The Greedy Good Deed Doer

good deed[Blind Gossip] This one is about an actor doing a good deed… but it might rub some of you the wrong way.

There is an old movie theater in a little town in California that was on the verge of shutting down. It’s the kind of theater that still showed films on reel-to-reel equipment. The townspeople worked hard to raise the money needed to get it upgraded to run digital films so that it wouldn’t go out of business, but they fell short of their goal.

At the last minute, a well-known television and film actor swept in and generously contributed a bunch of money. It was enough money to put the town over its goal to save the old theater. Huzzah! The theater was saved and the townspeople hailed him as a hero!

Nice guy, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

At the same time he was doing this, he was going around begging for money for a project that would directly benefit… him. He claimed that he couldn’t afford to finance the project himself, and that he needed the public’s help. While some people gladly contributed, others (including some of his peers) thought that it was completely inappropriate for him to beg for money from common folks when he is a rich and famous actor who could easily have put up the money himself (or raised it from industry insiders).

If someone rich and famous can’t or won’t fund their own project, is it appropriate for them to be funding someone else’s project at the same time? Is this actor a hero for saving the old theater… or just a greedy actor taking money from the public and then shuffling it around to make himself look good?

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  1. Rapunzel says

    Zach Braff? Recently had a kickstarter campaign for some movie he wants to make.

  2. robert3242 says

    This has to be Zach Braff. As for his Kickstarter project… I see nothing wrong with him asking people if they’d like to contribute to his next project, nor do I see anything wrong with people who wish to do that, and can afford to, doing so.

  3. tallzeez says

    Someone who has a weird way about thinking about things in life i suppose. I wanna say the creator of Veronica Mars but i don’t think he’s considered famous

  4. keyakxx says

    As much as I’d hate for this to be right, it could possibly be Zach Braff as he recently set up a Kickstarter for a new film project…

    I hope I’m wrong, I love Zach Braff

  5. Schmicky28 says

    Charlie Sheen. He paid off LiLo’s taxes so why not do the theater as well.

  6. Virgo826 says

    You’re talking about Zach Braff, but c’mon… He donated less than $60,000 (tax write off) and he raised over $2mil for his movie (an investment) on Kickstarter. Not to mention the publicity he brought to Kickstarter, good or bad people are talking about the site and that’s good for a ton of smaller projects. I think it was a savvy business move, not done out of greed.

  7. kittypryde777 says

    Zach Braff. He’s been causing some controversy by using Kickstarter to fund his latest movie project when he’s rolling in the money as it is. And he just donated money to save the Rio theater in Monte Rio.

  8. radmom says

    This one is easy – Zach Braff is looking for funding for his movie, and there’s a story about him helping a Monte Rio cinema buy film equipment in the LA Times.

  9. arwyn89 says

    Easy – Zach Braff. New kickstarter film project and he saved the Rio theatre

  10. Naija_girl says

    Zach Braff? Say it ain’t so!!

    I did think it was strange of him to need to resort to kick starter to fund his little movie. I guess all the Scrubs money is gone.

    Or he’s just cheap?

  11. potatus says

    I know that Tom Hanks was instrumental in saving a theatre in Red Bluff California, which was pretty cool. I have a hard time seeing him as a self-serving hollywood type, but he is, after all a movie star.

  12. Up the Coast says

    This is Zach Braff….he saved the Rio Theatre. I don’t know if begging for money makes him a bad guy or not….people can Just Say No, right? He’s done other low budget indie films, so unless he’s offering a ROI…what’s the problem?

    • MissNormaDesmond says

      I meant to mention, Ken Levine, a writer from “Cheers,” wrote a piece on his blog taking Braff to task for soliciting money from the public instead of using his own.

    • BeMee says

      From the LA Times…
      “Even as Zach Braff was taking heat for asking the public to help finance his next movie, the actor and director was contributing to another Kickstarter campaign — to help save a historic theater in Northern California.”

  13. IveGotAGuess says

    Zach Braff. Donated to save the Rio theater; is raising funds on Kickstarter for his film, Wish I Was Here.

  14. I Am PunkA says

    This is Zach Braff.

    HE did a kickstarer for his film, Wish I was HEre. Raised $2.5M.

  15. GrannyGoose says

    Actor is Zach Braff. Famously helped save the Rio theater in Monte Rio and is taking heat for starting a kickstarter campaign for one of his new projects…

  16. tamagotchi says

    I think this one might be already solved. It’s Zach Braff and Monte Rio Theatre. Also, his kickstarter project.

  17. campblsoupgrl says

    Zach Braff. He recently started a Kickstarter campaign and has been getting a lot of flack for it.

  18. pnwpersonkim says

    Robert downey jr. Saw something online that said he was helping a theater.

    • Rumormill says

      Different theater. This is Zach and that theater in Monti CA. RDJ just got 50 mill for The Avengers and over 35 mill for IM 3; doubt if he needs money from the public. Plus he has his own production Co and doesn’t need anyone to finance his films in order to have creative control.

  19. mharcais says

    Zach Braff. The theater is The Rio in Sonoma County. I’m not going to call him greedy, though. First thing you learn in business is not to invest your own money in your own project. And, that way, he has enough money to donate to a good cause.

  20. pnwpersonkim says

    I need to smack myself
    This is totally that zaxh braff feom scrubs…duh

  21. Loves the Latin Boys says

    Zach Braff. Tmz reported this, he’s soliciting funds via kickstarter.

  22. MaryQuiteContrary says

    Quentin Tarantino saved a theater awhile back but since he’s more of a director than an actor I doubt it’s him.

  23. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Zach Braff. To be fair, his donation to save the theater was under 60k–whether it was 59k or 59 cents is unknown. He needed 2 million for his movie. I’m disappointed to hear he’s being bashed. Crowdfounding isn’t mandatory. No one is forcing people to donate. He’s an indie actor who isn’t likely to make a blockbuster. I doubt whatever project he does will suddenly propel him into the kind of salary range that the A+ list makes.

  24. muuuuu says

    Zach Braff? He had that Kickstarter drive to raise money so he could film another movie, and everyone pretty much ragged on him for it.

  25. KatarinaJ says

    Zack Braff is on Kickstarter claiming that he has to cow tow to the studio system and their insistence on final cut or something unless he raises funds himself. Major TOOL maneuver.

    Oops google Zack Braff saves movie theater and you find stories on a Sonoma area theater called the Rio he just gave money too.

  26. Rachie says

    So this is Zach Braff, right? Currently funding his movie on Kickstarter and recently donated money to save the Rio Theater in Monte Rio.

  27. kdlkdl says

    Gotta be Zach Braft:

    He helped Monte Rio buy digital equipment, according to this link, and he’s also got a Kickstarter thing going to raise money for his film.

  28. sle says

    Zach Braff is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter and has been criticized by a lot of people for it.

  29. TLP says

    Is this Zach Braff? I know he was recently in the news about a new project he’s trying to get funded through Kickstarter.

  30. yeshewa says

    i will take a stab at zak braff of scrubs fame!

    rob thomas of veronica mars just hit up people for money but he isnt really a tv star

  31. mistercanwehaveourballback says

    Can this be Zach Braff? I know he had a kickstarter campaign going to finance a sequel to Garden State….

  32. chandler02 says

    Clearly this is about Zack Braff.

    I don’t see how this is any different from Veronica Mars, though. In fact, Veronica Mars is owned by a STUDIO and they simply didn’t want to put their money in. “Common folks” funded the VM movie, but it is the studio that will profit from it. Zack doesn’t have a studio owning the project, so his film seems more worthy, IMO.