Not So Kind And Generous

woman puppy[Blind Gossip] This high-earning TV star gives the appearance of being kind and generous. For her staff, though, her generosity is making their lives miserable.

The star publicly professes to love animals, and has plenty of pets at home. What isn’t publicized, however, is how some of those pets rotate through her home.

She rescues an adorable puppy, realizes that she has too many animals, and then seeks to give away one her older pets to a staff member. If they say “No,” she harangues them until one of them agrees to take the animal into their home. The pressure doesn’t stop there. She then tries to dictate to them which pet food they need to buy and which pet supplies they should use. And, as if that’s not enough, she is also constantly pressuring staff to give up animal products (e.g. meat) that she thinks they shouldn’t be eating or using.

Over time, her staff has grown bitter and resentful of her actions. They feel that she has inappropriately crossed the line from employer to controller. Many of the employees don’t have the time, money, or space to adopt any more of her animals, and many of them enjoy eating meat. They are annoyed that they are the ones who have to pay the price for her “kindness” and her “generosity.” However, they fear that if they don’t play along and live their lives according to her rules, that she will find an excuse to fire them.



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