Mom Wants To Take Down This Tramp

angry woman 3[Blind Gossip] Earlier this year, we told you about a young actress who had become hysterical on the set of her TV show. Well, she is no longer hysterical.

But her Mom sure is!

Mom is absolutely freaking out over her daughter’s odd relationship with a much older guy that the daughter met at work when she was just a teenager. Although the actress publicly denies that she is in a relationship with him, she is. He has totally taken over her life, cutting out her family in the process.

Mom tells friends that she is terrified that the older guy has “turned her into a foul-mouthed tramp” and is “leading her down a very bad path”. The girl is drinking, swearing, doing dr*gs, and engaging in lots of sexual activity… basically the total opposite of her TV image. There were also rumors of physical ab*se, which scared Mom most of all.

Mom is so frightened and furious and frustrated that that she was planning on launching a Twitter account this week dedicated to disclosing and taking down the relationship. Lots of yelling between the daughter and the Mom ensued (“You are going to ruin my career!” “I’m trying to save you!”). Network executives – knowing that the public disclosure of the scandal would hurt the actress, her tweeny show, and their entire network – intervened, and Mom has now backed down.

Too bad, because the daughter basically now has permission to go back to and ruin her life.

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