Handsome Halitosis

bad breath 4[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which A-list leading man who has been paying a lot of attention to his hair recently – would be better off focusing on his nasty breath?

“It is almost impossible not to notice the nasty smell coming out of his mouth. It smells like something died in it,” one movie insider tells Naughty But Nice Rob.

What is amazing is the handsome celebrity has just been spotted kissing his sexy young girlfriend, who clearly has to know – or smell -the problem!

It’s like he spend a night out partying with his friends – that’s the smell when he opens his mouth.

Guess Who?

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    • akajenb says

      I never understood why Celebrities walk around with bad personal hygiene and bad breathe, when they have enough money to buy, body wash, soap, mouthwash or breathe mint.smh

  1. sunshinestar says

    Bradley Cooper – he was just photographed with a young (20 year old) girl and he just got a very odd looking perm for his next role.

  2. Zap The Sheep says

    Is Ashton Kutcher considered A-list? One of the big things in his first season of Two and a Half Men was that he cut his long hair. He also starred in 2005’s Guess Who with Bernie Mac.

  3. keyakxx says

    Bradley Cooper
    – 20 year old girlfriend (British model Suki Waterhouse)…. he’s 38

    – He’s just got a perm for a new movie role

    • keyakxx says

      ACTUALLY I TAKE THAT BACK – “Guess Who?” must be Ashton Kutcher??? (Since he was in the film)

  4. silbie says

    Bradley Cooper
    got a perm for his new movie
    new young girlfriend (20y) Sookie …, but the photos of their kiss looked like he only kissed her on her cheek and she is assumed to be a beard

  5. petunya says

    Bradley Cooper. Everyone has been making fun of him lately for being caught on set with curlers in his hair

  6. lainiebug says

    Bradley Cooper? The “out partying with his friends” made me think of Hangover.
    His young beard, I mean girlfriend is Suki Something-or-Other..

    • lainiebug says

      He also won Best Kiss with Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook at the MTV movie awards.

  7. raslebol says

    Bradley Cooper (his curly hair for the David O Russel movie and his young model girlfriend Suki)

  8. GingerIsMe says

    My first thought was Bradley Cooper because of the hair comment (sporting the jewfro for a movie) and the young girlfriend (she is 20, he is 38) comment. I know he was nominated for an Oscar, but I don’t really consider him A-list.

  9. Jilly From Philly says

    Bradley Cooper! His hair has been outta control lately and he has the new super young model girlfriend plus I’m guessing the clue about partying with his friends could be a Hangover reference?
    I don’t think he looks like someone who would have stanky breath but I love it. I want to know every single person in Hollywood who got stank breath!

  10. 4sixx2 says

    I don’t know which leading man it is, but it’s DEFINITELY an old high school acquaintance who has been attempting to smooch on me. UGH, AWFUL!!! I can’t even talk to him closely!

  11. Ruby Slipper says

    My guess is Bradley Cooper. He has had his hair permed for his latest role and has been seen out and about (and kissing) Suki Waterhouse

  12. ILoveLucy says

    Oh gag me. B.O. and bad breath? In one week? Yuck! Hollywood stinks! I have no guess, but this stinks.

  13. minx says

    For some reason I thought of Bradley Cooper. He was photographed with his hair in perm rods for a movie. And doesn’t he have a really young new girlfriend?

  14. theblob says

    Andrew Garfield
    Him and Emma Stone haven’t been spotted together for awhile until recently
    His hair looks really good in the latest pic unlike prior to when he was scruffy and wearing hats
    Clue: the word “Amazing” being used – The Amazing Spider Man

    • raslebol says

      they only are working together in the new Spiderman movie and some pics are released every week

  15. Stubbs says

    Johnny Depp? His choppers need work so it stands to reason the breath might be bad too.

  16. EverErika says

    Bradley Cooper.
    He permed his hair for the new David O. Russell film
    “spotted kissing his sexy young girlfriend”= Suki Waterhouse
    “It’s like he spend a night out partying with his friends”= The Hangover

  17. PandoraWolf says

    Bradley Cooper. Hey, since I just get to look at tabloid pictures of him, though, I can get past this.

  18. gossipgilbert says

    Bradley Cooper. He got a perm for his current role and he is dating a 20 something…

  19. Catman says

    Bradley Cooper! He has had several different hairstyles lately and has a new, young beard, I mean, girlfriend who is only 20 years old!

  20. sandyz says

    This would be Tom Cruise who has reportedly been using Minoxidil for thinning hair and having hair massages twice a week. That’s my guess.

  21. channel orange says

    Ewwww. Well, Bradley Cooper is currently filming a movie, he had something done to his hair for the role, and in a creepy turn of events after his admirable “won’t date JLaw because she’s too young” he supposedly has a new — and unfortunately named — girlfriend who is much, much younger than him and is some sort of model. They were “spotted kissing” in Paris earlier in April.

  22. AntonellaB says

    hmm maybe Bradley Cooper?
    The hair comment because of that recent picture of him with hair rollers, and his girlfriend is only 20.

    P.s. first post :)

  23. MissMoney says

    I’m going to say Bradley Cooper. Wasn’t he recently photographed with odd hair styles for the Hangover 3 and he is also dating a 20 year old.

  24. real313 says

    They should ask jlaw how was it like kissing bradley. lmfao. he already sabotage his relationship with sookie sookie. also “like someone died” the new hangover three trailer have a funeral scene.

  25. FairyMay9 says

    The “Guess Who” screams an Ashton reference, but the rest doesn’t fit. If it were an Ace blind, I’d say the Guess Who is more of a clue than this one probably is.

    Bradley was my first guess, so I’m going with that.

  26. nolabelle says

    This could be Bradley cooper who looks stank to me, but for giggles, I think this could also be George clooney who ‘s hair is thinning and he has commented about working on that, his beard Stacy or new? Is much younger thn he, enough to be his daughter(ugh) and he is famous for drinking parties with his guys, all nighters