Two Publicity Stunts

publicity 3[Blind Gossip] You know how celebrities “accidentally” post things on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, and then pretend they are really embarrassed by it?

And you know how celebrities are always claiming they got “hacked” when a racy pic gets released?

Well, here are two celebs that we know are liars.

The first one “accidentally” posted something online and then immediately deleted it. But not before everyone saw it. That was intentional, people! It always creates more of a buzz to let fans speculate about things than to just state it outright. Clever boy! Guess the booze and the drugs haven’t completely destroyed his brain cells. Yet.

And tomorrow you’ll be talking about a second celebrity who will claim that they were “hacked”. This one will be more interesting, though, because the participant isn’t wearing any clothes. But, again, it’s all a publicity stunt set up by the celebrity themselves. Of course, they will claim innocence and outrage. They always do.

First Celeb:

Second Celeb:

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  1. realmccoy18 says

    first: justin bieber
    second: could be anyone but i’m going to say selena gomez since the first one is justin.

  2. maggie44 says

    first is definitely bieber–posting pic of selena gomez and him and then quickly deleting. pics of in have shown him with pot and lots of talk of him partying.

    no idea who the second is.

  3. Aligirl21 says

    Celeb 1: Justin Bieber
    Celeb 2: I have no idea, and I wish Rihanna wasn’t the first person to come to mind. Time will tell!

  4. Jen says

    First Celeb: Bieber (his pic with Selena)

    Second Celeb: Farrah Abraham (trying to generate interest for her porno)

    The second celeb is more of a guess, plus I don’t even consider her a celebrity, but that’s all I got!

  5. rammouton says

    first time commenting although i’ve been reading bg for a while.

    First Celeb: Justin Bieber with that picture of him & Selena
    Second Celeb: not sure??

  6. redstilettos says

    Don’t know about the second celeb, but for the first, I’m guessing Joe Jonas.

  7. inquisitivemind says

    First Celeb: Justin Bieber, the picture of him and Selena. Second Celeb: Not sure, perhaps Selena?

  8. FiyahHotFlashy says

    First celeb: Justin “I am a Blieber”
    2nd celeb: Rhianna…allergic to clothes. Not looking good lately!

  9. Elisa says

    First celeb: Baby Bieber’s picture of himself and Selena Gomez.

    I don’t know who the second celeb is.

  10. cynthiamey says

    The first one has to be Justin Bieber and that photo with Selena, the other celebrity, I have no diea, I hope is not her!!

  11. dascoolbro says

    First Celeb: Justin Bieber – he posted a photo of him and Selena Gomez

    Not sure who the second Celeb is though….

  12. dinahod says

    Justin biebers picture with selena gomez. He immediately deleted it off of instagram

  13. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    1. Is obviously the Biebs with that Selena pic he posted and immediately took down (I am SO embarrassed I even know this).
    2. I guess I’ll guess Lindsanity who is famous for claiming “innocence & outrage”, but I’m not as sure about that one.

  14. sunshinestar says

    First one is the Biebs and the pic he posted of himself and Selena in Norway…too much booze and drugs, that kid needs rehab and a spanking.
    The second one, not sure but the word ‘participant’ makes me think of reality show – maybe one of the judges on one of the many shows out there.

  15. FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

    The first one I’m guessing to be Bieber. I don’t track his twitter but “clever boy” the drugs, booze… sounds like the track he’s been on.
    The second is female and it will be interesting to see how things unfold tomorrow.

  16. lila92 says

    I am hesitant to say it, but Bieber & Selena? I can’t believe Selena would do that, but Bieber posted a pic with her a few days ago & deleted it and they both need publicity :/

  17. colby2283 says

    First Celeb: Justin Bieber

    Second Celeb: Hopefully Kim Kardashian and her naked prego bod. LOL – She wouldn’t dare though.

  18. vancouverite76 says

    The first one is Bieber and that picture of him and Selena Gomez. It makes me sad that I know that.

  19. LeahLynn28 says

    First celeb:Justin Bieber.
    Although i heard that photo was old and photoshopped.But i still don’t understand why Selena uses him for free publicity…she doesn’t need him to be famous anymore.She was already famous before faking the relationship with Bieber.She’s as pathetic as Justin.

    Second celeb:I have no idea.Could be anyone…

  20. Mommy2two says

    First Celeb: Justin Bieber (pic of him and Selena Gomez together)
    Second Celeb: No idea yet, but I’m pretty sure it will be some dumb young girl seeking publicity. This will be her break-out moment. πŸ˜‰

  21. 3dogday says

    First Celeb: Justin Bieber & Selena

    Second Celeb: Joe Jonas and Blanda sex tape? I was wondering whenever that was gonna happen…

  22. DelilaMars says

    First celeb is Justin Bieber who recently and “accidentally” posted a picture of him and Selena Gomez and then deleted it.

    No idea about the second celeb yet. I would randomly say Harry Style.

  23. sahanasrnvsn says

    The first one sounds like Justin Bieber. I remember reading some post about how he put up an Instagram photo of himself and Selena Gomez, and everyone thought they were back together. This post got deleted.
    Hacked, I don’t know why but it gives me vibes of one of the Spring Breakers cast. It would fit with Selena being part of the other blind too. Although “innocence and outrage – they always do” reminds me of Taylor Swift. 😐

  24. gahansgirl says

    1. the biebs. he deleted his pic of selena on twitter.
    2. …? cant wait to find out who this naked person is.

  25. hannahjones says

    JB and his instagram picture of him and Selena Gomez… gotta love a bit of Bieber drama.
    And maybe a pretty little liar?
    Didnt shay mitchell write a poem called innocence…?
    wont be troian, highly doubt that one.
    maybe ashley? Publicity for spring breakers?
    Doubt lucy hale, unless she’s trying to get publicity for her new album.

    Could be wrong all together.

  26. bluepetal says

    The first one’s Justin B. who posted a pic of himself with Selena Gomez. I don’t know the second though

  27. Kerzep says

    Justin Beiber – pic of he and Selena last week in Norway

    Rhianna – just because she is who she is

  28. ifyouwannawakeupearly says

    First celeb is Bieber, with his recent Selena snap; can’t fathom the second celeb.

  29. laurawags says

    First Celeb: Justin Bieber. He posted a pic of him and selena gomez a couple of days ago then deleted it

    Not sure of second celeb, but if the clues are related to each other i’ll go with selena

    Love this website! First time poster :)

  30. stolidog says

    #1, the infant toddler from the great white north (beibler)

    #2, one of the teen mom tela-tragedies.

  31. stacat1 says

    First is obviously Beiber with the Selena pic. OF COURSE it was deliberate.

    no idea on the second….feels like so many of them do the “oops I got hacked” BS.

  32. kookywooky says

    First Celeb: Joe Jonas or Justin Beiber ?

    Second Celeb: Justin Beiber or Joe Jonas ? Angelina Jolie? John Mayer?

  33. LanaLee says

    First Celeb: Justin Bieber

    Second Celeb: Vanessa Hudgens

    Give us a break guys, we’re not idiots.

  34. MrsGosling says

    First Celeb: Justin Bieber. He tweeted a picture of him and Selena Gomez and immediately removed the photo.

    Not sure about the Second Celeb.

  35. What Had Happened Was ... says

    First Celeb:

    Bieber, of course. This week he posted a pic of himself and Selena Gomez kind of nuzzling each other, then quickly deleted it.

    Second Celeb:

    No idea. But sounds like someone desperate, such as Brandi Glanville or LeAnn Rimes.

  36. Sophie Claire says

    First celeb: Justin Bieber

    Second celeb: Selena Gomez

    Earlier this week, JB posted a photo on instagram of him and selena together, which he took down after 20 seconds but it didnt stop it from doing the rounds on the internet. But I can’t imagine selena “accidentally” releasing a nude photo of herself???? is she really that desperate????

  37. rayodeplata says

    First Celeb is Justin Bieber tweeting that photo with Selena Gomez.
    Second Celeb I have no clue.

  38. Ashkalilly says

    I guess you havem’t seen the reason behind the tape being delayed. Look at “The no tape car”

  39. opensore says

    The first celeb is obviously Bieber. Maybe the second celeb is Selena a la her taking a page ((or shall I say two)) from Spring Breakers Co-star and “accidentally’ posting a picture of herself nude. Hope it is her though, the girl has got a body

  40. zabok says

    And I think the second one is 2 people. They is used A LOT instead of he or she. Maybe Joe Jonas/Blanda? I don’t think its Rhianna, she posts enuf pics herself via twitter/insta

    • Sophie Claire says

      “But, again, it’s all a publicity stunt set up by the celebrity themselves”
      – it says “celebrity” instead of celebrities so i think it’s just one person

  41. sundaegirl93 says

    1. JB
    2. Second one… no clue. I thought at first it was Niall Horan from 1D since there was a picture of some one who looked just like him only naked but you said it was gonna be released tomorrow so nevermind…

  42. breanna_monique says

    Rihanna is the first celeb. She tweeted a pic of her pierced nipple and deleted it from Instagram.
    I think the second is Chris Brown since their an item.

  43. MissMoney says

    I Know I Know!!!

    First celeb: Justin Bieber

    Second “celeb”: Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2. After her shameful arrest on domestic abuse (her against her husband) and heroin possession on April 23, she states her twitter account was hacked, but not before some nude pics of her were posted on it. Her twitter account is deactivated now.

  44. ileniy0626 says

    First one: Justin Bieber
    Second One: Zac Efron
    why Zac Efron? a nude picture of him is all around twitter

  45. MidnightAtTheMuseum says

    1. Bieber
    2. Kristen Stewart (see mediamass dot net)Ruthie’s getting desperate!

  46. matthew netting says

    the first one is obviously Justin Beiber,
    I don’t know who the second
    one is

  47. I Am PunkA says

    If celebjihad is right, and they are not just good photoshop, #2 is Kate Upton. Nude SI outtakes got released.

  48. iknowits says

    did anyone figure out who the 2nd celeb is.

    Can’t be Rihanna she always posts naked pics of herself and never claims it’s an accident/hacked.