Everything Changed After His First Hit Film

[Blind Gossip] Back in the eighties and nineties, this famous actor was living a fairly “out” life in a Los Angeles beach community. He had a series of boyfriends, and was just starting to get noticed in Hollywood.

Once he had his first hit film, though, everything changed.

He got rid of his boyfriend… and started chasing women. The boyfriend was terribly hurt, and they had a big fight over the actor “selling out” his true sexuality and living a lie so that he could be a success in Hollywood.

The actor went on to a very successful career. He has appeared in at least 20 or 30 films since the 1990s, and he has worked with one certain director several times. The actor also starred as the lead in a television series that ended a successful run a couple of years ago.

While we don’t know if he has any male companions on the side, he now lives a completely straight life in public. He has been engaged or married a couple of times, and even has a child or two.

You will probably be surprised to find out that he “used to be” gay. We know that we were.



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149 comments to Everything Changed After His First Hit Film

  • gigipeach

    hmmm kiefer sutherland?

  • iraells

    Director: John Hughes

    • sparkles

      It can’t be John Hughes, he’s dead so it isn’t a liabilty to name him in a blind item.

  • ImWearingVersace

    Johnny Depp

  • yinyang

    Gotta go w Matt McConaughey , just cuz of some info I know but not sure of director..

  • rugbymomma

    Johnny Depp

  • candy sandy

    brad pitt

  • tsgossip

    Keifer Sutherland and Joel Schumacher?

  • shopper

    Keifer Sutherland?

  • Blind3r

    The guy in the picture looks a lot like the Colby Granger guy, who starred in Numb3rs which ended in 2010. So i’m guessing it’s someone from that show. The only male actors who were not too young to live a out life in the eighties are Rob Morrow, Peter MacNicol or Judd Hirsch. The latter has been married even in the sixties and had a son in 1966, so can’t be him. Peter MacNicol apparently was living on the east coast during the eighties and Wikipedia is not mentioning any child.
    Thus I’m going with Rob Morrow. He kinda fits: his career sped up at the beginning of the 90’s, he appeared in about 20 films (including tv films) since then, starred in Numbers. He got married in ’98 and had a daughter in ’01.

  • harbiz

    bill paxton

  • IzThatRight

    William Bradley Pitt
    Thom Racina

  • OhmyTommocarrot

    Actor: johnny depp
    Director: tim burton


  • chardonnay

    Keifer Sutherland / Joel Schumacher

  • greeneyedgenie

    Jason Lee. Chasing Amy (photo, word “chasing”). Married once, has at least one son (Pilot Inspektor). TV Show is My Name Is Earl. Raised in Huntington Beach CA.

  • stylinlions

    george clooney comes to mind,don’t know why.

  • BitterBlondin

    The word “fairly” made me think of the cartoon Fairly Odd Parents which starred a number of celebrities over the years. Out of them, Brendan Frasier seemed the most likely for this blind.

  • wonderone

    Christian Slater. He is currently working on the series “Out There”, has been married and has children. He worked with director John Woo twice.

  • 4sixx2

    I first thought of Clooney, but no kids, right?

  • wonderone

    And “Breaking In” was the series that he starred in and recently ended.

  • goldieb

    Actor: Kiefer Sutherland.
    Big Film Break: “Stand By Me.”
    TV Series ended a couple years ago: “24.”

    Director: Joel Schumacher.

    • LivDizzly


    • luvprue1

      I do not think it’s Kiefer Sutherland. He was teen actor, so if he was living a out of the closet life it would have been noted all over teen mag,and tabloids. Kiefer was already famous as a teen, and he was “famous for the movie Lost boys.

      • markmywords

        Agreed with luvprue1. Not to mention with his very famous dad, it would have been a rumour for more than three decades. Look at Travolta, those rumours won’t stop, cause there is something to them. Never heard stuff like this about KS.

      • Superstition

        Also, Kiefer was married from ’87-’90 and had a daughter with his WIFE during that time period. It’s def. not him.

  • kermit1969

    Actor: Bill Paxton, did a bunch of movies and he was in True Lies..hence “true” sexuality and living a “lie”. The tv show that ended a couple of years ago was Big Love.

    Director: James Cameron

    • riles89

      This is a good guess, but from what I can tell Paxton moved to NYC in the 80s and did not remain in LA

    • CaptainVor

      Cosigning this. Especially since the begging of this blind’s title “Everything Changed After…” made my mind jump directly to Avatar: The Last Airbender, so then of course oh yeah- AVATAR! James Cameron. Bill Paxton totally fits this blind.

    • PinkFlamingo

      Yes, THIS! He’s been married twice and has 2 kids with his current (2nd) wife!

  • fineasafox

    Johnny Depp
    Tim Burton

  • Diana0014

    This is my first post ever. I am going to call this one Johnny Depp. One director – Tim Burton and TV series 21 Jump St.

  • arvigno

    It is hard to believe but my guess is Johnny Depp. Worked several times with Tim Burton, was the lead of 21 Jump Street, has kids with Vanessa Paradis.

    • KatarinaJ

      It says the successful series he starred in ended a few years ago. JUMP STREET was in the 80s.

  • Ann_R_Key

    James Gandolfini

  • ReillyThePainter

    Maybe Bill Paxton? He was in True Lies, which might be what’s being hinted at with “true sexuality” and “living a lie.” He’s worked with James Cameron a number of times. He starred in Big Love on HBO.

  • luv the beach

    charlie sheen! haha just kidding. keifer sutherland? wasnt he on a popular show? dont know who director is

  • rorythedragon

    It’s an out there guess but could this be Keifer Sutherland? No. Maybe? No. Maybe.

  • ccattwood

    Actor: Kiefer Sutherland
    Director: Stephen Hopkins

  • ccattwood

    change my director guess to Joel Schumacher ;]

  • andreaxo

    George Clooney
    ?? On Director

    • Dragon

      He work with Steven Sodebergh But Steven known to recast most of his actors like Christopher Nolan.

      so heh

  • ashthash

    Johnny Depp? Director being Tim Burton?

  • justjinx

    Kiefer Sutherland?

  • DelilaMars

    Johnny Depp for the actor
    Tim Burton for the director
    ??? That would be a huge surprise…

  • Rooster

    Something tells me this is Brad Pitt.

  • ILoveLucy

    Keifer Sutherland

  • southernCharm

    Johnny Depp

  • Millyaye

    Actor Dan Futterman

    Director Bennett Miller

    Dan’s current project is called everything changes, he fits the 20-30 movies, is married with two kids, tv series that ended would be judging amy, and there is a heavy gay theme in the roles he chooses.

  • aliswee

    Actor: Kiefer Sutherland
    Director: Joel Schumacher

    Clues: “20 or 30″ films – his hit TV series was 24, which ended after the 2010/11 season; photo shows a runaway bride – he was engaged to Julia Roberts, who left him shortly before their wedding, and was in the movie “Runaway Bride.” The timing of this blind is also significant, as this week there’s been media buzz around him reprising his role in 24.

    • jasper

      Keifer’s new series “Touch” was also just cancelled after a surprising and largely non-promoted second season.

      If it’s not Jason Lee, then Keifer is a good guess, as Clooney (ER) has no kids.

  • realmccoy18

    kiefer sutherland…24 just ended a few years ago.

  • tink

    Kiefer Sutherland

  • liza lauda

    Johnny Depp, Tim Burton?

  • NOTellebee

    Bill Paxton? Frequently works with James Cameron, just finished a run on Big Love.

  • MikeInSanJose

    Actor: Chuck Norris

    Director: Roger Christian (of Battlefield Earth fame)

  • dedhamguy

    Matt Damon

    Gus Van Sant

  • Megan

    Stab in the dark…

    Actor: Johnny Depp
    Director: Tim Burton

  • CMK1319

    Kiefer Sutherland actor, and Joel Schumacher for director.

  • ttt

    James Spader

  • scumby

    I’m thinking James Spader (but he fits everything, but the director)- tv show Boston Legal. Who else had a tv series recently?

  • Longstreet

    Tim Roth
    Quentin Tarantino

    He is the only I can who fits:
    Moved to the LA area from England around 1990.
    First big movie was Reservoir Dogs in 1992 and went on to make 20-30 more films.
    Has worked a couple times with Quentin Tarantino.
    And just came off a run on TV in Lie to Me.

  • Anaishilator

    So the question is..what multiply married 90’s film star who also had a successful run on a recent tv show was openly gay back in the day??

    this rules out travolta, cruise and clooney. ER ended more than a few years ago. And clooney was a tv guy before film.

    …alec baldwin?
    broke out in the late 80’s?

    check. First break was a tv movie, then he broke big with Beetlejuice.;had his film heyday in the early to mid 90’s but I cant remember what if any director he repeatedly works with.

    had a successful tv run with 30 Rock.

    was married and divorced to Kim Bassinger. Has recently remarried. Has a daughter now a model.

    • BitterBlondin

      Could be.. He was also a guest star on Fairly Odd Parents which supports my theory. But he’s currently married and only has one child.

      • KatarinaJ

        I think his new wife is pregnant now. The show he was on ended a few years ago though and 30 ROCK just ended this past season.

        I think Sutherland fits all the guesses AND he has had alcohol problems in recent years, bar fights, belligerence etc. Could make sense why he drinks if he feels he has to live a lie.

    • jasper

      Alec did several pro-gay roles earlier in his career, and has apparently teased on 30 Rock that he’s a “Bear icon”. Maybe fifteen or twenty years ago, but not so much today.

    • Revisionist

      Dont know your age but you might be too young to remember. Baldwin got known for his role on Knots Landing. He was the young sexy bad boy.

  • scumby

    I hope it isn’t Charlie Sheen and Oliver Stone. It’s common knowledge that Sheen’s assistant who died was his BF.

  • scumby

    thinking Kiefer as well especially since he roomed with the gay/bi Robert Downey Jr, but once again don’t know the director that fits

  • scumby

    Ok, it’s definetly

    Kiefer Sutherland and the very gay Joel Schumacher. they did 4 films together. I wonder if they also hooked up. Was Downey the BF?

  • riles89

    I want to say Brad Pitt, director: David Fincher, but no TV show…

  • ally cat

    Rob Lowe and John Hughes

  • sabrina325

    Keifer Sutherland or Bill Paxton?

  • Brandywine

    Charlie Sheen Director Oliver Stone.

  • riles89

    Actor: Jason Lee
    Director: Kevin Smith
    Breakout role: Mallrats (’95)
    Hit TV show: My Name is Earl (ended in ’09)

    Lee has been engaged once, married twice, has 3 kids. He grew up in Huntington Beach, CA and was an avid skateboarder. “Chasing” is a clue, I think–Lee was in the movie Chasing Amy.

    • daisy12

      i’m convinced by all of these jason lee guesses! this

    • jasper

      I like this, but most of Kevin’s information on The Gays is obviously from his other buddy, Malcolm Ingram, not Jason. I forget where I read it recently, but someone pointed out that almost everything Kevin has said about gays has already been said (sometimes verbatim) by Malcolm, not Jason or even his own ‘out’ brother. One would think that those two would have some input into his perceptions, especially the brother. And didn’t one of his Comic Book Men/Red Bank inner circle just come out, too?

  • slantrhyme

    It’s Kiefer.

    For those saying Johnny Depp, it definitely isn’t him, since 21Jump Street ended more than a couple of years ago, and Johnny was married very young, before he became famous, so it doesn’t sound like he was living a gay life.

  • Ann_R_Key

    Not sure where all of these Keifer guesses are coming from — younger people, maybe? Keifer was A List in the 80’s as part of the brat pack. Gandolfini ftw

  • jerzeygirl

    Can’t be Johnny Depp. The blind says the TV show ended a couple of years ago. 21 Jump St ended years ago.

  • Terry

    With “Selling Out” in quotes, I can’t help but think it is Tom Selleck.

  • Yuolala

    Kiefer Sutherland. There’s always been reports that whenever he’s drunk he would hang out in a gay bar.

  • Kiersan

    Let’s try this
    Actor: Johnny Depp
    Director: Tim Burton

  • KatarinaJ

    The only thing making me think it IS NOT Keifer Sutherland is that the blind says it was the 80s and even 90s he was living out BEFORE a big movie hit, the the 20 plus movies etc. Sutherland hit with THE LOST BOYS and other features in early to mid 80s, way prior to the 90s, then almost married Julia Roberts in 1991.
    He was married the first time in 1987 so how could he be living an openly gay life til the 90s?

    Although his ‘friendship’ with Jason Patric is one reason cited for his first breakup.

    Does this add up otherwise then?

    • creeping_thistle

      I second this because I’m old enough to remember that Sutherland became really big with The Lost Boys, not in the Nineties, then. Also, somehow I don’t think the son of stellar Hollywood royalty would need to hide anything to “get noticed” as an actor – he was born famous. Jason Lee, well… you can see him accepting a little… compromise to become a movie star, after “getting noticed” in the skateboarding world. Also, he’s a male Scientologist, you know what I mean.

  • Belser

    This can’t be Keifer. He was big in the 80 and as the son of Donald Sutherland was living a very upper-crust lifestyle in his youth. He’s been famous since he was quite young.

  • mizzavrid

    I like the Jason Lee angle…

  • onebyone

    The timeline pretty much rules out Sutherland so…

    I got nothing.

  • sophiedg

    Ugh…anyone else annoyed that people can’t seem to read blinds correctly? Neither Clooney, nor Pitt, nor Depp, nor Mc Conaughey, nor Damon, nor some of the others guessed “starred as the lead in a television series that ended a successful run a couple of years ago.” On the positive side, the original blinds from Ace/BG are always substantive and just plain good. Love ’em.

  • real313

    Half of y’all can’t read. Bra Pitt, deep and clooney shows end YEARS AGO. Y’all want them to be gay so bad it’s embrassing. Gay people think turning straight is selling out. How? It natural to be heterosexual. Nothing wrong with being gay though,

  • Mom2acm

    Keanu Reeves is the first person that popped into my mind.

  • jackbauersaunt

    First time poster – it’s got to be Kiefer. His first hit film was Stand By Me in 1986, before which he was rooming in LA with Robert Downey Jr while trying to get his acting career off the ground. After Stand By Me in ’86 he then met Camelia Kath in 1987 and married her that same year. Plus the clue “engaged or married a couple of times” – the doomed Julia Roberts engagement (and the runaway bride picture on the blind), and a couple of marriages.

  • IzThatRight

    Brad Pitt
    David Fincher

  • Revisionist

    there has been some tongue wagging over the years regarding Kiefer so i’m not sure it would be a “shock”. Just for grins Im going with Danny Glover.

  • tacox3dino

    Actor: Johnny Depp
    Director: Tim Burton

    well i’m just guessing, because Johnny is always saying “everything changed” after he had his two children

  • scumby

    I suppose it could be Jason Lee from Huntington Beach, but it wouldn’t be much of a surprise -he’s another scientologist

  • tinytearz

    Robert Downey Jr

  • pambaby

    Bill Paxton?
    James Cameron as director

  • annasophie

    keifer sutherland. “24” is re-airing.

    if it’s not him, then johnny depp.

  • howredundant

    Judd Hirsch for the actor and John Hughes for the director.

  • flayvor

    Alec Baldwin

  • ivyleaguer

    Laurence Fishburne Gary Sinese, which CSI is still on? and if successful run means the actor left said show then Charlie sheen.