Not So Kind And Generous

woman puppy[Blind Gossip] This high-earning TV star gives the appearance of being kind and generous. For her staff, though, her generosity is making their lives miserable.

The star publicly professes to love animals, and has plenty of pets at home. What isn’t publicized, however, is how some of those pets rotate through her home.

She rescues an adorable puppy, realizes that she has too many animals, and then seeks to give away one her older pets to a staff member. If they say “No,” she harangues them until one of them agrees to take the animal into their home. The pressure doesn’t stop there. She then tries to dictate to them which pet food they need to buy and which pet supplies they should use. And, as if that’s not enough, she is also constantly pressuring staff to give up animal products (e.g. meat) that she thinks they shouldn’t be eating or using.

Over time, her staff has grown bitter and resentful of her actions. They feel that she has inappropriately crossed the line from employer to controller. Many of the employees don’t have the time, money, or space to adopt any more of her animals, and many of them enjoy eating meat. They are annoyed that they are the ones who have to pay the price for her “kindness” and her “generosity.” However, they fear that if they don’t play along and live their lives according to her rules, that she will find an excuse to fire them.



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  1. shelaur22 says

    Ellen. She got into trouble after she gave one of her rescue pups to a friend.

  2. lepidoteran says

    Ellen Degeneres

    There was that puppy fiasco years ago and there’ve been previous rumors that she’s rough on her staff. And I think she’s a vegan so that would mesh with the not eating meat part.

  3. audreyyy says

    kristin bauer who is pam from true blood? i know she has lots of pets and loves animals so shes probably vegan

  4. nessk says

    I don’t want to be right about this as I absolutely love her, but – Ellen Degeneres? She loves animals, is a high earning TV star (I noticed the blind didn’t say actress), she’s a vegan and has loads of pets. But I feel like she’s too responsible to be like this :p x

  5. MauriceMicklewhite says

    I hope it’s not Ellen, she seems cool.

    But I’m thinking that the “Generous” in the title may be a play on her last name.

    Plus, since she has her own show, she would have a lot of staff in fear of being fired.

  6. My2Brows says

    Ellen DeGeneres from the Ellen show : “Generous” “DeGeneres”; she is the spokesperson for Halo dog food and is always adopting pets. She got in trouble by rescue groups for giving away a dog she adopted to a family friend because it didn’t get along with the pets she already had.

  7. KitKat73 says

    Star: Hayden Panettiere

    Show: Nashville

    She’s known for being an animal lover and is always with new puppies. Plus that picture kinda resembles her and that puppy looks like the dog that her character, Juliet Barnes, gives as a gift to Deacon.

    • YoGo8c says

      I wondered Hayden too. Her love of animals is well-documented and she is mainly TV atm, and a high earner. Her ‘staff’ may be her management or PR team but this might better fit a talk show host whose staff are much more beholden to her I would think. So that part would fit the Ellen guess better?

      Whoever it is, it seems they have good or kind intent but are forgetting that people matter too!

    • Kelly says

      I would totally buy that! There was always something that rubbed me the wrong way with her.

  8. julietjas says

    Aw — Ellen Degeneres. Had that puppy adoption debacle a while back, and is a vegan. Hate to see that side of her.

  9. sabrina325 says

    Is this Oprah with ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’? I’m not sure if she still qualifies as a TV star but she does conduct TV interviews occasionally and is probably paid well for this.

  10. NOTellebee says

    Ellen Degeneres? I think she’s the spokesperson for a pet food brand and has always professed her love for animals. She’s also a vegan.

  11. lovesin says

    Miley Cyrus
    Hannah Montana?

    She hasn’t been on the show in a while, but she has a ton of dogs.

    Selena Gomez has plenty of rescue dogs as well.

  12. xyz says

    Ellen De”generous” who loves animals/is vegan/says “be KIND to one another” at the end of each show.

  13. Jazzie says

    ELLEN – I’ve read online about her recycling her pets when she gets bored of them : (

  14. Katmandu says

    Ellen, Ellen, Ellen. ELLEN DeGeneres!

    Bless your heart, Ellen, but please read this. You can’t save them all. Think of your employees! You have a fortune, use some of it for a foundation, for grants, for spaying and neutering programs. Strong-arming your employees is so unfair.

  15. lavender36 says

    Ellen DeGeneres, she’s a known animal lover; also Degeneres sounds like generous.

  16. ohhellno says

    Ellen Degeneres, always says be “kind”, and generous rhymes with degeneres

  17. Westie says

    Oh no. Ellen DeGeneres? … unfortunately my first thought. She is vegan, has a pet food company, is always talking about her animals. And ends every show with “be kind to one another.” Crud.

  18. tink says

    Oprah, the woman who lost complete touch with reality once she proclaimed that $250 jeans were a great buy.

  19. snookems says

    I’m afraid this is Ellen, and her self titled show. I know others who have worked with her, and she’s not as nice as she wants everyone to think.

  20. parry says

    It feels like blasphemy, but I’m guessing Betty White, Hot in Cleveland star. She is vegetarian & certainly has been described as generous and kind.

  21. Rapunzel says

    Ellen DeGeneres. I swear, everyone loves her but she’s always seemed to have a mean streak. How she looooves scaring people, how she and Portia buy extravagant houses all the damn time only to move six months later (what a waste of everyone’s time and resources)…I don’t know. Just something prickly in her character.

    • smile83 says

      she only has one pet (her cat) and her parents have one dog.
      i think it is ellen degeneres.

  22. APQ88 says

    Ellen DeGeneres
    The Ellen DeGeneres Show

    I’ve heard these rumors about her before!

  23. tallzeez says

    Reese Witherspoon. She always she has a ton of animals. Plus, i’m glad that her wholesome, tightly wounded public pleasing imagine which i have long thought was a facade is unraveling

  24. cocobeannns says

    Kaley Cuoco (sp) of Big Bang Theory? I don’t care if it’s her, I still like her. At least she’s trying to find good homes for them, she could drop them off at shelters. And I could see how some might think her demands are overboard, but they used to be her pets, so I’m sure she just wants to ensure they’re getting the best.

  25. pookiblu says

    Star: Ellen DeGeneres

    Show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    Definitely Ellen, “generous” being an obvious clue to her surname,

    She and Portia are also vegans which explains why she is trying to get her staff to stop eating meat!

    Photo also shows a puppy, I remember a few years back when she got found out giving a dog to her hairdresser which was against the shelters rules and she got all upset on her show about it.

  26. pattycakes says

    Didn’t Ellen make headlines a few years ago for giving a dog to her hairdresser and going against the shelter’s policy? I think this is her.

  27. TiaMaria83 says

    Old: Julia Roberts (starred in America’s Sweetheart)

    New: Jennifer Lawrence

  28. JayAeKay says

    This has Ellen written all over it. Clue being generous – DeGeneres. Always thought that she wasn’t quite as “nice” as she seemed.

    First time poster, think I’m hooked!

  29. dcglobalguardian says

    the star is probably ellen and it’s her “ellen degeneres show” crew that is probably suffering.

  30. boyjack4 says

    Sadly, Ithink this may be Martha Stewart well known to have myriads of pets!
    I could see her dictating which pet food is to be used!