogate for the surrogate’s own privacy. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not; there are people who would be moved.

  7. lepidoteran says

    Definitely the Carters (Beyonce & Jay Z)
    especially with the Joe Camel pic hint in today’s first BG post.

  8. YankeeGirl226 says

    Husband: Jay-Z

    Wife: Beyonce

    What they will do: Lie like a mofo and say that she had twins.

  9. mickamouse says

    Husband: jay-Z

    Wife: Beyonce

    I’m just throwing this out there this seems to be the only logical couple that this could happen to right now with all the pregnancy rumors…

  10. KWDragon says



    I hope they just ‘fess up and give all of their children good homes. Sadly, I am concerned that they will continue with the lies to preserve the “image” and ditch the surrogate and child.

    Here’s hoping they do the right thing.

  11. stolidog says

    Jay z and Beyonce. If they both carry to term, the surrogate child will be sacrificed to the iluminati.

  12. gossipgirl93 says

    Husband: Jay Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    What will they do: Pretend they had twins or that Beyonce had a baby if only the surrogate carries to term
    Clue: Kelly Rowland has a song called Dilemma (Destiny’s Child reference), Jay Z remixed a song called Dilemma

  13. princesspea says

    obviously queen bey & j

    will they admit to a surrogate- hell no
    will they keep both-they damn sure better or the bashlash would make the craziness of the first “pregnancy” look like a tea party

  14. nomnom says

    Beyonce and jay-Z – they will do whatever doesn’t require admitting they used a surrogate … and they will keep how ever many kids come out of it.

  15. destini uk says

    Husband: Jay Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    What they will do: Say she is pregnant with (non-identical) twins

  16. KatarinaJ says

    If this is Beyonce, then I guess this means she wasn’t afraid to ruin her body but maybe couldn’t get pregnant?
    I can’t think of who else it would be.

  17. April123 says

    oh my!!! what a mess..
    so J-Z and Bey are really married huh..
    They will announce they have “twin.s” in 8 months.

    BG is the BEST in gossips!!! :)

  18. tiara107 says

    Mr and Mrs Camel.

    My guess is they’ll keep up this charade, they might even try to claim twins, which would be incredibly stupid. I really do hope Beyonce will carry this one to term considering her ongoing fertility issues.

  19. Tanzania says

    I wonder if actually going through birth would make Beyonce appreciate what the surrogate has had to endure.

  20. 2BEAUCOUP says



  21. ILoveLucy says

    Bey & Jay Z. If this is true , its more than hilarious!!! KARMA! To the liars.

  22. cottoncandyforthebrain says

    Husband: Jay Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    What they will do: Pretend B had twins

  23. NOTellebee says

    Logic would say Bey and Jay, given the Joe Camel hint in the announcement and their well-known use of a surrogate. I’m hesitant to say them for sure though, because this seems like the decision to use a surrogate was one because they were concerned about the wife having another miscarriage, rather than the widely-publicized speculation that BeyBey didn’t want to mess up her bod.

  24. rosebug1 says

    First time guessing on this site!

    Husband: jay-z
    Wife: beyonce
    What will they do: I have no idea

    • nessk says

      By the way Ace, this is some seriously “low life” gossip 😉 Love the new website banner, I see what you did there :p

  25. itismeme says

    I’m guessing Bey and Jay. What will they do? Keep up the facade and say that Bey and her magical uterus birthed twins that are slightly different ages.

    • itismeme says

      Not that I should have to say it, but Joe Camel = Jay Z. And I would be shocked if they ever mentioned about a surrogate for this birth or any other if only because of all the rumors about Blue Ivy’s gestation.

  26. quinner says

    Please let this be beyonce and jay z. I assume they used her egg?? Egg on her face :)

  27. cocobeannns says

    I want to say Beyonce because we all know how the first ?pregnancy? went down. BUT, there are a few things that make me think it’s someone else.

    1. Bey and Jay are more of a business arrangement than a happy couple looking to add to their family.

    2. She used a surrogate strictly for vanity reasons. Why would they try for a baby if that is true? They wouldn’t.

    I don’t believe she was ever really pregnant, so for me, this isn’t Beyonce. I don’t have a guess as to who it might be, but I’m curious to see the guesses!

  28. rorythedragon says

    JayZ and Beyonce. Who could fashion a guess as to what these two knuckleheads will do? They don’t realize the goodwill they would gain just by being honest. People forgive any number of indiscretions. Hopefully, both babies will be born healthy and strong. I’m betting they’ll go for both and orchestrate delivery dates, call it fraternal twins and put on a show. What else do they ever do?

  29. riles89 says

    Husband: Matthew Broderick
    Wife: SJP

    What they will do: pretend the wife gave birth to twins…?

  30. mattyaloud says

    Beyoncé & JZ!

    they will keep both babies and re-create Destiny’s Child with Blue Ivy.

  31. GreenT13 says

    Wife: Gulianna
    Husband: Bill
    What will they do?: keep both and get all the press they can

  32. SouthJerseyGirl says

    This is the best story ever! Twins would work if they delivery around the same time; otherwise, you’d have pictures of one baby looking like a newborn and the other one not. Super secret delivery of course and JayZ will have to buy out the entire hospital floor again for Beyonce.

  33. sandy says

    Husband: Jay-Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    What will they do? Lie like they always do – Claim she had twins.

  34. LeahLynn28 says

    What?They can only be Fakeyonce and Jay-Z…
    But i have to say that i’m surprised.She faked the pregnancy on purpose…now she suddenly gets pregnant when the surrogate is also pregnant?That’s weird.If that’s her,karma hit her,and hard.It’s not a “blessing”,it’s karma.Anyway,they are in trouble.They should tell all the truth before the midia discovers a future farse…they can’t pretend to have twins(the due dates would be different anyway),nor close a whole hospital floor again.I guess she will have to ruin her body,that if she really carries to term…they won’t be able to hide the surrogate’s baby and pretend she’s not pregnant.They’re in trouble again…and that’s their fault only.

    • Katmandu says

      This is what I’m thinking. If the surrogate gives birth and Bey is due to give birth a month later…well, could they pass off the month older baby as a twin? A big twin? If it was the other way around, that is, Bey gives birth first, they would have to keep quiet about it and wait till the surrogate had hers. That would be more awkward.

      • itismeme says

        Easy problem to solve… Pull a “suri” and not show the babies for 6 months. As long as they are somewhat the same age it will be fine.

      • Serena van der Woodsen says

        Alessandra Ambrosio had her baby delivered via a planned c-section when she was 8 months along – a month early so she wouldn’t ruin her body in that last month of pregnancy.

        B would totally do the same thing.

  35. GDMG says

    OMG! This is soooo Juicy!!! My guess is B and Jay Z….. How will they ever pull this off….I hope their shade gets out!lol

  36. LSBallard says

    This is my first time posting, and I am probably completely WRONG… But, Vince Vaughn and his wife had a child relatively recently and he was in the movie The Dilemma. I don’t know how he and his wife conceived their first child, so like I said, I could be wayyyy off base. I think I read an announcement that they were expecting within the last few days, so that might rule them out as the BG couple… Love this site!

  37. Scoop08 says

    Husband: Jay Z

    Wife: Beyonce

    What they will do: If they both carry to term, probably pretend that the wife gave birth to twins. If only the surrogate carries to term, probably pretend that the wife gave birth.

  38. WaitLemmeGuess says

    JayZ and Beyonce. They’ll have both and pretend she had twins. I guess they’ll have to close off an entire hospital this time.

  39. LSBallard says

    Nevermind! Just saw the fact that you said that Joe Camel was facing a dilemma. That definitely makes me think of Jay Z and Beyawwwwnce. Speculation and rumors of a 2nd child for the couple have been spreading like wild fire lately.

  40. 2girlsO says

    I’m sure we all know who this is about but the thing that strikes me as odd is the line “If both women can successfully carry to term, will they keep both children?” If it’s a surrogate giving birth then that means the child is still theirs, so why would there be an option of not keeping both children? What would they do with the other child? Is that weird to anyone else or am I just reading too much into it..?

    • LSBallard says

      I thought that was pretty bizarre too! You’re definitely not the only one. I asked myself the same thing after reading this blind… “Why would they have to decide as to whether or not they would ‘keep’ both children?”

  41. mommagoosed says

    Straight out the gate today — love it!!

    Husband: Jay-Z

    Wife: Bey

    What Will They Do: WHO KNOWS?!? As vain as Bey is, no idea if she’ll carry the baby to term. However, she could choose to carry the baby to term and then use it to “prove” that she was pregnant last time and never mention the surrogate. She could choose to abort the baby and then claim a miscarriage, since she did miscarry last time. Who knows?!? Wait, Ace, do you know??? 😉

  42. TulipInBloom says

    I’m guessing “B”eyonce due to Ace’s strategically omitted “be” in the phrase “there will no announcements.”

  43. Gen82 says



    What they will do:Keep both children and pretend to have twins?

  44. twoam says

    Since it fits the hot topic I’m going with Jay and Beyonce..and they will keep both (if carry to term) and have “twins”

  45. Revisionist says

    I dont really get why people try and keep surrogates secret. Its not shameful in anyway. I know many women who would go that route if they had the money or couples who have health issues and would prefer that to hoping this time they will get to term

  46. Aligirl21 says

    Also, Ace: this is an inspired picture for this Blind! I see what you did there. 😉

  47. GrannyGoose says

    Husband: Jay-Z
    Wife: Beyonce
    What will they do: I think that they will have “twins”. After their successful experience with little Blue Ivy, I can’t imagine them not taking both babies. After all, both babies are their bio-babies….

  48. MsOverstreet says

    Bey & Jay. We obviously know she was open to using a surrogate for the first child, and there are rumors she’s pregnant again. Wasn’t aware she might actually be! I expect, if both pregnancies carry to term, they’ll say she had twins.

  49. Grammaticator says

    Hova and Bey.

    Rumors about her being preggers have been heating up. Esp after she cancelled her first concert ever, for the celeb favorite excuse “dehydration and exhaustion.”

  50. CrossingTheLine says

    I guess they have 101 Problems now, cause two b*tches are (with) one.

    Husband: Jay-Z
    Wife: Bey
    What they Will Do: Lie

  51. jennlynn says

    Well gotta guess
    Beyonce and Jay z
    They will not admit to a surrogate now, in anyway shape or form. Because supposedly she has had a sucessful pregnancy after a miscarriage already.

  52. I Am PunkA says


    Keep them both. More kids to name after color/plant combos that way.

  53. dawnee says

    ohhh BeyBey, Mrs. Carter that is… what a tangled web we weave. Speaking of weave…