The Real Reasons For The Move

moving van 5SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] She really, really wants you to believe that their relationship is so strong that the couple is making all their decisions together.

Ha! Not even close! He has totally gone off the reservation and is now making decisions without her… while she is scrambling to keep up and pretend that these are her decisions too!

This far-away house is not going to be her permanent residence too. Los Angeles is her home. She may travel  or stay somewhere for a few months, but she will never really leave LA. Her fame is contingent upon her being followed by the paparazzi, so to think that she would seriously move to a place where they are so restricted is illogical.

It is also an incredibly clever move on his part. He will buy a house, and let her stay there occasionally so that she can pretend that she is a sophisticated, international star. But he knows that she can’t stand being out of the spotlight long, and will high-tail it back to LA every chance she gets.

On the other hand, he will stay there frequently. That way he can be far away from her… and closer to his boy friend.



Where he is buying a house:

kim kanye paris 2SOLVED!

She: Kim Kardashian

He: Kanye West

Where he is buying a house: Gay Paris

She spent Thanksgiving with her “whole family.” Her “whole family” apparently no longer includes but Kanye as he wasn’t there. He was in France.

We told you a year and a half ago that Kanye was planning on moving to France. Kanye likes to think of himself as a savoir faire avante garde kind of guy. France is where his passions lie – both in fashion and in his “friendships.” Mais bien sur. He spends much of his time there.

Kim and Kanye have been married for months now, but did you know that they’ve never actually lived together? They just keep buying and selling houses in the United States without finishing the remodeling or living in them. Kim is living at her mom’s house, while Kanye is in France. You didn’t really think that Kanye lived with Kris Jenner, did you? In fact, Kris has completely lost control of him.

Kanye hasn’t purchased property in France yet – because he already has a place to stay while he’s there – but he will soon. Kim will eventually settle into a house near her mother.

Kim used to refer to Kanye as her best friend. No more. Kimmy spent Thanksgiving with her new best friend, one-year-old North. [Insert jokes about mature conversations here]

Supposedly “my whole family” had Thanksgiving dinner at Khloe’s. While we saw the food, there weren’t any group photos. These people will photograph a hangnail and post it on social media, but nobody had a camera for a big Thanksgiving group shot? Come on.

From our friends at RadarOnline:

On Thanksgiving, Kim Kardashian tweeted that she was “so thankful to have spent the day with my whole family.” But it seems a very important part of the family was missing: her husband!

Kanye West spent the holiday in France instead. According to Page Six, the rapper was spotted dining at Ralph Lauren’s restaurant in Paris with two male friends Thursday.

As has reported, tensions are running high between the couple who sources say have lost that loving feeling. “Kim and Kanye are arguing more than ever. Kim feels like their relationship is more of a business relationship than a real marriage.”

Kim attended a holiday feast at her sister Khloe Kardashian‘s house. “Thank you for starting a new tradition Khlo! Thanksgiving at Koko’s,” Kim tweeted.

Oddly enough though, none of the Kardashian klan tweeted photos of themselves at the dinner. The only photos of the dinner party posted were of food and the table setting.

“Kim feels like their relationship is more of a business relationship than a real marriage.” Ummm… maybe because it IS a business relationship? We’ve told you about this several times. Here’s just one example: It’s Not Friendship Or Love

Congratulations to MissNormaDesmond for being first with the correct guess! She’s ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille!

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216 comments to The Real Reasons For The Move

  • MissNormaDesmond


    • Superstition


      • Booboo1068

        Wasn’t there a BI not long ago about a rap star sleeping with a fashion designer and Kanye was one the top guesses? Maybe his BF is the designer of the dress? It would help explain why he (the designer) made a public statement so quickly to support the dress and Kim’s changes to it…and in turn Kanye. Just a thought. Sad Kanye can’t just go public if this him.

    • Ati2d9

      Does she KNOW that he is gay…like, is he open about it with her, …or anyone for that matter? One WOULD know, right?

      • ILoveLucy

        Imma let you finish but…It kind of explains his total indifference to her tho. He made a public statement that he is NOT gay by getting her pregnant. Shuts up the gossip. No wonder hes miserable! He can’t really be with her, ever, but can’t ever be rid of her at the same time. He really hates being with her, he has not hidden that fact. And he was “dressing” her for a while, what straight men would even attempt to dress that fame*? And why did she allow it? Anyway, the poor child. That’s the sad thing.

  • mickamouse

    She: Kim Kardashian

    He: Kanye West

    Where he is buying a house: Paris

    • luvprue1

      Yes, I agree it’s Kim and Kanya.

    • newsjunkie

      Ive thought he was gay for years now. Amber rose was his former beard.

    • boyjack4

      Such a fake life!
      Waste of gossip and tine!

    • Bromance1979


      Who is Kim’s baby daddy, though? Was Kanye a sperm donor? Or is she faking the pregnancy and just got fat, as another blind suggested?

      • gaelgirl

        No idea about the baby’s dad, but I highly doubt Kim just got fat. It would take some real work to gain that much weight that quickly.

      • tiredofwhining

        just because a man is gay doesn’t mean he can’t have sex with women. he might not enjoy it that much, but he’s capable of doing it. it has happened all the time for centuries. and kim is clearly not just fat. she’s pregnant.

      • Bromance1979

        It would take some real work to gain that much weight from being pregnant, too, though! The only women I know who gain that much weight were on bed rest for months and/or were having multiples. Girl is working out AND “dieting” (so she claims). I’m at the same point in my pregnancy as Kim and have only gained 30lb, which is normal. She’s gained more than double that – 70lb. I don’t know how she did it.

      • Aafke

        Gay men can have babies with women you know…just because they don’t like it doesn’t mean they can’t stick it in. Especially likely if they are gay men pretending they are straight.

      • annasophie

        there’s no way on this earth kim kardashian is faking that pregnancy. she would never, ever willingly get so bloated and unwieldy if she could have avoided it. like beyonce did.

  • rreilly1012

    She: Kim K.
    He: Kanye
    House: Paris

  • Megan

    Whoa! The end really threw me for a loop! No clue who this could be…

    • Okayeah

      Serious, or sarcasm? If the former, you clearly don’t read much gossip. *LOL*

      • Jester

        I can’t believe that I missed the gossip of Kanye being Gay??? Does this mean that he isn’t the father of Kim’s baby neither? Maybe she’s not even pregnant??? Better yet, I thought Frank Ocean and Riccardo had a thing going on????? And to think I prided myself on being current with pop culture…darn it!

      • Megan

        Bwahaha just being sarcastic 😉

      • austinmocean

        @Jester, I get what you mean, because Riccardo posted that picture on Instagram. Butttttt, think about it. It makes sense that he would take all those pictures with Frank, then that mysterious picture of the bow tie. But what if it was KANYE’S bow tie, not Frank’s? Get it?? Sneaky, since of course nobody would care if it was Frank’s, but Kanye’s would be a headline grabber, obviously. Which I thought was weird, because last time I checked Frank was still in a relationship with that model dude, Willy Cartier. Only one question: does Frank, then, know about Kanye & Riccardo? Hmmm.

      • austinmocean

        Now that I actually look, though, I notice Kanye didn’t wear a bow tie to the ball. So now I’m just back to square one. maybe it was frank’s, and riccardo is just getting with both him and kanye? damn.

  • spicyone

    Kim, Kanye & Paris, France

  • quinner

    Please let this b kanye and kim kardashian and him buying a french house. Wouldnt it b great if the press did to them what they did to speidi and remove them from media…..anyone on for that?

    • cmac15

      I second that, quinner!

      • savvy_geek

        Me, three! There are a few others I’d like to add to the list, too, but that family is at the top!

    • Kerzep

      I could (and will try to) live the rest of my life without ever hearing another word about THAT family. What have they ever done???? Bruce Jenner is the only member that actually has contributed anything to this world.

      • colby2283

        Sorry Kerzep, but even Bruce Jenner is a total douche. A former nanny came out with her story saying how Bruce would criticize her looks and tell her that she would be pretty if she had a nose job. This whole family is extremely vain, superficial and idiotic. Cannot believe that Bruce was criticizing someone else’s face when his looks as horrid as it does!

      • MissNormaDesmond

        @colby, but it’s perfect just deserts because now Bruce looks “prettier” than most women thanks to all of his cosmetic work! :)

      • KatarinaJ

        I am sure Bruce is a dbag but Kerzep’s point is that his athletic prowess slash greatness actually WARRANTED his being in the press and recognized. The rest of the klan are a bunch of wanna-bes. And Yes I like to call them the Klan with a K.

  • GoneGirl


  • xxMoooOxx

    She : kim
    He : kanye
    Where : Paris

  • CanaryCry

    This is about Kimye splitting time between LA & Paris.

  • GrannyGoose

    She: Kimmie
    He: Kanye
    Where is the house? France

  • APQ88

    Kim Kardashian
    Kanye West
    Buying a house in Paris.

  • waysouthofheaven



  • BX_Sue618

    She: Kim Kardashian
    He: Kanye West
    Where he is buying a house: Paris
    His Boyfriend: Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy designer

    • bjd44

      And Riccardo is just as fugly lookin’ as Kanye! Uck!

    • newsjunkie

      Wow-I second this idea!

    • gmaven

      I second the Tisci part now that you say it. He was quoted saying that Kim is the most beautiful pregnant person he ever dressed. “‘I wanted to have a moment of family…Kim, Kanye and the baby. It will be a family that I will be close to,’ he explained in the UK Daily Mail.

    • bamazalea

      Is there a chance that he purposely designed that dress to make her look like a couch? Would someone throw their career out the window for a little private giggle? If so, he’s my hero.

  • River Rat 62

    Kim K



  • minnie

    Oh, Kimmy. I’m beginning to feel sorry for her.
    I’m guessing Kanye is buying in Paris.

  • mduffe

    Kim, Kanye, France

  • mirchi

    Kanye, Kim, France?

  • Creamsoda

    She: KIM K

    He : Kanye West

    House : Paris or London

  • brobdingnagian

    She: Kim Kardashian

    He: Kanye West

    Where he is buying a house: Italy to be near boyfriend Ricardo Tisci

  • dingleberries

    Where he is buying a house: France

  • iocaine

    Kim & Kanye. I think he’s buying a place in Paris.

  • mimi2323

    She: Kim kartrashian
    He: Kanye west

  • fsomma

    She: Kim Kardashian

    He: Kanye West

    Where he is buying a house: France

  • TheDirtyDil

    Poor Kimmy…. remember “dat that don’t kill ya….can only make ya STRONGER.”

    Kim K

  • SimpleGirl0318

    Kim Kardashian
    Kanye West

    His boyfriend, Riccardo Tisci, lives in/works in Paris.

  • seancaley

    Kanye/Kim K

  • sweetmel

    Kim / Kanye / Paris

  • sundaegirl93

    I wanna say Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds but it could also be Kim and Kanye

  • Up the Coast

    This sounds like Angelina and Bradley. They’ve already been living like this for awhile now.

    • Booboo1068

      Actually I think Brad spends more time in LA then Angelina and the blind is worded to be future tense…meaning they haven’t moved in yet. I do think its Kim and Kanye but it could also be Posh and David as there were recent reports they are having a home in France remodelled…although from everything I’ve read it seems David could Bi if anything.

  • kitteekat

    Kim, Kanye, Paris

  • LeahLynn28

    She:Kim Kartrashian?
    He:Kanye West?
    Where he is buying the house:Paris,in France?

    “Keep up”,”restricted place” and “closer to his boyfriend” are clues that link this blind to the Kartrashian wh*re and Kangaye,who’s allegedly dating a
    But there doesn’t say anything about a baby…or her “pregnancy”.But they must only be them…

  • CaliDreaming

    This is totally Kimye. Kanye has reportedly been looking to move to France, which has very strict anti-paparazzi laws. Wouldn’t be surprised if he has a boyfriend too.

  • justhad2

    Kanye, Kim, Paris

  • ilovebg




  • cottoncandyforthebrain

    She: Kim Kardashian
    He: Kanye West
    Where he is buying a house: France

  • stolidog

    Kim Kartrashian
    Kanye West

    I wish they really loved each other and decided to buy a double wide in tornado ally in Oklahoma.

  • Dizzy

    She: Kim K

    He: Kanye

    Buying a house in Paris

  • jmk

    Kim, Kanye, France.

  • Marykay




  • nomnom

    Obvs. Kimye, with the house in paris.

  • Marykay

    Paris is the location

  • MissMoney

    She: Kim K (sentence: ‘Her fame is contingent upon her being followed by the paparazzi’ was the giveaway for me. Kim K wouldn’t be where she is today without the papz cameras following her every move).

    He: Kanye West

    Where he is buying a house: Paris

  • savvy_geek

    Oooh, I hope I am right about this one!
    Kim Kardashian

  • TrishluvsGossip

    She: Kim Kardashian
    He: Kanye West
    Buying a “castle” in Paris according to the tabs
    Boyfriend is Riccardo Tisci who dressed Kim in that monstrosity of a floral couch cover at the Met Gala

  • nicky

    Could be the Beckhams moving back to London. There has been an article about the move 6 days ago.

    • nicky

      I meant permanently moving to London, by buying a house there instead of renting as they’ve done since January.

  • Revisionist

    Since all the blinds are usually about 1 of 3 people, saying Kim

  • dizzie

    She: Kim Kardashian
    He: Kanye West
    Where he is buying a house: Paris
    closer to his boyfriend: Riccardo Tisci

  • minorkey

    She: Kim Kardashian

    He: Kanye West

    Where he is buying a house: Paris

    There have been some rumours in April that Kanye wanted to raise their child in Paris and that Kim was strongly against it.

  • lady d


  • mjl2848

    Easy peasy
    Gay Paree

  • dl13

    She: Kim K

    He: Kanye

    Where he is buying a house: Paris

  • sarahj103

    Kim K, Kanye, and Paris.

  • MikeInSanJose

    kim, Kanye, France

  • melly123

    Kim Kardashian, Kanye West in Paris

  • luv the beach


  • sabrina325

    Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez? Anywhere in France for the place where he’s buying a home?

  • Scorpio13

    She: Kristen S

    He: Rob P

    Where he is buying a house: UK

  • Neecyland

    She: Kim Kardashian
    He: Kanye West
    Where: Paris
    When will America’s fascination with these media-whores end?!

  • Holly

    Kristin Stewart, Rob Pattinson, London?

  • fineasafox

    kim k…ugh!
    ftw! BOOM!
    can’t stand her wide behind!

  • arlodos

    She – Kim K
    He – Kanye W
    House – Paris

  • Virgo826

    She: Kim K
    He: Kanye
    Where: France
    Please, please, please move to France!

  • reen57


  • KitKat73

    My initial thought is:

    She: Halley Berry (looves the attention)

    He: Olivier Martinez

    Where he is buying a house: France (they are very restricted on Paprazzi)

    But it doesnt mention any children or pregnancy and he doesnt strike me as the kind of Hollywood actor who would care about getting a beard…so I am not confident in this guess, looking forward to reading others.

  • Marina

    Kim – Kanye – Paris

  • jacksonian

    Hallie Crazy.

  • modelle18

    she: kim kardashian

    he: kanye west

    where: paris

    seriously kanye has a boyfriend? i never believed the gay rumours. more importantly who is the boyfriend?

  • lakelady

    She: Kim K
    He: Kanye
    House: Paris

  • NOTellebee

    Kimye’s “moving” to Paris.

    Though “illogical” makes me think something’s connected to Star Trek? But it’s probably Kimye.

  • 20twenty

    She: Kim Kardashian
    He: Kanye West
    Where he is buying a house: in Paris, where his rumored boyfriend Riccardo Tisci lives

  • luckysiu

    She: Kim K
    He: Kanye West
    Where he is buying a house: France

  • auntmidgee

    Is it too easy to say Kim K. and Kanye? BTW – if they name their kid Eastan, I’m doing to die (dramatic, not true). That’s my 6 year olds name and now she has the potential to always been greeted with “Eastan, like Kim Kardashian’s kid?” GAH!!!!

  • neartstarlet

    She: Kim
    He: Kanye
    Buying a house: Paris, Miami, or NYC

  • realmccoy18


  • cocobeannns

    Kim. Kayne. No clue, don’t care enough to find out.

  • ellaorme

    Kim and Kanye

  • azura1

    Kim K
    Paris, France

  • smd1004p

    kim kanye and paris

  • Glitter

    Dim Kartrashian, Kanye West and a castle in France

  • sidhu105

    She: Kim K

    He: Kanye West

    Where he is buying a house: Le Paris (the fashion capital)

  • ImVioletsMama

    I know it’s not them due to some of the details, but for a hot minute there I thought it was Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo with the Ohio thing.

  • Blaqueangel

    She: Kim Kardashian
    He: Kanye West

    Where HE is buying a house: Paris, Frace

  • Herkeda

    She: Kim Kardashian

    He: Kanye West

    Where He Is Buying A House: Paris, France

  • KrazyCatLady

    Kim, Kanye, Paris

    Stronger- Kanye’s song
    Must stay in LA for paparazzi- France has super strict laws, he’s been living there
    Long time rumours of Kanye being gay

  • jocar

    Considering that some believe that she got together with a turkey baster and not the “baby daddy”, this is kim k. Ye couldn’t appear less interested in spending time with her. The house is in France, where the pap laws are “tough”, so less chance of getting outed.

  • Katie

    Kim & Kanye in Paris

  • Ivee


  • hunnybunny

    She: Kim Kardashian
    He: Kanye West
    Give it up, girl.

  • leosgrl88

    Kim Kardashian

    Kanye West

    Paris, I think

  • hunnybunny

    Kanye West will ‘move’ to Paris or Hawaii where he’s always recording to get away from Kim K.

  • CMK1319

    Kim, Kanye, Paris

  • Boston20

    Kim, Kanye, Paris

  • TvesWonder

    She: Kimmy Kakes (Kardashian)

    He: Yeezy (Kanye)

    Where he is buying a house: Paris, France

    (bonus) His Boyfriend and couch/dress designer for Kimmy: Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.

  • kellbell26

    Kim and Kanye – the house being in Paris.

  • ShockingBlue

    KTrash, Kanye, probably Paris

  • minx

    The French couldn’t care less about Kim Kardashian and that will drive her crazy, so she’ll have to come back to LA.

  • mamma

    Halle Berry + Olivier Martinez

  • kelliott

    kim, kanye and paris.