New Baby On The Way

baby on phone[Blind Gossip] Hello? I’d like to order up a sibling, please!

Guess who’s having a baby? It’s a superstar couple that everyone loves to hate!

Before you start getting all excited about a pregnancy, let’s get one thing straight: She is definitely NOT going to be giving birth to this one!

She has been trying to get pregnant for the past year or so, but it’s just not happening. Plus, publicity was a nightmare with the last baby. She was completely stressed out about baby bumps and weight and photos and clothes and rumors, and she really doesn’t want to go through that again!

So, they are phoning it in via surrogate. If the surrogate can hold the pregnancy (things look good so far), the birth will happen at the end of this year. Bring on the unusual names!

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    • irishmarty says

      But the implication is that woman DID have a baby last time, and we all know that Beyonce didn’t actually give birth. So it must be someone else.

    • august says

      They ate really pushing it to how much some are going to believe.
      I don’t love to hate I just find them disgusting arrogant people.

  1. skooshbean says

    Beyonce/Jay Z.
    OR Khloe and Lamar, simply because of the “trying to get pregnant for the past year or so.”

    • Whatzmyname says

      Khloe and lamar are not superstars. They might be known in the US but nowhere else. Superstars are known or heard of worldwide.

  2. BitterBlondin says

    Beyoncé and Jay Z – with the reference to her song Telephone. And her last surrogate pregnancy of course :-)

    • NeedNoStinkinBadges says

      She did say that she wants another; she was just voted most hated celeb by Star Magazine (I think); and her kids have unusual names. I can’t remember if there was a publicity issue though.

      • carriebradshaw says

        They named the baby Apple, there was a “celebrities and weird baby names” thing.

    • Hennessey Williams says

      What nightmare publicity did she have with either one of her kids? People teasing her about naming her daughter Apple does not count as “publicity was a nightmare”.

    • KWDragon says

      I third or fourth your guess because I think the blind makes it sound like the mother did give birth at least once, and she is not interested in doing it again. Didn’t she recently say her kids wanted another sibling but she had a miscarriage?

      She was also just named “Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine, which seems dubious on the heels of her “Most Hated Celeb” designation, so I am thinking they are angling for an exclusive on her new baby later this year. GOOP, Apple, Moses and Chartreuse will share a cover by year’s end, mark my words.

    • cocobeannns says

      Maybe not. After re-reading it, sounds like she carried the last one. We all know Bey did not. Also,.aren’t they living seperately, can’t see them ?trying for a year or so?.

  3. gahansgirl says

    jay z and beyonce? she went thru that rumor mill about that surrogate for blue ivy, so it seems like it could refer to them.

  4. lululauren says

    Beyonce & Jay-Z

    So this time they’re just going to admit that they used a surrogate? Much easier.

  5. NOTellebee says

    Gotta be Bey and Jay. The Joe Camel photo as the “BG12345” photo was the clue that they’d be involved at some point, unusual names (helloooo Blue Ivy, although to be fair I think it’s beautiful, albeit strange), and “definitely not” implies there’s doubt about whether she gave birth to the first one (/didn’t).

    • sidhu105 says

      or Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin (“a superstar couple everyone loves to hate”— they definitely get their fair share of hate!)

  6. Buffysoapaddict says

    Beyonce and Jay-z are having another baby via surrogate???

    I love their music, but these people should not be procreating in any form.

    It’s clear that they have the common sense of a peacock or their kid wouldn’t have been named that godawful Blu Ivy.

  7. KatarinaJ says

    Could this be Beyonce finally admitting she can’t/doesn’t want to have a kid NATURALLY and lose her body, or will she keep up the charade. If so, interesting. People DO love to have she and Jay-z. Can’t say this or the worry about the weight thing about others like Jolie-Pitt, etc.

    • KatarinaJ says

      Also Blue Ivy. But wasn’t it conjectured that Bey just didn’t want to be pregnant for body issues an not that she couldn’t get pregnant?

  8. HuckleBerryFriend says

    Red Vine? (Complements Blue Ivy!!)
    Yellow Trellis?
    White Iris?
    Green Goddess?
    Navy Bey??

    I got nothin’ after that.

  9. GingerIsMe says

    I would think Beyonce and Jay-Z, but the post makes it sound like she was actually pregnant with the first child and I never believed she was.

  10. inopickme says

    Beyonce and JayZ–may I suggest an appropriate name for the little darling? I’ll call it (to compliment big sis’s name) Red Herring!

  11. Booboo1068 says

    The Beckham’s or the Carters. Victoria was probably stressed from weight gain and David’s alleged cheating (and his VOW to fight the woman’s statements in a court of law…so far no sign of that) just before she announced her pregnancy…of course.

    Beyonce stressed over “padding”‘, looking pregnant in clothes, and well the “folding belly” (because that soooo normal for a pregnant woman).

    Why not just be HONEST about the surrogate instead assuming the rest of us are not intelligent enough to see through the lies. SJP and Nicole Kidman did (at least for one of them).

  12. thefantasticspazzomatic says

    If this is Beyonce, then why the emphasis on NOT carrying this one? She never carried the other one, why not mention that? Also, if this is the case that she will use a surrogate, will she be upfront about it? I feel like she should be honest about it, and her tour would serve as a great excuse as to why she couldn’t physically carry a child. Still, being honest with the public should be the way to go…

  13. LeahLynn28 says

    I could guess Beyawnce and Jay-Z,but the blind implies that the woman gave birth to the baby,and we all know that Beyawnce never carried Blue Ivy…this site itself exposed her lies and their surrogate.And it also implies that the surrogate might be already pregnant…and Beyawnce is on tour now,and she’s thin and fit.She used a surrogate before,and it also implies that the woman didn’t use one before…ok,i’m confused
    If it’s not them,they can be Brangelina or Goop and Chris Martin.

  14. cdub says

    wow if beyonce openly used a surrogate second time around it would pretty much confirm – to me anyway – that she didn’t carry the first baby. it wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

    just like nicole kidman… totally sus using a surrogate when she was heavily accused of that with sunday rose.

  15. real313 says

    Love to hate. Gwentyh poltrow was the most hated celeb by star magazine. Plus apple is just as unusual as blue ivy. Beside republicans jay and bey are liked by society. Plus Gwen talk about her kids expensive diet.

  16. KatarinaJ says

    What was the publicity about a previous pregnancy/birth with Gwyneth that stressed her out?

  17. mjl2848 says

    Though I wouldn’t classify her as a superstar, I do hate her and find her incredibly annoying. I’m going with Rachel Zoe on this one.